Lushan North Jiu Shui Scenic Area Tour Detailed Raiders

The North Jiu Shui River is a confluence of the Lushan Mountain Springs. It rises from the peaks of the mountains and peaks. When the time is scattered, it gathers slowly and slowly. It forms a beautiful and beautiful landscape with the mountains and valleys on both sides.

The North Jiu Shui River is a confluence of the Lushan Mountain Spring. It rises from the peaks of the mountains and peaks. When the time is scattered, it gathers slowly and slowly. It forms a beautiful landscape with the mountains and valleys on both sides, and the mountains and the south face. The landscape of mountains and seas is in stark contrast.
Before the intersection with the Wulong River, it has been traversing in the mountain peaks of the north branch of the Jufeng. Due to the limitation of the terrain, it is time to swallow, when the time is swift, and the mountains and valleys on both sides form a step. A gallery of one bay and one color. This is the famous Jiu Shui Gallery in Lushan, which is famous all over the country.

The Beijiu Water Tourist Area is an independent tourist area in Lushan. It is sold separately and has a ticket with the Jufeng Scenic Area.

Owning the Twelve Scenes of Lushan - [Weizhu Mingquan] [Rock Waterfall Chaoy]

Explanation of the terminology of Beijiu Shui

Here are a few more explanations of the North Nine Waters:
1 [Northern Nine Waters] is the canyon zone in the middle reaches of the Baisha River. The Baisha River originates from Tianyi Spring, which is more than 800 meters above sea level in the northern foot of Jufeng. It was named Liangqing River and the middle is Jiu Shui. The North Jiu Shui is named after the water has a 10% discount. It is bounded by the Jiu Shui Jie Bridge, which is divided into the inner and outer Jiu Shui. The scenic area is inside Jiu Shui.
2 [Jiushui Minghao] The water in the Jiu Shui River flows down from the top, and the peak of the cliff will be folded. The bend will be bent, the bend will be swirled, and the swirl will be filled with a pool of water.
3 [Weizhu Mingquan] Weizhuyu is located in the middle of the mountain valley. Here, it is like a cloud filled with clouds, sometimes the clouds disappear and the peaks come out of the clouds. The breeze blew, the bamboo blossoms sang, and the spring water became a rhyme, forming the "Wuzhu Mingquan", one of the twelve scenic spots in Lushan.
4 [rock waterfall tide sound] Chaoyin waterfall was originally known as the fish scale waterfall or jade scale waterfall, because its sound is like a surge, changed its name since 1931. The Chaoyin Waterfall is the end of the North Jiu Shui River. It is surrounded by cliffs. The southeast high wall splits like a door. The waterfall blew down and the valley roared.

North Kowloon Water Traffic Situation


There are 4 buses to Beijiu Shui: 365 Road 311 Road 110 Road [North Jiu Shui Line] 619 Road, please refer to the online search method.


By car, there is an old road, you can drive the car directly to the entrance of the scenic spot in the upper part of the North Nine Waters. Don't ask me why I know, if I don't know the road, I will be guided by the navigation so innocently. Ah, I am sweating when driving. The only advantage is that if you bring my dog, it can be mixed into the scenic spot. You must know that the scenic car is not allowed to carry pets.
The self-driving car to Lushan can be driven to a water parking lot (I don't know if the scenic area is controlled), and I will start playing in Jiu Shui from a water. When you go to Shuangshiwu Village (two waters), you can contact the Double Stone House. The most common thing is to drive to the North Jiu Shui parking lot, then take the scenic car (about ten minutes) to the Guanlan parking lot and start the tour.
Navigation: Lushan North Jiu Shui parking lot, just like the navigation. If you depart from the city, along the coastal road to the east, when you are about to enter the entrance of the Yangkou tunnel, there will be a signboard for the Beijiu Water Tourist Area on the roadside. After turning right, it will soon arrive.
Drive to the parking lot of the Beijiu Water Tourist Area, and it is only a few kilometers away from the Dahedong parking lot.

North Jiu Shui Tour Route and Time

Because there are mountains and water, just playing nine waters, the intensity is not big, the time is short (about 2.5 hours for round-trip, does not contain the cold green gorge), not too far from the urban area, so it is deeply influenced by locals and foreign tourists. Favor, especially the elderly and children, there are young people who can't afford to suffer.
But if you still want to go to Muzhu, you need to take a big loop, the intensity is steep, there are several headaches, and it takes about 3.5-4.5 hours (suitable for those who are willing and physically climbing).
In the middle there is a small loop line of cold gorge (between 7 and 8 waters). If it is dry season, there is no good view, and the reservoir of the stone lion is dry. But if the amount of water is good, it is recommended to walk, there are seven water curtains. There are not many people there, quiet. It takes about 40 minutes to walk around. Juxtaposed with this cold green gorge is the enchanting scenery of the Dragon Gate and the Fish Scale Gorge. It is recommended to play the fish scale gorge first. When returning from the squatting bay, there is physical strength and time. You can enter the small ring line to play.
So play North Jiu Shui, there are at least 3 kinds of gameplay, below, I will show you one by one.

Play season

North Nine Waters, it is important for time and season.
[Summer] North Nine Waters, it is very fun when the rain is abundant in summer, you can experience the fun of playing with water.
[Autumn] In the autumn rainy season, after the leaves have changed color, the jungles that are dyed are particularly beautiful.
[Winter] Winter is also good, the water is frozen into an ice waterfall. The scenery is wonderful. If you put on the crampons after the snow, the scenery should also be very characteristic.

North Jiu Shui Tour Map

North Jiu Shui three sightseeing routes

The basic route for the tour of Beijiu Shui Scenic Area is:
Lushan North Jiu Shui Parking Lot----Climate the scenic spot car----Guanguan Parking Lot----Nei Ershui----(Checkpoint) Sanshui-- --Inner water (beginning to enter the loop)

Physically motivated person

Visitors with general physical strength can continue to move inward from the Inner Four Waters (not to enter the cold water gorge), arrive at the Chaoyin Waterfall, the Yancun Bay (Jiushui), return to the original road, and go to the cold next to the Dalongmen. Cuixia, can enter, walk to the end along the road to the left, watch the "seven water curtain", is the place where a stone lion lies on it.
If there is plenty of water, it is recommended to go up to the right side of the mountain road. There is a pool above. It is very beautiful to see the reflection. At the end of the article, I will take the "seven water ice hanging curtains" photographed in the cold gorge in winter, and the reflection of the pool water, beautiful It is.
[Usage] This trip takes about 2.5 hours.

a person with some physical strength

When returning from the Chaoyin Waterfall, you can enter from the upper [Seven Water (Circular Line) (800m)] sign. You need to climb up and down the mountain.
[Use time] It takes about 40 minutes to exit at Dalongmen.

Good physical strength, people who like to climb the mountain

For those who have good physical strength and like to climb the mountain, they can take the big ring line and it takes about 4 hours.
From the Chaoyin Waterfall to Xiaoshiqiao, continue to Weizhuyu: Chaoyin Waterfall----Weizhuyu----Inside the Four Waters-----Shuangshiwu Village----- Guanlan Parking Lot. Play, rest, add food, take pictures, and the time is about 5 hours. Of course, you can also choose to go to Weizhu and then go to Inner Jiu Shui. (Note: If you take the whole journey of Lengcui Gorge, you will miss the scenery of the front section of Longmen and Yulin Gorge (belonging to the essence), please take a step back to make up. The cold water gorge of the dry season can be given up unless you especially love climbing.)
Entering the scenic spot from Guanlan parking lot, along the plank road will pass through Ershui and arrive at the ticket office, it is already Sanshui. If you want to see the inner water, you can inquire about the locals. Taihe View is located in Yishui, and you can walk from the Guanlan parking lot to the direction of Yishui. After passing through the Beijiu Spa Sanatorium, you can see the signs of Taiheguan. At the end of the article, I will give a sketch of the scenery seen from the Laoshan Scenic Road, which is taken from Taihe.
Ok, let's walk along the classic route of the scenic spot!

Classic tour route overview

Buying a ticket and entering the scenic spot car will take about 10 minutes from the North Jiu Shui parking lot to the Guanlan parking lot. After getting off the bus, pass the first stone bridge and proceed to the Sanshui ticket office. To the Sanshui ticket office, the road is still quite far away, about 30 minutes. Passing through the two waters, you can pay attention to the pictograph "Generals".

In the spring of 2002, Du Shicheng, the then mayor of Qingdao (unfortunately, later became a corrupt official) came to the site of the North Jiu Shui Tourist Area. He felt that it was difficult to collect water here and proposed to build the “Jiushui Eighteen Pools”. At the same time, it gives its cultural connotation.
The Laoshan Scenic Area Management Committee commissioned a domestic first-class professional design company to carry out engineering design for the North Jiu Shui Waterscape. On October 7, 2002, the “Jiushui Eighteen Pools” was officially opened. Fan Zeng (we are outside the paintings and calligraphy, do not comment) also come to the scene, according to the orientation and shape of each pool, the characteristics and the relationship with the surrounding environment, the "shun the law" of the old Zhuang thought and the spirit of the landscape merge, "Nine Waters" and "Eight Lakes" were named one by one, and the "Yuquan Ming" was specially written.

Classic tour route: Jiu Shui 18 Tan

[Jiushui 18th Lake Distribution]
One water good, to the soft pool Two waters
hold one, live in Beitan, Wufengtan, Wushoutan
Sanshui Dafang, Wuyutan, Wujitan
four waters, from the pool, all of the lake, in a virtual lake
five water health, there are between Tam, Tam fishers of
six Rivers Oblivion, proud Tam, Tam has not, and does not stagnate pool of
seven water Happy, Canxia Lake, Lake dew drink
eight water Anqi, a pure heart Tan
Jiu Shui Xu, Washing Tan

a good water

One water "good" is taken from the eighth chapter of Laozi's Tao Te Ching: "If you are good at water, you will be good for everything, and you will not fight for it. If you are evil, you will be in the same way. Good land, good heart, goodness, good words. Good faith, good governance, good deeds, good times. The husband does not argue, so there is no special." The meaning is that the best in the world is like water, it teaches everything but never fights with all things.
The end of the nine waters is the beginning of the inner water. Taihe View is also nearby.
I have never found a stone inscription on the "goodness" of Yishui and I have never been able to find it in the soft pool. To go to Taihe View, you can take a tour of the Laopanshan Road in Lushan from the Shuangshiwu Village to Taihe View, or you can go to the Taihe View from the Guanlan Parking Lot. Next, I will follow the parking lot of Guanlan-- Beijiu Spa Sanatorium--North Jiu Shui Bridge--Taihe View--Hot House--Shuangshiwu Village

Two waters

Ershui is close to Shuangshiwu Village. The walkway in the scenic area is not conducive to the view of the water, but you can look at the Shuangshiwu Village. The scenic spot walks along the mountain road passing through Shuangshiwu Village. You can see the Suizhong in a clearer way. The stone carving of "two waters hold one", as well as the "general army" of the prestige.
Shuangshiwu Village can provide accommodation. It is also a good place to eat cherries in Qingdao Jiushan. Because the terrain is high, the cherries should be cooked late for about 1 week. If you like cherries, you can enjoy the North House, the Mountain Color, and the Jiu Shui. Eat enough in turn.

"Holding one" is taken from "Laozi. Chapter Ten": "The camp is cuddling, can be without leaving" and the twenty-second chapter: "Sage is one for the world" and Chapter 42: "All things are negative Yin and yang, etc., means to say: the essence, qi, and spirit of man are to be one, if not unified, then life is dangerous.

Near the Buyun Bridge, you can watch the generals (pictured below). The general was originally called "Tai Shi Chair". In fact, the earliest name of the local people is: dumpling stone. Do you look at the top, like the dough of dumpling skin?

In 1957, Marshal Zhu De and the then Minister of Public Security Luo Ruiqing visited the mountains. When they entered the "two waters", they were attracted by this wonder. When the accompanying staff told him to call "Tai Shi Chair", he shook his head and smiled heartily. Get up: "Where is the chair, it is clearly an ancient general!" Later.

The stone carvings of Ershui and the unsealed pools and the beginning of the pool must be seen from the side of Shuangshiwu Village. You can pay attention when you are out of the scenic spot.


When the icon is 200 meters away from the scenic spot, it still gives people a feeling of walking for a long time, and finally finally saw the Sanshui ticket office. There is a restroom for everyone to solve.
From the Guanlan parking lot to the Sanshui ticket office, it takes about 20 minutes.

Sanshui's "generous" language is "the innocent" of Laozi. The forty-first chapter. It means that the existence of "big" has no dead ends, just like the universe, there is no edge. Lao Tzu said: "There is no way to be generous, big things are late, big sounds are heard, elephants are invisible, and the road is invisible."

At the Sanshui ticket office, follow the instructions "From this downhill", pay attention to the right side of the mountain, Sanshui stone carving, Gao Feng Han Ying stone carving.
The Three Rivers are the Yingying River, and the cliffs are unattainable. In ancient times, many ostriches lived.

Check in the ticket, that is, the Wuji Lake, there are benches to sit down and take a break. Look at almost no place to sit, I jumped over the bar and jumped to the boulder opposite the bridge. The view here was really good. There was a shade on the top of the head, blowing the breeze and drinking some water to eat something. It was really pleasant.

In the scenic spot, there is no squatting pool on the left side of the bridge, and the Wuji Lake on the right side. People are often attracted by the Wuji Lake, and completely ignore the left side of the bridge. There is also a Wuyi Lake. Indeed, Wuyi Lake is too Unremarkable.

Four waters

The four waters "Qiwu" are taken from "Zhuangzi's Inner Chapter. Qiwu Theory". It means to say: Everything in the sky is long and short. You don't have to work hard to argue against right and wrong. As long as you treat all things in the same position, you have morality.

In the second picture below, Sishui is in a dominant position, with a Y-shaped distribution. There are four curtains in the direction of Weizhuguan, which is worth seeing. In the direction of Chaoyin Waterfall, there is a stone carving of Qiquan, written for Fan Zeng, even in the dry season, there is water to play here.
There is a small pavilion on the other side, and it is a stone gate pavilion (about half an hour near the mountain), and it is often a good place for tourists. In the distance, there are four stone carvings (below). Our usual tour route is to cross the bridge towards the Chaoyin Waterfall.

There is a stone pillar at the bridgehead to mark the route of play. General visitors will choose to cross the bridge to continue playing Jiu Shui.
The left side of the bridge is the Huahuatan, and the right side of the bridge is not far forward, which is Zhongxuantan and Yanquanming.

Please pay attention to the long stone below the Xiaoqiao. This is the wading mountain road in the North Jiu Shui before the renovation of the scenic spot in 2002. When the water is big, the shoes tend to be wet. I remember when I was a child, I came to Beijiu Water. The happiest thing is to step on it. The water passed through the small stone road, and I was worried that I would step on the air, but the water was cool and cool, very comfortable, so I was worried that I was afraid of the adult and took the hand. . . . . .
Now, on these long strips of water, there is not a wooden bridge, or a stone bridge. Safety is safe, but I always feel that something is missing.

The Huashuitan of Sishui is on the side of the bridge. The Zhongxutan next to Yanquanming is the first one in the most popular pools. When the children climb over the railings, they will go down to the pool, and they will not be close to the water. How can they understand the fun?

[Note] When the amount of water in summer is very large, Zhongxutan seems to be in deep water and is not suitable for children to play.

There is a small pavilion on the cliff next to Zhongxutan, called Shimen Pavilion. There is a small road (Semi-Road Road) next to Shimen Pavilion. It takes about 20 minutes to walk in. It is just a stone gate to the inner Sishui. It will be seen on the road, and there will be wild strawberries and small dragonflies. It is a little wild and interesting. Mouth, you need to see the logo left by your best friend to find Shimen Pavilion. If you don't pay attention to it, you will miss it. If you don't have hiking experience, it is not recommended. Just play with water. Let me take a look at the pictures above. I am also the first time to go to Shimen~~

Wushui health

Wushui's "health" originated from "Zhuangzi's Inner Chapter", "My life is also boundless, and knowing is boundless, with the horizon and the endless, I have already." It means that one's life is limited, but knowledge and ability are unlimited. This requires a limited life to pursue infinite knowledge and ability. Learning to use the environment, tools, and laws to master knowledge and skills is one of the important principles of health. He also proposed the way of keeping health in a safe and secure way. If you don't like things, you can't be sad, you can live for a long time.

In the picture below, behind the Wushui stone inscription, there is a “Zhongxutan” on the big stone. Yes, it belongs to the four waters, and there is a pool on the side of it: There is a pool, and Wushui starts from here.
The fish pond in Wushui is also a place that is very popular among tourists. The water in the pool is full of water, the natural boulder is horizontal, and the surrounding area is large. It is adjacent to Feifeng Cliff and is another small center for playing.

Below the Feifeng Cliff is the fish pond.
Deyutan is really a pool of water, summer, autumn, winter, each one, is there any beauty in autumn and winter?

Liushui “sit and forget”

Liushui "sit and forget" in the "Zhuangzi Inner Chapter. Grand Master": "堕 堕 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕 堕Big method. It means to say: the desire to abandon the body, to obey the world's observation, to give up, to return to the internal world.

The boulder next to the Liushui stone carving is the famous Jinfan barrier, next to the Yitan Lake. Deyitan also has many fans.
As can be seen from the figure below, the Liushui uphill mountain is suddenly steep. When I walked the mountain road, the most thrilling place in the Liushui Mountain Road, the cliffs were like cones, the blue sky was straight, the white clouds were going back and forth, the cliffs were shaking, the people were walking down, and the panic was over, and I didn’t frequent the top three, saying “one step back and three times” .

The location of this group of stone benches in the picture above is a huge stone, named: Guanyintai. Here, you can watch the lettering of Jinfan, the high mountain water (the largest stone carving in Beijiu Water).
Upward, I quickly reached the "five steps and one turn back". Before the construction of the scenic spot, the mountain was in danger, the road was extremely difficult, and it was very scary and scary. It was often "five steps back." Here you can see the pictographic stone "Ma Shi is a vision" (Tian Yinshi).

Seven waters

Qishui "Happy", the language "Zhuangzi's inner article. Happy travel": "Fu Lizi's imperial wind, the general good also, the five days and then the opposite. He is a blessing, not counted. Exempt from the line, the people who are still waiting for it are also "going in the wind, light and elegant, but after all, relying on it, Taoism pays attention to the nature of the heavens and the earth, and the air of heaven and earth, swimming in the infinite universe is the real free travel."

Qishui has the famous scenery of Jiu Shui, such as Yuecheng and Yuxianxia. It is not to be missed. Drinking Lutan is located at the opposite side of the fish scales and the exit of the Yuecheng. The rocky waters are rich and colorful, which can be said to occupy the right place and the right place. Tan is also a famous hot spot.

Yashui period

Eight waters "An period", the language of Li Bai "send Wangwushan people Meng Darong": "... see the peace of the public, eat as early as a melon." The security period is the public period, the township people. It is said that it was very early to become a fairy. He once talked with Qin Shihuang in Lushan, and here means that the Taoist culture of Lushan has a long history.

There is a stone carving of eight waters next to the drinking lake. See the stone carvings of the Yashui period, and for another ten minutes, go to Qingxintan. Further to the inside, the Chaoyin Waterfall and the Erchong Bay in Jiu Shui are here.
Qingxintan is in the lower reaches of the Chaoyin Waterfall. The ideal state is Tanshui Yingying. Unfortunately, the reality is often bone-like. On July 16th, there was still no drop of water.

But as long as there is enough water, then Qingxintan is indeed a female 18th general:

Jiu Shui Xu

Jiu Shui "Xu ​​Yu" speaks "Zhuangzi Miscellaneous. Let the King": "I want to let Xu from the world, Xu is not." Zhuangzi's writings refer to Xu from many places, his morality is noble, he tastes The world gave way, but Xu did not accept it, and invisible in the cultivation of Lushan. Xu is synonymous with the idea of ​​being a Taoist light and expensive student.

The Chaoyin Waterfall is named after its sound, and it is also called the fish scale waterfall. Because the river meets the cliff, the spray is like a fish scale. The waterfall is three folds down, and it is injected into the two pools. The upper pool is smaller and the depth is about 4-7 meters. If the mouth is like a cylinder, the water is blue, and it is called the cylinder bay. The lower pool is larger, about 30 meters around, with stone pillars next to it. pavilion. On the opposite side of the Chaoyin Waterfall, the three words of the "Chaoyin Waterfall" are carved on the cliff.

Therefore, the North Nine Waters are beautiful, but they must come when there is water.
A stone-built fairy scorpion (Shizhu Pavilion) is built next to the Chaoyin Waterfall to commemorate the sacrificial anti-Japanese warriors. Now it has become a place to drink tea, eat peanuts, and lick cucumbers. If you don't feel bad about the money, sit here, eat and drink, watch the waterfall and listen to it, but it is very pleasant.
On the top of the West Cliff, there is a “viewing waterfall pavilion” for visitors to see the waterfall in the pavilion. "Rock Waterfall Chaoyin" is one of the scenic spots in Lushan. Next, we will board the Guanting Pavilion, where we can see the Ouchi Bay (referring to the Ertan). The waterfall pavilion is very small, and it is a great view. After he left, I sat down and took the scenery, and ate the lunch, beautiful!

Here, the most classic water-seeking trip in the North Jiu Shui Scenic Area is over. After playing, the original road can be returned.

a person who has spare capacity

If you have a small amount of effort, you can enter from [Seven Water (Circular Line)] according to the instructions, and turn to the cold gorge (about 40 minutes, or enter from the big gantry, return after seeing the reservoir, use time is short), interested You can also go to a water too and watch it. Let’s briefly introduce these two places.

The wash ear pool has been drawn out of the tourist area, the lettering is no longer painted, and the scenic spot deliberately fades out the sight of the tourists. The ear wash pool is located between the Chaoyin Waterfall and the Butterfly Spring. It is from the small road opposite the toilet on the Qishui (Circular Line) shown in the picture above (you need to drill through the iron gate). It is on the steep slope. Soon, you can watch it on the roadside. Arrived. Only a few friends have come here.

Lengcui Gorge Seven Water Drops ~~ (From Dalongmen)

Above, it is going to go in the winter of 2015. The waterfall is about seven water curtains, which is very amazing. The reflection of the reservoir above the stone lion is very beautiful. This place, the artificial traces are very heavy, not the fan I like, but the scenery of the day did leave a deep impression on me, so if winter comes, be sure to check it out here.

In the cold water gorge, there are indeed breezy people, but there are few people, but there are really few sights to watch. Some people have tied hammocks and they are casual. But my sister, I always can't understand, how did they refuse those mosquitoes?
The entire Lung Cui Gorge has to climb up and down the mountain, and it has a certain slope. The whole journey takes about 40 minutes. If you like to climb a mountain, you can continue.
If you are not interested in climbing a mountain, you can return to the original road after reading the reservoir.
Below, we will introduce the tour of Inner Water.

Big Ring Line: Jiu Shui 18 Tan + Liu Yun Pavilion + Wei Zhu

The above has already introduced the play of Jiushu 18 Lake. Below, it is very physical, especially like the bee bee climbing, we continue! Go back to Qingxintan, cross the bridge and climb to the direction of Weizhu. That's right, I use the word climbing. It takes a few small and small physical tests to improve the physical ups and downhills. When you are weak and weak, and you almost suspect that you are on the wrong road, you will soon arrive at ~~

Stay in the pavilion

More than 40 minutes of sweating and climbing, climbed to the steepest slope of the most tormented pine. After climbing the slope, there will be another 2 or 3 minutes, and you will arrive at the highest point of the ring.
Liuyun Pavilion is the highest point of the North Jiulong Mountaineering Road. It is an observation platform with an altitude of 670 meters. When it is sunny, it looks south from here, and can clearly see the main peak of the Lushan Mountain, Jufeng. If it is likely to have fogged in the afternoon, the various can't see clearly. There are several roads near the Liuyun Pavilion, which is a mouth for the friends to cross the Lushan Mountain.

Leaving the Liuyun Pavilion and continuing to the Weizhu Pavilion, almost all of them went downhill. Don't feel that the downhill is brisk and speed up, even running. One of my sisters used more than three hours to finish the big loop. Then, the ribs on the legs were broken. The doctor said that there is no rule of law. It is to raise, at least 1 month. How to do the middle pain, eat painkillers.

Wei Zhuyu (view)

There is a pine tree with huge pine balls outside the Muzhuguan. This is the only one I saw in Lushan. It should be thanks to Feng Shui here.
Next to the Xiuzhen Square, which is a place to rest and relax, I went to see the back hill of Weizhu, and I saw a lot of pictographic stones.

Sishui pavilion, reservoir

Not far from Weizhu, there is a small stone road that is inconspicuous, and goes down to the four waters. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Sishui Pavilion. This small pavilion has only three pillars, where you can watch the Phoenix and see the mother and child. After 4 or 5 minutes, you can see the beautiful Nei Sishui Reservoir.

From the Inner Sishui Reservoir, take another 10 minutes to return to the beginning of the ring line, Wujitan Xiaoqiao, continue down, follow the downhill road, pass the Shuangshiwu Village, cross the suspension bridge, and return to the Guanlan parking lot. End the pleasant big circle tour.

Return: Sanshui, Ershui, Shuangshiwu Village

Quoted from netizens [On the eve of the October Revolution, some of the richest people in Russia changed their sellers into gold, fled Russia, and some went to the northeast of China. Many people went to Qingdao. The Russian restaurant in Beijiuhui was built during this period. Get up. The specific time was about 4 years (1915) in the Republic of China, and Russian churches were also built.
After the liberation, the Russian hotel was taken over by the military as a reconnaissance company in the PLA. In the 1980s, the Qingdao Garden Department was located here, responsible for the protection and development of the mountainous area. Later, the garden office moved to Zhongshan Park. The hotel was received by the Beihai Branch of the State Oceanic Administration for reception. The original storage area was demolished and built into a high-end hotel, which is now open to the public. A few years ago, I passed the Russian restaurant and saw that it has become a training center. There are many dogs in large and small sizes. It is a pity that visitors can only look up at the foot of the mountain. 】

It’s a pity that the iron gate is still closed now! The Russian hotel is in a good location with a great view. Among them, there is a golden turtle looking at the moon.

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