Miao village surrounding the ancient city of Phoenix in the end which one? Three Miao villages contrast

Phoenix is ​​a gathering place for ethnic minorities mainly composed of Miao and Tujia ethnic groups. Phoenix is ​​not just to visit the streets inside and outside the ancient city, the rich Miao village outside the city is also not to be missed. In the Miao Village, you can enjoy the unique Miao costumes, experience the national style full of barricades, as well as very interesting card drums, stop road songs, the side of the field and so on, come and enjoy it!
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Miao around the Phoenix have twenty or thirty, can be said to be very much. Due to time constraints, the Phoenix friends certainly have no way to experience all, I have come to Phoenix for many years, basically all the surrounding Miao have been to, in my experience, there are three Miao Village is bound to go, respectively Early Miao Village in the mountains, Deben Miao Village and Miao Wangcheng. Let me explain in detail.

1. Cliff exploration: mountain early Kong Miao + bandits cave

Early Miao Village in Shanjiang is the closest Miao Village to the ancient city of Fenghuang. It is also one of the earliest scenic spots developed by Phoenix. Song Zuying served as the honorary curator of Shanjiang Miao Village Museum. Therefore, the reputation is very high and many tourists are attracted to visit.
Into the walled more tortuous journey, so I concluded as crawling adventure. First of all, take Mian Shan Tianhu by bamboo rapids upstream, arrived at Miao Valley Canyon entrance, to walk through the Miaowang hole (also known as bandit hole). There are many waterfalls in the cave, take the whole Miaowang Dong takes about 1 hour. After a small boat before entering the Miao Village.
A few years ago, the stockade barrier, the villagers are so out of the cottage. Most of the village is an elderly and young children, compared to the ancient city of Phoenix, where life is full of traces of a place.

Miao Wang hole

Because of traffic inconvenience, most tourists are to participate in a day trip to visit here. In the Miao Village first visit some Miao old room, home to eat in a feast lunch, and then about half an hour drive to the Miao Museum (ie Miao Wang - Miao Wang Yunlong's residence), enjoy the Miao sister's traditional costumes.
Not far from the museum in front of Miao Church Square, Miao songs and dances, stepping on steel knife performances, tourists can participate in interactive games such as jumping bamboo pole. The entire play time takes about 4.5 hours.

Fenghuang ancient city to the mountain as early as Kong Miao no direct train, to go, taxi one-way fare 200. Most people choose to sign up for a day trip to Phoenix, including transportation and tour guides.
Because you want to climb Miao Wang hole (bandit hole), more difficult, so take the elderly and children do not recommend this line of fun.

Day trip to the mountains Miao Village is divided into morning and afternoon, if you do not want to get up early in the morning, or have other arrangements, you can go to the afternoon of Miaoshan Miaoxiang Miao Village in the evening to eat a unique Miao parents Dragon feast. Long Dragon Banquet will be inserted in the stunt stunts and toast dance.
After a long dragon feast, there is also a large-scale performance at night, "Miao Village Story", the owner is Miaozhai's an elderly man, the story restores the Miao people's life scenes and presents exquisite Miao costumes personally feel quite decent and worth seeing .

2. Niche Essence: Deben Miao + Tianzhan Taiwan Aizhai Bridge wonders

"Deben" Miao means "beautiful canyon", Deben Miao surrounded by mountains, surrounded by verdant forests. In contrast, Miao low-lying terrain, the local are often referred to as "Aizhai."

Deben Miao Village is included in the list of traditional Chinese villages, tickets 100 yuan / person, I think it is aspect. The stockade is surrounded by mountains, a bit small, stunning Zhangjiajie, which can visit the stockade Miaojia Diaojiaolou and waterwheel, a variety of silverware and Miao handicraft sales.
10 o'clock in the morning performances in Miao customs performances, with Deben Miao tickets will be able to visit. During the peak season from May to October, Deben Miao Village will perform commercial performances at night, with an additional admission of 100 yuan / person.

Deben Miao Miao customs show

Deben Miao Village is still very fun, you can see people Miao traditional craft is how to make it, you can drink bad rice wine, as well as cake can try to eat ~ And the scenery is good! Miao home food is also delicious than expected, although it is spicy, but it is still very good taste!
First drink before opening meal, and only give you a chopsticks, the meaning is to let you drink wine to eat, three bowls of stomach ~
big long table, or very fun. After drinking, everyone closes their eyes and reaches for their hand, saying that they are going to give gifts. In fact, go to your face wiping the bottom ash friends ~

Tianzhan Taiwan Deben Miao Village area is a must-see small attractions, known as the first viewing platform in the Miao Village after the meal you can ride in the past, about 30 minutes.
Sky platform is very shocked vision, ax ax ax sharpening the peak, surrounded by close, cloud Qiyan Lang in the Valley overflew, flutter surface, magnificent momentum.
Questionnaire not large area, and there is no fence, so be very careful. Legend has it that three mountains Dr Qu Yuan was in this piece of dangerously rugged mountains to ask the question. There Song Zuying beat "Dragon Boat tune" MV is also taken here.

Heaven asked Taiwan

Dehang Miao Village on the road through the Aizhai Bridge, the driver will park the car in the short Aizhai Town, for tourists from afar. If you want to get in touch with Aizhai Bridge more closely, you need to drive through Aizhai Panshan Highway for 20 minutes and arrive at Aizhai Bridge Visitor Service Center (Jidou Village) to buy tickets 168 yuan / person, transfer scenic shuttle bus to Aizhai Bridge PARKING LOT. Arrival at the parking lot you can see the wicket.
Bridge is divided into two floors, one is the vehicle traffic, two is the tourist corridor. As the wicket is higher than the topography of the tourist corridor, so take the ticket by sightseeing elevator down to Aizhai Bridge on the second floor of the tourist corridor, and then you can take a free photo tour.
In the middle of the bridge there are glass pathways, it is recommended that we must go to experience. Bridge over 300 meters high from the ground, the bridge under the winding mountain wonders can also panoramic view. If you catch the rainy day, a layer of mist filled the valley, like a paradise on earth!

Aizai Bridge Avalokitesvara

Take the bus from Phoenix to Deben Miao Village, there is no direct car, and the road is very turning point. First to live in the ancient city of Phoenix car station, and then take the Jishou West Bus Station. Jishou West Bus Station to make a taxi to the Jishou Railway Station, and then transfer to Deben's Pakistani bus, 1 hour classes, full of departure.
Dehang Miao Village site to buy tickets are expensive, so with traffic and tickets for a day trip is more cost-effective and more peace of mind, generally starting at 8 o'clock in the afternoon back to the Phoenix at 5 o'clock, play time is still very abundant.

3. Comfortable seductive: Guizhou Miao Wangcheng + mu of tea

Miao Wangcheng Guizhou is already a geographical area, but only 39 kilometers away from the ancient city of Phoenix, a drive an hour.
The road will go through the largest tea base in Guizhou million acres of tea plantations, mountains and rivers of the tea tree is very spectacular, very seductive Oh ~ dozens of hills covering the tea plantation, tea picking in the early spring will see wearing Miao nationality girl in the forest Between picking, here is ideal for small partners like to take pictures, many locals came to take wedding photos. The key here is still free.

Mu tea plantation

In the past, Miao Wangcheng was a seedling stockade stockade. In order to prevent banditry, there was a courtyard wall around inside. There were walkways, similar to earth buildings, and also yards. After the development of tourism to newly built the door, an increase of performance, as well as boating, sliding and other charges.
It is said that there is a greening area (pure Hmong area, basically speaking no Chinese), the other side of the South Wall is Miaomiao (Miao Han marriage area). Seedling area science and technology are underdeveloped, in the primitive state before liberation, to barter. However, they are all young and old, will be martial arts, brave and fierce fighting, but also like fights. Generally speaking of "seedlings", many people are afraid of one-third.
Miao Wang Cheng has a bar door wine show, visitors to sing songs on the song before the door. Under the knife inside the fire under the sea is also the case of many visitors before performing.  

Miao king city

Miao Wangcheng is the most primitive village in the ancient Miao Village, simple and quiet, ideal for those who want to temporarily flee the modern life of the ALICE Oh, where you will forget all the troubles, make yourself back to nature.

Phoenix to Miao Wangcheng no direct car, you need a taxi from the ancient city to the North Bus Station, where Tongren City bus, an hour a bus, get off in the middle of Daxing. Then pack a van in the past, about 50 dollars or so.
Traffic also need to transit several times, or suggest that you participate in a day trip.

If you do not like to fight large groups, I hope 2 people, 4 individuals to play their own small group, you can also order a private beehive cellular service, a separate car, only a few of you, no strangers, beautiful scenery can encounter halfway Stop taking pictures.

Play Miao Phoenix Notes

1. Do not open open umbrella into someone's home, this is a taboo. The overall architectural style of the ancient city of Phoenix is ​​the door inside the concave, there is enough time and space before you go to the door to close the umbrella;
2. Do not tread on the threshold of others. The threshold is generally high, about a foot, without any reminder, your feet will naturally choose to cross, rather than step on, as long as not deliberately stepped on, no one will say you. Our guest for dinner at home or when they are often sitting on the threshold ate, slightly higher than the chair, sitting very comfortable;
3. to other people's homes when men and women can not be mixed accommodation (see the master schedule, not necessarily so);
4. To the Miao people's house guests do not sit directly on the main shrine orientation;
5. Miaozhai not to joke with married women (usually say hello, chatting is without any problems);
6. Miao Village, Tujia cottage not whistling , According to legend will call the ghost, especially in people's home even more do not blow;
7. Miao Zhai taboo there is another: any time, any place not in front of the Miao people say "what seedlings" from light, Stare, heavy is beaten.


In Phoenix Miao Village, you can feel completely different from the ancient city of Phoenix landscape and experience. Whether it is the gods of nature or the local hospitality, have made a batch of tourists come here. You heart it? Come Miao guest bar ~

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