Miyun Ancient North Water Town Travel Guide

Autumn eve of autumn, Beijing ushered in a trace of coolness, this time is the occasion of autumn leaves. Water Village + Hongye, it is not our big Beijing's suburbs Miyun Gubeikou Well ~ Everyone so happy to determine the main destination for this trip - Gubei water town.

Ancient North Water Town

There are many places in Miyun is a good place to enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves. For example, Miyun Reservoir White River Grand Canyon, Wuling Spirit Valley, the Great Wall inside and outside the male border and other Hongye viewing area. In general, Yunmengshan, Heilongtan, Yunfengshan and other tourist attractions for the western point of view, while the ancient North Water Town, Wuling Mountain east of the tourist routes for viewing.
Miyun leaves in order to distribute the area is really wide enough, but we have limited time, so this only chose the ancient North Water Town as the main location of the red leaves, the red leaves under the Great Wall to experience the town.

Gubei Water Town autumn is really beautiful, colorful climbing wall tiger is a lot of Tim color water town.

Because of the different light some leaves have been red and some are still green, while autumn is the most beautiful at this time ~

Although the ancient North Water Town has become quite famous, in fact, not many tourists on weekdays are still very quiet, leisurely pictures can be leisurely taking pictures, quietly experience that inadvertently looking beauty.

Here to suggest that the ancient North Water Town has opened through the train, starting from Dongzhimen 2 hours to reach the water town, one-way 48 yuan / person, inconvenient friends can choose through train convenient and quick to the town.
Dongzhimen departure point: the north side of the bus hub, 942, 855 Bus Depot GuBei
Shui Town departure point: scenic tourist hub center

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