Miyun Gubei Water Town, Simatai Great Wall Tour Guide

Autumn Gubei Water Town, Simatai Great Wall

About Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall

Gubeikou is located in the northeast of Beijing's Miyun District, one of the gateways of the Great Wall of China. It is the main throat between Beijing and the Northeast. The northwest Juyongguan and Gubeikou in the northeast are two important gateways to the capital of the Ming Dynasty. From Juyongguan to Shanhaiguan Great Wall since then, Gubeikou is connected with the Great Wall. The Gubeikou and Juyongguan confrontation is the main road leading to the Inner Mongolia Plateau from the North China Plain. Since ancient times, it has been called the prime danger, and it has been called the “Guanlu throat and desertification, and the Tianzuo key lock pillow”.
Located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing, Gubei Water Town is backed by the most beautiful and dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China. It is a rare resort town in northern China with a unique northern style at the foot of the Great Wall and a southern water town. The Gubei Water Town was built by the Wuzhen team to imitate Jiangnan Wuzhen. However, many building windows and doors look long, and they should be dismantled from the ancient villages and reassembled in Gubei.

The Simatai Great Wall is the only Great Wall in China that retains the original features of the Ming Dynasty. It is a valuable world cultural heritage and has been named by the British Times as “the first place in the world to not miss 25 scenic spots”. Under normal circumstances, Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall are all in one play. If you want to visit Simatai Great Wall separately, you need to make an appointment online.

How to get to Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall

1. Self-drive: Take the Beijing-Chengde Expressway and the Daguang-Guangzhou Expressway for about 150 kilometers. It can be exported from Gubei Water Town and it will take about 2 hours.
2. Bus: It is recommended to take a shuttle bus from Dongzhimen to the scenic area. The fare is 48 yuan/person/one-way and takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
               Dongzhimen Departure Time: 9:00, 12:00, 15:30 (14:00 on Saturdays and Sundays);
               Gubei Water Town Departure Time: 12:00, 16:00, 21:00 (Saturday) Add a bus at 19:00.)
3. Participation: Convenient and fast, there is a night tour. Usually it gets up very early, but you can make it up in the car.
I suggest that the above three methods are more convenient. Of course, you can also choose a bus. However, it takes too much time. It is estimated that the one-way journey will take about 5 hours, so I do not agree to take the bus.
Tip: If you come by car, choose to park your car as close as possible to the P1 and P3 parking lots near the entrance to the scenic area. There are six or seven parking lots outside the area, and the parking fee is RMB 10/car/time.

Gubei Water Town Enjoy Autumn Scenery

After walking to the tourist service center, we learned that all the hotels inside and outside the Gubei Water Town area belonged to the scenic area management. In other words, after the hotel entered the parking lot, the whole hotel was operated by the scenic area and the whole Wuzhen model. Of course, you can leave the car park after the road there are farmhouses, but the night view of the ancient town is good, can not live in a scenic hotel, buy tickets for night view can also be visited, that day also play tickets to buy, calculate which is right.
The hotel has luxury boutique hotels, comprehensive themed resort hotels and various styles of bed and breakfast. Prices range from 800 yuan to several thousand yuan. There is also a hotel located near the tourist service center, the price is about 500 yuan. We decided to stay in the ancient folk customs tonight. The decision to find the end of the trip was a "bright move," because he bought a ticket for 80 yuan night and went several times until the end of the trip.
After deciding to live in folk customs, we went to the front desk to check-in and purchase night tickets. Eventually we chose to stay in the Wolongbao Inn on the Sun Moon Island in the central area. Because it was not Friday or Saturday, all the accommodation in the scenic spot was sold at half price, and we got Wolong. Fort Inn is priced at half price of 490 yuan. After the ticket examination, we began our leisure tour of Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall.

Tips: If you want to go to the subordinate hotel in the scenic area after you purchase the ticket, you will enter the scenic area several times before 12 o'clock the next day. After passing the security check and checking the ticket, do not forget to enter the ID card to enter the fingerprint after checking the ticket.

DSM Great Wall

8:40 arrived at the ticket gate of Simatai Great Wall. Tickets began to tour the Great Wall. Since it is called the Great Wall, it will not be a cable car.   
Simatai Great Wall began selling tickets at 8:00.

Simatai Great Wall Looks at Gubei Water Town

About 10 o'clock, I boarded the highest point of the Great Wall, the 10th floor of the East. The Great Wall continues to extend forward, but there is a barrier to it, indicating that it has not been developed, it is forbidden to go forward, and there are staff guards.

About 11 o'clock after walking down the hill, change the street back to the inn.

This is the Wolongbao Inn we stay at, just behind the Arrow Tower at Sun Moon Island Plaza. There is also an accommodation and information service center next door. Check-out and renewal procedures are very convenient.

Gubei Water Town Gate

Came to the lobby of the barracks inn

Gubei Water Town Play Proposal

Play time: 2 days
Play Arrangement:
Arrive at about 5 o'clock in the first day of the water town, stay at the hotel, buy night tickets, visit the night scene.
The next morning, Simatai Great Wall, then the town of Water, and leave the town before night.
1. The arrangement can be purchased at night at the current price. After entering the night ticket at the current price, it will enter and leave the area several times before the next day. Although the price of scenic hotels is relatively high, night tickets are cheap, and check-in guests can make multiple visits before 12 o'clock on the following day after checking in multiple times. This saves a 150-day day ticket.
2. Avoid accommodation on Fridays, Saturdays and nights, you can enjoy a half-price discount for accommodation.

Gubei Water Town, Simatai Great Wall Ticket Prices and Discounts

Ticket prices:
        Gubei Water Town tickets 150 yuan/person; Gubei Watertown night tickets: 80 yuan/person; Gubei Water Town lecture fees 200 yuan/bit/one-way;
        scenic traffic: Battery car 10 yuan/person/one-way, Children under 1.5 meters enjoy half-price concession; Cruise 120 yuan/person/one-way, 80 yuan/person/half halfway (half way to Yanji Port-Sun Moon Island Wharf or Wuhu Wharf-Sun Moon Island Wharf), 600 yuan for charter /Boats/One-way, 400RMB/ship/halfway, children under 1.5 meters enjoy 50% discount, 6 persons per boat (including infants).  
        Simatai Great Wall tickets 40 yuan / person; cableway one-way 90 yuan / person, and from 160 yuan / person.
        Gubei Water Town + Simatai Great Wall Coupon RMB 170/person
        Gubei Water Town + Simatai Great Wall + Cableway One Way Ticket RMB 240/person
        Gubei Water Town + Simatai Great Wall + Cableway Return ticket RMB 310/
        night ticket Watertown + Simatai Great Wall + ropeway ticket 200 yuan/person
Reminder: Check-in area subordinate hotels can enjoy multiple admissions and ticket discounts during their stay. Dear friends, remember to use this favorable condition. Specific reference to my schedule.

Free of charge:           The "Reporter's Pass" issued by the Press and Publication Administration of the           People
          's Republic of China issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission, issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission, issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission, issued a "
Disabled Person's Card"
          issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Visitor Center Registration
          "People's Republic of China Disabled People's Police Card"
          Another: Simatai Great Wall "Beijing Old Age Privilege Card" can also be free of
votes Half-ticket: height 1.2 meters - 1.5 meters of children's
          primary and secondary school students with student ID card
          above the age of 60 With ID card or preferential treatment card
          active military personnel with valid documents
About the tour guide certificate, travel agency manager qualification certificate, leader certificate, and the accompanying driver's A1 certificate, it is necessary to enter the group with a valid identification card and a scenic group purchase order.

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