Nanluogu Alley the most delicious food Raiders! Eat from the street lane tail!

As long as Beijing people know Nanluoguxiang, but Nanluogu Alley hidden how much food, you know? Come take a look Xiaobian order to eat canon!
nanluoguxiang x

Kyrgyzstan fruit


It is one of the Ten Gourmands in Nan Luo Gu Xiang. It is kneaded with wheat flour paste into a stick, on the pan fried into golden yellow, then topped with ice cream made delicious. Spanish fritters, stained with a variety of jams and ice cream, is a peculiar combination, and taste delicious so incredible!

Address: Nanluogu Lane 50

Per capita: 31 yuan

Niji plot stack


Shop front that "is said to be the best bread," the signs there on the "Kangxi" reputation can also cause people's interest ~ smell is a thick coffee flavor, skin crisp, like a crisp Shell, a bite to get rid of the residue, quite good, but there is no fillings inside the bread, feeling the overall taste subdued. Must eat hot!

Address: Nanluogu Lane No. 63

Per capita: 13 yuan

Curry tiger


Curry taste is particularly authentic, thick curry soup can not wait for a drink, tea is not blending, is boiled black tea, tea fragrant milk flooding the mouth, never stop eating a shop.

Address: Nan Luo Gu Xiang No. 15-1

Per capita: 21 yuan

Suzuki canteen


The warmth of the restaurant to others, simple and comfortable, first-class service, attendants strive to take care of every guest. I really like their home salad, taste good, the amount is also true.

Address: Little Juner alley 77

Per capita: 67 yuan

Fresh crispy big french fries


Potato lovers welfare, love big fries really love not, his big big French fries full bite crunchy is too delicious. Black pepper beef with cheese sauce fresh, attractive color, outside the crisp waxy.

Address: Qin old alley

Per capita: 24 yuan

Counter love cup cake


Not a big face, a very warm shop, suitable for couples to sit, quite a sentiment, very friendly boss, the store's lighting is beautiful, dessert tastes good, delicate and delicious.

Address: Drum Tower East Street Nanluoguxiang No. 16-2

Per capita: 41 yuan

Wa mao li jiang hot pot


Decoration Tingyou characteristics, simple and clean, some bar hut feeling, both sides of the wall on both sides of the north and south of the store owner in Lijiang's travel photography, quite interesting. There are many authentic Yunnan cuisine.

Address: Drum Tower East Street, No. 125

Per capita: 88 yuan

Elephant classmates Thai milk tea


In Nanluogu Lane Street, the decoration looks more distinctive, most of the wood. Drinks can be said that Nanoguli affordable, most of them as long as 10 bucks, but as a small elephant Nanluoguxiang only Oh ~

Address: Nanluogu Lane

Per capita: 10 yuan

Eight thick toast


A few bar stools, in a doorway, you can close the bar to see how the owner is cooking. Very good taste, toast is hot, the middle of the ice cream is ice, without any sense of compromise, hot and cold plus a super meet. This is a bit like "bread temptation" in many restaurants in Qingdao.

Address: No. 126, Drum East Street

Per capita: 21 yuan

Wenyu cheese shop


Always stay in line cheese shop, people can forget is to join in the fun or taste delicious. Faint red beans thick milk, it is back to nature, like the feeling of the last century.

Address: Beijing Nanluoguxiang 49

Per capita: 15 yuan

Small West Hall


Strange to blame it in this shop in addition to the cat is beautiful, come here are the basic students in the game, the store has a few super plump cats, beauties and cats, and food add radiance and beauty into a landscape. Will point "heartless", eat all praise!

Address: East Cotton Hutong 38

Per capita: 61 yuan

Ju Er Ren Jia


Many people say that there is a braised pork rice with a mom's taste, but not enough meat is not enough for free meals. If you are a pampered mom, you do not need to worry about it. The package is accompanied by a small bowl of egg- Taiwan drama A 嬷 end of a lunch, sweet and sour marinades, stewed sauce and rice perfect match, the sauce is not thick and not greasy, not sticky rice.

Address: Nanluogu Lane small Juner alley 63

Per capita: 35 yuan

Santa Calella Italian ice cream


Specialized in the production of hand-made ice cream in the freezer blossoming lifelike roses too eye-catching ~ The boss introduced fruit juice is made of ice lolly, do not worry there are unhealthy additives ~ price is slightly expensive, but still can be a Try it ~

Address: Nanluogu Lane

Per capita: 30 yuan

King of fire squid


Beijing's first original volcanic stone grilled squid, and Teppanyaki before eating is not the same! Most squid fried, roasted differently, his home is the squid on the bottom of the pot to cook. No oil. Plus seasoning. Feeling ginger and pepper, very special. Large only, kind of "squid" that sense of vision!

Address: Beijing Dongcheng District crossroads Nanluogu Lane No. 104

Per capita: 29 yuan

There is no corn juice here


The name is very fun ah, signs that no corn juice also sell corn juice. Really good, the taste is still relatively strong, and corn juice is more healthy than other beverages friends.

Address: 145 South Luogu Lane

Per capita: 15 yuan

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