Northwest most classic game, Gansu Qinghai Province on the 7th ring Detailed!

Lonely here, vast, barbarous, desolate, quiet but vibrant, life grew in the summer, also died in the summer. After a short period of good care is gone, waiting for the coming year is more brilliant bloom.
qilian grassland

Why say it the most classic?

First look at the map from the line, starting from Xining, Qinghai Lake, and then take Delhi to Dachaidan, Chaidamu edge into Dunhuang, Hexi Corridor to Zhangye, Zhangye from Zhangye most American Road 227, back to Xining , Is a complete loop, do not go back.
The whole journey of 2,700 kilometers, along the famous attractions Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Qaidam Basin, Mogao Grottoes, Jardine Demon City, Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring, Jiayuguan, Zhangye colorful Danxia, ​​Mati Temple, Zhuoer Mountain Landscape District, Qilian Mountains, Qilian Prairie, door source mu rape. The essence of Qinghai, Gansu attractions are covered, is a large collection of natural history and Silk Road humanities history, is currently one of the best Northwest Line. And the whole road is good, whether it is by car or fight / chartered, are very suitable.

Why choose Xining as the starting point and the end, rather than Lanzhou?

Reason one: Xining is known as the summer capital, summer temperatures cool suitable Lanzhou summer temperatures are too high, and Lanzhou traffic jam serious urban environment is not optimistic (not intentionally black Lanzhou, the fact is so ~ ~);
reason two: starting from Xining , Then the first day of journey 120 kilometers to reach Qinghai Lake, a short road, full play time; if replaced by Lanzhou departure, Lanzhou from Xining 225 km, and then rushed to Qinghai Lake, the first day of the basic will have to Rushing in the road;
reason three: the last day of the trip is from Zhangye arrived in Xining 350 km, take the most beautiful 227 State Road. If you direct from Zhangye Lanzhou there are 520 km, the entire Gobi, landscape monotonous. Even from Zhangye to Xining and then to Lanzhou, it is over 500 kilometers too busy to choose Xining as the end point.
Reason 4: Xining is more folk-custom, and the Hui, Tibetan, Turks and Han nationalities are more integrated. Xining is also a plateau on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau The largest city. Mosques and Buddhist temples abound, well worth the visit.

The best way to get to Xining

【Aircraft】 Xining increased more than 20 routes in the summer of 2016, basically covering major cities in the country. Coastal cities fly Xining, most need to stop by Xi'an, the main provincial capital cities can fly to Xining. Flying Lanzhou throughout the country flights more than Fei Xining, but the cost can be cheaper 20% -40%.
[Train] Xining across the country many trains, but the running time is long, and there is no high-speed rail. Xining connecting the country's high-speed rail needs to be completed by the end of 2017 Baolan high-speed rail opened to have.
So, the best way to get to Xining is to fly Lanzhou first and then Lanzhou to Xining again.
Lanzhou to
Xining two ways 1. Bus: Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport airport bus to Xining 100 yuan / person, respectively, at 12:30, 15:30 and 19:30 each class about 2.5 hours by car in Xining Downtown Ximen, Huitong Hotel, or to allow parking to stop off. Lanzhou Nakagawa Airport Customer Service Tel 0931-8168464;
2. Intercity car: Nakagawa Airport to Lanzhou West Station intercity high-speed rail (yes, is the Nakagawa Airport sent to Lanzhou West Station) from 7:28 to 22:34 at night Inter-shift intensive, only 40 minutes by car. West from Lanzhou to Xining, motor vehicles from 7:40 to 20:55 in the evening, the frequency is also very much, the journey takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Tips: direct flights to Xining, then choose Xining airport shuttle, regular vehicles, safe delivery destination, without bargaining, will not be slaughtered.

How can I go this line?

Most partners are looking for local carpool or chartered free exercise. why? Because local drivers are more familiar with the route, there are locals driving, more relaxed play. Northwest traffic is fairly good, but along the winding road, high-altitude road more, less likely to experience an accident. And long-distance driving, easy to fatigue, so I do not recommend driving.
Ride car costs: Carpool Link are generally 1500 yuan / person; off-season time, which is the lowest price have 1,200 yuan.
Special Note:
If the holiday is short, there is no seven days, around the Qinghai Lake 2-4 ringlet game can also play. See Raiders "holiday is too short? Around Qinghai Lake 2 - 4 small loop play any of your choice! "  

Grand Link Tour Overview

D1 Xining - Tal Temple - Riyue Mountain - Qinghai Lake - Black Horse River
D2 Black Horse River -
Chaka Salt Lake - Delingha - Keluke Lake - Dachaidan D3 Dachaidan - Qinghai Yadan - when Jinshan - Axel - Yangguan - Dunhuang
D4 Dunhuang - Mogao Grottoes - Crescent Spring Mingsha - Dunhuang
D5 Dunhuang - Guazhou - Jiayuguan - Zhangye Colorful Danxia
D6 Zhangye - Bian Du mouth - Qilian Prairie - Zhuoer Mountains - Qilian County ( Or: Zhangye - Mati Temple - Bian Du mouth - Qilian Prairie - Menyuan - Black Spring Reservoir - Xining)
D7 Qilian - A soft temple - door source rape sea - Dabanshan - Black Springs Reservoir - Xining (6 Back to Xining about point)

D1 Xining - Black Horse River

Xining -30km-Tal Temple-120km-Qinghai Lake -80km-Black Horse River, Overnight in Black Horse River.
Departure at around 8:00 in the morning, Tar Temple play time is generally 2 hours, and then drove to Qinghai Lake, walking all the way to play through the Riyue, Qinghai Lake arrived at the south bank. In Qinghai Lake, close to experience the lake. And then arrived at Black Horse River bed rest, but also once again go to Qinghai Lake, continue to enjoy.

Tickets: Tar Temple 80 yuan; Riyue Mountain 40 yuan; Qinghai Lake Erlang sword 100 yuan; Qinghai Lake into the herders 20 yuan; the
main point of view: Tibetan Buddhist Tal Temple, plateau sapphire Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake stars.

D2 Black Horse River Sunrise - Tea Card Salt Lake - Dachai Dan

Black Horse River -80km-Tea Lake Salt Lake -220km-Deling-240km-Dachaidan Town; From Chaka Salt Lake, go to Delhi. Delingha has Keluke Lake, Lake Toxu, alien sites, are passing by, no need to buy tickets to enter. After Delingh all the way straight to Dachai Dan, this town, every summer, nearly 10,000 people stay.

Tickets: Chaka Salt Lake 70; Keluke Lake 20
Main Aspect: Black Horse River Sunrise, Chaka Salt Lake, Gobi Road

D3 Chai Dan - Dunhuang

Dachaidam-20km-Qaidam Basin Highway-200km-Qinghai Lake Arhat-40km-Axel-64km-Yangguan Site -63km-Dunhuang (or Dachai Dan-20km-Qaidam Basin Highway-240km - Aksai -122km-Yumen Pass -60km-Dunhuang Yadan Ghost City -170km-Dunhuang);
The two main differences are the way to go - Yadan, you are taking the cold lake in Qinghai Yadan, or go to Dunhuang Ya Dan. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, for the moment most of them take the Grand Link Yadan. There are three reasons: no tickets, you can easily enter; Asia's largest; easy journey.
Dunhuang Yadan access is bundled Yumen pass tickets. Dunhuang Ya Dan imposing manner more bullying, but if Yumen Guan is not a few poems, it is somewhat unsatisfactory.
When it came out from the town of Chai Qiandan, it was on the outside of the Qaidam basin. The highway extended straight on the Gobi Desert and the Yadan landscape was arranged on both sides of the road. Arrived at the cold lake, Qinghai's Yadan landform group full, spectacular dignity. To the "Yang out of the West for no reason," Yang Guan, then look at the ancients to face the infinite desert desolation of the Gobi. Then stay in Dunhuang, enjoy the bustling.

Admission: Qinghai Albania free Ghost City, Yang Guan site 60, Yumen Pass 40
Main Aspect: Qinghai Yadan, Qaidam Basin Road film, Yang Guan

Qinghai Southern Eight Immortal Arden City ghosts

D4 Dunhuang - Mogao Grottoes - Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring

Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring and Mogao Grottoes are not far from the Dunhuang urban area, very convenient. 2015 "Run, brother" in Dunhuang Mingsha Crescent Springs run! These two famous national attractions, many people go to each year, especially the Mogao Grottoes, more foreign tourists.

Tickets: Mogao Grottoes 200 (off-season 100); Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring 120
Main Aspect: Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring, Mogao Grottoes
1. Mogao Grottoes purchase tickets URL cn / index.htm , buy 30 days in advance, July and August must be purchased in advance, otherwise only to the scene to buy emergency tickets, visit some small caves.
2. It is mentioned that Dunhuang and West Thousand Buddhas Cave and Dunhuang Television City. West Thousand-Buddha cave is added to the Mogao Grottoes, time can go and see. Dunhuang Television City is really not necessary.

Mogao Grottoes

D5 Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Zhangye colorful Danxia

Dunhuang -380km- Jiayuguan -260km- Zhangye Colorful Danxia Long driving distance today, the main attractions are only two, is Jiayuguan and Zhangye colorful Danxia. Jiayuguan at noon is considered once again the history of the Hexi Corridor review, arrived in Zhangye, the beauty of colorful Danxia definitely make you full of energy!

Tickets: Jiayuguan package 120; Zhangye 288 Danxia
main Aspect: Gobi Beach power generation windmill, Jiayuguan City Tower, Zhangye colorful Danxia

Zhangye colorful Danxia

D6_1 Zhangye Colorful Danxia - source - Xining

Zhangye Colorful Danxia -150km-Bian Du Port -130km-Menyuan -150km-Xining Grand Central Line 6th trip, is Zhangye back to Xining, take 227 the most American Road, after the flat Du Xia, to the Qilian steppe, to the door Source to see acres of rape, turning up to Osaka, overlooking the gate source, overlooking Gondashka snow peak. All beauty panoramic view. Then by the Black Springs Reservoir, back to Xining.

Tickets: Gate Source Observation Deck 60
Main Aspect: The most beautiful 227 State Road, door source mu rape, Qilian prairie, up to view of Mt.

D6_2 Zhangye Colorful Danxia - Qilian County

Zhangye colorful Danxia -150km-Bian Du mouth -85km-A soft big temple -30km-Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area -5km- Qilian County
【Note: 7 days trip, which is the sixth day】 Zhangye Danxia departure 227 The most American Road, A soft temple visit to the Qilian County, on Zhuolier Hill, overlooking the East, Qilian Switzerland, Kamiyama cow heart mountains in front of unlimited scenery, beautiful picture.

Tickets: A soft temple 20; Zoe Hill Scenic Area 70
Main Aspect: Qilian prairie, A soft temple, the East, the Swiss Qilian Switzerland, Zhuoer Shan

Qilian Zhuoer Shan

D7 Qilian - source - Xining

Qilian-170km-gate source-12km-Mount Daoshan Observatory -30km-Heiquan Reservoir -90km-Xining
Return to the gate source from Qilian, all the way Qilian grassland contiguous, cattle and sheep flocks, to the door source Million mu of rape, up to Mount Hanshin Mengyuan overlooking the beauty, overlooking Gondashka snow peak, returned to Xining by the Black Spring Reservoir. [The source of rape flowering July 5 to August 5, will be slightly affected by climate change]

Itinerary Highlights: Door source mu rape, Mount Osaka overlooking the
entire journey 2 days trip more tired: [Dachaidan to Dunhuang] and [Dunhuang to Zhangye Colorful Danxia] along the Gobi, hot and dry, driving time is longer. The rest are fine, magnificent scenery, easy journey.
So far, this most classic Gansu Grand Ring in Qinghai Province has been completed, covering all the humanities and natural scenery, it is worth the experience!

Door source rape sea

Xining to Dunhuang single-line itinerary (Grand Central line can also take half)

The specific itinerary is as follows:
D1 Xining - Qinghai Lake - Chaka Salt Lake - Qinghai Lake
D2 Qinghai Lake - Central Lake Road - Gangcha - Qilian dior Hill
D3 Qilian - Heihe Grand Canyon - Bayi Glacier - Qilian 
D4 Qilian - A soft Great Temple - flat all mouth - Zhangye Colorful Danxia 
D5 Zhangye Colorful Danxia - Jiayuguan - Guazhou
D6 Guazu - Yulin Grottoes - Mogao Grottoes - Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring
D7 Dunhuang - Yumen Pass - Arden Ghost City - Dunhuang (end)

Advantages: This line is half of the ring road in Gansu, Qinghai, shorter distance, attractions did not reduce the richness.
Disadvantages: single-line walk, starting from Xining, Dunhuang over, large transport costs are high. Because at present all over the country to and from Dunhuang flights are expensive; if you take a train from Dunhuang to Lanzhou you need a full night's train journey, ample time, you can take a train from Dunhuang back to Lanzhou, Lanzhou and then fly back to all parts of the country (Grand Central flights are round-trip Lanzhou, cheaper).

Xining day tours recommended food and attractions

Most of the partners from Xining will be early to Xining, then play in Xining need a day's time.
[Xining must eat gourmet]
Qinghai old yogurt, stuffed skin, kang pot mutton, yak bone soup, roast lamb, lamb intestine surface.
Recommended Food Location: Shuijing Lane, Koufu Street, Daxing Street Night Market, Taining Garden Night Market, residential streets, Mo Street (only listed in the area, strongly not recommended)

[Xining attractions can be seen]
1. Xining Dong Guan Halal Temple ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Founded in the Ming Dynasty, has a long history, one of the four major mosques in the northwest, the largest mosque in Qinghai. Friday at noon very spectacular service. Located in the eastern part of the urban area, take a taxi to the east of the Great Mosque can be. Tickets 25 yuan, no student tickets.
There is a free guide to the mosque in Dong Guan, where you can listen and understand Muslim culture. Pay attention to respect for religious beliefs, into the worship hall need to take off your shoes.
2. Provincial Museum ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
comprehensive and systematic display of Qinghai's history and culture, from ancient times until now. Located in Xining West most prosperous area, one of the landmark buildings in Xining. Taxi to Xinning Square Provincial Museum to get off. Free, ID change ticket, closed on Monday.
Provincial Museum is one of the core business district of Xining, locals often go places, commercial alley and traffic lane more prosperous. Kou Fu Street near the snack more, you can try.
3. China Tibetan Medicine & Drug Museum ★★★ ☆☆
The only museum in China that comprehensively displays Tibetan medicine, culture, folklore and religion, is a propaganda window for Tibetan compatriots.
Museum collection has a world record breaking Guinness treasure treasures "painted Grand View", this is a stunning Tangka world, absolute high-end atmosphere on the grade. Can experience the magic of Tibetan medicine, a little weird.
Located in downtown North District, a taxi to the biological Park Tibetan Medicine Museum get off. If you only visit the first floor, is free, on the second floor of the "painted Grand View" ticket 60 yuan, 30 yuan student tickets.
Since it has been a long time gone by, the nearby Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Museum of Nature also should not be missed, showing the geographical topography of the plateau, you can take the evening to visit.
4. Xining Nanshan Park ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
vision, standing on top of the mountain overlooking the panoramic view of Xining. Quiet environment, you can see Xining eight Kingdoms. Free public park, a direct taxi to the top of Nanshan Park.
Every city has a park, it is recommended to go inside to see the night view of Xining. Xining night most beautiful place is the Pearl of Pu Ning, Baidu map navigation can be reached.
 5. Ma Bufang Mansion ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ The 
only mansion built with jade, the walls are stacked with jade. Due to false landscaped Ma Bu Fang has been ordered by the National Tourism Administration delisted. This point is not recommended to go. Partners can judge by themselves.

Summer weather in Qinghai and Gansu

Summer temperatures in Qinghai between 10 degrees to 28 degrees, very suitable, sooner or later the temperature difference, you need a thick coat.
Summer temperatures in Gansu between 15 degrees to 38 degrees, hot, need a lot of water, it would be very uncomfortable at noon.

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