Pingyao must see a "See also Pingyao"

This is a large-scale melodrama about inheritance and belief, which is very shocking.

Goodbye to Pingyao

See also Pingyao, fame outside,
to Pingyao must see, otherwise there will be regrettable.
Proposed to Pingyao can first go to see the melodrama, then go Escort, some old silver house, I think there will be more feelings.

About "See also Pingyao"

"See also Pingyao" tells a story about the bloodline, endless: the late Qing Dynasty, Pingyao ancient town ticket owner Zhao Yi-juo arrived at his property, from Russia back a semicolon dispensers a bloodline. 232 with the bodyguard bodyguard dingxing go with. Seven years later, Zhao Dong himself together with 232 bodyguard died on the way, and the blood of the royal family was extended.
    Throughout the performance, such as "wife selection," "bodyguard bathing," "souls going home," "face show" and so on, it highlights the moral traditions of Pingyao people and the tragic feelings that are elaborated by this tradition. Valuable and characteristic is that the moral spirit of Pingyao is based on the highly purified folklore and historical facts, such as "farewell" and "wife election." At the same time, the narrative form is not only rich in visibility, more profound in the literature, the use of symbolic means to express. Such as: the positive performance of the bodyguard's death, but with the ghost on the wall to show the spirit and soul of the bodyguard, this is very creative, very literary grade idea. These clips not only impact the audience's emotions, let the audience remember those characters, but also reflects the creator's philosophy.

Performing TIPS

Director: Wang Chao Song
Fare: Current Price (180-240, weekend will be your point)
Address: Shun Ping Road, Pingyao County, No. 154 (Lize Court International Hotel next to), from the car can be directly stored in the theater parking Field,
Stage: 14:00 and 19:00 two (every Monday stop, maintain equipment and actors to rest). The rules for adding a field are generally two sessions at 16:00 in the evening at 21:00

NO1: Unique Sava Theater

Sava Theater. It is loess and gray tile as the main vocabulary, rolling roof design to show people the ancient city once the bustling and vicissitudes. The deliberate sinking of buildings, but also expressed the respect of the ancient city.

NO2: soul-stirring story

See also Pingyao tells a soul-stirring legend: Pingyao ancient town ticket owner Zhao Yi-seok scattered property, went to Russia, to protect the ticket number Wang dispensers family's only blood, with the Xing public bodyguard 232 bodyguard to go with. Seven years later, ZHAO Dong himself together with the bodyguard all dead, while the blood of the royal family to be continued.

NO3: "Walk-style" viewing mode

See also Pingyao pioneered the domestic performance of the show mode - walk-style, there is no seat in the theater, there is no stage, the audience walking to see, follow the plot of changes in development, walking in different performances in the scene. This is really shocking, the actor is right beside you and the performance is very much invested. Bring you into the story.

NO4: the sound of electro-optical technology

A full range of three-dimensional stereo sound and electricity technology to bring the audience super shock experience, but also led to strong feelings of the audience, or tragic, or soul-stirring.

NO5: beauty can see enough

Because the program has selected the bridge section, the man should be very fond of.
Here you can see that China's aesthetic tradition of women is very interesting.

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