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Chengdu is a city that knows how to live. All kinds of arts and art children can be found here to grow the attitude. Senior Wenqing take you into the high rise and behind the narrow streets of those warm and simple shop, in the mahjong sound, hot pot taste, the taste of a literary and lazy to bones of Chengdu.
the tea company of chengdu by bikego

Relaxed lazy under the artistic taste

Chengdu, is a place with even the name of comfort and comfort. Here you can meet all about literature and art, they are hidden under a lazy city temperament. Today we will enter the full of cultural taste of Chengdu, perhaps met a few stores, perhaps know a few shopkeepers, perhaps make a few do not ask the world of craftsmen.

Floating in the streets of coffee art street

More and more coffee shop opened in the home, office buildings, or old residential building. If one day you come to the alley in Chengdu, see the old man to play a long way to smoke leaves the smoke scene and young coffee, drink Kung Fu tea scene together, do not be surprised, this is the new Chengdu, we are Chengdu new youth.

The pottery shop in the street is by

Wide alley: Paulownia Street, Kuixing floor street, small pass and so on

Art index: 3 stars 
Photo index: 3 stars  
wide alley is to Chengdu to punch the card. With years of experience in Chengdu, if you want to go there, we must do a good job of crowded psychological preparation. The proposal is going to the evening, the afternoon can be strolled in the surrounding streets.
Here are the historical heritage of the old neighborhood, although the width of the alley rent high, but some shops are tenacious in the nearby streets settled down. Keep a clean, but also lead to part of the flow of people, including Paulownia Street, small pass Lane, Kuixing floor, and so there are shopping can be tapped shop.

Old teahouse by qi brother

Recommend a shop called no cat French dessert , in the famous flies restaurant sprinkle the opposite, why not a cat? Because the cat is at home.
Fresh and quiet on the road, pedestrians twos and threes. Lazy cat in the alley nap, slightly leisurely street dessert shop, it was pushed into the door, a cup of cozy coffee, addicted to the fragrance of chocolate and fragrance of indoor flowers, the moment is very body The illusion of a small garden in Provence. There is no vigil, only useless and beautiful.

No cat French dessert by the picture from the network

And then recommend a wide and narrow alley is also within ten minutes, but not with other shops get together the cafe: a cup of coffee bookstore . At night this street is very quiet, walked, the warm lights lit, people can not help but want to drink a cup, rest foot There are not many tourists here, many of the nearby mother will take the children to sit. Mojituo, hand-washed coffee, and dessert are features, the price is very reasonable. If you want to vent, this is a better place than a narrow alley.

One cup of coffee book by the picture from the network

Boring Palladium Zande drink a cup of tea

Boring Palladium Street in the city center business district, surrounded by many small and beautiful shops.
Here Zonta was backing is not small, it will help you better understand the heritage of Chengdu, Chengdu and those hometown celebration of artists.
Chengdu can be a place where Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Zande's designer Wang Hai when living in Hong Kong, known as the father of private kitchens.

Zonta retains the old door by Bikego

Now back to the old alley in Chengdu, in the staff dormitory opened up tea, eat, in the next three space, sought after by the construction industry.
Where the accommodation and private kitchens are more expensive, but the price of tea is good, the environment is good. Sichuan famous tea bamboo leaves and Bitan snow (fine jasmine tea) here on the 28 yuan a cup, very cost-effective.

The three spaces in Zonta by Bikego

Zong Deli private room by pony

Qinglian took a cup of coffee on the street

Art index: 5 stars  
Photo index: 5 stars  
Qinglian Street and boring Palladium Street is connected to undertake the Swift overflow in the literary temperament, and skim some of the hustle and bustle.

The most famous shop here is no early . No early snack is a Japanese-style cafe & simple meal, there are no early bookstore, selling independent magazines and some wood, cloth small things. No early in the microblogging is very fire, not just fame, the product really praise Drinks and desserts are very delicate.

No bookstore by Bikego

The whole shop is the use of old-fashioned residential building part of the building from the transformation. Spacious and bright floor of the glass, dark with a texture of the wooden door, coupled with the warm blackboard and a variety of small things even, all attracted by the door of the Qingqing sister who stopped to enjoy, self-timer desire steep rise.
There is not much room here, it is easy to fully filled.

No early next to the opening of a cocktail for the characteristics of the clear it, called lotus , tried once, also very praise. Seems to be simple Nordic wind furniture are actually superior quality of the top grade. The boss is very taste, hand sanitizer are used in the Australian organic brand Aēsop.
Have a back, with a few foreign friends to drink, we all like this atmosphere. Drunk drunk in Chengdu streets, which may be with nine glasses, Lan Kwai Fong is not the same as another nightlife.

Bustling side of Chengdu taste

Since the rise of the ancient pottery, those who want to go to Chunxi Road shopping or look at the beauty of the out.
Young literary and artistic family, ladies party are love in the Pacific, IFS, Lang Yu. Here is the street shooting the Holy Land, had a net addiction it!


Art index: 4 stars  
Photo index: 5 stars in the  
ancient side of the Pacific, Bo homes, high house, muji, are worthy of the place to pull grass. In addition to Swire there are a lot of net red camera point, such as the line of the cartoon shop.

The old and new blend of the Pacific by the elephant nest user Jia Yi children kayee

Line Friends Store by Bikego

High house entrance by Bikego

Side is my favorite place, the only bad seat is relatively small, or a cup of coffee to sit in the rest area, or do step on the book.
Side of the decoration to go the industrial wind, very unique, the elevator down into a cave like a cave.
Here, regardless of the usual or weekend people are quite a lot, often there will be lectures salon. There are working days, guests said: "Thursday afternoon, you should not be at work?" The audience laughed. I am also very curious, why do not work in Chengdu, self-employed, freelancers, housewives so much. May be relatively small rich that security, contentment, enjoy the moment it  

Side by the ant honeycomb users: half step that is the horizon

Tummy a panda IFS

Artistic index: 3 stars  
Photo index: 4 stars  
IFS best to identify the point is a large panda tummy that business district, is a landmark building, gathered in the big.
Do not like shopping, the text of the green can go here to speak a few bookstores to see the book, you can also take the elevator to the 7th floor of the terrace garden to see the panda's face and he took pictures.
Compared with the side, then a few words and fewer people, then a few more free seats more. Every few words are not the same, I like the best home of CapitaTech.

IFS Panda by Ant Cell User: Jiayi Kayee

Long Yu Building in the high-altitude cafes

Literary Index: 3 stars  
photographed index: 4 Stars  
Pacific in Long royal near building gathered a lot of cafes and private kitchens altitude, 175 meters, 45-story, 270-degree high-altitude landscape, overlooking the Pacific, the heavy traffic.
But according to tasted the children's boots that the two levels of the shop more serious differentiation, and some follow the trend to open, the environment and the atmosphere plus points, but the taste is not very good, cost is not high. Want to try a friend can go to the night to see the night.

Long Yu Building by the picture from the network

But you also know the weather in Chengdu, please choose a haze no days to go or else the money is worth it.
How many people go is to take a dessert and high-rise buildings with the box of photos.

She and his high-altitude cafe by the picture from the network

Swire of the neighbors in the Millennium Daci Temple, there are also preferred to go here and the local uncle aunt with a bowl of tea, 8 yuan a cup.
Where the most special scenery is in the Millennium temple, the rise is full of bustling.

Dacihiro tea by pony

Rebirth of the creative park

Since visiting Beijing in 798, returned to Chengdu, they will be similar to the old plant new curiosity and attention. Chengdu, a lot of such a park. Here to give you recommend three: no Lane, U37, the eastern suburbs of memory.

No wasteland park

Art index: 5 stars  
Photo index: 5 stars  
feeling no reason is the only reason here is the barren park. This shop is no signs. Countless young people come back to the place.
The shop has a whole wall of flowers, plants, butterfly specimens, there is a wall placed a lot of rows of meat. Here called the independent design experience shop, so a lot of designers, you can experience a lot of things. Even if nothing is done, a cup of coffee is very comfortable here. The key is that here the coffee dessert conscience Oh ~

Great Stone Park by Pony

Great Stone Park by Pony

U37 Creative Warehouse

Art index: 4 stars  
Photo index: 5 stars  
outside the warehouse is the river rolling river south community, every day to sell vegetables to sell meat pot helmet cold cup, and into the warehouse is "do not have cave," changed from the previous factory warehouse. Exotic graffiti, covered with ivy fence, a variety of novelty fun shop, full of literary atmosphere.
A lot of people come here to take pictures, to remind a lot of mosquitoes, really!

U37 a shop by the ant honeycomb users: Guo Teng Teng

Recommend a cafe UID . His home environment is heavy locomotive American industrial style, shop inside the locomotive, jeans, as well as industrial-style small toys. See the store very attitudes. Committed to the foreign coffee culture, street culture, the original flavor of the introduction of Chengdu.
Dessert is very delicate, small expensive

UID cafe door by ant honeycomb users: Guo Teng Teng

UID Café by the picture from the network

UID dessert by pictures from the network

Eastern suburbs memory

Art index: 3 stars     
Photo index: 5 stars of the  
original Chengdu Eastern Music Park, is a multi-cultural park. "Old and old, the old house with the new" is the eastern suburbs of the main features of memory architecture, inclusive of the 1950s Soviet aid building, the early 21st century office buildings, multi-storey plant and industrial full of chimney pipes , Creating a remnant of the eastern suburbs both nostalgic and fashionable atmosphere of art.

Eastern suburbs by the elephant honeycomb users: line of water

Personally feel that this is more suitable for taking pictures, but not suitable for exploration shop, because the store's unique and liberal arts children do not have several other good, more commercial, local people will live here overnight.

Warehouse Street beats by pony

There are also literary taste next to the monastery

This is a very characteristic of Chengdu, Chengdu and the monastery go very close. Blessed to go there, tea to go there, playing cards also go there.
Recommended two can go to the monastery: Wenshu and Tie Temple, they are surrounded by delicious fun place to visit.

Wenshu homes

Artistic index: 4 stars  
Photo index: 3 stars  

Millennium temple Wenshu hospital, between the hall, primary and secondary, patchwork, dense and decent, the size of the equivalent of the garden, the courtyard of the King, the environment quiet and elegant, Famous temple style.

Wenshu courtyard by the picture from the network

Although there is no wide alley on the high, the business is not as good as Kam flourish. But I especially recommend the garden outside the garden . There are places where tea and vegetarian vegetarian place, should belong to the temple of the subsidiary industry. There are a lot of lay a volunteer, attitude is not flattering is not cold, very calm feeling.
Most of the tea need self-help, the price is also very close to people, 15 yuan a cup, melon seeds, peanut 5 yuan a bag.
When the sun is good, the dams are filled with people. The so-called urban meditation, is so right

Manchuria outside the old man by pony

Temple outside of Chengdu old mouth hole Zhang old second jelly, court cake shop , are old Chengdu favorite shop, usually lined up .
Palace cakes shop when the tea is very good, it is recommended to buy a few varieties taste Oh.
This area also has a lot of handicraft shops, such as Shu embroidery, bamboo, silver products, lacquerware, Thangka, Qiang embroidery, etc., are also interested in visiting.

Cave mouth Zhang Laoji jelly by the picture from the network

Iron Temple Water Street

Art index: 4 stars  
Photo index: 3 stars  
For most of the Chengdu people, the Iron Temple Water Street is far from some of the neighborhood mentioned before the famous. It has just developed soon, with the high-tech zone core business center not far from the global center, but also has an ancient iron temple sits, forming a living around the atmosphere, Zen tea atmosphere of the neighborhood. Here there is a san
here recommended three spend time shop, Sanhua College, light security vegetarian restaurant and Chen Jin tea shop dam dam tea.

Sanhua College , water and living, you can drink Kung Fu tea, you can see a lot of books, some are related to the Chengdu culture.
Also show the sale of traditional Chinese culture, craftsmen hand things.

Sanhua College by Pony

Light security is a comprehensive space, there are light An Ya set and light vegetarian two districts. On the first floor is the exhibition and sale of elegant lifestyle such as poetry and painting, the second floor is the vegetarian restaurant. 128 yuan a vegetarian package a little expensive, but the ingredients are great, wobble fine. Those who have eaten are very satisfied.

Light Anya set by the picture from the network

Chen Jin tea shop dam dam tea is Xiaobian favorite to go, in the water street before the stage.
Indoor water seats, per capita consumption of 40 yuan. Outdoor dam dam tea tea 15 yuan a cup.
The sun came out, the dam was filled with people. Dig ear people began to shout to attract business.

Dam Dam Tea by Pony

Lok Ju rural, pastoral in the senior literature and art

Art and youth in the city of music alive, and some senior Wenqing moved to the main city outside, uphold the joy. For example, the three holy rural happiness Merlin, Hawthorn moonlight, blue top art district, for example, nearly two years in the circle popular Pujiang moon village.
All kinds of people, can find their own literary and artistic posture in Chengdu.

San Sanxiang, happy Merlin, Hawthorn moonlight area

Art index: 4 stars    
Photo index: 3 stars  

here is Chengdu and the country's earliest and most successful farm music area, known as the five Golden Flower. 5 villages, each with its own, each have their own most beautiful season. Because the rent is relatively cheap, some artists, the host began to settle here. So here is no longer the traditional sense of the level of farm music, and many cultural shops, the owner can not be a small head, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Blue Top Art Park is also one of the five golden flowers in the pond moonlight area.
But here the store is more dispersed, go to check the line ahead of time.

Pond moonlight by pony fish

Recommended in San San Township to live a small farm Oh house Oh. And no you want the poor conditions, a lot of good tune the inn. Personally went to visit the Sangu binga, An Yu small courtyard, the child said the College, with interest qi homes, castleman.
Imagine getting up early in the morning will be able to enter the Chengdu people's favorite back garden, Lotus pond moon, Egret Bay Wetland Park, a step, breathing fresh air. You can also go to Chengdu's largest flower market - Wanfu flower market holding a bunch of the most fresh but cheap to the staggering flowers, the locals will envy you!

The courtyard of the house is by pony

Wanfu Flower Market by Pony

Moon village

Art index: 5 stars  
Photo index: 4 stars  

Following the Bishan plan, but also a hot rural case. Writer Ning Yuan's studio "far sun room", Shushan kiln founder Li Qing's workshop and so on dozens of forest studio and the moon village of the original village blend, in the "new villagers" and "aborigines "Under the common construction, formed the" cultural and creative "for the development of the main line of the village.

Far from the sun room by the picture from the network

The artist of the moon village by the picture from the network

The village has farmhouse, moon canteen can eat, there are several inn for accommodation. There are also home "moon canteens" very delicious!

The moon cakes are delicious

Chengdu to the moon village one-way drive 1.5 hours. It is best to have plenty of time to visit. The road will go through the most beautiful village road, both sides are tea garden.

Written at the end

Chengdu art map is still extending, infiltration into the life of the minutiae.
To Chengdu, in addition to mahjong, hot pot, a little pastoral, a little lazy literary taste will not let you down.

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