Qin shi huang tomb traps

According to historical records, in order to prevent the descendants of the tombs, Qin Shi Huang tombs at least set up the following six secret traps, each one is enough to kill the tomb of the people, in these organs each vicious!
qin shi huang tomb traps

Sixth, organs with crossbow.


This is no stranger, in many of the film and television works, there are many similar scenes, some of the tombs into the tombs, touched an organ, about one after another shot from the dark numerous poisonous arrows, shot who will die on the spot. And this even crossbow in the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is indeed recorded in the "Historical Records" on the Qin Shi Huang ordered the production of even crossbow, dare to close to the tombs are shot, and in Ban Gu's "Han" also has a similar record, According to the current terracotta warriors and horses unearthed with the crossbow, Qin Shi Huang mausoleum with a crossbow at least 800 steps, and the skill reached more than 700 pounds, lethal great.

Fifth, the chain flap.


This is similar to the film and television in a lot of traps, above the plate, paved, the following are all vertical knife, once fell, it is immediately white heart, died on the spot. And Qin Shi Huang mausoleum in the winding flap, more advanced, after a group of people fell, because the role of physical power, flap immediately restored to its original state, the next time to steal the tomb can also be used, can be described as very advanced.

Fourth, quicksand.


Modern Chinese archeology Many of the Spring and Autumn Warring States period tombs have found the technology of quicksand. Is to build a layer of quicksand in the tomb, once the thief dig a thief dig a layer of quicksand, quicksand will continue to pour into the tomb, but also the tomb of people buried, can be described as very effective. And in ancient Egyptian tombs are used in large quantities, and Qin Shi Huang mausoleum is also known to have quicksand.

Third, the mercury pool.


We knew that it was poisonous, but it was learned that a lot of mercury had been put in the mausoleum of the emperor. Not only with its production of rivers and lakes sea shape. The most important thing is that the mercury can be a great anti-theft tomb, because its volatile gas is enough to kill all the tombs to kill. And this has been confirmed by historians and archaeologists.

Second, the ambush of the fire.


In fact, there is the role of modern chemistry, in the tomb, the combustible gas, the ancient more biogas and flammable materials, the ancient is more phosphorus. The combination of the two can produce a huge flame, once a tomb was called, so that the combination of two substances, the flames produced enough to swallow all the grave robbers. This is very horrible, and has been found many times in modern archeology.

First, curse

This is more mysterious, after all, it is very superstition in ancient times, a lot of modern film and television drama also deduced, by the curse of life pus sore bitter death of the situation. In the modern archeology also found a lot, in the above engraved spells, such as "Pirates of the tile who died", "hairy who must not households", that is, Tomb of death, the meaning of sub-grandson. And in the Western Tomb, this curse is more evil, people shudder.

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