How Many Aquariums in Qingdao? Which is more fun?

Qingdao has two marine-themed amusement parks, one of which is Qingdao Undersea World and the other is Qingdao Polar Ocean World. Many people came to Qingdao, where are these two
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Qingdao has two marine-themed amusement parks, one is Qingdao Undersea World and the other is Qingdao Polar Ocean World. Many people come to Qingdao and they are not sure which of these two is good and which is suitable for them. Next, this Raiders will dispel you.

Qingdao Polar Ocean World

What is the difference between the underwater world and the polar ocean world?

The indigenous answer is: Although the Qingdao underwater world and the Qingdao Polar Ocean World are similar in nature, they still differ greatly.
The underwater world is suitable for popular science . Its Qingdao Aquarium, Herbarium, and freshwater fish hall are featured signs.
The Polar Ocean World is suitable for play. It includes dolphin show hall, Ocean Polar Museum, Ocean Science Museum, and Happy Theater. So, how to choose depends on your interest.

Qingdao Underwater World

Qingdao Underwater World is located at No. 2, Laiyang Road, Qingdao. It is mainly composed of three parts: the intertidal zone, the subsea tunnel, and the underground four-story sightseeing building. The display part is completely built underground. The intertidal zone is 35 meters long; the submarine tunnel is 86.2 meters long and 2.5 meters wide; the curvature of the arched glass in the tunnel is a combination of conventional angles of 180 degrees, angles of 254 degrees, and 360 degrees of cylindrical water and window glass. Modeling structure.

Walk in the tunnel, it is like being on the sea floor, large and small fish swimming around, but also see the human shark dance scene.

The underground four floors have a height of 7.6 meters and Asia's largest acrylic monolithic display tank shows some precious reef creatures.

Practical information

Transportation: Friends can take Route 6, 26, 202, 214, 223, 228, 231, 304, 311, 312, 316, 321, 411, 501, 504 , City Tour No. 1 Line, Tunnel No. 2 Road, and Tunnel No. 6 bus stop at Lu Xun Park (Submarine World) station; take Metro Line M3 to get off at Huiquan Square Station.
The undersea world ticket time: 8:30 - 17:00.
Pass ticket fare: 130 yuan for the peak season and 110 yuan for the off-season, including the Underwater World, the Sea Life Museum, the Freshwater Fish Museum, the Qingdao Aquarium (Qingdao Fantasy Jellyfish Palace), and the Marine Zoo (excluding the sea animal show); Tickets, fares 10 yuan.

Attractions nearby

When you come out of Qingdao's underwater world, you can continue eastwards along the beach. After a moment, you will see a golden beach. Oh, no, if you are coming in the summer, it is probably not a beach but a group of colorful human dumplings. Although it is rare to see the beach, the indigenous people have to tell you with certainty: Yes, that is Qingdao's first beach.

Qingdao Polar Ocean World

Qingdao Polar Ocean World is a large-scale tourism and holiday comprehensive service facility integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and culture. It includes polar halls, polar squares, Viking tribes, underwater worlds, polar performance venues, happy theaters and other multi-functional areas.

Under the animal show -

Emerging white whale and baby -

Cute penguin -

Flexible swimming polar bear -

show time

The performances and animal performances in the Qingdao Polar Ocean World generally begin around 9:00 am and end before 17:00 pm. The opening hours are from 8:00 am to 17:30 pm (17:00 pm).

Practical information

【Departure Time Suggestion】You still can't sleep late today. You must eat breakfast before 7:30 in the morning and set off because the earliest performance program in Qingdao Polar Ocean World will be open at 9:00 am. You can't be late!

【Transportation】 Friends can take the 11th, 102nd, 317rd, 504th, and Metro Line 1 buses to get off at Polar Ocean World Station; 225 and 403 get off at Haiyou Road Station; 104 , 110 Road, 125 Road, 301 Road, 304 Road, 311 Road, 321 Road, 382 Road, 501 Road, 632 Road bus to get off at Wangjiadao Station.
You can take bus No. 325 to Qingdao Railway Station and change to Metro Line 3 (in the direction of Qingdao North Railway Station) and get off at Wusi Square Station, then transfer to Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Li Village Park). Get off at Haiyou Road Station, then walk from Exit B2 and walk about 1.2 kilometers to reach Donghai East Road No. 60 – Qingdao Polar Ocean World.

[Ticket price] Polar Palace + Happy Theater full price ticket 180 yuan; height 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) - 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) between the children, 60 (including 60 years old) - 69-year-old (A senior citizen must have an old ID card or a valid ID card). Persons with disabilities holding a disability card can purchase a half-price ticket at the Polar Museum + Happy Theater. The price is 75 yuan.

Attractions nearby

After coming out of the Qingdao Polar Ocean World, please take the Metro Line 2 (direction of Zhiquan Road) from Haiyou Road Subway Station and get off at Wusi Square Station. From Exit A2, go to No. 10 Shandong Road - Qingdao Wanxiang City to play. .

If you have time, you can go and see both.

Qingdao Underwater World

The aquarium, the herbarium, the freshwater fish hall, and the marine theater will help you learn marine knowledge, marine life, human shark dance performances, mermaid performances, underwater ballet performances, and underwater adventures. Undersea weddings and so on.

Qingdao Polar Ocean World

As the name suggests, there are polar dolphins, dolphins, sea lions, walruses and other polar animals and marine animals performing on the same stage. There are not only the quiet world where people and whales dance, but also the unprecedented grand events of small animals participating in the Olympic warm-up match. Here is the current world. The largest polar marine theater. It is composed of six functional areas, including the Polar Oceanic Animal Museum, the Ocean Science and Technology Museum, the Bar Casual Dining Street, the Ocean View Merchant Street, the Four-Star Ocean View Hotel, and the Fisherman's Wharf.

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