Qingdao best travel month recommended

This Qingdao Qingdao tourism anti-pothole strategy is a very real big truth. However, this Raiders is the most recommended recommendation for locals from anti-fraud prevention to the best tourist month.

This Qingdao Qingdao tourism anti-pothole strategy is a very real big truth. However, this Raiders is the most recommended recommendation for locals from anti-fraud prevention to the best tourist month. Want to know the specific content, hurry down to see it.

Qingdao Travel Guide

There are scammers in places where there are tourists, and there are many scammers in many places. It is said that Qingdao is near Zhanqiao Zhongshan Road. It is strongly recommended not to make any consumption here (including but not limited to tourism projects and souvenirs and small restaurants).

1. Summer (June-August) is the season with the largest number of tourists per year in Qingdao. The cost of tourism is soaring. Everyone is everywhere. If you are a deep-seeker who pursues a travel experience, don’t take the summer vacation. Come to Qingdao in the month. Please refer to my travel season section for details.
2, Qingdao Railway Station is repairing the subway, it is quite chaotic, now more chaotic, it is not recommended to live around the train station, the train station by live taxis do not sit, the sky asking price. There is a red three-wheel, which is more like a three-handed one. Come out to pull tourists in the summer. The small stalls around the train station are recommended not to buy, pay attention to price cuts when buying, be careful to be pitted.
3, Qianhai has the most people in the first line, and the old city is relatively better. There are any yachts near the trestle, and the news is exposed every year. It is very pitted and it is recommended not to sit. There are also people on the roadside who often say that you are going to the underwater world. I suggest that you don’t take care of it. Every year, you will come out and ask for regular channels to buy tickets. If you buy shells and souvenirs, please shop around.
4, Zhongshan Road has a lot of souvenirs selling seafood, want to buy this seafood recommended to the big supermarket , at least the quality is guaranteed. If you are eating, pay attention to the price, especially seafood. By the way, just look at the starfish and sea urchins in the Weichai Courtyard.
5. Friends who come to the beach for the first time should pay attention to the tides, that is, the high tide or the low tide . Every year, because of the reef on the reef, the reef that is trapped in the middle of the sea cannot come out. Then it is best to follow the rules in places where swimming is not allowed.

Qingdao Tourism Best Season Recommended

Summer is not suitable for Qingdao

Do you really want to come to Qingdao in the summer? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  
The most reminiscent of Qingdao is its unique climate. Thanks to the impact of the maritime climate, Qingdao is a city with four distinct seasons, not going from winter to summer. Spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves can be tasted.
The highest temperature in summer is generally around 30 degrees. Many people choose to come to Qingdao to escape the heat. In fact, in summer, Qingdao is hot and sultry except for the beach. You can't always stay at the beach. I must stress that summer is definitely not the best season to travel to Qingdao. Especially want to know more about backpackers and friends in Qingdao.
After the 2008 Olympic Games, the popularity of Qingdao's cities has increased, and a large number of tourists have poured in. It is no exaggeration to say that coming to Qingdao in the summer is a disaster. There is no traffic jam from the small road downstairs in my house to the main road of the city. The roads in Qingdao are generally not wide for historical reasons. In the summer, various tourist buses are flooding in. (Year-year-old governance is useless every year.) Various roads are rushing, parking is random, and the whole city is only able to describe two words.
It is not necessary to say more about the increase in travel expenses brought about by the tourist season. Moreover, in recent years, there have been many cases of canola (a kind of green algae that emerged due to eutrophication of sea water or climate change). The report of grassland in Qingdao in the summer is believed to have been seen by many people. The landscape along the coast is greatly discounted, and you can't go to the sea to take a bath. And to be honest, Qingdao has not been so cool in the summer of this year, except for the places outside the sea, it is also stuffy, and it is not the same as the heat of the small 40-degree roast in the mainland, but it is equally uncomfortable.     

The most suitable month for Qingdao

If you squander so much that you don’t want to come to Qingdao in the summer, then is it appropriate to go to Qingdao in a few months? Personally think it is April and October. In April, Qingdao was warm and cold, and the feeling of early spring gave the whole city a new life. The cherry blossoms in Zhongshan Park opened, and the entire cherry blossom avenue was full of blooming cherry blossoms, quite spectacular.
Of course, you don't like crowding. There are many streets in Qingdao with cherry blossoms on both sides. As the most concentrated area of ​​cherry blossom cultivation outside of Japan, it may be a cherry blossom road downstairs in the hotel where you live. As the last tranquility before the tourist season, go to the old town.
Qingdao is a hilly city, connected by mountains and seas. Choose a good weather, board Signal Mountain or Xiaoyu Mountain or Guanhai Mountain, look at the nearby red houses, and look at the calm coast in the distance. "Red tile green trees, blue sea and blue sky" is displayed in front of you.      

Cherry Blossom Season - Ocean University Cherry Blossom Road

My favorite thing in Qingdao all year round is autumn. When the autumn wind is wrapped in the smell of sea bream, it is a magical feeling. The eight great customs of autumn are a mess. The eight leaves of the leaves are not sweeping. Find an early morning, before waking up in the whole city, step on the fallen leaves, admire the various buildings known as the World Architecture Exposition, blowing the autumn wind, slowly walking towards the sea, the Eight Great Passes The road is not easy to find, I have never finished the Eight Roads, but what are the lost, every turn may surprise you. Up and down, ups and downs, along the sea breeze you will be able to walk to the beach, the mountain and the sea will once again be a perfect fusion.             

Qingdao is a city suitable for walking. The crowds will make you lose the favor of any city, and Qingdao is no different. Whenever I traveled by car and watched a group of tourist groups surrounding the attractions of the Tianhou Palace and the underwater world, I always felt that these people had never caught the essence of the city of Qingdao.

Qingdao is a maritime climate. So whether it's cold or hot, it's a month later than the inland area. The temperature rises obviously in April. It is still very cold in March. Please keep warm. August is generally the hottest season of the year. The best June to escape the heat, not to the absolute peak season and the temperature is actually much lower than the inland N.

Real-time travel information

925 update - Huangdao Road
Huangdao Road has to be rebuilt and has been demolished. A mess, it is estimated that the transformation will not have any good results, I want to see the friends of the old Qingdao Liyuan to catch up early.
98 update According to Ma
Wan's netizen: Xiaoyida's small flower - roadside "behavioral art" "Lord, thank you for your travels. I play according to your route, do not live this trip. There is a fact that can not stand, Can you remind everyone in your travels? In the Catholic Church, there is a man with a scorpion of performance art, a cosine of the cos, a passionate photo of the beautiful woman, and a warm welcome to teach you some cooperation, but he took a photo There are secret movements in the chest! It is obvious to look at the side. After the photo is finished, I will change my face and ask for money! There are many girls who are fooled! Remind everyone to pay attention!"
Long time has not passed, Jigong does not know, there is a gray wolf I always know that there are some charges for the copper people. When you meet this kind of person, you can simply let them flash and go on the line. Not only Qingdao, but everything is the same.

816 update - Oktoberfest The 
Oktoberfest begins. Don't go to the Oktoberfest! Don't go to the Oktoberfest! Don't go to the Oktoberfest! The important thing is to say three times 
718 update - peak season
1. The most popular season of travel has come completely, I don't want to go to the beach, people are too many cars, and it is recommended that backpackers go deep into the old city, such as and The underwater world is only one step away from the Jinkou Road. In the old city, there are no tourists except for a few spots.
2. The TV has become a begging street in the past few days. Tourists are annoying, There is no way to do this. Now that there is a lot of traffic, there is no way to govern it. I can’t catch it. But I don’t recommend giving alms to these professions. These people may earn more than me a day, and I love you. Still care about the landlord.
3. The safety of swimming in the sea is safe. Someone came to the typhoon a few days ago to swim in the sea. As a result, the second bath has finished one. It is the one next to the flower stone building, pay attention to safety! be careful! be careful!

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