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Through a coincidence, I found out that the original bridge was so beautiful, so that I was born with love, taking advantage of the May Day holiday, leaving aside some of the original plans and

Through a coincidence, I found that Huangdao , which was separated by a bridge, was so beautiful that I was born with love, taking advantage of the May Day holiday, leaving aside some of the original plans and the enthusiasm of visiting Qingdao again . On the road to Huangdao .
Maybe many people don't know where Huangdao is?

Huangdao District ( Qingdao West Coast District) is part of Shandong Xing , Qingdao City, is located in Shandong southeast corner of the peninsula, Jiaozhou South Bay River. East Yellow Sea, west of Zhucheng city, Wulian County, south of Rizhao City, north of Jiaozhou City.
In short, if Qingdao 's trestle and railway station are landmarks, Huangdao is on the right side of it, a sea-separated administrative zone with a cross-sea bridge or tunnel. As the nation's ninth largest economic development zone, Huangdao has the same bloodline as Shenzhen , Zhuhai and Xiamen .

At the same time, although it is called Huangdao , it has more than just a small island scenery, and tourism resources are quite rich.
If you have been to Huangdao visitors some of Golden Beach , Silver Beach memories will be more profound, in fact so Huangdao there are large beads Hill , the former site of the Great Wall and other major tourist attractions for visitors climbing flowers, only with respect to most of the coastal resorts In terms of a single view of the sea, the price/performance ratio of Huangdao is still very high. It is only a large number of mountains and is relatively large. If you really choose mountain climbing, you need to reserve enough time.
Gossip about this, then I will feel the "Lonely Song" in Huangdao with me !

Yellow Island meals

The main dining of Huangdao is similar to that of Qingdao. It is mainly Korean barbecue and traditional barbecue. There are various barbecues. Korean cuisine can be seen everywhere, and there is absolutely no need to worry about waiting in line to eat. Although I think the taste of each store is really heartfelt. They all do a good job, but the current normal number of tourists is really limited, so whether it is a meal or usual, it is very convenient to eat, basically you can eat as you go.

Han Zhiwei Chunchuan Iron Plate Chicken

Practical information
The rear of the diverse Jinjiang downstairs is
Hanzhiwei Chunchuan Teppanyaki (Huangdao), which is a popular Korean restaurant. Address: No. 238-8, Changjiang Middle Road, Huangdao District, 30 meters south of McKale West Gate (near Huangdao Mackay West Gate)
Tel: 0532-86975266
per capita consumption: about 70 yuan.

Feature 1 The
price of ingredients is not expensive. The price of a staple food is about 40-60, chicken, pork, seafood, etc., two servings.

Feature 2
Feelings are basically close to the mess of the Northeast. Anyway, it is a bunch of things put together, a bit like a military pot, but not.

Feature 3 is
full of a large pot, pay attention to this is really a basin, if 2-4 people, it is recommended to 2-3 pieces of fried together is enough, in fact, not much, but the amount is still full, other snacks Or rice cake, kimchi cake, miso soup and the like can be less.

Korean fried chicken beer

Practical information
Ranked second is the Korean fried chicken beer
Address: 100 meters south of the city of Wuyishan Road, Huangdao District, next to the
Xiangxiangyuan Tel: 18660253328

Highlights & Features:
In fact, the reason why this store is famous is that I want to know more because the Korean drama is from the stars, and I know that there will still be guests at 9-10 on the Internet. This is in the Huangdao District where Korean barbecue shops are everywhere. It is not easy to say. It may be a factor that the price is relatively close to the people.

Feature 2: The store is not big, there are only 10 tables or so, but the atmosphere is very good. Listening to Korean music and listening to MTV again and again, it is a big time to drink, it is the feeling that you are not used to drinking this drink, and it is recommended to the Asahi draft beer in the store.
Per capita consumption: 60 yuan.

Recommended dishes: Standard force pot, if you don't eat enough, you can add cheese rice cake and instant noodles, etc., all of them are Korean original, and the taste is very positive.

Recommended dishes: Baked Ming Tai fish tastes great, super spicy ~

Art Gourmet Korean Restaurant

Practical information
In fact, the most recommended is the art restaurant Korean restaurant
Address: North side of Haidu Hotel, Huangdao District (North of the city
, Haiguan Hotel) Tel: 0532-86934443

Features & Highlights 1:
Although it is just a fast food restaurant, the traditional Korean cuisine is exquisite and full of color and flavor.

Features & Highlights 2: The price is also very affordable, most of the food is between 15-30, full of weight, good quality and cheap, because every day will eat 1-2 tons of barbecue or seafood, so the last few days for this store It has a special liking and is very close to the hotel.
Just on the food street next to the McKale Mall. And in Japan, there are many Koreans who come to eat, so the quality and taste of the dishes are still very outstanding.
Per capita consumption: 30 yuan

Recommended accommodation in Huangdao

The hotel selected in this trip is the Dijon Jinjiang Hotel (five-star) located in the administrative center of Huangdao .

Choice reason one:
First of all, Huangdao has more than 40 minutes away from Qingdao city, so the hotel that can also see the sea view is very close to the people in Huangdao. Even a five-star hotel can be around 400. .
Related facilities: The hotel room has a bathtub, the hotel has a swimming pool, fitness center, etc.

Choice 2:
Secondly, Diversified Jinjiang is the highest hotel on the Huangdao District. With a sea view, you can enjoy more than 180 degrees of view. Even the 34-storey buffet restaurant has a view of more than 270 degrees overlooking the whole. Famous landmarks such as Huangdao, Jinshatan, Yinshatan and Civic Square.

Reason 3:
Finally, because it is located in the administrative center area, it is very convenient for transportation and catering. You can eat any food you want to eat before and after the whole building. Even if you just sit in the room and look at the sea every day, go downstairs to eat a barbecue, take a taxi to the beach is a little more expensive to start, if the requirements are not too high, I think you can basically meet the normal needs of your travel.

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