Sanlitun which one by one to patronize the eight gourmet!

Known as the trend center of the cosmopolitan Sanlitun, not only a good place for shopping pictures, but also the gathering of major food, Amway today for everyone 8 gourmet shop, whether it is to break the circle of friends and taste buds red shop, authentic place Food restaurant, or a friend for a get-together, B full of scenic viewing restaurant, there are all ~

No magic Beijing's first black gold shop - hi tea

Type: drink shop 
consumption: about 25 yuan / person
Recommended: full glass of red grapefruit, cheese Jinfeng Chawang , cheese black gold
Business Hours: 10: 00-22: 00
Address: No. 19 Sanlitun Road Hospital Building 6, s6-11a unit, opposite the mac

The famous net red shop, was settled in Beijing soon, since the opening is a long long team.
Joy City also has a Chaoyang, but Sanlitun shop is black gold shop, decoration style different from other shops, and only black gold shop can buy cheese black gold, and other ordinary store can not buy Oh.
Therefore, this store is not only flashing microblogging, is also brushing circle of friends, in order not to regret that we must pull the grass Oh ~

1. Per person limited 3 cups
2. membership card 68 yuan, the birthday can be exempt from queuing to buy
3. Queuing time forecast: weekday morning about 1 hour, 2 hours in the afternoon, weekend 2 hours +.

For everyone to look at the ordinary working day's queue ↓↓↓

Probably Beijing's most authentic Thai meal - HOME THAI

Type: Thai food
Consumption: about 150 yuan / person
Recommended: Tom Yum Kung soup, mango sticky rice, shrimp paste spinach
Hours: Monday to Thursday and Sunday 11: 30-22: 00, Friday and Saturday 11: 30- 23:00
Address: Sanlitun North Road on the 19th Sanlitun Pacific Rim 3, S2-32 (Lugang town next door) (tea next to the escalator on the third floor)

Tom Yum Goong, shrimp paste spinach, mango sticky rice

Red curry Longli

The most famous online restaurant in Sanlitun, Hongtai Restaurant, is also the No.1 Thai restaurant in Sydney. It is also the first one to queue up in Shanghai and Hangzhou every day. All-glass open kitchen is not only more secure health conditions, you can also see the process of cooking in the kitchen, is not it interesting.

Open kitchen

1. Signature dish Tom Yum Kung can add coconut milk can not add, but the authentic Tom Yum Kung soup is not added coconut milk, it will not put a lot of sugar,
HOME THAI "unmodified" version of Tom Yum Kung soup, which There are a full five fresh prawns, Paul you eat cool Oh;
2. There is a minimum spending;
3. Will be the place, it is recommended to book in advance.

Cai Lan recommended Michelin restaurant - Putian

Type: Minnan Cuisine
Consumption: about 142 yuan / person
Recommended: one hundred seconds yellow croaker, iron salt baked, hand flat bacon soup, nine transfer to the small intestine
Address: Sanlitun North Road on the 19th Sanlitun Taikoo Li South 3rd Floor, No. S6-31A

Authentic "Hu Jian" cuisine, opened seventeen years, all the way from Singapore to Beijing fire, repeatedly reelected Michelin, Fujian Putian cuisine. Small amount of food, the overall relatively light.
Prickly heat is the highlight of his family, 68 yuan a taste, a total of seven kinds of practices: salt baked (iron baked salt), wine (old wine vertical seaweed), stir-fry (stir-fried eggs), stir-fried Fried seaweed), salt and pepper (sea salt salt and pepper), garlic (garlic steamed seaweed), etc. All the prickly heat are selected from the Putian Dove Village black mudflats 哆 head, full of huge, super fat!
Iron salt baked 蛏 recommended for the chef No. 1, the maximum retention of the original flavor of food, there is no repeated cooking and seasoning, allowing guests to taste its own delicious.

Summer specifically for the dumbheads, all fresh now, only sold this year on August 31.

Eat a chopstick to Vietnam - Saigon mother

Type: Southeast Asian dishes
Consumption: about 102 yuan / person
Recommended: Vietnamese spring rolls, the first rice noodles, Vietnamese ice drip coffee, sandwiches
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 10: 00-22: 00                          
Address: Sanlitun North Road on the 19th Sanlitun Taikoo Li South Area 3, No. S6-32

The traditional method of locomotive powder to sell up to 500 bowls a day, very popular, super seaweed, beef tendons, sirloin, beef Baiye, beef balls, beef slices, bean sprouts, mint, lemon, pepper, lemongrass, nine-story tower coupled with light soup , Tasty and warm stomach.
Vietnamese spring rolls, surprisingly rich filling, crust is also crisp, although the fried but not greasy, sour and sour sauce to eat.

Stylish people love the place for dinner --restraunt Y

Type: Western, tavern
Consumption: about 262 yuan / person
Recommended: Mr. Y roast chicken, seafood rice, meal bread
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 10: 00-24: 00                         
Address: Sanlitun North Road, 19 Sanlitun Taikoo Li North District, N8, 2nd Floor (in the dirty package upstairs)

The young chef Yao Yang is a new work in the northern part of Sanlitun. It is positioned as a bistro, which is different from other dinner and cafe restaurants. It combines the Asian and Mediterranean dishes with leisure features and finally adopts a very free combination mode: brunch + salad + Eat + with wine + share dishes dishes.

The main thing to say here is that the restaurant is really superb and the restaurant has an open terrace over 270 °. The sunshine in the afternoon is not dazzling. It gently falls on tables and chairs that blend Nordic and Oriental design styles and enjoy the view of Sanlitun.
Dining room is divided into indoor and outdoor, scenic view bit better but reservation is needed, reservations reservations 15 minutes.

Photo: Restaurant terrace

Baked twice a day dirty dirty bag - BAD FARMERS

Type: Cafe, dessert
consumption: about 68 yuan / person
Recommended: dirty dirty bag, ah Oh matcha, tiramisu crisp
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 10: 00-22: 00                  
Address: 19 Sanlitun North Road Sanlitun North Pacific Area 1 floor

Speaking of BAD FARMERS, we must say that his dirty dirty bag. Crisp puffs accompanied by chocolate sauce and cocoa powder, selling that attractive. The outside of the chocolate sauce has been flowing, as well as the above chocolate powder, finished hands and face will make dirty, so called dirt package. Due to limited supply, so be sure to come early oh ~

1 baked twice a day, 13:00, 17:00 to start selling, each time limit of about 100.
2. A person to buy two, each with its own packaging.
3 to 13:00, for example, usually 12:30 began to line up after 12:40 basic row can not buy Oh.

You can eat in the store, you can also choose takeaway, restaurant decoration simple industry, full of green landscape ~

Culinary + Literary Old Movies - Camera picture

Type: Western food, watching the film Restaurant
consumption: about 260 yuan / person
Recommended: Barbecue ribs, frozen yogurt, tiger shrimp with sweet corn butter
Hours: Monday to Sunday 14: 00-01: 00                 
Address: Sanlitun North Road 19 No. Sanlitun North Pacific Area 4, 4th Floor, N4-40b

Chinese name of three grams of pictures, the main Spanish cuisine and creative Chinese dishes, but also simply to eat brunch or afternoon tea, suitable for gatherings and watch art films, the restaurant top screenings every night free movie, you can watch while eating.


In addition to the free viewing of the film, there are more three-dimensional B-screen movie studio there, there are literary vanguard of overseas classic films, or Cannes, Oscar award-winning movies, and are licensed, B grid thrown out of the public movie N Street, but also by votes for two glasses of cocktails, screening room which can eat snacks and drinking, the overall environment simple and elegant.


1. Dining and viewing are separate, his family's public number "Three grams of movie space" can see video, booking seats, you can also call the front desk, restaurant posters also posted posters.
2.VIP Cinema fare 150 / person.
Offer brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Beijing is best to eat one of the goose - Samcheong Tam

Type: Cantonese
consumption: about 238 yuan / person
Recommended: Sign Sanqian Tan roast goose, stewed white lungs, cheese Hong Kong frozen milk
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11: 30-14: 30 pm Market 17: 30- 21:30           
Address: Sanlitun Road, Pacific North Building B1

Figure: signs roast goose

At first glance, the name is thought to be Korean restaurant, in fact, authentic Cantonese cuisine. Shop signs are roast goose, crisp tender, juicy enough, and then dipped in plum sauce, do not have another flavor, solution tired appetizer. It is an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best goose roe geese in Beijing.
If you can pinch the time, 12 o'clock catch up just baked goose that would be better!

Marinated brine goose head fight claw wings, Lan Lily fried Korean clam, black pepper onions only fry sea crabs, ancient abalone Braised cloud legs chicken legs

roast goose is limited, it is recommended to call ahead of schedule, or else can not eat roast goose, but too sorry.


The above eight, the first four in Sanlitun South, the latter four in the North, whether it is taste or experience, have their own long grass place, bring money on this Raiders, to pull one by one Grass it ~

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