Shanghai Film and TV Park - Old Shanghai through the 1930s

I wonder if you are curious about the old Shanghai scene that often appears in TV dramas. I hope to return to that era to experience the Shanghai style at that time. Take a look at the place where Yiping jumped to the bridge in “Deep Rain”, and see Xu Wenqiang’s “Going to the Beach”. Shanghai Film and TV Park meets you!

Fans and photographers must punch cards: Shanghai Film and TV Park

I always wanted to find the mark of old Shanghai. In addition to walking around the streets, Shanghai Film and TV Park is not to be missed. After all, there have been too many movies and TV dramas we know. From the door to the movie and television park, we started to cross. It was the old Shanghai in the period of the Republic of China.

There are too many movie and television works that have been filmed here. The more famous ones are "Deep Rain," "Lust, Caution," "New Beach," and "Like a Fog and Rain." , "My Fair Princess", "Kung Fu", "Kim Taipan", "Gone With the Wind", "There will be no future", "League of Legends", "Princess 3" and so on.

Yes, there are different crews filming almost every day. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to run into several stars. Many fans are optimistic about the schedule and come to watch in advance.

The rickshaw driver who can be seen everywhere can also drive the tram. He walked through the Nanjing Road all the way through the time tunnel and returned to the old Shanghai of the 1930s.

At first, I thought that these classic cars were all furnishings, but I didn’t expect that they would actually be able to drive. The drivers inside were wearing clothes of the Republic of China.

Various small advertisements can be seen everywhere on the utility pole.

In the film and television park, take a walk in the 30s Nanjing Road, Old Shanghai Traditional Street, Shikumen Lane Lane, Suzhou Creek Reef Bank, Zhejiang Road Steel Bridge, taste a taste of the old Shanghai snacks, take a look at the old Shanghai tradition Juggling, feeling the speed of the fun.

Walking on the streets of Nanjing Road, Yong'an, and Xinxin are all facing each other, Sanyang South Store, Shen Dacheng Snack Shop, Risheng Building, Shengxifu Shoes and Hats Shop, a Lotte Restaurant, Wang Xingji Fanzhuang, and Hengde. Lee watch shop, Zhang Xiaoquan knife cut, too many scenes we are familiar with.

In fact, some of the houses here are empty. When the crew enters, they will enter the set according to their needs and walk in the film and television park. They can see group performances and teach stunt teachers everywhere.

Every time one sees such a scene, it will be remembered that Huang Xiaoming's “New Beach” was taken in this scene.

Tourists who come here hope they can dress up as they are in the movie. It doesn't matter. There are places to rent clothes, put on a cheongsam or a dress, and walk on the streets.

In order to catch up with the cheongsam festival held by the park, Shanghai women like cheongsams to love them. Every woman must have her own cheongsam, so up to now Shanghai's streets and streets have good tailor shops. Customized.
Seeing all of these aunts in their elegant style, they can not help but think of the film "In the Mood for Love" cheongsam just right to show the ultimate beauty of the Oriental woman.

Grocery shops, food stalls, soy sauce shops, carefully looking for you can find many scenes in the movie.

Of course, there is not only the old style of Shanghai, but behind the scenes the secret behind the film and the European standard courtyard.

You will certainly not forget this bridge. I even recognized it at a glance. It appeared in Deep Rain and Han Han's film "There will be no future".

For fans, this is a place where you must punch your cards. For photographers, this is also a must-go place. I think that next time I come, I must bring a cheongsam and a student outfit to take a picture. It must be very good.

Practical information

Tel: 021-57601627;021-57600008
【Subway】 Line
1: From Shanghai South Railway Station to Petrochemical to Che Dun Town;
Line 1: Lianhua Road Station, Lianhua Line, Linfeng Line , Lianjin Line To Chedun Town Station Station;
Line 3: Turn to the Shek Line
Jinshan Railway: Chedun Station (There is a car to Chedun Town on the station square).
Starting from downtown Shanghai – Shanghai Kunming Expressway – to Xinqiao Exit – turn left to Xinyi Road, turn right to take the new car road – turn left to Beisong Road – turn right to Movie and TV Road
Ticket: 80 RMB for adults 50 yuan for college students and 40 yuan for middle school students
Opening hours: 8:30-16:30

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