Shunde 24 hours, so eat it!

Shunde, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is the land of South Vietnam. It also has an alias called Fengcheng, which is Fengcheng, which is familiar in food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng.

Shunde, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is the land of South Vietnam.
It also has an alias called “Fengcheng”, which is Fengcheng, which is familiar in “food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng”.

This small town, regardless of its size or location, is able to sit on the "eat" of this matter, and it can only sit on the same as the cosmopolitan metropolis of Guangzhou, and it is only beyond it.
This time, Shunde was only used as a transit between Guangzhou and Zhuhai. The reason for the official arrangement did not have time to stay too long.
But Shunde is so delicious, and it doesn't feel like a good night's sleep for seven days and seven nights. (;O ́)o The
problem is: If you only have 24 hours, how can you eat yourself?
Come, eat with me.

Open a stomach: remember the milk

The most famous feature of Shunde Daliang is double skin milk.
Come to Shunde After eating double skin milk, you know what is called double skin milk, and teach those who add gelatin creamer to the masses.
Here, the double-skin milk raw material is buffalo milk with twice the milk fat content, and the milk is mellow and has a long aftertaste.
Sure enough, fat is the source of happiness (~ ̄ ̄ ̄) ~

I remember the milk in the Jinbang Street, in the deep lane where the winding path leads, a small shop stationed in the dust.
The store only sells two things: double skin milk and buffalo milk.

Double skin milk

The combination of milky and creamy sweetness is seamless, completely non-sweet and fragrant.
(Here, two other old letters of Aite, your double skin milk is really too sweet....)


Fresh pure buffalo with a little sugar to make the umami, rich and sweet.

The store also buys this kind of buffalo milk made from buffalo milk. You can buy it home and cook it. It is a novel condiment.

Eat a tea: Dongcheng Restaurant

Address: Dongcheng Garden Complex, No. 9 Dongle Road, Daliang
This is the most frequent tea restaurant in Shunde Laoguang, regardless of taste and form, the most authentic Shunde style.

All refreshments are divided into different themes, neatly coded on the trolley, and the waiter pushes in the lobby. If you want to find food, you have to go to the cart yourself.

Take a cage of tea, the waiter will stamp a stamp on your scorecard, and finally check the seal according to the number of seals.
In addition to the refreshments on the trolley, there is also a refreshment on the menu that needs to be ordered separately.
However, believe me, in fact, the best thing to eat is on the cart!

The first time visitors came to see such an interesting way of ordering, excitedly chasing the waiter to run in the lobby....

Dongcheng dry steaming

Dongcheng 靓 dry steamed 18 yuan / serving
Morning tea must be point, fresh and firm, shrimp seeds and refreshing.

Dongcheng Shrimp Dumpling

Dongcheng Shrimp Dumpling Emperor 18 yuan / serving
Shrimp dumplings must be eaten once in the authentic Cantonese style restaurant. You can't make this kind of shrimp dumplings that you can buy through other channels in other places. The shrimp dumplings of Dongcheng Restaurant are very cost-effective, the meat is lubricated, and the soup is just right.

Chencun powder steamed pork ribs

powder steamed pork ribs 18 yuan / serving Chencun powder Q sizzling mouth full of gravy. Chencun is a town under the jurisdiction of Shunde. It is far from the city center and is known as Chencun powder. When time is limited, I can't go to Chencun in person. It is also a good choice to order a steamed pork ribs from Chencun.

Melaleuca Ginger Cake

Melaleuca Ginger Cake 10.8 yuan / serving The
taste is very mellow and authentic, the ginger sauce is accompanied by a rich sweetness. However, people who accept incompetence in ginger flavor should not be better.

Compared with Guangzhou, the price of eating morning tea in Shunde is more close to the people (3 people only spent 100+). Eating morning tea here seems to be really a matter of market and fireworks.

Snacks: Huanjie Lunjiao Cake (Dalian)

Address: 45-47 Guolan Road, Daliang Street

I have read "China on the tip of my tongue" and I have never forgotten about the Huan sister Lunjiao cake, so this time I will look back.
But I didn't expect it to be amazing.

Gufa Mara Cake

Ancient French Mara Cake 10.8 yuan / serving
A whole piece of soft and soft, as if in the taste of delicate clouds.

Double-pelling teaching cake 8.8 yuan / share
Lunjiao is also a district of Shunde, Lunjiao cake caused by this place and named. Huanjie Lunjiao cake is divided into yellow sugar and white sugar. It tastes almost the same, and it can really see the crystal clear pores. There is no way to taste, no taste.

The fragrant fruit clam cake 10 yuan / 3
This is mainly curious to buy, because the traditional clam cake rarely produces passion fruit. This is a bit of a stomach, and the sweet and sour taste is very pleasing.

Finally, I was curious about the location of fried milk, but it was too greasy, and I couldn’t finish it. (〃'▽'〃) Don’t step on the thunder.

The main event: Kai (sea) Yingge private kitchen

Address: Block 57, Green Garden, Daliang Town

How can I miss a private kitchen in Shunde!
The name "private kitchen" is very interesting.
It is like a friend who has been dating for many years to entertain your family feast. Chicheng is eager to enjoy the taste buds with the best ingredients and the ability to watch the house.
In the limited time, Kaiyinge private kitchen in the city is a good choice.
Kaiying Pavilion is also a restaurant that is popular among locals. It can eat the most delicious fish dishes in Shunde. It is hard to find this delicious food after leaving Shunde.


The fish is crystal clear, thin as a flap, smooth and sweet, with dozens of fish raw ingredients - onion, ginger, garlic, onion, oyster sauce, sesame, dried tangerine peel (this is a pen of the gods, tangerine peel with fish Life is a great creation)..... Mix well on the wooden drawer, the entrance can be perceived, the cold and fresh, the level is endless, wonderful.

Fish porridge

In addition to fish, the rest of the fish is also fully utilized.

Fish head, fishtail meat porridge, delicious fish meat with oil green small green vegetables, a pot of fresh and refreshing mouthful and full of rice fragrant thick porridge, heal and warm stomach.

Fish bones

Fish bones, salt and pepper, fried to crispy, salty and crisp, can not help, one piece after another.

Fish skin is cold, Q is tender, and it is crisp and crisp.

Steamed fish

After the fish is finished, the sauna boneless squid, please start your performance -

Clear the steam at the bottom of the soup, and you will soon be able to steam the fresh fish.
Take advantage of the ingredients and sip!

Finally, remove the steamer and suck a bowl of delicious soup base - life is alive, this is great!
Price: squid raw package 108 yuan / set + boneless fish package 168 yuan / set. Three people eat, support to the wall (smile)

Eat snacks: Wei Ke Niu Duo Tang

Address: No. 2, Weiyi Building, Gaili Street, Daliang

Most people who come to Shunde will choose to play cards and so on, so that it once became an attraction.
How to produce it is not discussed here,
but my favorite is the taste of this Wei Ke Niu Duo soup next to Qinghui Garden.

It is also a roadside shop full of smoke and fire in a market.


Radish, beef, miscellaneous 15 yuan / bowl
The radish at the end of the soup is refreshing, the beef is glutinous, and the materials are also very fresh. A bowl of winter is very healing.

Other recommendations

This guide recommends the most delicious food in the downtown area, suitable for time-critical tourists. In the place far from the city center, there are Chencun powder, Junan steamed pig, Dongmiyuan food city, Huanglian big head Hua roast goose, etc. It is worth trying, if you have time to rent a car.

Shunde has a lot of delicious private kitchens, and can have private kitchens, pork and private kitchens, and the production of Qige private kitchens is not bad. You can also try it when you have enough time.

Wenhua Friends ("Shunde Shunde" inside Huang Yuxian's food stalls) and Niu Show Taipa rice is very famous, but far from the city center location, the service quality is not high. Comprehensive location, service, cost-effective and many other factors, it is not recommended to try.

Minxin Old Shop and Renxin Old Shop look at individuals and tastes, and the two products are generally sweet. They are all in the city center, and the two are separated by a road. If you pass by, you can try it, but if you go there, it is not worth it.

The coconut milk jelly of Renxin Old Shop is not so sweet and unacceptable, you can try it.

Double skin milk is really hard to bear (〝▼皿▼)


Guangzhou: Baiyun Airport - There is a bus to Shunde in half an hour. The journey is one and a half hours and the fare is 41 yuan.
Foshan: Shadi Airport - very few flights, take a taxi to Shunde about 150 yuan.

Light rail:
Shunde has a light rail station, and there is a city rail between Guangzhou and Zhuhai. The traffic is very convenient.

City traffic:
There is no subway in Shunde, but the taxi is cheaper and the city is very convenient.
The public transportation system in the urban area is also very perfect, and it is very convenient to take the bus.
Renting a car is the best option if you want to leave the city for a little further. Want to taste Shunde cuisine, car rental is still necessary, because many foraging sites are far apart.


Shunde is not a tourist destination known for its cultural attractions. If you want to visit, there are mainly the following choices:
Qinghui Garden, originally a garden built by the Ming Dynasty, a typical Lingnan garden, one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong, with a ticket of 15 yuan. It is OK to have time to go shopping.
Huagai Road Pedestrian Street, with arcade-style buildings, is a bit European-style, with small, fresh colors on both sides, suitable for photography and shopping.
In Jianshui Township, the Lingnan ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the waterways twisted and twisted, the blue waves rippled, and the scenery was infinite. Unfortunately, the traffic is inconvenient, and if the time is sufficient, it is still worth renting a car.


Before leaving, it is recommended to take a look at CCTV's documentary "Seeking Shunde" (only 3 episodes). This documentary quality is relatively high, which allows us to have a general understanding of the vastness and depth of Shunde's food culture.
It is still important to understand the cultural background of the destination before you travel. Thinking in the journey can really broaden your horizons.

"Eat" this thing, can be said to eat for the day, small can say three meals a day. The human desire for good food is the purest and deepest pursuit in the world. She derives from nature, transcends class, and is the happiness of everyone in the world.
And one can seriously treat the "eat", a place where you can integrate the ingenuity into three meals a day, life is bound to be fun and full of emotions.
In this small place in Shunde, you have to eat first and then do what you want to do beautifully.

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