Shunde cuisine, eating fish in the land of fish and rice

Like most people, the journey to Shunde food is probably also derived from "Seeking Shunde". "Food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng." This is a word, the status and reputation of Shunde cuisine in Cantonese cuisine is self-evident.

"Hometown fried squid!"
"Chrysanthemum water snake porridge!"
"Lun teaches cake!"
"Fish raw!"
"Double skin milk!"
"Roasted goose!"
"Daliang wild chicken roll!"
"Sauna chicken!"
"Steamed pork ribs" Chencun powder!”
Did you see the heart here and plopped on it to accelerate the jump, the mouth of the mouth rose, the hand did not consciously hold the stomach, and calmed down after a deep breath?
If the words can stimulate the imagination, it will bring a burst of intracranial orgasm.

Mr. Lu Xun said in his "Langtang Business Ancient and Modern Talks" that he heard the screams of "Glutinous Rice Almond Lotus Congee - Rose White Sugar Liantu Cake" (the Luneng cake mentioned by Mr. Lu Xun originated from Shunde). I was really eager to drop, laughing and saying that I was a "countryman who first arrived in Shanghai", and the delicious taste of "selling was not even thought of in previous dreams."
These coveted and "dreams never imagined" surprises often "tortured" me, a northerner who rushed into the Guangdong-Hong Kong region, and occasionally saw Cantonese food reviews, raw porridge, soft and beef balls. The crispy teeth and the crispy pork roast are crispy and tender, and it is very itch. Especially in the middle of the night, people can't sleep, hate to eat immediately.
Like most people, the journey to Shunde food is probably also derived from "Seeking Shunde". "Food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng." This is a word, the status and reputation of Shunde cuisine in Cantonese cuisine is self-evident.
I personally don't know how to eat and cook, not to mention the admirable Cantonese cuisine, but only the admiration of "good taste!", can not tell the most exquisite and painstaking of the food, but can not tell the ginger juice The wonderful reaction of protease and tyrosine in milk, I had to share some little joys and little stories of tasting food.

Sugar shop

About four or five years ago, the dessert shop at the entrance of the high school saw the words "Guangdong double skin milk" for the first time. How can the north and south latitudes cross over one China? You can add some red beans and coconuts, gently poke the top layer of milk, wrap the milk, and the sweetness of the girl.
Double skin milk, probably just listening to the name, it feels warm and sweet, it is difficult to refuse.
The contact with authentic double skin milk is a traditional milk restaurant in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. A menu of more than a hundred syrup, double skin milk is the first, cheap and beautiful, can not bear to pay attention, so to the old name syrup shop to order a bowl.

Double skin milk

Shunde is the birthplace of double skin milk. According to legend, in the end of the Qing Dynasty, Shunde Daliang had a farmer's son. He went to the kitchen early and turned a pattern in the buffalo to make a double skin milk.
This legend sounds simple, "turning a trick" is really fascinating.
The buffalo stew rolls out the first layer of milk skin, draws a small mouth and pours out the milk, so that the milk skin sticks to the bottom of the bowl. The milk added to the egg white and sugar is poured back along the bowl wall to float the first layer of milk skin, and the upper pot is steamed and cooled to form a second layer of milk skin.
This series of treatments is a godsend. What kind of muse will trigger the idea of ​​pouring milk back and then returning it?
I have visited several shops in Shunde. I can't discharge the sequence than the old ones. I just think that the sky is shining, the tender entrance is instant, how is it so delicious!

Another double skin milk

Cantonese syrup is more than just double skin milk. Ginger milk and green bean paste are also good for me.
The taste of ginger is quite southern in my opinion. Before the understanding of ginger, I only stayed in the brown sugar water of ginger and ginger. Later, I found that the original soup can also put ginger slices. The ginger hits the milk and goes to the spicy ginger. The fragrance is fragrant and sweet, and it is very comfortable and comfortable.
I have had a traditional green bean paste in a small herbal tea shop in Hong Kong. Not only is the sand fine, but also the tangerine peel and kelp. The combination of these ingredients surprised me, as if I was talking to my ancestors. This time in Shunde, I was afraid of a single taste. My companions and I also ordered a ginger bump and a cool lotus seed green bean paste. The
syrup is really not delicious. How to eat it is fun!

Lotus seed ginger
Mango Turtle Cream and Lotus Seed Green Bean Paste

Fried milk should be spread throughout Guangdong. The outside is crisp and tender, and it looks super delicious!

Fried milk

land of plenty

Xu is a traditional impression of the limited cold food in the northern winter. It is written in the gene, and it is infinitely good for the rich Lingnan heart.
Even in the days when Shunde was hot to the temper, I still love the richness and freshness of the food here.
Compared with the Cantonese restaurant in Shunde, it seems that the ingredients are more simple and ordinary. The ordinary livestock and poultry, fish and vegetables are presented on the table with a sense of pride and solidity in the farmhouse. You can enjoy the land and water. Gifts.
Conventionally, the restaurant business that appeared in the documentary was hot. When doing the Raiders, look at the previous diners to describe their experiences and evaluations. They have different opinions on different places. The restaurants that appear in the documentary may be of a high level because of the high expectations of tourists. The restaurants that are not photographed are also worthy of the event. Patronize.
Simple planning and expecting surprises should be the most rational and desirable attitude. The trip to food is like this, and other journeys are no different.
Set up your luggage with your companion, and it will be close to 9 o'clock in the evening. Many Shunde restaurants have been smashed at nine o'clock in the evening, but there are more restaurants in the all-night restaurant that are just hot and hot. Holding the mentality of the accompaniment, let the taxi driver send us to the house, and the whole time has not eaten, probably eat anything.

Scallop tofu
Burning pigeon

The selling phase is the appearance of home-cooked vegetables. The tofu is soft and tender, and the scallops are thinly hanged on a thin layer. It may not be a special feature,
but the rustic taste of this ordinary food often reminds me of my home, and I feel very happy.
The pigeon skin is very crispy, and the fat layer is not burnt by the goose, but it also makes people finally give up and put down the chopsticks. There is also a sizzling fish belly, which is also the iron plate smell in other places. It is not a feature here, not much to repeat.
I have always envied the ability to live along the water or the sea, the aquatic products are rich, and I can eat fresh fish every day. The students who lived in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River told me that every meal in the family has fish and shellfish, which is commonplace. My heart was awkward, thinking that every time I eat fish at home, my mom would remind me to "Make fish today, come back to eat!", it seems that eating fish is an important holiday, you can't miss it. From time to time, I also need my family to remind me to "buy a fish today" before I think of eating fish for a long time.
People living in the inland have a variety of cooked meat dishes on the table, but they have an instinctive expectation and greed for aquatic products. Today, when food transportation and storage are developed, the family still has a reunion or happy event. Going to buy a tradition of seafood.
This is the flower scented osmanthus squid, the master carefully peeled the fish bones into pieces, and the pieces became fat and fresh fish fillets, which are as clear and white as the petals. The fresh green pepper is really colored and tasteful, and it can smell its refreshing spicy taste. A piece of fish slides on the tip of the tongue, and the full-bodied sweet-scented osmanthus squid shows its sweetness. Cantonese cuisine pays attention to the taste of the food itself. The pepper does not cover up, but it sets off the taste of the fish itself. It pursues a “true” word for the ingredients, just like Zhuangzi said “simple and the world can not compete with the beauty”.
I often visit the Cantonese-style porridge noodles, the porridge is white and soft, and the noodles are distinct, the most plain and fascinating. The shortcoming of this fish is that the hot oil poured on the first taste is very fragrant, and later it seems a little greasy, which affects the taste experience.

Steamed sweet-scented osmanthus

Garlic steamed Mabe, very large and very tender and very elastic teeth. As for what shellfish is Mabe, I don't understand it. When ordering, it is basically recommended. Garlic steaming is not unique to Shunde. I only feel good. It is enough to eat.

Garlic steamed horse

In the land of fish and rice, the method of eating fish is refurbished, and the fish is a famous dish in Shunde. In the documentary, Yusheng is the "living fossil of Chinese cuisine", which has continued from the Tang and Song Dynasties. The fresh squid is sliced, crystal clear, accompanied by oil and salt, and is a dish that highlights the fish's own flavor and chewyness.
There are nearly fifteen and six kinds of spices on the table to match the fish, soy sauce, sugar, salt, ginger, radish, lemongrass, taro, onion, peanut, white sesame, pickled pepper, mustard. ... very easy to mix and drink can be eaten.
My personal feeling is that the squid meat itself is very light. If it is sweet, it should not be enough, and the raw oil tasted is very strong, and the fish taste is basically covered. Compared with the Japanese sashimi, it is a lot flat. Perhaps it is a taste difference, a little disappointment.

It’s not convenient to take pictures, even the coke is not right.

In addition to aquatic products, Shunde also tasted the ginkgo pepper pork belly soup. The coal stove cans have to be simmered for a long time before the milky white scented soup can be stewed. The soup absorbs the collagen of the pig's belly, and the ginkgo is also a whitening beauty product. I really want to bring my mother to try it.
The traditional kitchen utensils, pots and pans seem to have an ancient and gentle style of waiting for the wind. Like a cup of tea, the teapot is also contaminated with faint tea, and the pot of the soup must have been soft and gentle.
Ordinary diners like to use a casserole at home, and the casserole is also a pot that will communicate with the ingredients, so it is a favorite.

Ginkgo Pepper Pork Belly Soup

After the soup is stewed, remove the pork belly cut pieces, and the mellow taste is chewy. At the end of the meal, I have been picking ginkgo. Ginkgo is an unfamiliar ingredient. I only think that the small yellow fruit of the goose is beautiful.

Cut pork belly

Born in the land rich in rice, I don't understand why the Cantonese can play the
porridge to the fullest, and the porridge to the invisible, simply expresses people and wants them.
The porridge bottom hot pot is also very famous in Shunde. The first simmered seafood and then the meat makes the rice porridge have a strong umami taste. Finally, it is divided into green vegetables, such as jade white jade. The white shell, the pig intestine, the melon and the fresh Huaishan are smashed, and the fresh original flavor of the ingredients itself is once again highlighted.
Look at the porridge, whistling, bubbling, raising the white mist is a very ironing thing, smoothing the anxiety of the bottom of my heart, and quietly waiting for the ingredients in the porridge from raw to cooked.
Back to the most previous lecture, Lu Xun, mentioned by Mr. Lu Xun, originated from Shunde Lunjiao Town. Unlike ordinary hair cakes, Luneng cakes are made from ground rice flour mixed with yeast, so they are more crystal-clear in appearance and sweeter on the palate. There is no extra debris in the bite and the sweet taste is perfect for summer. And the companion packaged the unrecognized Lunjiao cake back, and the heart was still thinking about taking out a piece of food.
I have seen white sugar cakes in the shops in other places. The difference in appearance is not big. It is said to be an alias of Lunjiao cake. I plan to buy it back in a few days and find out. People have a kind of dependence on rice and face-to-face. They come from the land, and that is the root of the crop.
Even after many generations, away from the farming activities of spring harvest, the rice noodles are still nourished and warmed by the people on the land.

Len teaching cake

The above is only part of a few days of travel. In addition, I went to several restaurants to have morning tea. The traditional Cantonese-style tea drink pays attention to “one 盅 two pieces”, one tea and two snacks, and how often will it stop at two snacks when you drink morning tea? There are dozens of traditional snacks such as shrimp dumplings, siu mai, pork ribs, and mara cakes. New styles such as durian crisps and green tea cakes are also dazzling. Steamed chicken feet, pork ribs, beef balls and other whole points are also numerous. When you don't know what to eat, you will always find something to eat when you eat morning tea. Morning tea will turn every ordinary day into a feast. The quality of Shunde Morning Tea is as good as that of Guangzhou. Visitors who come to Guangdong can't miss it.

Regret about the process of searching for food

Tasting food during travel generally meets two kinds of regrets: one is that it does not eat local characteristics, and the other is that the food name is not true or inappropriate. Fortunately, I am in Shunde. The delicious food mentioned in the opening article seems to have not been tasted in half, and not all of them taste delicious. I also heard that there are tourists who drive a lot of distance to taste a bowl of porridge, and the results did not yield the expected surprise. In the face of these imperfections, the travellers can usually feel at ease. On the one hand, instead of discovering that you missed some delicious food, you might see the taste of those surprises. On the other hand, finding and trying is itself the most interesting part of the trip, just as the love of fishing does not seem to have much to do with what fish to catch.
I hope that people who love food will always have an appetite. It is a bit of joy to eat!

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