Shunde District gastronomy shop, eat goods must hit the card!

As the saying goes, "Eating in Guangzhou, cooking out of Fengcheng." Fengcheng is known as "Shunde," the world's food capital.
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Daliang Street

Coptis chinensis

【Address】Binhe Road, No. 1 Fengcheng
Shidu Building A (opposite to Liangkai Middle School) 【Phone】22288048
【Per capita】RMB81/person
【Recommendation index】★★★★
【Introduction and evaluation】
【Recommendation】Rice goose

The big head Huahuo goose is grilled on a charcoal fire. The choice of material is free-range Marang Goose. The quality and fat of the goose won't change with the seasons, so the taste is relatively stable. The Roast Goose Store opened at 4:30 pm and we already saw people start queuing at 3:30. At 4:30 the gate was opened. A goose skin hanging on the window was light and bright, and I could see that my DC saliva quickly ordered and waited for serving. Roast goose color gold, taste mellow. Peel crisp, tender, boney, fat but not greasy. Served with sour plum sauce, even more distinctive flavor. (Prompt that if you like to eat fat, you can go to the geese and go to the village. I point to the village.) The recommendation index is not given to 5 stars because it can be on the tip of the tongue in China. It's about searching for Shunde. The demand is higher. The skin can be used again. Some crisp ...


Sprinkle pork with gras

Frying pork ribs with foie gras is eaten with chops filled with goose liver, but why the pork is all fat, this is too tired for me ~ foie gras is a little dry, next time just go roast goose.

Minxin old shop

【Address】 Building 2, Fengcheng
Shidu , Binhe Road, Daliangnan District, China 【Phone】22615444
【Per capita】RMB19/person
【Business Hours】9:00-24:00
【Recommended】Ginger crash milk

Minxin old shop

The old brand, classic taste, was founded in the 1930s. Although the believer has a long history, notable reputation, and many branches, I think it's fair to produce. I had eaten soymilk before. It was so sweet that the first one felt good, and the third one felt sweet. So this time I deliberately ordered the others, but I was still disappointed.

Turtle Cream and Ginger Crush

Turtle paste and ginger milk is also good -
coconut milk red bean sago, too little coconut milk and red beans, sago N more ~ ​​no taste to eat half a bowl can not eat.

Egg decoction

Egg fried cakes are greasy, and the taste of this rouge is not my favorite.

A kind of food like egg dumplings

This stuff looks like a stuffed dumpling stuffed with stuffed dumplings. The skin is too hard~

Wei Kee Beef Soup

[Address] No. 2, Wai
Yip House, Nagari Street, Dayi , China 【Phone】 15918852073
【Per capita】RMB16/Person

Wei Kee Beef Soup

This cow miscellaneous shop is one of the must-have cow shops in Foshan. The milky white beef soup is served with emerald leeks, and the peppery soup base is served with a refreshing sour radish. Winter is particularly suitable for a bowl of cow miscellaneous soup. Personally I think this cow is very delicious.

Wei Kee Beef Soup

Lunjiao Street

Fei Mei Canteen

【Address】 Lunjiao Sanzhou Feixing Playground Next To the
telephone 13750652199
【Per capita 】RMB69 /Person
[Business Hours] 10:00-14:30,17:00-21:00
Fei Mei Canteen Is the first Lunjiao street food service list, a good score on the Internet, per capita is not expensive, Fei Mei is very enthusiastic, I hope I can share their shop in the circle of friends, but the production is not very satisfied, I may not go to the second time .

Matsutake soup

The most popular online pine broth soup is that it tastes good and is very good.

Tofu is very slippery

Tofu is slippery but sour, and the meat's taste is strange.

Chicken crab

Chicken oyster crab tastes good.

Carp ball

We didn't eat squid balls basically. It tasted like a rubber ball and it was hard to chew.

Milk package

Milk package is very tasty.

New World Center Mall

Remember milk milk

Remember milk milk

[Address] No. 19, Jinbang Shangjie
[Phone] 13690548777
[Per capita] RMB14/person
[Score] ★★★★
[Recommended] Double skin milk, buffalo milk

Remember milk milk

Remember milk milk

Double skin milk

Remember that the double skin milk is thick, smooth, sweet but not greasy. After eating a whole night, my mouth was sweet and sweet. It was more delicious than a certain letter. But the plate mother didn't know how to communicate with us. The tone was not very patient.

Remember milk milk


Gateway Hotel

[Address] Door Stone Market 105 National Highway No. 105 Bypass Straight into the
Telephone Line [Telephone] 22667323
[Per Capita] RMB103/Person
[Business Hours] 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00
[Score] ★★★ ★
【Recommended】Fried milk The
wine is not afraid of the deep alley, this store is really hard to find, the alley can only hold a car tightly. We do not order many dishes, the most recommended is the fried milk!!! To give 5 ★ ★ !!! is the best fried milk I have eaten, crisp and crisp inside the skin. It's better than the fried milk of the pig or wife.

Osmanthus fish

Pepper-flavored osmanthus fish, the master is very intimate, completely without thorns, especially for my lazy.

Shrimp meat

Nothing tastes shrimp


The taste is quite satisfactory, the skin is not crisp enough, and the goose skin is full of hair.

Cuttlefish cake

Cuttlefish cake is also good, but there is no tidal squid cake delicious ~

Fried milk

This restaurant is best eaten this dish, fried milk! It's the best fried milk I've ever had. The crispy skin is not greasy, and the milk is not very sweet. I like it very much.

Narcissus Head Private Kitchen

[Address] No. 1, Liangfeng Lu Sixth Street,
Wufang District [Telephone] 22232308
[Per capita] RMB170/person
[Business Hours] 9:00-14:00; 17:00-21:00 (Monday to Sunday)
[Score] ★★★★★
【Recommended】 Pork neck meat, salted crab, glutinous rice cake
The favorite shop in this trip, each dish is quite high. The TOP3's signature dishes were not dared to eat except for sand bugs. Favorite crispy pork neck and soft glutinous rice cake.

Pork neck

Super delicious pork neck, very crisp.

Salt crab

Sticky rice cake

Guoying stew shop

[Address] Jiazi Road Yifeng Tea Opposite
[Per Capita] RMB36/Person
[Score] ★★★★
【Recommended】Uchi chicken soup

Black chicken soup

The dumplings and fried dumplings are really full of courage to eat. Always persuade yourself that you can, because you are a "Guangdong man." When you step out of that step, you find that the soup is very sweet, and the dumplings are very crisp and haha.

Black chicken soup

He Wei Ge Shui

[Address] No. 37, South Gate,
Shangcheng, Kangcheng, Daliang, Jinshang Road [Telephone] 22,215,213
[Per capita] RMB/person
[Score] ★★★★
[Recommended] Red bean coconut milk, sago dew, and Geshui .


The home-style dessert shop feels very intimate, much like the soup my mother made. Rich in taste. Especially like their rich coconut juice with a small amount of sago, this time could not help but want to approve a letter of a large bowl of sago dew.

Ge Shui

Hahaha ~ The sign of their home is Ge Shui. Ge Shui has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying and diuretic hangover.

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