Shunde Food Exploration Store, 4 Days and 3 Nights

Food courts can provide information on how to stay, give some advice, prepare for the start of the third year
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Gourmet exploration shop first stop: old shop

In Guangzhou and Shunde, Shuangpi is the king of desserts known to everybody. It is like the lotus mist in fruits and the shark's fin in seafood. A little allusion: In the late Qing dynasty, a farmer's brother named He XIII in Shunde, Dalian, used to cook double-skinned milk in Shunde during the morning when he inadvertently made a pattern in the milk milk. It became traditional to eat.
Practices: The uniqueness of Shunde Da Liang Shuang Pi Dai is that it contains a double layer of skin, a layer of sweet fragrance, and a second layer of fragrance, hence the name "Double Skin Milk." A bowl of good double skin milk, its shape like cream, its color white, delicate and tender texture, taste sweet and light. Its main ingredients are milk, egg whites and white sugar.

Oil squeezed milk, crisp outside, soft, a little tired, not very like.

Oil milled milk

The famous Da Liang Shuang Pi Dai is a must-eat, cold and hot one each, delicious 😋

Da Liang Shuang Pi Dai

Gourmet exploration shop second stop: Wei Kee Niu Zha Tang

Off-grid red shop sister is not far from the miscellaneous cow (miscellaneous sister cattle do not go to the miscellaneous, see a lot of Internet commentary that expensive and not ground gas), is a small couple opened the shop, the original owner of the shop is small Couple master chef. It is not easy for small couples to do business. They are all foreigners (the husband is from Guangxi and his wife is from Guizhou). The background left for Shunde to take over the master's business. There are two boys who are born with no conditions to take care of. They are taken care of by their parents in their hometown. The husband and wife are very sincere in doing business. They are absolutely conscience businessmen. They not only eat clean and hygienic foods, but also use materials that are very particular and sufficient. Their chili sauces are also delicious and can be sold externally. They are very popular.
We ordered the signature cow miscellaneous soup and spiced cow chow. The taste was very good. In particular, the signature mutton soup was filled with sour radish. The acidity of sour radish was appropriate and it was brittle. It was served with authentic soup and beef. It was delicious. Because of the good taste, this shop we punched cards twice before and after, this is a shop that makes us amazing. There are also several shops that make us amazing, this time (Shunde , Foshan and Guangzhou) were introduced in the exploration shop!

Wei Ke Niu Zha Tang

Spiced cows are mixed and full of ingredients, mainly beef intestines and beef tripe. Beef is not only treated very cleanly, it has no smell, and its meat is fragrant and soft. The price is also very affordable, and it costs 15 yuan.

Spiced beef

The signature cow miscellaneous soup, looking at the thick yellowish soup, is very attractive and appetizing. A big bowl is only 12 yuan.

Signature cow miscellaneous soup

This is the time for the second time to punch the card, zz points out, and zz says it's delicious, as if it was a 15 yuan bowl.

Cattle face

Gourmet Exploring Shop Third Stop: Demi Claypot

Demi claypot rice

Demi clay pot rice is next door to Wei Ji Niu Zao Tang. Although the store is small, the decoration is quite exotic and there are more diners eating claypot rice. We asked for an aphrodisiac to fight boneless fish with claypot rice. I felt that there was a certain gap between the taste and the cow show rice that we punched afterwards, but the fish inside was quite tender. A single 23 yuan a single, plus two yuan in addition to the double fight, and give a vegetable and a soup.

Demi claypot rice

Gourmet Exploring Shop Fourth Stop: Thousands of Guest Restaurants

Address: Floor 1, Block 2, Zone A, International Commercial City, Shunde District
Tel: 0757-22614799 22614199
Transportation: Qinghuiyuan Station Take Bus No. 314 - Daliang Hospital Station and walk for about 400 meters.

Thousands of guest restaurants

Thousands of guests are very unique, not only unique decoration, but also unique taste. Its decoration is that all the food pictures are outlined with bright colors and then presented on the four walls of the hotel. It makes people feel relish and appetite. The taste is the most amazing one for our trip. At around 4:30 in the afternoon, we were the first diners to arrive. The proprietress arranged a private room for us and made a pot of tea for us. We asked us to wait in the room and the shop would normally open at 5 o'clock. Fortunately, it was relatively early to go. After a long time, it was discovered that the hall was full of people eating. The sea otters, the spicy fish fillets and the fried squid fish cakes are pleasing in color and flavor. The price is moderate, and the tea cost of 2 yuan per person costs 129 yuan, which is very affordable!

Thousands of guest restaurants

Sea bass fishing (48 yuan and a half)
This dish is very unique, and delicious, crispy jellyfish, fresh chicken, matched with sesame and celery silk, pepper wire sweet, all the ingredients through a perfect match After that, it's awesome!
Overall evaluation: full amount of delicious, highly recommended

Sea bass fishing

Fried squid cake (39 元) The
squid cake is fragrant and tender. The fish cake can clearly see a small piece of squid. This dish is eaten and it is full of satiety!
Overall evaluation: Well-placed plate, fish cake Q bomb, taste good!

Fried squid cake

Mustard fillets (38 RMB) The
main ingredient is grass carp. The fillets of fish are clean and crispy. The spicy taste of mustard, the scent of peanuts and celery, and the bite of each of them, have a kind of mouthful. Crisply into the stomach, the taste of the mustard recoiled to the tip of the nose. It was amazing. The practice of this fish was my first attempt in my life.
Overall rating: It is really delicious, highly recommended!

Mustard fillets

Gourmet Expeditions Station 5: Water Village People's Private Kitchen

Address: Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Fengyuan Township, Fengyuan Road (near the tourist station)
Tel: 0757-29818908 29818909
Shuixiang Renjia Private Kitchen is one of the more famous private houses in Shunde. It is located at Fengyuan Road, Jianshui Township. When we arrived at the restaurant and had lunch at noon, the hall was full of guests. Even the counters on the outside were filled with passengers. We did not find an empty space and we had to pack it away.
Jun'an steamed the pigs over China on the tip of the tongue. At first we thought that the Jun’an steamed pig of this private dish was the one that had been on the “China at the tip of the tongue,” so he confidently shot the bag and returned to Shunde. We tasted anxiously, but we were very disappointed, and I didn't feel it. After understanding, it was understood that he had made a mistake. In the end, the pig was not eaten, but it was not wasted. Later he gave it to the aunt who cleansed us in the neighboring hotel.

Water Village People Private Kitchen

Every business in Jianshui Township is a business with Jun'an steamed pigs. There are also a lot of business in roasted pigs. We tried 3 of them before and after. We didn't find a delicious food. Maybe we don’t like pork in our bones, or We did not eat authentic Jun'an steamed pig at all!
The fried fish cake made by his family tastes good.

Water Village People Private Kitchen

Junan steamed pork (48 yuan)

Junan steamed pork (48 yuan)

squid cake The whole squid cake is made of squid and does not incorporate any other ingredients.
Method: Use squid to make mud, make the cake, then fry it with oil to make it golden on both sides, and put it on the plate.
Flavor: The oil is relatively large, a bit tired, but the meat Q bomb, taste good tune!

Fried salmon cake

Gourmet exploration shop sixth stop: Lin sister dessert shop

Address: No. 1, Fengxiang East Road, Jane Town, Jianshui Township, Jianshui County
Recommended: hand-ground black sesame paste (8 yuan)
hand-grinded black sesame paste, sprinkled with a little peanut on top, made fresh, thick sesame paste , sweet, nutritious, delicious!

Lin sister dessert shop

Gourmet Exploring Shop's Seventh Stop: Happy Sisters

Red shop. The sweetness and lofty content of Sister Joan’s cake is moderate, it is tenacious, and the white and flawless surface is lustrous. There are tiny holes on the surface of the cake, and small holes on the cross section, which fully meets the requirements of excellent products. This kind of cake is similar to Our local food called ice candy cake.

Happy Sisters

Happy Sister Lunjiao Cake (10RMB/box)

Happy Sisters

Gourmet exploration shop eighth stop: Shunfeng Villa

Transportation: Take Bus No. 305 from Qinghuiyuan Station and get off at Shunde Hospital Station. Go back a short distance and walk across the road to a small hill.
Shunfeng Villa represents the highest realm of food in Shunde of Fengcheng City. It is a famous restaurant in China, with Luo Funan, Ouyang Yewei, and Feng Yongbo. Fengcheng food has national and international reputation. With annual sales exceeding RMB 500 million, it owns 20 chain stores and ranks second among the nation's dining and catering companies. The 700 Shunde chefs serving it represent the highest level of Fengcheng chefs.
We listened to the advice of a beautiful waiter, and ordered the fish breaks (20 yuan/bowl), the mini mushrooms (48 yuan), the steamed fish (88 yuan/bar), and the tea fee of 8 yuan. This meal costs 172 yuan.

Shunfeng Villa

Luxurious Shunfeng Villa.

Shunfeng Villa

When you see the price of the following seafood, you will know that it is a hotel with a good grade.
This beautiful lobster is my first time in my life!


The rare East Star spot, once seen by Wang Xiaozheng's "Going Home for Dinner," has a description. This red Big East Star is rare, and the price is about 4,500 yuan a pound. If you have the privilege of meeting, then Just set it down!

East Star Spot

Steamed side fish
Side fish, scientific name squid, side fish fish super smooth, according to the article to sell, each 88 yuan, steamed without additional charges. A catfish less than a catty can sell a high price of 88 yuan. I think only the Shunfeng Villa!

Steamed side fish

Mushroom Mini Mushroom
This mini shiitake mushroom is pure wild, with thick meat and rich aroma!

Mushroom Mushroom

In addition, the demolition of the fish, the
demolition of the fish, is a very popular soup dish in Shunde. It is based on fat-headed fish, and is made up of nearly ten kinds of accessories such as loofah, mushroom silk, fungus and egg skin. Made, thick soup, delicious taste, delicious 😋 highly recommended

Safely split the fish

Gourmet Exploration Shop Ninth Station: Dragon's Restaurant

Transportation: Take the 301, 305, and 905 buses from Qinghui Park and get off at Long's restaurant, across the road.
Long restaurant can drink morning tea, but also eat dinner, is the local favorite place to drink morning tea, some elderly people come to drink morning tea around 6 o'clock, the restaurant has a Huimin policy, is before 9 o'clock in the morning Pay the bill without paying the tea.
Point of the ancient law lavatory boat porridge (14 yuan), barbecued buns (do not remember the price), the Dragon's supreme shrimp dumpling king (18 yuan), shrimp Jian Guo fruit (16 yuan) taste is good 👍 tea water 3 yuan /people.

Pineapple bag, this is a push car, listen to the waiter introduced that taste is good, a point, eh, done beautiful and delicious 😋

Pineapple buns

The ancient method of boat porridge oysters, more than delicious, delicious!

Pineapple buns

Shrimp Jianguo fruit, put a plate of study, dumpling skin crystal clear, full bite, filling fresh, shrimp can be sip!

Pineapple buns

The dragon's supreme shrimp dumpling king, inside the filling is full of fresh shrimp, too hidden!

Supreme shrimp dumplings

Gourmet Exploration Shop Tenth Station: Kai Ying Court Private Kitchen

Transportation: From the neighboring hotel, drop a taxi to the
Tel: 0757-22258818
Address: No. 1-2, Green Garden, Daliang Town, Shunde
This is a food shop that makes us feel very amazing, it is running out of fire, not booked in advance only Wasting time waiting there, we arrive at about 10 o'clock in the morning, but fortunately there is no need to wait. After eating, it was 1:15 pm. When I looked up, I saw more and more people waiting in line to eat.
Sauna boneless fish: 156 yuan;
Pakistani bone clear cold soup pot: 25 yuan;
Cordyceps flower: 28 yuan;
Shunde gourd goose: 58 yuan;
tea seat fee: 6 yuan (3 yuan / person);
cost: 300.30 Yuan, no development fare: 273 yuan.
There are special activities on the Internet sauna sauna grass fish, friends can eat to buy, more cost-effective.

Kai Ying Court Private Kitchen

The Shunde goose goose
tastes fantastic! Ganpixiang, tender and juicy, bone marrow tasty. It is said that the practice of a goose is very complicated. It is necessary to go through such processes as flying, burning, frying, steaming, and stewing.

Shunde goose

Sauna Bonefish
tastes good. Tsukamoto wants to order a fish 4 (fish head, cold fish skin, boneless fish fillet, fish bone soup pot), the boss wife repeatedly stressed that it is the amount of 8, 9 people, you eat Not too much waste, no way, then to a fish and two to eat it (Sauna fish and fish bone soup pot), the general carp, carp only sell 28 yuan -38 per pound, Pakistani expensive, 78 fish A pound, from selling 2 pounds. As we did not eat Pakistani fish, pay a fresh bar! 2 pounds of Pakistani fish also only two fish fillets, plus additional cool cold soup pot and Cordyceps flower money.
Method: Put the bones and heads of the fish into the cold clear soup pot (with ingredients such as red dates, wolfberry, and carrots on the bottom of the pot) and cook all the time. Steam the steam for 8 to 9 minutes and put the fish fillets on top. Cordyceps flower steamed (ie, sauna), and then pick some ginger and other spices to eat, taste clear, fresh, cool, tender, smooth, really is the best choice for fish lovers afraid of fish bones!

Sauna Bone Fish

Pakistani Fish Liver
Didn't understand how the Pakistani fish looks like in the end? How can its fish liver grow so big? After the fish liver passes through the sauna, the meat is fresh and refreshing!

Ba fish fish liver

Cordyceps flower

Ba fish fish liver

Eleventh Station of Food Exploration Store: Xingui Market

Going to Xingui Market was purely accidental. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon when we rushed to the calf's cow show to prepare claypot, we listened to the people in the nearby shop to inform us that we must officially open the door at 5pm. In order to pass the time, we ran to the market of Xingui, which is less than a mile from the cattle show. When I saw the screw shrimps (1, 2/1) and big crabs (1,5 pounds), which were alive and tempting, the feet couldn't be pulled, so I bought them decisively and immediately returned to the hotel with fresh produce.
Screw shrimp: 45 yuan / kg, 40 yuan;
Crab: 45 yuan / kg, 1.5 kg, 68 yuan.

Screw shrimp
steamed screw shrimp, bigger than a disposable paper cup, the shell peeled, eating sauces to eat, it is too cool!

Screw shrimp

Steamed crabs are
delicious, sweet, and hidden!

Big Crab

Twelfth Station of Gourmet Exploring Shop: Cattle Exhibition

After eating crabs and screwed shrimps, they rushed to the cattle show. At 8 o'clock in the evening, they saw that the cows were collecting money at the door (the cattle show was not in the store, but fortunately and regrettable). We quickly paid for the money (only In cash, his wife told us that you are lucky and catch the "last train", otherwise you will eat tomorrow. tomorrow? How can I do it tomorrow? It will go to Foshan tomorrow. Ha, luck is so good! When we were half-eaten, we came to a few foreigners to eat claypot rice. The boss’s voice was crisp and clear: If it is sold out, come tomorrow! The old bull and wife are so cattle

Cattle show claypot rice

Beef Nest Egg Claypot
Rice Fresh ingredients, beef and nest eggs are thick, tender, and the rice is thin and long with aroma. In the case where the proprietress guides how to eat at the next table, we also follow the method she teaches, first eating from the most out of the bowl, and then eating in the middle with a spoonful of scoops. This bowl of delicious and fragrant claypot rice was quickly We are dry! Although I and zz had eaten so many high-protein stuffs in advance, the
price of beef stew potted rice was a little expensive, a bowl of 50 yuan, and a green vegetable was also presented.

Beef Nest Egg Rice

Thirteenth Station of Exploratory Food Shop: Renxin Old Shop

Address: No. 93, Huali Road, Dayi, Shunde District
Today was the last night in Shunde. Since it was too full at night and it was necessary to eliminate food, it took a slow walk along Huagai Road Pedestrian Street to arrive at the final of this Shunde Food Exploration Store. One stop - Renxin old shop - Renxin Shuangpi Dai.
The founder of Renxin Shuangpi Dong was Dong Jiewen, female, from Baishi Village, Shunde. Since childhood, with the father to raise cattle, make milk, life and milk indissoluble bond.
The first Renxin Dairy Store was initially opened in Darong Sogo and was accepted by the government for public-private partnerships. Since the reform and opening up, the first one has received an individual business license in Daliang and continued to start a milk business. Due to the unique production techniques and refined materials, the double-skinned milk has a rich aroma. The upper layer of milk is sweet and the lower layer is sweet and delicious, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to taste.
Hong Kong Wireless and Asian TV stations have come to interview and filming several times. "Hong Kong Ming Pao Daily News" and "Apple Daily" have also made reports. In 1992, it was included in the "Chinese folk celebrity."
Dong Jiewen, who drinks fresh water milk and double skin milk every day, is in good health and responds to fluent appointments. On weekdays, helpers make use of shops to become a “live sign” of Shuangpinai. At the age of ninety-six.

Renxin old shop

Ginger hits milk and
eats double skin milk. It must also try the famous ginger milk.
Ginger Crusher is a dessert made from ginger and milk as the main raw materials. It has a smooth and tender taste and unique flavor. Price 10 yuan a small bowl.

Ginger milk

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