Shunde food punch, these 8 stores can try!

If you've seen the three-part documentary of "Exploration Shunde," you can probably understand why I had to go to Shunde for two days. Shunde restaurant is scattered, it is best to go from Guangzhou to car rental, since there is a car, accommodation does not care too much about the city center or distance from the attractions.
hengyi roast meat_de003c

Hengyi roast meat in the township of Tangerine

Always concerned about the "Iger full," the public number, before going to Guangzhou specifically to see her recommendation, but only see one morning tea in Guangzhou, there is a Gujing goose. There was no plan to go outside of Guangzhou and Shunde, but the article described the geese of Hengyi and Pingxiang as flying more than one thousand kilometers and three hours of driving still worthwhile. , it naturally has to go for a product in the end there is no such thing as invincible.
Xinhui will be less than two hours away from Guangzhou by driving. Iger teacher is far away from Shenzhen. The freshly-produced orange peel is also an important raw material for Gujing roast goose, so we chose Hengyi roast pork from Chenpi village and did not go to Pingxiang.

How to say it, the taste is good, but "a special trip to fly a thousand kilometers to eat" this description is still difficult to deputy under the name.
Tomatoes are sprinkled with dried orange powder, sour and sweet and very appetizing.

Tomatoes with orange powder

The highlight, goose!
Hengyi's roast goose is not a tanned plum sauce eaten in a Beijing restaurant, but an exclusive secret sauce. The geese are burned with lychee wood. The skin of the roast goose has a juicy, refreshing texture. I don't know if it is. Learned from the practice of Beijing roast duck ... meat is soft, taste no taste at all.


Goose palm, foie gras, goose heart, taste good

Goose palm, goose liver, goose heart

Once a roasting shop has become a restaurant, in addition to the most well-known roasts, cooking is a derivative product that is developed. The taste is natural. Therefore, the expectations for cooking should not be too high.


Songji Qingshui Edge Furnace

The highest realm of Shunde hot pot is the clear water beater. Shunde's most famous clean water beating furnace is none other than the non-song note. The restaurant is open at 5:30 in the evening and arrives early at 5 o'clock without food. There are already 6 tables in front of the table. Song Ji in a small alleyway in Ronggui, the roadside can be parked but the parking space is limited. It took about 20 minutes from Daliang to open. The restaurant's door stood on a sign, and was open at 5:30.

Songji Qingshui Edge Furnace

At the end of the soup a pot of water, at most two more carrots, the key to good food is the freshness of the ingredients, and how long it takes to cook each ingredient.

Most of them may be two or three people. The owner will suggest meat platters, liver, pork teeth, pork slides, squid slides, and cattle show meat... which kind of delicious food can be added. Different meats are laid out in order, and you don't need to do it yourself. The bosses serve and fish out. You are only responsible for eating, and you can also call it a pot of disabled people.

The boiled meatballs in the pot are immersed in a mixture of soy sauce and hot pepper, refreshing the teeth, and it is highly recommended that people who like light and salty tastes try it.

Open at 11:30 in the afternoon and at 5:30 in the afternoon, the restaurant can probably sit on the eighty-nine table and catch the first wave to eat before opening the door. There is no need to wait for too long. Did not eat fish and chicken, because they are only killing the whole point, two people really can not eat, imagine the chicken should be very delicious.

Minxin old shop double skin milk

After breakfast, it was still early to go to the old shop of the people's letter of the Fengdu restaurant to eat double skin milk, using the legendary water milk. To a bowl of cold bowl of hot, to tell the truth, I love sweets, but also did not feel more delicious, vaguely have a childhood milk + jelly ice cream, or milk, egg pudding taste.

Minxin old shop double skin milk

Minxin Laopu (Fengcheng Food Shop)
Per capita: RMB 19 
Address: Building 2, Fengcheng Shidu, Binhe Road, Daliangnan District (closest to D1 and D2 exits)
Tel: 0757-22615444
Opening hours: 09: 00-24:00

Big headed roast goose

Big headed roast goose

There was also a chance to encounter a big head of Huagan Goose beside Minxin, and the big head Huahuo Goose was the finale of the series “Exploration of Shunde”. The film was a little more than a few kilometers away. I didn’t know whether Shunde’s urban area was famous or not. It's open again. The price for everyone's reference, 480 one, a quarter to sell .... than Hengyi and Pork Po are a lot more expensive, as to how good the taste, I am afraid I only know the next time I go.

Pork Po Kitchen

Before I went to Shunde, I knew I had seen the contrast between pork husband and the Nengkan. Even if it was a difference between 90 points and 85 points, it was natural to eat a better pork dumpling. I didn't know what level the hall was. , but with reference to the average public opinion of the average consumption, the energy museum is much cheaper, may be praised for cost-effective? The pork husband is also Ronggui, who is not far from Songji, so she ran back here for two consecutive days. Instead of calling private kitchens, she was better called Pengpo Village.
A door is a harvest scene, a variety of dishes, aquatic products, lobster, king crab ....

Pork Po Kitchen

Goose goose and pork goose’s roast goose are more like the tasty version of roast goose eaten elsewhere in the week. The skin is thin and crisp, and the flesh is also soft and tender.


The onion ginger stir-fried blue crab, I grew up eating crab crab, now will love the blue crab some more, because is more hypertrophic, eats to be addictive.

Onion ginger fried blue crab

The only thing that I find hard to accept is the oil and salt rice. The rice is sprinkled with a fine layer of ginger, and then it is mixed.

Oil and salt rice

The heart of the soup is still very tasty, and the taste of the vegetables is sweet.

Soup heart

Roche shrimp, the video at the end of the previous article had peeled shrimp part 喔 喔 个 个 喔 喔 喔 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。.

Roche shrimp

Pork Po Private Kitchen
Per capita: RMB 204
Address: No. 31, Jingye Road (near Guizhou Middle School)
Telephone: 0757-26628128
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-14:00 17:00-21:00 
PS: It's too difficult to say that bookings for pork lovers are actually too early at noon. There is no need for a seat at 11 o'clock or queues, not to worry about parking spaces.

Hi tea

Not far from Qinghui Park, there is a hi tea not far from the east, and it's just an hour or two away from Beijing and Shanghai. It takes about 20 minutes to drink hi tea here. Since I will not go back to Beijing for a long queue, I will drink enough and I will not do any homework. Basically, I will blindly order four cups, three cups of cheese milk tea, and a cup of fruit tea. It's good to drink.
Jinfeng tea king, full cup of red grapefruit, sweet-scented osmanthus oolong tea, gold guihua
full cup of red grapefruit, to tell the truth I am relying on the fruit tea that is full of fruit to support the scene is not a cold, but in more than 30 degrees of weather, drink The iced fruit tea is really refreshing, and it has a high facial expression value, so people have to recommend it.

Full cup of red grapefruit

King Jinfeng tea, if you only drink a cup of hi tea for the first time, you will not be wrong. Sweet and salty cheese milk cover baked tea, can be more mouthful to drink, anyway, my first mouth can never drink tea without milk, when the camera is taken back to the hotel, milk cap and above The tea has been fused together, so it has formed three layers.

Golden Phoenix Tea King

Because I like the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, I ordered Osmanthus fragrans Oolong, and then I would drink some glutinous rice osmanthus for some repetition. After the milk cap has melted some, sweet scent of sweet-scented osmanthus is more concentrated. If you like the taste of sweet-scented osmanthus, you can choose one of them.

Osmanthus Oolong

Hi tea (Daliang shop) 
Per capita: 26 yuan
: Deliang Building , Dongle Road, Dali Town Tel: 0757-22202830
Business hours: 11:00-22:30

Happy Sisters

Because of the take-away, he did not try anything else. He only bought a box of the most common white sugar and yellow sugar mix Lun school cake. The sweet and sour taste is slightly fermented, or it is quite delicious. As a local feature, it must be eaten.
Really, one person drank almost three cups of hi tea, and a few pieces of loyalty cakes served as a heavyweight afternoon tea.... To say another thing, hi tea's milk cover is heavy and the tea is almost finished. One layer of milk cap left ...

Happy Sisters

Happy Sisters Lunjiao Cake (Daliang Shop) 
Per capita: RMB 30
Address: 45-47, Guolan Road, Daliang Street
Tel: 0757-22610898
Business hours: Monday to Sunday 07:00-21:00

Glutinous rice porridge

Taepoo Barley Rice Porridge is a chain store. We are on the way back to Guangzhou and we eat in Foshan. Shunde Daliang and Guangzhou also have branches. The soup base is a pot of rice soup without rice, which is probably the origin of the name of glutinous rice porridge.
Before shellfish, rice soup is wrapped gently with ingredients. Shellfish and shrimp all have their own sweet taste. The fish is relatively common. The beef meat that was eaten in Matsushita is clicked here, delicious, and finally added. On the green vegetables become a pot of delicious casserole porridge, soaked with fritters to meet.

Glutinous rice porridge

Chen Cun powder did not make a special trip to Chen Cun to eat. In the glutinous rice porridge, she had a taste. It tasted very good. She would like to eat roasted Niuhe.

Chen Cun powder

After writing so much, the food portion of Shunde is almost the same. If you let me use a word to describe Shunde, it is

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