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Originally wanted to go to the front door to eat breakfast, but the two lazy sleep to more than 9 o'clock, thinking about the four seasons of the Forbidden City Palace of the landscape bit, we get up to Donghua door red. It seems still pattern Tu Sen broken, 10:30 open the door business, 10:40 to the landscape bit has all gone! Have! The! Eat goods everywhere!
sijiminfu restaurant

This point is not realistic to look at the table, just pick a close from the window to sit down. Saying that this shop really fire, whenever the point of the window to the naked eye can be seen quickly the speed of the end. To be sure to pay attention to the table, please be sure to ruthless! Landscape bit is not open before the door to grab, it can only rely on RP! The

Coordinates: Nankaizi Avenue, No. 11, the Imperial Palace, the fourth floor of the National Palace, the fourth floor of the people of the roast duck house store
traffic: Metro Line 1 Tiananmen East Station B mouth north 800 meters
Reservation: +86-010-65267369

Donghua door near a total of three four quarters of the people, if the Palace Museum is more people, as well as lights City mouth shop, Dongan stores, are walking about 10 minutes to. Four seasons of the people of the roast duck shop almost full of family, but the Palace Museum due to geographical reasons and the location of the blessing, especially hot, mostly tourists. Peak we can look at the situation of choice.

Direct show dish! Pre-dinner fruit, seasonal strawberries, especially sweet, complimentary quality is not perfect!

My true love - pea yellow! The

Pea yellow is a traditional Beijing snack, known for its love for food. Peas Huangyuan for the Hui folk snacks, after the introduction of the palace, by the palace of the imperial palace to improve, commonly known as thin peas yellow children, and kidney bean cake, small Wotou equal court palace snacks.

Peas yellow cool and refreshing, sweet and delicate, really a hundred eat tire! So many Beijing snacks inside I love this one! Whenever I go to Beijing restaurant I will point! Four seasons of the people of the pea yellow very refreshing, not particularly sweet, in line with my taste, every time I can not wait for one person to contract a plate! Roast duck can be divided, pea yellow not!

Originally wanted to go to the sea bowl to eat noodles, but the trip too late, in the four quarters of the people to the red noodles to the point. Surely the taste of the shop is guaranteed, taste good! Really give me a long face Haha Haha

face very fresh Road, fried sauce is very fragrant, with the dishes are also very refreshing, memorable! Looks like a bowl of 18, cheaper than the sea bowl ha ha ha

roast duck. We both half of the time, the waiter is very attentive to remind us that the sauce and spring cake can only be a point, to avoid waste. Finally proved that a just, we all swept away, duck only half looked at, eat the real support! Big meet!

Palace shop I was going to duck soup has been free processing fees. But last month to Donghua stores, said duck duck duck ducks regardless of processing fees. Puzzled.

Duck soup is directly up a large basin, it is recommended to quickly drink hot, cool smell will increase. Hot drink super delicious!

Dessert we point to the almond tofu, a way out of a dish out of the accident, the manager sent us a homemade milk frozen, taste scrambled chicken! Even more than our point of almond tofu! Above also with a hawthorn roll, sweet and sour, milk flavor full, strongly recommended!

The map is almond tofu, sprinkle the sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, do not love the almond flavor of the point, this dessert almond taste heavier, we like it. But with me in the field of cheese before eating soup with almond tofu different, this is a bit like pudding, taste more sweet, taste some rustling.

The figure is the manager to send homemade milk, fried chicken sweet! Sticky plastic sheet of unhappy swept away! Take the manager also a little effort to apologize, sincere attitude, service attitude worthy of recognition. But after all, the name of the big shop, grade is not low, and hope that the quality of food to be closed or to be strict, not the slightest relaxation. In short there are friends later, I will bring the four quarters of the people.

The last time the dinner is in the four seasons of the people, the sun a few way their home dishes for reference, there is no delicious! The

A very stunning cold dish, cold ice grass orange, grass grass really cool and delicious, with fresh orange meat, strawberries and other fruits, the most suitable for hot summer! The Sesame is also super rich!

Dry fried balls, one of the dishes. Super super crisp! The Several colleagues in Beijing recommended to me, I like to eat on a ~ ~ ~

Onion fire duck heart, sauce flavor is very strong ah, duck heart Q is a very chewy, good times! The

Beer barbecue, one of the signature dishes of the four seasons. Taste sweet, fresh meat, really well-deserved reputation! The

Roast duck in addition to duck soup, you can also add 25 yuan processing fee to a salt and pepper duck rack. It was a good taste, but I did not recommend it after this attempt.

One is obviously shrinking the weight, this small size is definitely not my fertilizer that duck all ducks! Second, duck rack does not have any essence, and are bone and subcutaneous fat, nothing to eat. Not as good as soup.

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