Simatai Great Wall Raiders

The Great Wall of Gubei Ancient Town is the only Great Wall in China to retain the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. It is a valuable World Cultural Heritage Site and was voted "Not to be missed in the world by 25 Times by the Times.

Simatai Great Wall

Autumn is also a good time to board the Great Wall, not only can enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery, it is not so difficult to get up. Unlike the summer need to withstand the great sun, especially the bug is also much less; not as heavy as winter wear heavy forward difficult.

Although autumn is relatively easy to board the Great Wall, but we still choose cableway without hesitation

Simatai Great Wall next to the ancient town of North Water, the walls of the Great Wall in accordance with the steep mountains and built, and to odd, special, insurance is known around the world. Luo Zhewen, a famous Chinese ancient architect, once commented that "the Great Wall of China is the best in the world, and the Great Wall of Simata is the most famous of the Great Wall in China." Many foreign tourists are attracted to visit.

Next to the cable car station after the mountain there is a free viewing telescope, in addition to overlooking the town, we can turn the telescope back, "close" to watch the steep steep cliffs.

Cloudy sky make the clouds a lot of beauty for the beauty

The Great Wall of Simatai is the only Great Wall in China that preserves the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. It is a valuable World Cultural Heritage Site and was rated by the British Times as "the world's top 25 scenic spots to be missed".

Simatai Great Wall from the very beginning, there is "old as old, whole remains as disabled". Necessary to maintain and reinforce the work, all to retain the appearance of damaged and decadent principle, should not be fresh and complete. The overall environment is also very focused, looked around, there is no new hall hall. I saw the vastness of the mountains, the Great Wall dragging the remnants of the body, it seems like it came from the historical situation, give people a real sense of history.

Simatai Ming wall invasion of the Great Wall in the military is divided into nine town area. Miyun Jizhen area east from Shanhaiguan, Juyongguan west of the gray ridge, a total length of more than 1200 miles. The Great Wall of Jizhen was seriously threatened by the Mongol tribes at that time. The Mongolian tribal people often entered the border and invaded outside Beijing. They even often went straight to Changping and Tongxian to plunder their property and harass the people, which is almost equal to Beijing. Therefore, the thistle Town Great Wall has a crucial defensive role.

Standing on the Great Wall Simatai can enjoy the autumn.

In Beijing or the 24th five-degree temperature in late summer, the suburbs of Beijing have begun to formally enter the autumnal temperature, ignoring the large temperature difference and we did not come with a thick coat. Standing high and see far, the wind can be bigger, but fortunately there are many hot springs in the ancient town for your choice.

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