Small Three Gorges Wushan - to meet your ultimate fantasy of the Three Gorges

The last leg of the journey, continue south from the town of Dachang, arrived in Wushan, Chongqing Dongdaemun, into the beautiful Three Gorges landscape, the end of the unforgettable journey to the Three Gorges, set foot on the way home.

Wushan small Three Gorges

Wushan cloud of rain, changeable temper juvenile, rigid, gentle, fanatical, delicate, all sorts of appearances, can be found here. Spring in May, where there is always the imprint of rain. Only in the face of changing weather, everyone sees different landscapes.

Slowly passing through the giant cruise, people enjoy the luxury cuisine, raindrops often fall out of the window is often overlooked, occasional elderly man, overlooking the deck above the fence, reminiscences for years; small Three Gorges sightseeing cruise through the clouds Shrouded in the river, visitors excitedly picked up the camera, freeze the fantastic beauty of this scene; Guangdong Road busy stream of water rolling over the water splashes of water, pedestrian streets as bright and sunny as busy and noisy.

The originally calm pier, because fishermen have returned, and become vibrant; twists and turns alley residents calmly in the booth under the tarpaulins, listening to the ticking raindrops to enjoy the delicious grilled fish. This riverbank town staged everything, like a vivid picture, so suddenly appeared in the eyes of a foreign traveler.

Spring clouds, mixed with a hint of chill. Mr. Yu Guangzhong once wrote that when the rainy season started, it was sometimes dripping and dripping, sometimes lingering, wet and damp, damp and wet, even in a dream, it seems that there are umbrellas propped. With an umbrella, escaped a while cold rain, but also to hide the rainy season. The banks of the Yangtze River, tree-lined.

Walking through the simple streets of Wushan, the stone on the trail was washed clean. Drops of water on the trees and drops of water with the sky flapping on the floor, washing out a Lang Lang Qingping world.

Turn around a corner, the distance suddenly became bright skyline, the sun pierced the clouds, the Yangtze River Bridge surfaced on the water. Dreamy Xiaguang gradually disperse clouds, the sky washed by the rain, more gorgeous dazzling.

Wushan after the rain, ushered in a long absence the sun shines. The sky shines with bright light, and the boats pass by the river.

Heavy clouds, rolling over the earth shrouded. The river is small between the mountains. Sunshine through the clouds, sprinkling the vast land, everything instantly add color, become bright and lively.

Riverside, staggered buildings, take a look at the distant light and shadow changes in the mountains and rivers, the legendary scene, such as the wonderful film-staged.

Wushan weather, always changing, red glow in the clouds from the distant mountains tumble to the earth, put on a thick layer of coat.

After the sun hiding in the clouds, looming, then still surging, at this moment the sun once again reveal the true content, the golden sunshine sprinkled winding meandering river for the boat to bring light and hope.

Golden river, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, changing a variety of forms. Sparkling water of the sun, shining bright light, the ships passing traffic, a busy scene.

Tranquil pier gradually become crowded, into a hectic. Flowing river, the pier tightly surrounded, shining blue phosphorescence

Wushan Yangtze River Bridge, Ruyi if a giant fan, across the water above the backdrop of the mountains, even more magnificent.

Pentium Yangtze River water, in this encounter the mountains block, the journey of the rapid turn. Meandering river, the ruins continue to the distance, disappear in the hopeless end.

The winding road, like a slender ribbon, connects villages, farmlands, and cities in series, and connects busy modern life with slow-paced country life.

Rare and sunny early morning, fishermen have carried a boat, toward the distance of the river, started a day of hard work.

Under the night of the Yangtze River Bridge, behind the gorges and rivers, already a school of dark. Occasionally a night ship, across the river, leaving a light shadow, breaking the original silence.

Wushan stunning night

Dark night, Wushan dazzling lights, light up the Wushan County, the river was also lit by the colorful lights, glittering colorful. Wushan at the moment, as if a prosperous and beautiful hustle and bustle of the island, as the most bright light of the night.

Wushan night, although not exceptionally bright, but also impressive. Tall buildings, like a dense forest. Hongye hotel on the river, like a fluttering eagle, circled over the forest.

Blossoming clouds in the night, wandering in the vastness of the sky, the bright moon, the earth lit. This charming night, inevitably moving.

Clouds and rain Wushan, it is difficult to see such a clear night, the village outside the city, is located under the bright stars, a quiet and pleasant scene.

Into the small Three Gorges, the best way is to take a boat across the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges of the river, by drip Tsui Xiakou boat upstream, this does not seem easy. However, it is very attractive to the exploration-rich tourist, because only through this trek can you really find the quiet away from the hustle and bustle.

   Small Three Gorges located in the Daning River Drifting Gorge at the tributary of the Ma Du River, Long Beach Gap, Qin Wang Gap, the general term for the three gorge. In terms of appearance and scenery, the watercourse is more narrow, the mountain is particularly spectacular, the gorge deepens and the water quality is purer and purer. Rafting from the entrance to the line, along the Qifeng colorful, landscapes matched, beautiful scenery, continue to deep gorges, cliffs across the Strait mutual confrontation, standing thousands of miles, narrow rivers, showing an overwhelming temptation of the mountains. 

   "There are a lot of beautiful legends here," said the boatman dressed in Mikasa, who is both a fisherman and a guide for the area.

"In addition to mountains and rivers here, along the cliff there are caves, hanging coffin" Speaking of beauty here, his face can not help but show inexplicable joy and pride.

   Boats slowly driving in the river, far from the village, the villagers sang brilliant folk songs, welcomed the distant guests. The boatman also heard the sound of interest, with a passionate folk song in response to the villagers. Accompanied by singing voice, landscape changes along the way even more amazing. Primitive vegetation everywhere, Cuise colors, bizarre milk everywhere, exudes the original simplicity of the atmosphere, full of rich poetic, it is only back to nature, embracing the natural taste.

Winding river, like a blue ribbon, will be surrounded by mountains along the coast. Another example is the loyal guards, waiting for the others. These are not originally connected scenes, so come together, cast charming Little Three Gorges style.

That meandering river, like a slim, beautiful girl. In the face of such a moving face, the view of the shore in the swaying smoke, unspeakable poetic, all at this time turned into an incredible reality.

Little Three Gorges at the entrance, the river suddenly encountered a sharp turn, a tall mountain, sitting in the meantime, like a towering towering sky, guarding the quiet, quiet Little Three Gorges.

Simple awning boats, carrying visitors from afar, walking through the picture-scroll like the Three Gorges. In this green mountains and rivers, also suddenly become relaxed and happy, throwing all the troubles all over the clouds.

Turquoise water, like a magnificent picture, in the mountains and set off in the green water, spread out, it condenses the essence of nature, narrowing the distance between people; met in the running water, immortal Met in the life

Wandering the maelstrom of the river, through the wide or residential river, extending to the distant end of sight. It is like a magical time tunnel that connects pure nature with modern metropolis closely; building two otherwise different worlds in such harmonious harmony.

Filled with bright light everywhere, as if burning a flame. Early glance, far can not satisfy curiosity. Handsome mountain resolutely stood up, occupied the most conspicuous space above the sky, in a slightly lonely sky, dazzling.

The water is surrounded by mountains. Little Three Gorges water green, crystal clear. When there is no wind, the level of the mirror, green hills Ying Ying reflected in the lake, mountains and rivers, integration, people feel like being in Wonderland.

Once a fisherman man, now into the Little Three Gorges, became a local guide, with surging passion, want to come from afar, publicity of the beautiful scenery of his hometown. With loud folk songs, showing the enthusiasm of the Little Three Gorges.

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