So beautiful! Around Shanghai Flower Guide

The spring flowers will be open, the birds will be free to come, and it will be spring in one year. The traditional cultural activities that are full of humanity and literary experience - flower appreciation - are of course an indispensable program for young artists. Focus on the tenderness of the spring flowers, set the smiling faces of the people around them, and leave happy memories with flowers, presumably everyone's spring romance. So where is this year's cherry blossoms? Let Xiao Bian give you a reason.
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One, Yuantouzhu - one of the world's top three cherry blossom destinations at your doorstep

The famous poet Guo Moruo said with emotion: “Taihu Lake is a must-have place and after all it is a girl”. As one of the "three world's cherry blossom viewing destinations", the cherry blossoms and colorful scenes are sure to be gentle to your strong and careful rooms. Especially when there are cherry blossoms at night, when the cherry blossoms dance against the lights, the moment is beautiful and tender!

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Cherry Blossom, Vinca, and Cherry Blossoms
: Usually from mid-March to mid-April
Location: No. 118, Dafucunshan Village, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

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Second, Yangzhou Slender West Lake - Wanhua Qiqi Garden Party

"Viyang has a single flower and no one else in the world." The ancient city of Yangzhou, with its history of precipitation, poetic scenery, people nostalgia. In particular, the city’s flower “Viburnum” is full of flowers and flowers, which is a pleasant scenery. The beauty of the Slender West Lake lies in its twists and turns. It seems that the slim and graceful lady is characterized by “thinness”. The lake is wide and narrow at the time, the trees on the two sides of the river are lush, the gardens are simple and graceful, and they walk along the bank of Slender West Lake. .

Flower viewing spots: Diaoyutai, Wuting Bridge, 24 Bridge, Baita, Xuyuan
Flowering Period: March to May
Location: No. 28, Dahongqiao Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Slender West Lake by mountain will not write travel

Slender West Lake by Green - 莜 - 莜

Slender West Lake by mountain will not write travel

Qionghua by pistachio02923347

Santaishan Forest Park

If you say that flowers are gentle, then the flowers that bloom all over the mountains are the majestic sea of ​​flowers. Suddenly, like a spring breeze, thousands of trees blossomed. In spring, there are flowers in Putian, summer in summer, autumn leaves with red leaves, and winter in Meicun with boiled snow. This is a place for rest and a dream. Accompanied by the fragrance of pear blossoms, the appearance of the girl surrounded by flowers was recorded. I think that moment is the most beautiful!

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Putian, Guolin Qijing, Jinghu, Natural Forest, Meiyuan, Qingcui Lake
Flowering Period: March to June
Location: Provincial Highway 249, Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

Sam Tai Shan by Teacher Xiao Xiao Sha

Sam Tai Shan by Teacher Xiao Xiao Sha

Sam Tai Shan by Teacher Xiao Xiao Sha

Sam Tai Shan by Teacher Xiao Xiao Sha

IV. Gaochun Creek - Riding in the International Slow City slowly bounty flowers

The rape blooming in the mountains and plains is called by the local people as Jinhua, which is enough to light the surrounding villages. Nearly 200,000 mu of high-quality rapeseed field presents a thriving scene. In the middle and late March of each year, rape blossoms enter the initial flowering period, and in mid-April, it is the flowering period. The entire flowering period lasts until mid-April. Throughout the months of March and April, stilts bloomed golden everywhere, and surrounded by tea gardens, bamboo forests, and wheat fields. The colourful fields were golden, pink, pear and white.  

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Putian, Guolin Qijing, Jinghu, Natural Forest, Meiyuan, Qingcui Lake
Flowering Period: March to June
Location: Provincial Highway 249, Suyu District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

Takahata By SNUUPR

Takahata By SNUUPR

V. Flower Valley Romance - You can appreciate the gardens of countries without going abroad

Do you still want to go to Furano Biei and see the lavender canvas? Would you like to go to romantic France to see the elegance of Yujinhua? Not so much trouble, around the valley of flowers to meet your imagination. Learn from the world's top art garden design essence, ingenious to create flower God Park, French Garden, Dutch Garden, Rose Garden, Jasmine Garden, Kitchen Garden, Children's Garden, Music Garden and other top ten boutique gardens and the two native flowers. Yes, the above are all official introductions. Xiao Bian wants to say that this is really a place that is too suitable for taking pictures. What kind of pose is beautiful? What kind of red flowers?

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Flower Garden, French Garden, Dutch Garden, Rose Garden, Jasmine Garden, Kitchen Garden, Children's Garden, Music Garden 
 Flowering Period: March to May
Location: S38, Changhe Expressway, Maoshan District, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Directly opposite

Hua Gu Qiu by half-step vegetarian

Flower karyoby half-step fasting

Sixth, Nanjing Ancient Jiming Temple - Spring Breeze, Better Than This Cherry Blossom Road

“In the 400th Temple of Southern Dynasties, how many towers were in the rain.” When it comes to the origins of Buddhism, Jimingsi is the first of 400 temples. Nanjing is a great place for flowers. Flowers of all colors are like oceans. Whenever the spring and autumn turn, look far away, lotus is 10,000 hectares, red and green, lively. In particular, the cherry blossoms on both sides of the road leading to Jiming-ji Temple have a sea of ​​cherry blossoms around the time of the Ching Ming Festival, which is like an idol drama.

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Cherry Blossom Road, Pagoda
Flowering Period: March to May
Location: No. 1, Jimingsi Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Ancient Jiming Temple by 蓓蓓

Cherry Blossom Road by Wrench Cat

Seventh, Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden - The contest of flowers and flowers

What is the rhododendron flower language? "Always belong to you", many people say that this language is too romantic. Especially in the classical garden like Humble Administrator's Garden, the trees are safflower and the bananas are thin. Jiangnan Water Village, Iraqis are at their side.

Flower viewing spots: Dong Garden, Zhong Hua Garden, Zhong
Hua Garden Flowering Period: March to May
Location: 178 Northeast Street, Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

VIII. Xixi Wetland - Xixi Exploration Plum, A Stream of Flowers on Both Banks

The wild beauty of the natural wetland and the profound ancient cultural heritage give this ancient land a wonderful and mysterious color. Xixi Wetland, famous for its “one stream, one stream of smoke”, was once called “Hangzhou Sanxi” with the West Lake and Xiqiao. In the spring, many flowers bloomed, and they took a boat and walked among the streams to see the various flowers on both sides of the strait. It is also a meditation and nature experience.

Flower Sightseeing Spots: Yanshui Yuzhuang, Xixi Shuige, Xixi Meishu, Qiu Xueyu
Flowering Period : March to May
Location: No. 518, Tianmushan Road, Liuxia Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Xixi Wetland dancing by Isabella

Xixi Wetland Flower by Marina

Nine, Ningbo Fenghua - Sansheng III, ten miles peach

Fenghua Xikou, as the former residence of Chiang Kai-shek, attracted a large number of tourists. What I feel here is that the years are quiet and the flowers are beautiful. During the spring in the peach blossoms, the pink bubble shoots, and it takes Fenghua to see the world of Taojie and the world's top Taoyuan. Stage three of your children, ten peaches.

Flower Sightseeing Spots: World Taojie, Tianxia No. 1 Taoyuan
Flowering Period: March to May
Location: Linjia Village, Xiaowangmiao Street, Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province: Xinjian Village, Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

World Taojie By Sea Breeze Boat

X. Yuhang Chaoshan - Shili Meihua Snow Sea, Chaoshan Meihuaxiaxia

Yuhang Chaoshan is one of the three biggest resorts in the southern part of China. Meishan Meichao is famous for its ancient, wide, and extraordinary three-premium. In the early spring of February, buds bloom, and the white flowers spread across the jade, and the sky is white for ten miles in a distant sky. Very spectacular. In the most prosperous period, the vast expanse of Meihai is known as the “Ten Miles of Fragrant Snow Sea”. In China's Jin, Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, there are five ancient mei, and Chaoshan holds the other two - Tang Mei and Song Mei. There are still tens of thousands of strains. There are also more than ten varieties of Bone Red, Pink Butterfly, Red Plum, and Green Plum. One. Chaoshan is not only plum can see, spring can pick, can also pick plums in the early summer.

Attractions flowers: big hall, plum, TANG Mei, Song Meiting, Song Mei 
Flowering: February to May
Location: Zhejiang Yuhang District Tangxi

Super mountain plum by echopipi

Chaoshan by echopipi

Of course, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces have always had a good view, and there are numerous places to admire flowers. After all, “the gardens cannot be kept alive”. Pull your dear hand and go to see the scenery together. Even if it is the flower on the roadside, it also has a different spring charm.

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