South of the six ancient towns - Tongli

There are so many ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River that only the six major ancient towns are the representatives of the rivers and lakes in the south. Want to go to the water? Look at these six towns is enough!
retreat park by  xiao yang chosen

Tongli | Little Venice East

Retreat Park by @ Xiao Yang Chosen

"Alcohol is water, old Jiangnan," said that this is a simple and elegant town - the same. Everyone here Linshui, Hukou pass, with "small bridges in the water, people make pillow, Liuqiao Tong City, river port into the lake," the landscape, which is known as the "Oriental Little Venice" reputation. It is said that there are more than three, juicy, more bridges, literati and more. Among them, the most noteworthy is that here the most famous private garden - Retirement Park, is the only ancient town of Jiangnan World Cultural Heritage, the entire hospital simple, quiet and elegant, but there is a safe. Tongli ancient town is small, you can look at the ancient town of the sun and mist in the early morning, you can see the pink sunset over the horizon across the sky, you can enjoy the silence and ease the town at night, find your poetic.
Representative works : "Father and son of Bao", "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Lin Chong", "home", "spring", "autumn", "Dong Xiaowan", "drama Qianlong" "," Opera Stage "," FengYue "," love for the same in the "
famous attractions :" a garden "(retreat garden)," two "(JiaYinTang, ChongGangTang) , Geely Bridge and Changqing Bridge)
Local specialties : champion hoof, cake shrimp, three silk spring rolls, sesame oil eel paste, honey moccasin, cibao cake, green ball, cake, lard rice cake, chicken head, big meat Steamed bread, wine cakes, malt cake, small smoked fish

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Address : Tongli Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Transportation : Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou South Bus Station and Suzhou Wuxian Bus Station have direct buses to Tongli and Suzhou, and there are direct buses (including tickets)
※ Although there are direct flights from Shanghai to Tongli, the bus time is not intensive. If departing from Shanghai, it is recommended to purchase the bus ticket of Tongli from Shanghai-Suzhou (High Speed ​​Rail) and then directly at the travel hub of Suzhou Railway Station
Tickets : 100 yuan (2 days effective), night travel Tongli (only Retreat Park) 50 yuan
Opening hours : 7:30 ~ 17:30 day tour, night 18:30 ~ 21:30

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☆    booking by the entire grab! Look at those "a hard to find" with the inn!

1, the tickets include retirement Park, the ancient garden, Chongben Church (Jiangnan Wedding Museum), Jiayin Hall, former residence of Wang Shaogan (Pearl Farm), Pearl Tower, Turquoise Park, farm hall, A scenic spot;
2, a ticket up to 2 days, the need to buy tickets after 15:00 on the day, with the identity card to the ticket center seal.

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