Suzhou night tour, go to these places right!

Touring Suzhou during the day, the ancient rhyme of the city is visited, and Suzhou is visited at night. It is the feeling of traveling. As night falls, the Hua Deng is at the beginning, taking a boat, walking an old street, swimming in a garden, listening to a Suzhou Pingtan, it is not a trip to Suzhou.
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The quietest: ancient canal night tour

The ancient city of Suzhou, due to the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, has become a paradise for thousands of merchants, for thousands of years. Unlike the boat trips on the moat during the day, the ancient canals in the night are a bit quieter and more radiant. In the evening, you can take a boat tour of the ancient canal. The beautiful lights along the shore are reflected in the rippling water waves. The gently swaying bamboo forest willows, the winding deep roads and the antique buildings of the powder wall tiles complement each other.

Suzhou Ancient Canal Night Tour (Photo from the Internet)

Address : Suzhou City in Xu Road 798 new city bridge pier
transportation : Good line 2nd line to the "new city bridge marina" stop; 7 Road, 45 Road, 51 Road, 51 Road weekday morning rush hour, 200 Road North Line, 200 Road South Line, 300 Road North Line, 300 Road South Line, 522 Road, 921 Road, 970 Road East Line, 970 Road West Line, 9007 Road, Night 5 Road, get off at “Xinshiqiao North” Station
: Retail price of 120 yuan, 60 yuan online booking
line : new city bridge - pan gate - South Park - people bridge - Seeking bridge - backtrack
Tel : 0512-68150770
time : 19:30 sail, filled On the open, indefinite shift, the whole journey is about 70 minutes
※The sailing time is adjusted according to the season and the day, depending on the dock.

Ancient canal wharf

The most prosperous: Jinji Lake night tour

Jinji Lake Night Tour (Photo from the Internet)

From the Wuqiu Mountain in Wuzhong, to the east, I saw a glimpse of blue waves shining in the sun. This is the Jinji Lake in the eastern part of Suzhou. If you feel that the tranquility of the ancient canal in the night tour, then the Jinji Lake in the night is the bustling and refined feeling. Sitting in the boat, watching the lights, feeling the modern and prosperous of the ancient city, will give people a strong sense of unreality.

Jinji Lake Night Tour (Photo from the Internet)

Address :
Moonlight Pier: 100m
southeast of Culture and Art Center, No.1 Guanfeng Street, Suzhou Industrial Park Dongwanghuge Pier: No. 158, Xinggang Street, Lakeside Xintiandi Music Fountain (near Suya Road)
Transportation :
Moonlight Pier: Subway 1 culture Expo line to the central station (1 out) off
the east pier Lakeview Court: Metro line 1 to Dongfangzhimen station (out of three) get off  
: Retail price of 100 yuan, 45 yuan online booking
telephone :0512-62899611;0512-62899852
Attractions : Both routes will pass through the lakeside avenue, city square, water lane neighborhood, Wanghujiao, Jinjidun , cultural water gallery, Linglong Bay, Boxin Island 8 major scenic spots
time : the whole process About 40 minutes
Moonlight Pier: Monday to Friday 19:30, Saturday, Sunday 19:00, 20:00
Dongwanghuge Pier: Friday to Sunday 19:30

Not only can you take a boat trip at Jinji Lake, you can also take the Ferris wheel!

Jinji Lake

China's largest inner city lake, every day, many tourists come to the lake to take a leisurely walk or shopping, eat food, new people also like to come here to take wedding photos. There are four entrances in the scenic spot. Generally, tourists will enter from the west entrance. There are bicycle rental points at the subway exit. If you want to ride around the lake, you can rent bicycles here. The Ligong Dike in the scenic spot is the only lake in the Jinji Lake in Suzhou, which retains the traditional Suzhou residential architecture. There is also Li Gongdi International Style Commercial Water Street, where foreign brands and domestic old-fashioned shops are located. The Jinji Lake Bridge under the night is not to be missed. The colorful digital waterfall made by high-tech means such as digital lighting flows down the bridge and is a beautiful scenery.

The most elegant: the seven-mile mountain pond night tour

Seven Mile Mountain Pond Night Tour by @Nazario Ronnie

“There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou, Hangzhou has West Lake, and Suzhou has mountain ponds.” The Qili Mountain Pond, which is known as the “First Street of Gusu”, is the most famous street in Suzhou. During the day, you can visit the mountain ponds. You can swim in the petty bourgeoisie. You can visit the mountain ponds at night to see the beauty of the people under the red lanterns. The light is dim, a cup of tea, and a quaint commentary is the correct way to open the mountain.

Seven Mile Mountain Pond Night Tour by @Nazario Ronnie

Walking freely on the street, if you are in the old capital, there is such a fine. The paintings swayed in the water, and there was a kind of secluded silence. It seemed more delicious to take a boat trip to the mountain pond.

Seven Mile Mountain Pond Night Tour by @Nazario Ronnie

Address : Suzhou City, Suzhou District, Guangji Bridge Seven Mile Shan Tong Road, Xinmin
Transportation : By Bus 406 Road, 317 Road, 529 Road, 44 Road, 64 Road, a road tour, Shan Tong Road to 304 Street Station, along the road to Guangji North 500
fare : the price of the night cruise ticket is 55 yuan, and the online booking
time is 40 yuan : 18:00-20:00, not fixed every day, which is subject to the current situation.

If the night is just a street tour, you don’t have to buy a ticket!


In the east, the "Red Dust One, Two, etc." is the Tuen Mun, and the West is the "Wuzhong First Victory" Tiger Hill, which is about seven miles long. It was made by the great poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty when he was hired as a chisel river in the history of Suzhou. It has a history of more than 1,100 years. It was once one of the most developed commercial and cultural districts in China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was hailed as “the first ancient street in China”, “the epitome of old Suzhou, and the window of Wu culture”. Some folk songs sang: "There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. There are West Lake in Hangzhou, and there are mountain ponds in Suzhou. There are two good places, infinite scenery." The mountain road at night is very artistic and suitable for taking pictures. You can also find tea at home, listen to the bullets, and experience the traditional culture of old Suzhou. Tips: Typical Jiangnan water town style, the front street and the river, the river on the river like a shuttle, the streets are full of shops, it is recommended to take a boat tour. The cruise ship is divided into a hand crank and a battery boat, a battery boat 50 people, and a hand boat 80 people.

Most classical: Nets Garden Night Tour

Net Master Garden Night Garden by @Stefan

The Net Master Garden, one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, is the essence of the “Small and Elegant”. It is a garden example of “small wins and more”. In the evening, the Nets Garden, soft lighting, and the shadow of the mother-in-law show a clear and elegant culture. Kunqu, Pingtan, Jiangnan Sizhu, classical dance and other eight art performances with Suzhou local characteristics are out of the field. The garden and the song are one. I don’t know if it’s a song in the garden or a song in the garden. I’m in it. If I have time, I will go back eight hundred years ago.

Address : No. 11, Lane broad head home Suzhou District, Suzhou City
traffic : 202 Road, 202 Road night, 529 Road, 811 Road, 931 Road, 9006 Road, 9011 Road, a good line to line 5 "Master of the Nets Garden" bus stop 47 Road, 204 Road, 204 Road Night, 501 Road, 511 Road, 9010 Road to "Nets Garden North" Station Get off the
phone : 0512-65293190
Tickets : Night Garden Market Price 100 yuan, online booking 85 yuan
performance Programs : Pingtan, Kunqu Opera, Su Drama, Guqin, Descartes, Guzheng, Jiangnan Sizhu, Classical Dance
Opening Hours : 19:30-22:00

Netmaster Park

·The Nets Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou. It is a representative work of Suzhou gardens with great artistic features and cultural values. · It was built in 1174 and was originally called "fishing". It was named "Netmaster Garden" in 1765. The meaning of “net master” is “fisherman”, indicating the meaning of the garden owner’s fishing. · Although the entire garden architecture is inconspicuous, the pool is not enough to be small, and it is a model of Chinese gardens with less wins. · It is a private garden with a typical home garden. From the gate to the car hall, the Wanjuan Hall, and the Xiuxiu Building, the central axis is unfolded in turn, and the main hall is filled with high ceilings and elegant decoration.

Suzhou in the daytime and Suzhou in the night are completely different styles. The night is shining, the boat is swaying, how can you not be moved? Fall in love with Suzhou, maybe only because of a night tour.

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