Take a walk in the old city of Qingdao and experience the beauty and leisure of old Qingdao.

The old town's hiking route may end with Xiaoyu Mountain. Finally, overlooking the old city of Qingdao, you can also see the beauty of Huiquan Bay.

The old town's hiking route may end with Xiaoyu Mountain. Finally, overlooking the old city of Qingdao, you can also see the beauty of Huiquan Bay. From the former residence of Kang Youwei is the first bathing beach, just along the Qingdao coastal landscape belt. Connect to play together.

Qingdao Old City Walking Route

Covered attractions: Zhongshan Road - Catholic Church - Jia Mu Art Museum - Christ Church - Signal Hill - Governor's Mansion Museum - Lao She's former residence - Ocean University of China - Xiao Yu Shan
Reference time: walking about two hours. The total tour time is about 5 hours.

Why to "walk the old town"

Walking in the elite section of the old city The beauty of Qingdao's old city comes from a period of less glorious history and colonialism. In 1891, the Qing government stationed troops in Qingdao and established Qingdao. In 1897, the German forced Qingdao as a colony. This is a history of humiliation. There are many forts on the hill in Qingdao at the time of the German occupation. At the same time, this is also the only battlefield in the First World War in Asia. It quietly tells the world about that history.
Of course, Marx's philosophy tells us to look at the problem of dialectical division into two parts. In virtue of Germany's occupation of the world, Qingdao quickly developed from a small fishing village into a modern industrial and commercial city. It laid a certain foundation for the development after the Republic of China and the founding of the People's Republic of China. Based on this, Qingdao's old city is full of various German buildings. In the early years, Qingdao was also known as Eastern Switzerland. (The news on the sewer had parts that were false, and some reporters had verified that the water pipes had been removed earlier.) When the city moved across the city, the urban development of Qingdao could not help but embark on the route of Thousand Cities. In the Old City, various high-rise buildings were successively connected. As the ground rises, the overall landscape of the old town is no longer as good as before.
Of course, individuals feel that the protection of old buildings in Qingdao is better at home. Therefore, walking in the old city of Qingdao, personally think that is a matter of enjoyment, there are both European-style streets and buildings, but also have Chinese people living here from generation to generation. The unique charm of Qingdao's old city lies in its ups and downs. Various red houses, row upon row, are arranged in front of each other. Often on a large slope, but just arrived at the door of a family. This kind of fun in the mountain city of Chongqing can be found in the old city of Qingdao.

The reason why I like the Old City more than the Badaguan Pass is because there is the strongest cultural atmosphere in Qingdao. Lao She, Ba Jin, Shen Congwen, Liang Shiqiu, and others all live here. Inadvertently a villa may be the former residence of a certain celebrity. Independent bookstores and private art galleries fill the area.
Also reminded that many former celebrities in Qingdao are private houses. If you want to visit, you must ask in advance (usually will not allow you to see, and to tell the truth is not a literary and historical experts can not see anything to come) and nonsense a lot, Here is a walking tour of the old city that I like. It runs through the Zhongshan Road, Guangxi Road, Loushui Road, University Road and other old towns, the main street, St. Mier’s Church, the Gospel Hall, the Governor’s Mansion, the guest house and other major buildings, and Jiamu. Art museums, paper arts and other artistic Fan Xiaodian, as well as Signal Hill and Xiaoyushan two old towns and the best Shantou Park, the best hilltop. The route is probably as shown.

Let's begin our walk on the 1st Zhongshan Road.

Zhongshan Road

The original Qingdao International Club site on the 1st Zhongshan Road has been a social venue for high society since its establishment. Now a German restaurant, offering authentic German cuisine, eating in this place, I believe that the mood is definitely greater than the taste.

From here we set foot on Qingdao’s Zhongshan Road. Yes, it seems that many cities have Zhongshan Road, and they are all major streets, such as Xiamen. Zhongshan Road, once Qingdao, is the absolute commercial center of Qingdao. In the hearts of the older generation, “going on the street” is absolute fashion.
However, there are various reasons for the passage of time, and the area around Zhongshan Road now has a feeling of depression in addition to the summer season. The buildings on Zhongshan Road are mostly former sites of the banks. People feel beautiful and beautiful but many cities are similar, not very characteristic of Qingdao.
Plus, now it is full of various shops for tourists. So I suggest that you just pass by, but you can't ignore Zhongshan Road. After all, this is the main road in the old city.

Tips: I do not recommend that you buy dry sea products on Zhongshan Road, because you know.
Soon you will find the road to the Cathedral of Saint-Michel. In fact, you can see it almost during the walk in the entire old city. It was the tallest building in Qingdao at the time.

Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Commercial Street

Zhongshan Road in Qingdao is a commercial street known for its history of 100 years and was once the “business card” of Qingdao. It can also be said to be the “matrix” of Qingdao's business. Here are high-end famous products, but also the middle and low-end small commodities, there are many famous old shops, there are a variety of beautiful Qingdao European architecture. Most tourists who walk through the bridge will stroll around Zhongshan Road.

St. Michael's Church

Catholic Church

[Name] Catholic Church (St. Michael's Church)
[Fare] Ticket 15, student ticket half price

The interior of the Catholic Church has been renovated and opened again in April this year. Still worth a look, there were only two Asian organists at the time. According to internal staff, someone would play every afternoon, but on the day I went to perform on a business trip, I was unable to listen to its beautiful melody.

[Before the church] is always the person who took the wedding photo,
[The interior of the church] is very expensive stained glass, and you can't remember it too much.

[Tips] In the end, as a pious Christian, the cushion in front of the seat in the church is praying. Really unable to Tucao people standing above photographed.

Qingdao Catholic Church

• Completed in 1930. Originally known as "St. Michael's Church", it is the largest Romanesque building in the city of Qingdao and the only consecrated church in China. · Designed by German designer Bi Biha, based on Gothic and Roman architectural styles. • The overall structure is a brick and stone twin tower building. The towering towers on both sides are 56 meters high. Each has a 4.5 meter high spire cross tower with four internal clocks.

Princess Anna Villa site

Site of the Old Word

At the site of Anna Princess’s villa which had just been repaired at the beginning of this year, I don’t know what the story of the old building is. It’s just a refurbishment, not an ordinary new one.
After visiting the Catholic Church down Zhejiang Road, you can reach Hubei Road, a very popular street. Remembering that there are several seafood sellers, you can pass by to see the rich seafood varieties in Qingdao.

[Realm of Paper] - Independent Bookstore

If you are lucky enough to run into the “paper realm” business on Hubei Road, you can go in and out. In fact, it is said that an independent bookstore is better known as a private study that is open to the public. The boss is gentle and full of personality. Sitting on the book city, Hongxiuxianxiang, life is so, what Fufu.

There is a book house hidden in the jungle

Paper has realm

Central Hubei Road. A bookstore with a special style is decorated with bamboo and straw fences, and the rustic fresh feelings come face to face. It is quiet in time. Up and down two floors, rows of books or slanted or soiled yards on the shelves, the collection of literary books up to 3,000. The business hours are uncertain and the visit depends on fate. Most of the people coming here have a special liking for the name of the store. Why, but name, may wish to communicate with the owner.

Governor House, Lao She Park, etc.

You can always walk along Hubei Road. Once you pass the old Ludwig apartment, you can go to the Governor’s Mansion .
Of course, I strongly recommend that you go down the sixth park (sorry, Qingdao people do not say anything north and south, say up and down about) the sixth park, also known as Lao She Park , where I am familiar, next to my primary school. My elementary school is said to be a hospital during the Japanese Occupation Period. There are tunnels in the area that seem to be accessible to many places. I went down once in elementary school. The four words are eerie. Impressed by now.

[Ludwig's former site] is under repair.
Follow the road down Anhui Road to get to Guangxi Road, don't worry, there is a very good place to rest.

Jia Mu Art Museum & Guangxi Road

Jiamu Art Museum

Jiamu Art Museum opened at the end of 13th. Claiming not to "do not check the emperor's calendar, do not engage in ceremonies, do not hang banners, do not set off firecrackers, do not invite leadership, do not invite experts, do not engage in interviews, do not send invitations, do not accept flowers, do not charge tickets." The theme, which contains a variety of paintings related to Qingdao theme, I do not understand painting, but how much I can read this familiar city.
You can look at this beautiful city from another angle. The small villa where the museum is located is also extremely sophisticated. There is also a cafe inside. Tired to take a break, the staff are very polite, recommended!

Jiamu Art Museum

[Guangxi Road] - Old buildings with many old streets

Going out of the Jia Mu Art Museum is another major artery in Qingdao's old city - Guangxi Road - Prince Henry Street - I don't know why I like the earliest German names on this road.
Prince Harry Street has had a lot of changes in the past 100 years, and now there are many buildings in the city. The site of the Marquis Hotel, the former site of the medical shop, the old site of the barber shop, and the old post office of the German post office were lined up here.

Colourful streets

Liangyou Bookshop

The good friend of the bookstore on the Internet was very interested in the atmosphere of the Republic of China. It was a bit too small to be able to care for me. Applying the original words of the LP author, this shop has set itself too high. Not recommended, that's it.

Hairdressing site

Liangyou Bookshop

It is one of the cultural "landmarks" of Qingdao's old city and is full of retro bookstores of art vans. In an old German building restored on the basis of centuries ago in Guangxi Road, the decorative style of Liangyou Book Fair continued the cultural interest and atmosphere of Shanghai's “Best Friends” pictorial in the 1920s. Here, besides being able to buy books produced by the Liangyou Bookshop and the unique Qingdao Tourism Map, you can enjoy a hand-made coffee and, more importantly, you can feel the culture of the city.

Governor's Mansion Site & Yushui Road

Former Government House Site

【Links to Attractions】 After visiting Guangxi Road, you can walk to the site of the Jiaozhou-Macau Administration along Shunxian Road or the intersection where you are building a subway.
【Introduction to the Attractions】 After the founding of the People's Republic, this is where the Qingdao Municipal Government is located. In the 1990s, he moved to eastern Qingdao. It is also the place of office of the People's Congress of the CPPCC and is not to be visited.
【Attractions】 Please note that this is an N-junction, scattering can reach all directions in the old city of Qingdao. It also shows the status of this building at that time. There are also many buildings around the Governor's Mansion, such as the old Jiao'ao Court site. They can be read together. They are all government offices and cannot be visited.

German Government House site

· The former site of the German Governor’s Building was established in 1905 and was completed in 1907. It was designed by the famous German architect Rachawrowitz. As the supreme representative of "German Architectural Art in China", its luxurious decoration and elegant design are still among the highest in China. · Here has received a large number of well-known figures at home and abroad, set up a bridge of communication between Chinese and foreign cultural relations, is a classic symbol of Qingdao historical and cultural city.


After the visit, you can step into the area of ​​Lushui Road. The waterway is not long, but there are many things to see. It is called the Consulate General Street, the United Kingdom, the United States Consulate General in Qingdao, and the former site of the German naval barracks. At the other end of Lishui Road is Qingdao Christian Church.


A short, small road, with a total length of only 300 meters, runs from Governor House Square in the west to Jiangsu Road in the east, Diederichs Weg in the German occupation, and Chiha-cho in the Japanese occupation. Colonial times are along the road. The beautiful German building left on the 11th at the western end of the square is the supreme institution of the German colonial rule - the Government House, eastward is the Consulate General of the United Kingdom and the United States in Qingdao and a group of high-grade villas. The east end faces the Christ Church on Jiangsu Road in the highlands.


[Tickets] Tickets are 10, free tickets on Sunday morning and free tickets after 17:00 pm As
mentioned above, at the end of Lishui Road is Qingdao Christ Church (Gospel Church).
[Recommended time] It is still carrying out the functions of the church. Every weekend there are worshippers. So although Sunday is free, but there are many people. Not recommended, but if you have time you can choose to go late. The ticket office here works very early. There were about five o'clock to go to work, and I was alone in the small square of the church. In front of the church, sit quietly for a moment and take a good look at this beautiful building.

【Links to Attractions】 After you finish visiting the Christian Church, you can see the entrance of Signal Hill. Don't hesitate to go to the top spot of this old city overlooking Qingdao.

Jiangsu Road Christian Church

· The former name of the Gospel Church of Jiangsu Road Christian Church is also a famous religious building in Qingdao. It was completed in October 1910 and has a history of more than 100 years. · The church of Christ is made up of stones and divided into two parts: the auditorium and the bell tower. It is a typical German castle style building and has a fairy tale feel. · The clock tower is 39.10m high. It is a good place to look at the sea. The clock tower is equipped with giant clocks on three sides. The time of the clocks is still very good. There are church bells on Sundays, and the time is once every half hour.

Signal Hill

[fare] 15 tickets, no student votes
[attractions] Signal Hill Park is also there during the Dezhan period, but then was just a wireless station, and later turned into a park.

[Signature Hill Watch] The hill itself has nothing to watch. But here overlooking the old city of Qingdao, red tile blue sea and blue sky, panoramic view, look to see it quickly, more and more high-rise buildings in the old city. The scenery is discounted.

Signal Hill Looks at the Guest House (Government Site of the Governor)

Signal Hill Park

· Signal Hill Park is located in the center of Qingdao and was named after a signal platform for navigation of ships on the top of the mountain. · The three red-top mushroom houses on the hilltop are particularly prominent. The tallest one is the Rotary View House, where you can see the scenery of Qingdao 360 degrees. · The Wave Viewing Platform is located below the Lianxin Bridge and is the best location for photographing the southern German castle-style guesthouse in the south.

Signal Hill

After Signal Hill went down, we went down the hill and continued our journey. Here I suggest you go down the hill. If you descend from Qidong Road, you will go a lot. The old city of Qingdao is uphill and downhill, and it is enough to take more.

Signal Hill to see Snow Island City

【Incoming Guest House (Government Site of the Governor-General)】 The guest house was finally reopened after nearly a year of renovation. After a few days, he went in for a visit and recommended it to everyone.

Longshan Road

The street where the entrance of Signal Hill is located is called Longshan Road. There are many small German buildings on Longshan Road, and it is built up from the mountains. Go straight along Longshan Road and you will be able to reach Hengshan Road. Please note that there are a lot of roads nearby. Don't get lost!

Huangxian Road

Going down from Hengshan Road is Huangxian Road. After inserting a small road (see the roadmap in the front, I also don’t quite understand the name of these trails ORZ)

Cottage near Huangxian Road

Large magnolia in the courtyard

Huangxian Road

Close to the old “Shanda”, old museums, old libraries, and guest houses. There is the birthplace of Lao She's former residence, "Camel Xiang Zi." The brothers and sisters of the artist's legendary “buffet artist” Huang Zongjiang, Huang Zongluo, and Huang Zongying once lived in the small courtyard of the Lao She family.

After that, it was the renovation of the former residence of Lao She.

Former Residence of Lao She

Attractions Practical Information

[Also] Lao She's Former Residence (Camel Xiang Zi Museum)
[Fare] free
Lao She is here to complete the "Camel Xiangzi" writing work, the entire museum has this novel as the theme. It was also rich in collections, and there were various articles written by Mr. Laoshe in that year. There are also VODs for the Camel Xiangzi plays of various ages. It is also very interesting to see.

Lao She's Former Residence (University Road)

From 1934 to 1937, Mr. Lao She lived and worked in Qingdao for three years. Introduced by Mr. Shu Yi, this was a golden period for Lao She’s life and literary creation. Here is one of his three places of residence in Qingdao. The other two are on Laiwu Road and one on Jinkou Road. This former residence of Lao She is located in a quiet alley. The house is small but very elegant. Lao She's eldest daughter, Shu Ji, lived here from three to four years old. The former residence is a two-story building with a north-facing south facing downstairs. In contrast to the previous year, the hospital installed the “Camel Xiangzi” sculpture and Lao She bustling statue that were being pulled by the cart, and used 26 pottery prints to move Mr. Sun Zhijun’s “Camel Xiangzi Painting Biography” to the wall. There are not many visitors here on weekdays. You can walk slowly and slowly.

Interesting cafes in the surrounding area

【Giraffe Coffee】 From the former residence of Lao She, you can see a very interesting cafe.

Giraffe Coffee (Old University Road)

One of the top ten recommended cafes in Qingdao, the owner of the coffee shop is a pale-bodied Qingdao man, because he spent a few years in Sichuan chatting with a lot of interest. He said that half of the cafe was opened for his girlfriend. Half is for himself, because he is designing and designing. This café is decorated and decorated with his own ideas.

【Looking up late at night】 Coffee Shop on the street corner——Nothing to stay up late, there is a story shop, frequented, quiet, my tune.

No late night cafe

University Road

 Going out of here is the university road. There are many great cafes on the university road. You can take a walk and sit there.

The university road, as the name implies, was named for its nearby university. The earliest self-interested Qingdao University, after a series of mergers to become the National University of Shandong, once gathered. I really like the feeling of university road. Especially when the summer is midsummer, the sunlight is scattered from the leaves of sycamore leaves.

If you don’t want to go to Haida, you can go directly to Xiaoyushan and Celebrity’s Former Residence Street from here.

Qingdao Museum of Fine Arts The site of the former Red Dragonfly Club is also being renovated.

University Road

The university road was built after Germany invaded Qingdao. It laid a modern road along the Qingdao River, and built a stone bridge at the intersection of Huangxian, making it extend northwards, called Ospas Street. But the Qingdao people call it Dong Guan Street. University Road connects Longkou Road, Yushan Road, Huangxian Road, Huashan Road, and Qixian Road from south to north; both sides are combined Chinese and western residential buildings; along the road there are Yucai Middle School, People’s Hall, Dongfang Hotel, and Qingdao Urban Construction Archives along the road. Museum, Qingdao Museum, University Road Primary School, Qingdao Ocean University, etc. University Road is located in the southern part of Qingdao City. The building has a distinctive Western style. There are many attractions such as Ocean University, Art Museum, Wen Yiduo’s former residence, and Kang Youwei’s former residence.

Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China Recommended Tour

Strongly recommended in April, other seasons can eliminate personal preferences

Cherry Blossom Road overlooking Signal Hill

I have a habit, regardless of where I always like to go to the best local universities, Haida is the best university in Qingdao. But it seems that few people know. 985 Oh, national authority in ocean research. And he was selected as one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in the country.
Haida’s geographical location is really good, where the original Spitmai Army Camp is located. From the sea-level playground, there is a panoramic view of the entire Signal Hill area. In April cherry blossom season, you can admire the signal hill in Yinghai Road.

Former Residence of Cultural Celebrities

From the sea, no matter from which gate you can go to the street of a cultural celebrity's former residence, I honestly feel that there is a pit father's name. Apart from a house where you can visit the former residence of Kang Youwei, all are private houses, and all visitors are refused to visit. Only look at the scenery on the road.

This is the traditional Balo Oil Road in Qingdao. It can play a role in increasing the friction on the uphill or downhill slope. With the transformation of the old city, it has almost disappeared. Going down here is the Deputy Chief Officer of Jiao Ao (Former Kang Youwei's Former Residence)
[Jiao Ao's Deputy Governor's Residence] (Kang Youwei's Former Residence) Free Tour

[Recommendation level] Seriously, although there are many exhibitions in this former residence, the viewability is general, and the existing buildings are now modeled on the basis of the time, not the original ones. It is better to go to the bookstore dedicated to selling Qingdao cultural books on the first floor of the former residence . You can just sit under the ginkgo tree Kang Youwei has planted to blow the sea breeze, listen to the birdsong, and tease the little cats. If you think of Kang Youwei, you will pick a place to live.

Ocean University of China (Yushan Campus)

Built in 1924. There are many historic buildings on campus, such as a geology hall and aquarium, where Bismarck Barracks was built when Germany invaded Qingdao and there were Japanese junior high schools. Next to the university road is Qingdao's earliest street, with historical and cultural heritage.


[Fare] Tickets: 15 (10)
【Sightseeing Review】 Xiaoyushan is much smaller than Signal Hill and I even thought it was a viewing platform, but it was a great win.

【Other Recommendations】 There are many cafes under Xiaoyushan, but you can go in one, but I recommend to bring a cup of drink (they are half price) and go to the mountains to enjoy the scenery.

Xiaoyushan Park

· Xiaoyushan Park is the first classical style Shantou Garden Park in Qingdao City. This hill was originally named after the mountain and was later known as “Little Fish Mountain” due to its proximity to Yushan Road. · Although the mountain is not high but can overlook, climbing overlooking, trestle bridge, small Qingdao, Lu Xun Park, bathing beach, Badaguan and other landscapes panoramic view. · There are three layers of octagonal towers at Chaoshan Pavilion, 18 meters high, covered with green glazed tiles.

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