Tengchong Atami hot springs scenic guide

Atami is the representative of Tengchong Hot Springs, is the oldest Tengchong Hot Springs Resort, also gathered the largest source of hot springs, the hot springs than the metropolitan closer to nature, and now continue to develop, the rides are also continuously enriched, hot springs everywhere Visible, each steaming steaming braved in the heat, the whole sea area like a fairyland in general, if to Tengchong play, do not miss here.
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Tengchong hot sea area

Tengchong is one of the three geothermal areas in China. The geothermal temperature is high, the steam is big and the hydrothermal activity is intense. It is rare in China. There are 778 boiling springs, gas springs, fountains and hot spring groups in Tengchong. There are also several hot water heat dew in each spring group. Among them, the hot water in the high temperature center of the geothermal area of the county has its landscape, water temperature and water influx The highest in the county, with the reputation of "Yihong Hot Sea", is one of the most important scenic spots in the national Geothermal Volcano Scenic Area. Located at Tengda Hutuo, Tengda Hutuo is one of the main scenic spots in Atami. It is the heart of Athechi, once named as "Yihong Hot Sea" by the ancients and included in Twelve Kingdoms of Tengchong. It has a diameter of 6.12 meters and a water depth of 1.5 meters. There are 3 water holes in the "bottom of the pot", with a water inflow of 0.94 liters / second and a surface temperature of 96.6 ° C.


Toad mouth

Hot spring splashing cliffs on the cliff near the hot spring group called the frog mouth, the spring group named for the shape of "mouth toad" is the only pulsating boiling fountain, a range of 1.5 meters, temperature 95.5 ℃ flow 0.4L / S, PH: 8.28. Due to the mixing of gas in high-temperature spring water and the intermittent eruption, the pulsating jet is formed. Because the fissure connected with the ground surface is nearly 60 degrees to the ground surface, the jet water vapor flow is obliquely sprayed. White, surrounded by a lot of high temperature bath is green, far looks like a toad, this spring is a geyser like a group of toad regular spit water, also known as "toad spit water."


Hot sea bath valley hot spring

Hot sea bathing valley is located in the hinterland of Atami Sea, built according to the mountainous terrain, Guzhong pavilions, small bridges, flowers and trees full of vitality, decorated with twenty-two Tang Chi, so that the entire building layout and Atami natural landscape Organic combination of hot spring spa culture and garden art constitute a colorful wonderful scenery, is the mountain in the hot spring world. Bath Valley building size of 10,530 square meters, garden landscaping 4689 square meters, the peak time can receive 838 visitors at the same time. There are a total of twenty-two baths open-air, semi-open-air gold and other minerals in the original soup of bubble pool, different functions, features many. Is known as "Shennongyao bath," said the seven Chinese herbal medicine pool, suitable for all types of people, "slimming pool", "beauty pond", "Ziyin Chi" for the majority of women choose the effect of beauty, beauty In addition, "cool pool" "drive pool" with detoxification, wind and itch effect. Folk have such a sentence, "when the back of people lift the crutches with sandals, walking up and chest steps", to use this metaphor "Shennongyao bath" effect, the most appropriate.


Five characteristic bubble pool is located in the middle of the bath valley, followed by: cedar pool, coffee pool, aloe pool, wine pool, tea pool. Cedar pool, also known as "fragrant soup", using Teng expensive "Cedar" system, after the bubble refreshing, skin beauty and body, and after bath body full of fragrance; "coffee pool" into the unique pellets of Yunnan Coffee, the most prominent refreshing effect; "Aloe pool" fresh aloe vera slices, visitors can use their own body wash to achieve the effect of beauty, "wine pool" configured a certain percentage of the song, its efficacy to sterilization Disinfection, and promote blood circulation; "tea pool" is designed for you away from the sky, let the soul, relieve fatigue and prepared Tangchi.


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