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Is still full of the world filled with search information, search Raiders, travel it? The next this heavy free exercise Raiders, allowing you to easily get Tengchong eat and drink, just a ticket, starting immediately. Travel can be so easy!
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Preparation before the trip

About the climate

The perennial climate of Tengchong belongs to the subtropical rainforest climate. It is roughly divided into the dry season and the rainy season with clear wet and dry conditions. The rainy season is June-September each year, and the dry season is October-May. During the rainy season, rainfall is large, the temperature is low, humidity is too large, the daytime temperature is generally around 24 degrees, is an excellent summer resort.

During the dry season, the weather was dry and the temperature was stable. Mostly, the temperature difference between day and night widened and the evening was colder. Appropriate clothes should be added at temperatures between 8 and 22 degrees Celsius.

1, April afternoon, more windy weather. Tengchong perennial temperature is relatively constant, the change is not large, the choice of vacation and rest is a very suitable place.
2, early winter or winter and spring, Tengchong UV is still very strong, we must pay attention to sunscreen, of course, a lot of ways, you can sunscreen according to your favorite way. Of course, sunglasses are very necessary, especially for driving a friend.

About necessities

1, two sets of changing clothes. Sunglasses, scarf, hat.
2, return air tickets, advance booking on the site can be good.
3, Itinerary is a must before traveling preparations.

About travel equipment

Listing 1: Mobile phone, charging treasure, charging cable, headset
List 2: SLR camera, lens, backup battery, battery charger, data cable, tripod
Listing 3: iPod

About B & B reservation

According to the itinerary of the accommodation arrangements, booked in advance in Tengchong County, or Heshun town inn, and good hotel in advance. Arranged in advance to pick up, chartered, travel advice and so on.

Inn is best booked in advance, especially in high season , there may really be hard to find a room, book in advance, whether it is inn or inn room, you can have more choices.

Traffic matters


1, Kunming West Terminal - Tengchong high fast: the price ranged from 215 to 247 yuan; 670 kilometers; about 11 hours; there are 11 buses throughout the day, 9:00, 9:50, 11:00, 14:00, 18: 30,19: 30,20: 30,21: 00

 2, Shimonoseki (Prosperous Station) - Baoshan: fare 63 yuan, 170 kilometers, about 2.5 hours high-speed, 8: 00-19: 20 every 40 minutes a Classes, a total of 15 classes; Baoshan - Tengchong high fast: fare 68 yuan, 168 kilometers, about 3 hours, 7:50 am to 7:30 am every 40 minutes

 3, Dali Shimonoseki (Prosperity Station) - Tengchong High Express : 118 yuan, 339 km high-speed, 6 hours, 10: 00,13: 00,19: 30, only 3 classes

 4, Lijiang Coach Terminal - Tengchong high fast: 190 yuan, 540 km high speed, about 8 hours, 14:30 Point departure, day after day

 5, Ruili - Tengchong: 57 yuan, 246 kilometers provincial highway, 4 hours, 7 classes a day, 7 am -12: 30

 6, Mangshi - Tengchong: 26 yuan, 109km, 2.5 hours of high speed, 9 classes a day, 7: 30-16: 00 in the morning

1, Shimonoseki - Tengchong bus only prosperous bus station, the ticket can go to where the net and other sites to buy three days in advance Oh. If you are in the ancient city of Dali, you can buy tickets in the ancient city of the bus ticket outlets, so as not to temporarily get to the terminal can not go to Tengchong ticket, it is recommended one day or two days in advance to buy tickets.

 2, Lijiang - Tengchong bus ride in the new tourist bus station in Lijiang, day by day, departure before 3 pm, arrived at about 12 pm Tengchong tourist terminal.

 3, if you do not catch up with Kunming - Tengchong direct vehicles, you can also choose to Kunming - Baoshan direct vehicles, Kunming, all the bus stations have; Baoshan to Baoshan - Tengchong to take the shuttle after the last bus in the interval is 19: 00, pay attention to their own grasp of time, so as not to miss the shift.

 4, if you do not catch Dali (Shimonoseki) - Tengchong direct vehicles, you can also choose to pass - Baoshan direct vehicles, Shimonoseki has all the bus stations, cut more trips; to Baoshan to take Baoshan - Tengchong The shuttle takes about 6 hours.

 5, if you do not have to buy your location - Tengchong direct train, can be the first to Baoshan, Baoshan shuttle bus to reach Tengchong County can.

 6, Tengchong County - Husun ​​town 4 km road, the taxi is 20 yuan, Tengchong taxi is not playing table, so do not dispute with the driver what. In addition to dripping everywhere. In addition, you can also take the 2 bus from the bus terminal to get off the jewelry trading center station, then take the opposite direction of the 6 bus, a dollar to the gate of the ancient town of Heshun.

 7, some Heshun Inn is a free pick-up or paid pick-up service Oh, please consult before booking the inn.

Flight transportation

Kunming - Tengchong Direct Flight: 5-13 classes a day; 1 hour and 5 minutes; 429km; 500 or more
Chengdu - Tengchong direct flight: irregular time-day; 2 hours; 1140km; 800
Chongqing - Tengchong direct flight: 2 hours and 15 minutes; 1150km; 700 yuan or more
Beijing - Tengchong (Kunming stopped): 8: 30-14: 05 a class; 5 hours and 35 minutes; 2695km; 1100 yuan
Beijing - Tengchong direct flight: 8:30 class; One day, three hours; 1200 and above.
Guangzhou - Tengchong (Kunming stopped): 7:25 a class; 4 hours and 30 minutes; 1786km; 1300 yuan or more
Shenzhen - Tengchong direct flight: 7: 20-10: 00 class; 2 hours and 45 minutes; Above
Nanjing - Tengchong Direct: 14: 45-19: 55 a class; 5 hours; 2839km; more than 1000
Zhengzhou - Tengchong Direct Flight : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday classes. 9: 20-14: 30,800 or above
Xi'an - Tengchong Direct: One day a day,
Changsha - Tengchong Direct: One day in general,
Zhuhai - Tengchong Direct Flight: Three classes a week, Tuesday, Thursday,

1, Tengchong relatively close to the airport there Baoshan Yun Airport, Mangshi Airport, and the two reached Tengchong are only 2.5 hours of the shuttle, the entire high-speed, you can also check your location to these two places of flight, And generally cheaper.

2, if you have plenty of time, you can first arrived in Mangshi, Mang Wan, Ruili, then take the shuttle to Tengchong.

Self-driving traffic

2. Baoding (179km, G56, 2 hours) - Tengchong (153km, S10 Baoteng Expressway, 2 hours)

2. Chengdu-Xichang (442km, G5 high speed, 1.5 hours) - Mouding County (71km, S214, 1.5 hours) - Luhe Town (30km, S219, (150km, G56, 2 hours) - Baoshan (179km, G56, 2 hours) - Tengchong (153km, Baotou Expressway, 2 hours)

3. Lijiang - Dali (Shimonoseki) (196km , Baoshan (179km, G56 high speed, 2 hours) - Tengchong (153km, S10 high speed, 2 hours)

4. Xishuangbanna - Pu'er (120km, G8511 high speed, 1.5 hours) - Lincang (180km, G214 , 3 hours) - Yunxian (79km, G214 national road, 1 hour) - Chang County (117km, S312,2 hours) - Baoshan (109km, S312,1.5 hours) - Tengchong (153km, Paul Teng high speed, 2 hours)

5 , Ruili - Mangshi (100km, G5 high speed, 1.5 hours) - Tengchong (10 5km, G5, 1.5 hours)

1, the highway in Yunnan more corners, cut into the mountain road, in the driving process must control the speed, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, safe travel.

2, most sections speed limit 80, cut the speed section is very much, so as not to speeding.

Chartered traffic

1, together with the inn together carpool, so more economical, they can make a lot of friends.

2, of course, you can pack a car if the economic conditions permit, so do not have to worry about driving a car or carpool together with others to bring the trouble. Carpool or chartered, the general you stay in the inn will have a car, you can ask the front desk or boss; the price of 200-300 a day / car / day range.

3, of course, there are still some drivers do not fly here, anyway, we want a lot of embankments, everything must first talk about the front, lest there will be some troubles affect the journey mood. Too many black cars outside, it is recommended to take the inn's car travel, more reliable.

Tengchong where to play?

- Heshun ancient town -

Came here, do not live a night to go on a pity, overnight Hussein town can be a good idea. Finished living, you can simply visit the ancient town, the inn generally have to provide the map of the ancient town. After dinner you can also stroll in the ancient town, a beautiful night view of the ancient town.

Guzhen tickets can not buy. The way is to bypass many of the card checkpoints, or wait for 7 o'clock in the evening to check the staff to get off work, but the ancient town of the need for small attractions within the ticket is not allowed (such as the library, Ai Siqi House, Residential, etc.).

Tengchong four-day itinerary arrangements

The first day: to reach the ancient town of Heshun the
next day: Heshun - Volcano Park - Ginkgo Village - black fish River - Beihai wetland
Day 3: West Yunnan War Memorial - Guanyin Cemetery - Dieshuihe Falls - hot The
fourth day of the sea : Heshun ancient town, hot springs (Yunfeng)

Hwasun library

The following attractions need to charter travel , depending on the distance and car models, and then the driver talk about the price, 200-350 range. After breakfast at Heshun, make an appointment with the driver, usually starting at 9:00, bringing in daily necessities, putting on proper clothing and shoes and getting ready for departure.

- Volcano Park -

Need to climb the mountain, a small empty mountain is very easy to go up, big empty mountain more tired, according to the body choose; hot air balloon depending on the weather, usually before twelve can ride, single price is 280 yuan. After touring Volcano Park, the driver received you ready to proceed to the next stop.

Tickets: 58 yuan
Hot Air Balloon: Single 280 yuan
Tour time: 2.5 hours

- Ginkgo Village -

From Volcano Park to Ginkgo Village is a 20-minute drive to reach Ginkgo Village, you need to buy tickets, the internal battery car is a selective consumption items. First of all, we must first use lunch, (recommended ginkgo stewed chicken) exhausted meal, that is, in the Ginkgo Village shopping about what to take pictures.

Tickets: 40 yuan / person
Tour time: 3 hours

- Columnar joints, black fish River -

Tickets and Volcano Park Pass, after columnar joint observation platform, along the steps down to the Blackfish River, a small ecological environment is very good.

Columnar joints

Columnar joints

Black fish river

Black fish river

Black fish river

Tickets: Volcano Park Pass
Tour Duration: 1-2 hours

- Beihai wetlands -

After arriving at the Beihai wetland, you can row the row of grass for rowing. After the end, began to return to the ancient town. Try not to participate in non-scenic water projects, although cheaper, but without any security, there will be guests drowned, very dangerous.

Tour time: 2 hours

- West Yunnan War Memorial, Guanyin Cemetery -

Tickets: Free Visit (closed on Mondays )
Tour time: about 2 hours

- Hot Sea Scenic Area -

Departure, but hot sea hot springs in general, very few bubble pool, tour more, is not recommended in hot sea foam.

Tickets: scenic 78 yuan, hot springs package is 278 yuan (general inn has a concessionary ticket, the price is 260 yuan), if you need hot sea hot springs can be purchased in advance in the inn discount tickets
Travel time: 2.5 hours, you need low-intensity Climbing
Hot Springs Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Tengchong eat what?

Between heaven and earth, food is beautiful. I like to travel around and take a long way, it is found that travel and food are inseparable. For Heshun Ancient Town, I like his architectural culture, its history and culture, and its various food culture. I would like to share with you some of the food I discovered in the ancient town of Heshun, Let's go take a look at Tengchong food it!

- Teng Chong bait wire -

Tengchong Baizhong invented by Hujiawan villagers in Dongshan Township, using local specialty pulp and rice processing, has a history of nearly 400 years and is a convenient snack popular with local and foreign tourists in Tengchong.

- rescue (fried bait block) -

According to legend, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Nanming Yongli emperor flew to Tengchong, exhausted, hunger and cold when forced to eat a piece of fried speculation, actually like to eat delicacies of seafood in general, unknowingly blurted out: "Really rescue! "" Rescue "in the name of the resulting.

- soil pot -

Soil pot, also known as "pot dishes", the shape of the pot resembles volcano, the coal placed in the mouth, Gu aka "volcano hot sea" is Tengchong local hot pot, is a unique flavor dishes.

Different from the traditional old Beijing hot pot, the pot of Beijing hot pot is made of copper, and its taste is diverse. Tengchong hot pot is Tengchong Manchurian village fired pottery pot, which emphasizes slow cooking slowly, so dish taste sweet alcohol and.

- Lean soy flour -

If you come to Tengchong travel, do not miss Tengchong cuisine - Tengchong rare bean flour. It's delicious from its unique production methods, the general is the use of pea flour noodles are made, Tengchong diluted soy flour is made with slurry.

Peas will be picked out the best, add the basin into the blisters a day or night, and then with a stone mill with water, and then a clean gauze filter, the filtered pea powder water into the pot, you can cook the lentils .

Copper scoop beef -

Also known as "scoop of beef," when used to make beef with copper scoop pot so named scoop beef, scoop beef hot pot with an old style stove, no gas or induction cooker, but the kind of original carbon burning in Production is also the use of eco-beef, coupled with top-secret cooking stew, seasoning, and then cut into slices of beef, fat and fit, tender and refreshing skin with beef, all delicious and pleasant.

You can choose according to their own taste or spicy soup pot, but also add some tendon, beef miscellaneous and other entrees. Rouge refreshing, attractive aroma.


- yellow jelly -

Teng rushed where?

- Heshun ancient town accommodation -

To Tengchong tourists in addition to travel accommodation is arranged in the county, free travel tourists prefer to live in the ancient town of Heshun.

Heshun ancient town is a very cultural place, ancient buildings, ancient alley, quiet pavilions, you can enjoy to feel the share of charm brought by precipitation. There is also no noise inside the ancient town, some unique inn, beautiful and quiet environment and the charm of the night.

Another Heshun ancient town conditions and supporting services have also been perfect, fully able to buy your travel needs, everything need not worry, Husun ​​ancient town accommodation more, all price phases have, but it is still recommended to book in advance, especially holidays And Golden Week, if you do not book in advance may not find the ideal accommodation Oh.

- Tengchong County accommodation -

Tengchong County accommodation and more concentrated in the Atami along the road, mainly to hotels, hotels, talking about the difference between hotel and inn, I would not have to talk about these conceptual things it.

The price is relatively cheap, the room too much, because all the travel accommodation team arranged to the hot sea along the hotel, it will be relatively noisy, mutual influence may be more, Fortunately, the hotel infrastructure are relatively abundant, simple The accommodation is okay.

Personally feel that bed and breakfast may be more comfortable, have more free space, you can feel more feelings, or like the B & B Inn in the form. Of course, this is a personal opinion, there is a certain degree of subjectivity.

Tengchong will experience: Hot Springs

Soak a hot spring soup, Tengchong trip must do. In terms of water quality, the original hot spring spa than the general hot spring, from the hardware, service level is also quite good. If you do not go to experience the major soup hot springs Tengchong, be in vain trip Oh. Here are some of Tengchong to introduce these hot springs.

Lotus Spa

Lotus spa belongs to the Southeast Asian-style natural forest hot springs, a variety of facilities are quite complete, very thoughtful service, the scenery is very beautiful, real forest natural soup Hot Springs, food is not critical ... ... In short first-class, recommended .

Transportation: Take the free shuttle bus Lotus Spa, Yuquan Park in Tengchong County, cemetery around the island, the ancient town of Heshun can take the
Internet fare: 238 yuan / market price: 260 yuan / person (1.1 meters below the free of charge, 1.1 meters - 1.3 meters half-price market price; 1.3 above the full vote)

- Atami Onsen (beauty pool, bath valley) -

Beauty pool is located in the Atami Sea Hot Springs area, but also belong to the original high-temperature hot springs, but also a relatively good open-air swimming pool, is still very good; hot springs pool is not much, there are about 10, not so much tricks, indoor SPA environment Also ok, the buffet is shared with the beauty pool hotel.

If your time is not very comfortable, you can visit the Atami area in the morning, the afternoon bubble to the beautiful pool, this arrangement is more reasonable, but also save time.

Bath Valley is also hot at Seaview, the conditions are pretty and beauty pool, but he did not open swimming pool, the better point is that their original soup pool more comfortable, the environment is better. The location is at the exit of the hot sea big pan, play hot sea area, you can go to hot springs, it is convenient.

Transportation: First of all, to reach the Atami Sea area, hot sea area turn machine mouth beauty pool battery car shuttle, Bath Valley Spa is at the scenic exit, after the play, Atami can go directly to hot springs. If the self-driving car can also be directly reached the beauty pool or bathing valley gate, but also convenient
network fare: hot sea tickets + hot spring ticket (two choose one), the total price of 278 yuan

- Angsana Hot Springs -

Located in the northeast of Tengchong County, 8 kilometers, at the mouth of the Ma Gugu Valley, hot springs, hotels, restaurants as one of the integrated service venues, environment and service count among the best in Tengchong, and highly recommended.

Transportation: Need to go by car or chartered to
fare: Retail price is 360 yuan, the network price is 240 yuan

- Sakura Hot Spring -

Located in the Sakura Valley area, there are three natural soup hot spring pool, as in the undeveloped or semi-developed state, so currently not separate charges, the cost is included in the ticket, due to cherry valley forest lush vegetation coverage reached 100% , So Sakura Valley Hot Springs is also a veritable forest spa.

However, since Sakura Valley is far away from home, traffic is not very convenient and the traffic is not very good at present. Therefore, it is unreachable for many of my friends or it costs a lot of money to do so. Sakura Valley can only be said to be one Very good place, but there is a certain degree of difficulty to arrive.

Tengchong County Cherry Valley Road is expected to open in March 2018 all the traffic.

Transport: By car, or chartered to the chartered costs may be more than 300. The current road conditions are not recommended to
fare: Tickets (including hot springs) is 90 yuan / person

- Heshun Bai Lian Hot Springs -

Bo Luen Hot Springs is located in the western town of Heshun Avalokitesvara, Beside the quality of everyone must know, first-class service, functional bubble pool diverse, but also presented an afternoon tea.

Hot Spring Tickets: 268 yuan, including a free afternoon tea
Transportation: Heshun Bai Lian Hot Springs Hotel

Different seasons vary

- Ginkgo Village (November 10 - December 10) -

No one who has been to Ginkgo Village in the autumn, why talk about autumn. Deciduous leaves are pure gold, scattered in the village before the village, numerous golden promenade leading to the quaint village, graceful like a charming fairy tale.

- Sakura Valley (December 10 - January 10) -

Sakura Valley Scenic Area brings together the Gaoligongshan subtropical broad-leaved virgin forests, natural hot springs, different forms of waterfalls, streams, rocks and other unique geological and landscape natural landscape.

The growth of different plants at different altitudes, from high-altitude coniferous forests at the summit to ferns and vines in the valleys, and the evergreen broad-leaved giant tree growing on rocks epitomize the natural landscape of Mt. Gaoligong.

Relative to Dali Nanjian Wuliang mountain cherry valley, Tengchong cherry valley more wild and casual, deep in Gaoligongshan; inadvertently found a mountain stream, perhaps where she waited for hundreds of years, the years quiet .

3, Beihai Wetland (April Iris)

4, boundary flowers (March-April)

Travel tips

1, Tengchong Heshun ancient town 1540 meters above sea level, is a Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, a strong UV, need to pay attention to sun protection.

2, and the rain is clear, May - September is a rainy season, the maximum temperature of 29 degrees, the afternoon sun, please bring rain gear; October - next April is a dry season, the weather was sunny and moderate temperature in winter temperature 8 -22 degrees, can be described as four seasons such as spring.

3, travel suggestions Carpool or charter, affordable and safe, save time.

4, cheaper prices, a pleasant climate, suitable for family vacation sightseeing.

5, diet and more mainly to local diet, staple rice, rice noodles, local cooking restaurant can provide a variety of family fried.

6, the basic national Han people, not too much to note, the public security conditions here are good, useless to worry about.

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