Tengchong four seasons the most spectacle, in the edge of the city feel slow life

Tengchong this polar city, showing a different landscape throughout the year, the spring flowers gorgeous; summer shuttle to the forest fields, summer shade; autumn enjoy slow life in the warm picture scroll; winter walk in between the hot springs do not know cold. Which season do you like Tengchong?
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One, winter - I do not know the cold edge of the town

This gentle little town, with its sunny sunshine all the year round, barely has a cold winter day, but occasional heavy snowfall in Yunfeng Mountain, at a slightly higher elevation. If in the same town one-time encounter two completely different winter beauty, but also a great blessing in life.

First look at a video feel Tengchong winter warmth.
Inconvenient to see the video can also be stored with a look at the photo ~

If you are lucky enough to encounter the snow-capped Yunfeng Mountain, do not worry about the cold, in such a warm place to encounter such a spectacular is more lucky thing it! And even if it is snowing, it's just the top of the mountain, and the warm sunshine at the foot of the mountain is again.

Yunfeng snow by the network

① endless hot springs

Tengchong is located at the junction of the two continental plates. For thousands of years, there has been a continuous crustal activity. The enormous heat of the crust collides with the groundwater and forms a geothermal landscape with "hot springs in villages and villages and hot springs in townships".
In addition to the local environment comfortable luxury soup house, the local villagers from small bubbles to the big bathhouse is everywhere, different styles, all interesting, may wish to choose one or two to experience it.

Banyan Tree Spa Resort's five-star spa resort, sitting in secluded valleys, good facilities, service sticks, the size of foam pool a total of 43, as well as children's pool, couples pool to meet the various needs.

Address: Beihai Township, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province Ma Royal Valley Hot Springs International Tourism Resort;
Price: 238 yuan;
Business Hours: 9: 30-23: 00
Transportation: There is no public transport, the proposed chartered to. Or take the hotel shuttle bus.

Angsana by the network

here for the carbonate hot spring, no sulfur smell, but also a natural hot spring. Promote blood circulation, improve sleep, beauty salons and other effects.

Hotline tickets can be booked online, not only eliminating the need to wait in line the trouble of the site, but also presented a small exquisite snacks, 2 or more can also be given a car shuttle service, very convenient.

Supply and marketing cooperatives Hot Spring
is located in the town of Lantana Beach, along the street are hot springs hotel, this is the best condition. Hot springs here to cheap, the public well-known, good water quality, a soup pool, swimming pool and fumigation room, but less outdoor bubble pool, the environment can not be compared with Angsana.

Transportation: There is no public transport, it is recommended to chartered or by car;
Tips: Hot Springs hotel accommodation is poor, it is recommended to return to the city after the hot springs accommodation.

Supply and marketing cooperatives hot springs by the network

② hot sea

Tengchong most famous scenic spot, 2.5 km of mountain trails in series from the steam springs, hot springs, hot springs and other geothermal phenomena, the entire area is steaming warm look, where you can not only know the hot springs, but also hot springs, scenic Bath Spa within the Tengchong city is the best hot spring water in the scenic area within 3 km walk after the bubble hot springs to solve the lack of really a great blessing on the road!

Tickets: 60 yuan / person, children and elderly holders of valid documents can be reduced Tickets
Tips: If you need hot springs in Bath Valley hot sea area tickets to buy tickets from 283 yuan.

Steamy area by bikego Xiao Hao

If you determine the itinerary, the same proposal online booking hot springs tickets, not only eliminates the need to wait in line the trouble of the scene, but also presented a delicate snack, 2 or more can also be given a car shuttle service, very convenient.

③ volcano

There are as many as 100 volcanoes in Tengchong, but almost all of them are dormant volcanoes that have not been erupted. The famous scenic spot here is Volcano Geopark, one of the four largest volcanic groups in China with a total of 97 new-generation volcanic heaps, volcanic landscapes of various shapes and "columnar joints" with distinctive features that make it the "Natural Volcanology and Geology Museum The praise. Scenic area mainly contains two volcanoes, after climbing up to see only one pit, people disappointed, it is better to save money and physical strength, in fact, more beautiful.

Tickets: 40 yuan / person, the park hot air balloon 200 yuan / 10min, due to the weather often only open in the morning or not open.

Far view Volcano Geopark by bikego

The volcano road next to the Volcano Geopark is more interesting than the scenic area. There are not many tourists. The road connects dozens of volcanoes. The volcanoes vary in shape and the environment around them changes constantly. Forest, very wonderful.

Volcano road by bikego

Tengchong beautiful, but the traffic is not very convenient, the recent route of Baoshan Airport less, and because of the weather and other weather often late or cancel the flight, it is better to ride the car from Dali more convenient, and there are locals with, Fun will Classic attractions and niche hit cards, bathing, hot sea area, a volcano does not appreciate the scenery, there is no reason to refuse it!

④ Yunfeng Mountain

Tengchong Taoism famous mountains, Xu Xiake had lived in this small year, the only love their quiet mountain scenery. Winter is the easiest to see the sea of ​​clouds, the mountain is surrounded by white clouds, like a fairyland. In the winter is not cold Tengchong, actually have the opportunity to encounter the wonders of the snow-capped mountains, silver-coated, very attractive.

Tickets: 60 yuan scenic tickets, cable car 90 yuan / one-way, 160 yuan / way.
Tips: After the cable car walk about 20 minutes to board the summit; if the whole walk takes about 2.5 hours.

Yunfeng Peak walking stone steps by the network

Yunfengshan sea of ​​clouds fairyland by the network

⑤ winter gourmet recommended

Rare beans flour 粑 粑: Tengchong is the local characteristics of eating, morning bowl of hot red beans, do not mention more comfortable, together with the roasting baibutuan into the grub, is a hearty and satisfying breakfast.
Recommended: inch of soy flour, the local red bean network industry, many locals will come to eat, usually sold out at nine o'clock in the morning, Address:

Soybean meal 粑 粑 by mfw

Soil Pot : Tengchong is the local hot pot, placed in the middle of the charcoal pot, so that the entire pot has been kept warm, the pot is also rich in content, ribs, chicken, crisp meat, there are a variety of vegetarian dishes, the top is the local characteristics Foam. It's hot and delicious winter food.
Recommended: Golden Farm, locals love farmhouse, authentic Tengchong delicious local. Address: Shan source Community Hill Foothill Street, opposite the parking lot 135

Soil pot by bikego Xiao Hao

Copper scoop beef: ecological beef cattle miscellaneous, with soup or red soup soup, eat fresh beef first, then eat has been completely tasty vegetarian dishes, and finally add the bait lure the soup essence. This pot and friends eat do not mention in the winter with a lot of effort!
Recommended: Chao Wei copper scoop beef, Tengchong the city's most popular shop, always overcrowded meals, fresh and rich ingredients, the taste is great. Address: Yinma water River Bridge

Copper scoop beef by bikego

Second, the spring - colorful shocking flowers season

Tengchong spring is the most gorgeous season of the year, with all flowers to describe it is no exaggeration, colorful colors also wake up and lit the vast land, but also to the tourists the most colorful spring.

① boundary rape

Boundary Town 100,000 mu of rape fields, surrounded by the Gaoligongshan, 2-3 months each year Qi Qi blooming, a golden, very spectacular; as you walk through the flowers, it is someone in the middle reaches of the wonderful feeling of painting, do not lose Qinghai Lake rape.

The vast rape flowers by the network

Circle rape by the network

Tengchong city about 50 kilometers away from the traffic is not convenient, you need to chartered.

② harmony village safflower tea

The village is located in Mazhan Township, north of Tengchong. The mountainous villages are very beautiful. More than 3,000 villagers here have their own red tea tree in their small courtyard. It has a history of 800 years, and over a hundred years The old trees up to more than 15,000 strains. Safflower tea flowering from 12 continuation months to 3 months , the entire village prosperous period are red camellia oil, with the villages of pyrotechnic gas, it is a peaceful beautiful spring day picture.

Camellia scented tea

Tengchong about 23 km from the city, it is recommended chartered or Didi taxi to go

③ Sakura Valley

From the downtown area of ​​Tengchong to Sakura Valley on the road with the beauty of Gaoligongshan, so you do not feel a little 30 km. March is white spring cherry, white pink flowers, very romantic. However, the most special is not to enjoy flowers, but while enjoying the hot springs while watching cherry. There are three hot springs area, are built by the rock pool in the forest between the bubble pool, where the original day rustic charm.

Tickets: 90 yuan / person (including bath costs)
Tips: hot spring water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, it is recommended to arrive in the afternoon play.

Sakura Valley bubble hot springs by mfw

Romantic white cherry by the network

④ Beihai Wetland Iris

Spring is the most beautiful time of the North Sea wetlands, blooming flowers, reeds swaying, as thick as the land of the Millennium meadow also showed a vibrant green. April purple iris flowers blooming in the green grass. To Tengchong glimpse of this exclusive spring of romance.

Tickets: 110 yuan / person, ticket 30 yuan / person, grass votes 60 yuan / person
Tips: Now the state in order to protect the wetland ecology, this area has been closed 2/3 of the tour, only in some areas to play, cost Low, the spring is not as good as overlooking the hills overlooking the scenery, the scenery is still beautiful.

Irises like purple butterflies by the network

Skateboard by bikego

⑤ spring food recommended

Farmer's bacon sausage: Southern Chinese New Year will do bacon sausage, is an indispensable meal on a dish, eat this dish in spring is full of memories of the taste.


Saoti: is a Dai flavor, thin rice with beef, accompanied by sour sauce dip, a very appetizing local snacks. There are many street stalls will sell, usually not bad taste.

Saoti by the network

Third, summer - forest wetlands, summer clearing

No summer heat in the town, the most suitable summer. Originally the temperature was not high, but also sometimes walk through the forest, sometimes in front of the waterfall to feel the slightest water vapor, or drilling into the streets to visit the traditional craftsmen, can become the most profound memories of this summer.

① Lai Fung Shan National Forest Park

Scenic relying on the volcano and built, the legend has phoenix so named after the volcano eruption that year has gone through ancient trees, the scenic forest coverage rate reached 90%; the peak was built in the Qing Dynasty Wenpai tower, the most hillside Tengchong The famous Buddhist resort - Laifeng Temple, all the way shuttle in the forest is very cool, the best summer summer pure heart.

Tickets: free to visit, open 8: 00-17: 30

To Fengshan writing tower by mfw

To Fengshan lotus pond by mfw

② Shuishuihe Falls

Waterfall hanging in the columnar quite volcanic characteristics of the cluster, 46 meters high, Yingjiang rapid water flow, splash, shed slightest fog, refreshing. Over the waterfall there is a stone bridge built in the Republic of China. On the other side of the mountain there is the Guanshuolou Observatory built in the Ming Dynasty. The surrounding stone carvings are left by ancient scholars. Experience some Tengchong bit by bit culture since ancient times.
Recommended Experience: Summer is a period of rich, more magnificent waterfalls turbulence, take the old bridge, take a look at stone inscriptions, feel the perfect fusion of nature and humanity.

Dieshuihe Falls by mfw

Old Bridge by mfw

③ black fish River

It is couponed with Volcano Geopark because of the frequent summer outflow of a black fish. Tengchong here is the largest low-temperature giant springs, but also one of the geothermal phenomena, rivers sometimes appear to tourists seeking food for the monkey, is not afraid of students, it is truly lovely.

Tickets: included in the volcano park address tickets, 40 yuan / Zhang
Recommended Experience: touch the crystal clear water, wash the face, feel the cold water; with some snacks suddenly fed to the monkey came around.

Blackfish River by mfw

Meet the little monkey by mfw

④ intangible cultural heritage

Tengchong is rich in history and culture. Many small intangible cultural heritages still remain, such as pottery, oil paper umbrella, handsheet and shadow play etc., it is better to choose one or two experiences and find a trace in the city in summer Cool, stop by and visit these traditional craftsmen's insistence.

Hand-made paper and
paper craftsmen seclusion Longzhai Walled in the town on the boundary of the town, now has 500 years of history, in 2012 hand-made paper craft designer in Beijing at the foot of the field invested in building Gaoligong handmade paper museum, the intention Inheritance of this ancient culture and craftsmanship to the world.

Address: Tengchong County, Baoshan City, the first village of New Territories Longzhai Village

Handmade paper museum in the field by the internet

The ancient paper technology extended to date

Patriotic oil paper
umbrella elderly people living in Tengchong Mianyang village, began in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi years, dating back more than 300 years of history, inheritance of more than 10 generations, the village surnamed Zheng is still sticking to the family has been inherited 9 generations of technology, and has no successor, can not help but sigh. Since ancient times, oil paper umbrellas in addition to the role of wind and rain there are more than good son and grandchildren implication, from the production to the painting also shows the craftsman's skill and effort. Tengchong must come to explore this do not know when it will disappear craft.

Address: Exploration umbrella elderly, Gudong Township, Tengchong County Mianyang Village
Price: You can buy the elderly do paper umbrella, about 150 yuan /

Master Zheng made oil paper umbrella by the network

red soil pottery dating back more than 600 years of history, from the 1950s until the early reform and opening up, become a necessity for every household life, has experienced more than half a century of glory, where the pottery from hundreds of millions of years ago volcano Eruption and the formation of volcanic mud prepared as raw materials, rich in minerals, natural pollution-free, once Tengchong people's pride, but now, this pride gradually lost, no one is willing to do so complex and can not make The big money process.

Address: Horse Station Township Northwest, 5.5 km from the seat of the township government; the village Sun, Liu two surname portal is the big pottery for generations.
Recommended Experience: Available on-site pottery, can also be purchased ready-made bowl of clay pottery

Master Liu Chai kiln by mfw

Experience pottery by hand by mfw

This kind of folk art in shadow play has spread for thousands of years in our country. After many ups and downs, it is now a pity that no one succeeds others. Liu Yongzhao, the fourth-generation descendant of the Liu Jiazhai shadow play in Tengchong, is over 70 years old. In his lifetime, the age of shadow play was as long as 60 years. Now he has established his own shadow theater art museum. The grandson also became the successor of the sixth generation, complying with the changes of the times, and received a few apprentices to make the shadow, but the real performances are very few. If you are interested in this ancient performing arts, may wish to come here to experience some hands making shadow, or to see a real shadow play.

Recommended Experience:
① Heshun ancient town of Heshun alley, shadow art gallery, can only do a simple visit. Ticket price: 80 yuan / person;
② Tengchong Gu Dong Dong Liujiazhai Shadow Studio can experience making shadow and shadow play.

Master Liu is making a shadow by the network

Master Liu shadow play by the network

These ancient folk crafts, inherited several generations of skills, are gradually submerged in the wheel of the times, people sad and feeling. Although now entitled to the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage, how to develop and inherit it will be a challenge for everyone living in this age. Something is not looking now, it will not be there in the future. Our strength is limited, we can only know more about them in their lifetime and see more of them.

⑤ recommended summer food

Volume powder
cold bran wrapped in spicy sauce, then served with bean sprouts, vermicelli, tasty appetizers, especially for the summer;
Recommended: Ming Kee pink pork roll, popular with the locals shop, full of marketplace Taste, Address: Confucian Temple School Road opposite diagonally, after 12:30 began to operate.

Volume powder by the network

A large
summer dish for a cold dish, cut into very thin slices of pork topped with hot sauce, super satisfied.
Recommended: Ming Kee meat rolls opposite the Tang's big slice of good taste, you can try the big slice after the taste of the powder.

Large sheet by the network

how can a small summer nights drinking beer line and string it! Tengchong local barbecue is also very unique, not only have you never seen the dishes, as well as the local characteristics of the sour sauce dip dipping sauce.

Barbecue by bikego Xiao Hao

Fourth, the fall - warm time in the slow painting

When the streets of other cities slowly deciduous, gradually into the bleak season, the town still shows her warm enough colors, golden ginkgo attracts countless people to come to "worship", but I do not know slow life is the small town The real essence, basking in the warm sun, take a nap, go slowly, this rhythm can fully feel the beauty here.

① Jiangdong ginkgo village

Every fall, this village full of ginkgo trees will accommodate tourists and photographers from all over the country. Especially in the best season of gingko golden at the end of November, this small village is full of food from morning to night Tourists. Tired in the village, looking for a farmhouse to rest, basking in the warm autumn sun, is also a good experience.

Recommended Experience: This is the best in the Ginkgo season 8-9 in the morning arrived, when the tourists are not too much; in the small courtyard of the farm tea, Laoke is a good slow-living experience.

Autumn quiet farmhouse by bikego Xiao Hao

Farm slow life experience by bikego Xiao Hao

② Heshun ancient town

This hometown of overseas Chinese, with a history of more than 600 years, not only has beautiful scenery, ancient architecture, but also profound historical and cultural qualities. The villagers here are deeply influenced by Confucianism and have a high cultural quality. As early as more than 400 years ago, they began to go far to do business in Myanmar, India and the United States. After returning home, they built ancestral shrines of their own families and introduced foreign cultures, the Central Plains culture Combined with the local culture, built quite Huizhou, Southeast Asian style and other different styles of buildings, and the ancient towering towering old trees, green lake water complement each other, is very harmonious.

Recommended Experience: Stay here overnight, stroll the night on the bluestone road, about nine o'clock after the rest of the town on the restoration of peace, in order to savor a quiet and peaceful life. Look up, the stars should be blinking.
Tickets: the ancient town can be free to enter, if the purchase of 80 yuan / person's ticket can visit the Ancestral Hall.

Heshun harmony by bikego Xiao Hao

Longtan by bikego Xiao Hao

③ Qiluo town

Compared to the ancient town of Hussein today's development, this village can be described as retaining enough of the original village atmosphere. Whether it is the house or shop, have maintained the look of the last century, creaking doors, wooden window-like, like crumbling. You can say here behind, but if you stroll careful taste, this is not really slow life it! Villagers are busy working in the hands of farming, but his face filled with a satisfying smile. Life should be so rhythm, happiness will arise spontaneously.

Recommended experience: stroll is the right way to open here, every cornice, every wall has its own story, if you can take a local resident, then chatter, it is a good experience.

A sense of the canteen by mfw

Old farmhouse by bikego

④ autumn food experience

Ginkgo stewed chicken, ginkgo biloba, ginkgo soup, ginkgo fried speculation ginkgo
biloba, eat ginkgo fruit, is not the taste of autumn it! Ginkgo was invented by local residents with a variety of dishes, used to stewed chicken, chicken soup, especially suitable for autumn tonic. And Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo soup and known as the Ginkgo Village three specialties. Everyone in the village is more fried ginkgo as a snack, soft waxy waxy, very unique.

Ghost fried village woman by bikego Xiao Hao

Fried mushrooms
just after the rainy season in September, a variety of fungi born, is a rare delicious experience in Yunnan. Tengchong local like to matsutake fried, good ingredients is to use the simplest way to retain its original delicious.

Fried matsutake by the network

V. Conclusion

Tengchong this small city, exudes a different charm every season, whether it is charming scenery, livable climate temperature, or the imminent disappearance of folk culture, are worth stopping for this small town. Pack up, start right away!
If this Raiders are helpful to you, please forward the collection, if you have any questions Welcome comments, I will reply in time ~

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