Tengchong there is no winter in this city, soaked in hot springs envy the sun

North began to snow it! This winter, you want to choose a city without a cold winter, then go to Tengchong, Yunnan, not to mention there, or hot springs home.

Tengchong, located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, bordering Burma, is currently a county-level city in Baoshan. Tengchong is located in the Tropic of Cancer, the summer average temperature of 19-22 degrees, the coldest January, the temperature is 6-8 degrees, is a real winter without the city.

There are four large volcanic regions in China, with Tengchong being one of them. There are 97 volcanoes identified, of which about 25 are still intact. Most of these volcanoes were formed between about 3.4 million and 10,000 today. Tengchong this city, just as located in the volcanoes of all sizes, but these volcanoes, after millions of years of turbulent eruptions, now entered a long period of deep sleep.

Because more volcano, accompanied by a large number of geothermal hot springs. In China, the type of hot spring is divided into two kinds, one is a volcanic hot spring, which is groundwater in the crust under high temperature and pressure, along the cracks naturally pouring hot spring water on the ground; the other non-volcanic hot springs, that is By artificial extraction of groundwater, if the temperature does not reach for people to take a bath, but also with a heating device for artificial heating. Tengchong, but it is a typical volcanic hot springs.

In Tengchong, hot springs, the most ideal place is Tengchong volcanic Atami , Tengchong is also the only 5A-class scenic spot.

The first: Tengchong volcano hot sea

Tengchong no high-speed rail, go Tengchong, you can choose the plane or car.

There is a hump airport in Tengchong City. As early as during the war of resistance against Japan, hump airport has already been constructed and used. It belongs to the airport with a relatively long history in China. Hump ​​airport construction at the hilltop, the airport is not large, only one runway, only take off and land 737 or A320 aircraft.

At present, Humen Airport has opened direct flights to cities with Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Changsha and other cities in need of a transfer from Kunming Airport.

Hump ​​airport left the volcanic hot sea scenic about 10 km away from the plane do not take the airport bus, the airport bus only stops at Tengchong Athai bus station, where there is also another taxi. It is suggested that after the airport, direct transfer to a taxi, you can reach the volcano hot sea.

Camel hump airport taxi table and bargaining two kinds, in addition to private car Lan Lan, these owners are only bargaining. However, because it was more than ten minutes away, so the price can not open out, usually about 30 yuan.

From last year, hump airport in the extension of the construction, the road leading to the airport also followed to broaden the return of the proposed 90 minutes ahead of the airport, so as not to delay the flight due to traffic congestion on the road.

Tengchong city there are four bus station, bus terminal in Atami its travel on the road, where the main bus sent to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Baoshan and Panzhihua, which sent a shuttle up to Kunming and Baoshan, Lijiang Only one bus a day, two daily trips to Dali, the same arrival frequency is the same.

Get off from the hot sea terminal, you can transfer to the hot sea green bus, bus directly to the hot sea area door, ticket 3 yuan each. If you do not want to wait, you can call the station outside the Lancang private car to send, the cost of about 25 yuan, no matter how many people car ride, carpooling is quite cost-effective, the benefits of private car ride is directly to the scenic hotel door, When you transfer to the bus, the luggage should be moved to move down.

Second: fun Atami area

Tengchong is rich in geothermal resources and it is also one of the three hot fields in China. Hot Sea Scenic Area is located about 8 km south of Tengchong City, Tengchong here is also a tour of business cards, to Tengchong, Atami is bound to visit the place.

Atami, is the name of a city on the island of Honshu, Japan, where geothermal springs are abundant. The Tengchong Hot Sea area, formerly known as the "sulfur pond", the reason is that the steam in the valley all day long, containing many minerals beneficial to human health, and sulfur is one of the most common. That year after year of geothermal steam, from the crevices, ravines in a steady stream come out, can smoked the original stone wall into golden yellow.

And renamed the "hot sea", about the Ming and Qing Dynasties, one of the King of the Twelve at the time, put the "sulfur pond" renamed "a hot sea." Today's hot sea area, but also really like a sea of ​​heat.

Tour hot sea area, the line design for the ring, the whole about 2/5 km, part of the line need to climb. Main Aspect frog mouth, immortal bridge, Pearl Spring, Drum Spring, pregnant well, hot sea big pan and so on.

Toad mouth
is located near the scenic entrance, it is a cliff edge of the high-temperature spring water eruption group consisting of landscape, because the nozzle of the rock, like a toad, mouth spit out waves of hot springs, so named "Toad mouth."

Toad spit out the hot springs, oblique shape, because the spring water with a large amount of gas, the process of eruption was intermittent, its range up to 1.5 meters, the water temperature of nearly 90 degrees, so the frog mouth area, It is also the scene of the water mist all day long, a bit like a fairyland.

Fairy Bridge
It is a Chinese landscape bridge connecting the banks of the Ham river, the bridge also has a pavilion for visitors to rest. The immortal bridge is also a place to watch the water of the river bath, but the bridge is not the ordinary river water, but from the frog mouth area between the eruption of the hot springs. So standing on the bridge, often by the hot springs of water vapor blocking the line of sight. It is said that the bathing river before, immortal bathing place.

Pregnant well
hot sea of ​​magic, this well is sufficient. Pregnant well location in Pearl Springs and Drum Springs back, half hillside. It is also known as "Longfeng Well" and is made up of two wells at the same level. It is said that a well for men, a well for women. The two wells were used to make 12 sides of the square stone column wall. Well water outlet springs up to 80 degrees, you want to drink, you must first cool down.

Wound well water, rich in trace elements, especially in well water radon elements, can regulate the nervous system of people excited, so often drink this well water, does have some miraculous.

Atami big roll pan
This is perhaps the best in the world pot, and the location is on the mountainside. This is a hot spring that has been boiling for thousands of years. The spring pool is circular with a caliber of 6.12 meters and a pool depth of 1.5 meters. Spring pool around with eight half-mesh slate, composed of gossip Wai block up.

According to research, a large pan under the pool a total of three fountain mouth, the amount of water per second up to 1 liter, the water temperature is about 96.6 degrees, the bottom of the pool up to a maximum temperature of 102 degrees, the temperature has exceeded the boiling water. Large boiling pot boiling water was blue, it is because the boiling water contains a lot of mineralization, there are steam on the pool well, sounding.

Tickets: 78 yuan / person, buy hot sea and volcano Geological Park ticket is 120 yuan / person.

Third: soak in hot sea hot springs

Hot Sea Scenic Area There are two large-scale hot spring places, respectively, bath and beauty pool .

Hot sea bath valley hot spring

Bath Spa, located at the scenic exit, built by the mountainous terrain, construction area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. There are 22 soup ponds, 8 private soup houses and 2 geothermal fumigation areas. There are pavilions in the valley pavilions, small bridges, flowers and trees full of vitality, is a veritable health spa in the mountains.

Spring water bath springs from the halfway up the Atami sea big pan, flowing from the hillside to the bath after natural cooling to the body temperature for bathing, as the hot spring water contains and its scarce free gold, so the bath Hot Springs there is a "Tengchong Jin Tang," the reputation.

Tickets: 278 yuan / person (including the hot sea scenic tickets, bath and spa tickets, scenic car battery shuttle, the area within the pan kitchen Yunnan bait wire)

Atami beauty pool hot springs

Located in the hinterland of the canyon, there is a hot spring swimming pool, a children's hot spring entertainment castle, 4 caves bubble pool, 3 outdoor bubble pool, 2 private VIP pool.

The beauty of spring pool springs from the hillside of the drumming spring, Pearl Spring, pregnant well springs. Because it is a convergence of many hot springs, soft and delicate water quality, with the effect of beauty and fitness, it was named "beauty pool."

Tickets: 278 yuan / person (including hot sea scenic tickets, beautiful pool hot springs tickets, scenic car battery shuttle, hot spring buffet)

Fourth: live in Atami hot springs

Atami Seaview area a total of three hotels, respectively, the beautiful pool Spa Hotel, Health Club Spa Hotel and hot spring villa hotel.

Atami beauty pool hot spring hotel

The hotel is located on the edge of the beautiful pool, less than 100 meters on foot. The hotel opened on October 1, 2010, with all kinds of rooms 52, composed of 4 three-tier villas, the hotel also has a hot spring restaurant, room decoration similar to Japanese style, mid-range and high grade, suitable for individual stay.

Price: 1198 yuan, a bed room and twin room, the price includes hot sea scenic tickets, beauty pool hot springs ticket, a free buffet and scenic tour bus shuttle.

Health House Spa Hotel

The hotel is located in the bathing spa, there are 18 sets of all-solid wood landscape room composition, the ground will be paved with volcanic stone blocks. Each room in the hotel is equipped with indoor and outdoor hot spring bubble pool, which can provide flower bath, salt bath, medicated bath and other spa bath according to the guest's preference. In addition, the hotel also provides the on-site SPA service.

The hotel also offers 24-hour butler service, in-room toiletries and cosmetics, all made from local volcanic mud, very unique. The hotel also has restaurants, rooms decorated with natural, rustic style, the grade is upscale, suitable for couples, couples and other stay.

Price: 1568 yuan, bed room, and the other complimentary breakfast, hot sea area tickets and tour buses shuttle.

Jade Spa Villa Hotel

The hotel is located at the scenic entrance, with 16 Duplex villas, 3 sets of single-family villas, plus a presidential suite. The villas are basically two-story buildings, each with three separate rooms, a public bar and reception room. Each room has a separate toilet, as well as a separate hot spring pool, the villa's yard also has an outdoor hot spring pool.

Hotel Villa hillside built, each room can overlook the entire Atami area, the villa also has a 24-hour butler service. Decorative style is Chinese, the grade is upscale. Suitable for family travel living, especially 2-3 families traveling together, a villa will be able to solve the accommodation problem.

Price: 7900 yuan, each villa contains two single rooms (bed room) a standard room (double bed), another complimentary breakfast, hot sea area tickets and tour bus shuttle.

Part V: eat hot sea hot springs

Hot Sea Scenic Area, in addition to providing food and beverage services outside the hotel, the entire area there is only one for all visitors to open the hotel - big pan restaurant, while in the scenic area athai sea roll pan, there are some snacks available.

Big pan restaurant, located at the scenic entrance and health Pavilion Hotel, is also the only way for tourists to enter the core area. Restaurant has a can accommodate 300 people at the same time dining hall, as well as seven VIP landscapes box. The restaurant has won many honorary titles at the national, provincial and municipal levels and has hosted Chinese and foreign leaders.

The most famous restaurant is the Yunnan cuisine "big roll pan bait wire", other places may be used to cook the bait wire is liquefied petroleum gas, but the Atami has used the most clean geothermal steam, so its bait wire eat Do not have flavor. In addition to a bowl of bait wire hang with chicken and duck soup, there are prepared salted eggs, lettuce and other accessories, and up to 18 kinds of spices.
Price of bait wire: 48 yuan / bowl

Hot sea big pan snacks, is the use of geothermal steamboat steam, used to steamed eggs, simmer sweet potatoes, roasted peanuts, etc., where the eggs are woven into a string with a straw string of a bunch of selling, the most peculiar is the egg Also add minced meat and other materials, it tastes very delicious. All snacks from 20 yuan pricing, climbing tired, to the big roll pan to buy some snacks, you can add physical strength.

Written in the last:

The southern city of Tengchong, there is no winter, because it has a warm natural volcanic springs all year round. Soak the real hot springs, have to go hot Teng Chong.

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