The ancient city of Phoenix photography Raiders (including food and housing general situation)

Fenghuang ancient city, also known as the wind and rainy city, Castle Peak surrounded by Tuo Shui through the city, small stilts floor, the ancient city walls, vicissitudes of the old city walls, seat ancient stone bridge, the United States to the extreme.

The Raiders is a practical Raiders to provide scenery, humanities, tourism photography information, with eating, living, travel and other tourist routes, mainly to solve tourism, photography enthusiasts are concerned about the three primary issues: ① how to reach the attractions? ② to the attractions after there, when, how can I take a good picture? ③ attractions to eat, live, how to solve the line?

On entering and leaving the ancient city of Fenghuang line

Now go to the ancient city of Phoenix is ​​very convenient, aircraft, trains, by car can successfully reach the Phoenix. The plane can go to Tongren Phoenix Airport, Zhangjiajie Airport, and then car to the Phoenix. First train can Tongren, Huaihua, Jishou Railway Station and then car to the Phoenix. Of course, driving more freedom and convenience, whether it is from Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan, that direction have to Phoenix highway. National toll-free, self-driving has become the first choice.
The self-driving route for the Chengdu --- Chongqing (Chongqing) - Chongqing Wulong Tiankeng (Su Wu Long) - Chongqing Pengshui Wujiang Gallery (Su Peng water) - Chongqing Youyang Gongtan Ancient Town (Gongtan Old Town) - Hunan Huayuan Chaya Border Town (SuBianCheng) - Hunan Fenghuang ancient city (Sufen Phoenix) - Chengdu.

About the ancient city of Phoenix journey time

Fenghuang ancient beautiful mountains, suitable for leisure travel, long-term short trips are suitable. According to their own schedule, 1-3 days of travel time is more appropriate.

About the ancient city of Phoenix food, housing, transportation

Food: There are a lot of snack bars and restaurants in the main street of the ancient city of Phoenix. There are blood rakes duck, bracken, sour fish soup, jar bacteria, bean curd residue, pickled cabbage soup, the amount of delicious and inexpensive. Hongqiao down to the right there are many restaurants. Sichuan taste Sichuan people are still more used to it.
Live: Recommended accommodation in the ancient city of parking outside the convenient place. There is no parking in the ancient city, parking lot near the ancient city is also very expensive, car overnight to 50 a night. Special reminder holidays to advance booking, and higher prices, high season, people are very much.
Line: the  streets of the city on foot walking, walking while watching the beauty, the view is not tired.

Fenghuang ancient city important photography location

The main shooting location of the ancient city of Fenghuang is Tuojiang Diaojiaolou, bridges and night scenery.
Sunrise, sunset shooting position should be Tuojiang side. But this time the Phoenix weather is not good, did not find a better sunrise and sunset shooting. Another morning mist Tuojiang is also a scene, this time did not see.                
In addition to these scenic spots, you can also take some humanistic things, flowers, flowers, knitting the elderly and so on.

Phoenix ancient city photography season, time

The best shooting season Personally think that the summer of June to August, the sun is more time, easy to shoot good works.
Shooting period, as early as 7:00 - late 19:00, further still as early as 6: 30-9: 30, 16: 00-20: 00 these two periods.

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