The first time to Chongming Island, what can not miss the experience?

In fact, for the city of Shanghai, Chongming Island is probably regarded as the existence of a back garden, where there are trees, there are crabs, as well as small goats and lakes. It is a busy city in a pure land, quietly there, in this springing day, waiting for you to come.
chongming island by  cattle

A picture to see Chongming Island

Chongming Island is located in the Yangtze River estuary, is China's third largest island, known as the "Yangtze River portal, the East China Sea Ying Chau", is the world's largest estuary island and the largest island.

Chongming Island map by network

The distribution of scenic spots in Chongming Island is scattered and relatively concentrated. It is divided into four parts: southeastern, middle and north, south-central and southwest. There are the following attractions:
1: southeast: Dongtan Wetland, Yingdong Village fishing family music, Jiangnan village
② north: Dongping national forest park, avant-garde village, north lake, root treasure football base, purple sea heron romantic house, high manor garden
③ central and southern: school palace, river bank landscape belt , Jin Aoshan Park, Shou'an Temple
④ southwest: Xisha wetland, Pearl Lake, green port village farmhouse, west farm, world mouth sandbar water culture exhibition hall

Tips: the
island at both ends of the distance is very far, if the travel time is relatively short, it is recommended to focus on playing a region, travel arrangements before the trip, do not take "costly" to avoid delay time.

Chongming Island can not miss the 3 big experience

Chongming Island 3 big punch card

Sunrise bird watching, watching Dongtan wetland beauty, eat authentic Tujia dishes

Dongtan Wetland Park by @vicky

Dongtan wetland park beach vast, bow is a large reed, there are two major Aspect. One is the migration of migratory birds, which is located in the Asia-Pacific region migratory birds north and south migration must pass through the path, is the transit of migratory birds stop, add the energy of the post, the annual transfer and migratory winter waterfowl as many as millions.

Dongtan Wetland Park by @vicky

The second bright spot is to watch the sunrise. "Donghai Sunrise" is Chongming a natural scenery, it is said that the Dongtan wetland is Chongming Island sunrise most beautiful place, so many people will choose sunrise bird watching, see the most beautiful times of Dongtan wetlands.

Dongtan Wetland Park by @ashi

In addition, there are farmhouse near the wetland park, you can go to fish, touch the shrimp, taste the local people brewed "Chongming old liquor" and the day is to do Chongming cake, to a crab and a few seafood, eat an authentic Chongming Tujia dishes, live in the house can see the pastoral scenery, do not have a flavor.

Dongtan Wetland Park by @vicky

Address : Shanghai Chongming Island East, Dong Wang Road (Yangtze River estuary)
Transportation : Shanghai area can take Shen Chong 1 line / Shen Chong 2 line, in Chongming Island, Chen Town, Yangtze River Bridge Station, transfer island Within the bus Chen front line to reach the "outpost farm field" station, and then take a taxi or express to the (outpost farm to the Dongtan Wetland Park about 9 km, no bus up, can only take a car to walk)
Tickets : Monday to Friday 50 yuan, weekends and holidays 80 yuan
Opening hours : Monday to Friday 08: 30-17: 00, weekends and holidays 08: 30-18: 00
Reference time : 4-6 hours

Close to nature, to Dongping National Forest Park tour

Dongping National Forest Park by @ dinosaur frogs

Dongping National Forest Park is the largest plain in east China artificial forest, here is the tree of the ocean, the world of flowers, the paradise of birds. Came here, eyeful of green and occasional beating red, people could not help "ecstatic". The park is great, especially for cycling, where you can gather all the beautiful scenery you can imagine or can not imagine. If you like green, but also long for the forest, then do not miss.

Dongping National Forest Park by @ dinosaur frogs

It is worth mentioning that this is also a good place for barbecue camping, weekend outing, come here on the right!

Dongping National Forest Park by @ Hengzhi Jingling

Address : Chongming Island in the north, Chongming County along the road along the 2288
traffic : Forest Park is the main entrance of the bus station (Forest Park Station), the public line South East Line, Nanjiang line in this stop, from Chongming City Bridge South Door bus station can take the South East green line or Nanjiang line to the AD, about 50 minutes by car.
Tickets : 70 yuan
Opening hours : 8: 00-16: 30

Sunset time, in the Xisha wet show beauty, catch crabs

Xisha wetland by @ Heng Zhi Jing Ling

Known as "natural oxygen bar" Xisha wetland, Chongming is currently the only natural tidal phenomenon and into a piece of beach land of natural wetlands. It is said that the Xisha wetland is the best place to see sunset in Chongming Island, where there is a "sunset sunset" called Chongming. When the sunset time, Xisha wetland Yuyang, meandering trestle tour dragon wandering. Looking around, reed vast, like a green wave, silhouetted against the sunset, all the beauty so different, breathtaking.

Xisha wetland by @ small cakes love to tip

In addition, Chongming Island, "Crab Island" reputation, there are many small crabs in the wetlands can be fishing, whether adults or children, always in here always have fun.

Xisha wetland catch crabs by dinosaur frogs

Address : Shanghai Chongming County Green Lake Town, Green Lake Village, No. 588 (near Sanhua Road)
Transportation : South Gate bus station by Xisha wetland tourism car or take the South cattle line, south line green line to Green Town, turn green line to Xisha Wet board station
tickets : free
opening hours : 8: 30-16: 00 (every May first day, second day, third day, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen closed garden; affected by the flood season, the park will be closed during the tide )
Reference : 2-5 hours

How to go to Chongming Island?

Public transport: the most economical and most affordable

There are currently the following bus direct access to Shanghai Chongming. Respectively, Shen Chong 1 line, Shen Chong 2 lines, Shen Chong 3 line, Shen Chong 4 line, Shen Chong 5 line, Shen Chong 6 line, Shen Chong six lines B, fare range, generally 8 to 20 yuan.

In addition to Shen Chong three line docked Simon station, Changxing Island service area, Wenshui Road Republican Road 3, the other lines are direct, halfway non-stop. Full air-conditioned car, the implementation of a single fare.

Ferry: the oldest style

Po Yang Road Pier by @ cattle

Since the opening of the Yangtze River Tunnel, from Shanghai to Chongming Island ferry has been substantially reduced, the frequency is not fixed. At present, Shanghai to Chongming Island from Wusong Pier, Po Yang Pier and Shidongkou terminal of the three terminals boarding, which Bao Yang wharf is the most busy a terminal, the boat more, if not driving, it is recommended from this terminal Take the boat to Chongming Island South Gate Pier, about 40 minutes. Although this has gradually faded out of the daily travel of Shanghai people some of the ancient way of transport, but occasionally to find some memories of childhood, quite style.

Chongming Island, a total of the South Gate, the new river, the town of three ferry terminal, the general tourists will have to go to the South Gate Pier, because the South Gate near the pier is Chongming Island town center, to the scenic car are also in the South Gate Pier.

By car: the most convenient and most efficient

Go to Chongming Island by car

Shanghai direction can take the Yangtze River Tunnel on the island, Suzhou, Shanghai and Shanghai take the direction of the highway on the island, into the Chen Hai after the road to the matter.

Xisha wetland by @ small cakes love to tip

To Chongming Island it, watching the sunset the vast expanse of wetlands, golden reed marshes from time to time from the beginning of a few egrets, feel the infinite charm of nature. This spring, about it?

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