The five classic games of the Minjiang River

At this time, it is at dusk, the shadow of the sunset reddish the blue sky clouds, mapping in the Lijiang river slowly, the two sides of the hill stand upright and upright. Regardless of whether it is distant or near, whether from the point or the face, the Minjiang River is a beautiful picture. The Minjiang River is like the Huangpu River for Guilin. If Guilin lacks the Minjiang River, it is equivalent to the lack of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The city will lose his soul. However, the most beautiful place on the Lijiang River is not in the urban area of ​​Guilin, but the Lijiang River in the city area is already refreshing. Guilin, the United States, the United States in the Lijiang River water. If we say that the most beautiful mountain in China is in Huangshan, the most beautiful water is in Jiuzhai, then the perfect combination of nature and landscape is in Lijiang, Guilin.

Great American Lijiang - why can it be printed on 20 yuan?

The Lancang River originates in Maoershan (the county of Xing'an County), the first peak in South China. It is the most typical area for the development of karst topography. It resembles a Qingluo belt and is located among thousands of wonderful peaks. It is known as the Baili Lijiang and Baili Gallery. The back version of the new RMB 20 is a section of the Lancang River landscape.
The 83km waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo is located in the eastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China. It is a national 5A scenic spot and a national key scenic spot. It is the essence of Guilin's landscape. Lancang River Scenic Area is the largest and most scenic karst mountains and rivers in the world. The Lancang River is also known as “Qingqing, Shuixiu, Dongqi, and Shimei”. It also has “Zhoulv, beach insurance, Tanshen, and Feifei”. "The victory has focused on the essence of Guilin's landscape. It has a sense of "boating on the blue waves, people are painting in the middle".
Say a paragraph describing the Lijiang River: If there are 10,000 people coming to Guilin, then 9999 people will visit the Lijiang River. The remaining 1 person cannot visit the Lijiang River because they did not buy a ferry ticket. This shows that Lijiang is a tourist destination in Guilin. You must not become a man of regret. There is also a paragraph saying that if some people have salvaged all the cameras in the Lijiang River that were dropped due to tourists' mistakes, it is estimated that the trucks will not be able to finish. Haha, when you visit the Lijiang River, you must remember to hold your camera tightly. The camera was given to the Lijiang River. The Dragon King of the Lijiang River did not care about the camera.
The Minjiang River is a pearl river system that extends from north to south. It runs through Guilin City and passes through Yangshuo into the Pearl River system. Therefore, there are many sections to visit the Lijiang River. At present, the Lijiang River, which has been approved for opening up, has tours of the Lijiang River in Guilin City, Lijiang River in the suburbs of Guilin to Yangshuo, the highlights of the Xingping Lijiang River, and Yangshuo River Tour. Of course, we can not visit all the scenery of the Lijiang River, we can only choose the most representative and most representative section of the tour.

You can't miss the essence of Lijiang River

This Baili Lijiang River can be roughly divided into three scenic spots depending on the scenery. The first area: Guilin city to Huangnixia; the second area: Huangnixia to Shuiluo village; the third area: Shuiluo village to Yangshuo. As the famous Tang dynasty writer Han Yu's verse puts it: “Jiang Zuo Qing Luo Dai, Shan Ru Bi Jade”, the three scenic spots in this section of the waterway are known as Bai Jiang Gallery.
When visiting the Lijiang River, there is a wonderful place where the landscape will not be affected by time, place, or due to the climate. Under different weather conditions, the Lancang River is full of flavors: sunny days, reflections of Qingfeng, cloudy days, clouds of mountains, rain and rain. Tourists love the Lancang River when they are in the blue skies. However, in fact, the Lijiang River in rainy weather can take better pictures. But see the vastness of the river, the mountains looming, floating clouds through the Qifeng, rain curtains like the gauze covering the mountains and rivers, like a varied watercolor ink paintings. It is "Guilin landscapes are the best in the world.
The best route to visit
Jingpingshan Bridge - Liangfengjiang - Father and Son Rock - Mopanshan - Zhujiang Wharf - Yangdi - Wangfushan - Jiuma Painting Mountain - Cold Wind Ferry - Xingping Ancient Town - — Yangshuo

Wanjiang game one: cruise boat tour Lijiang

Taking a boat trip to visit the Lijiang River is the most mature way to visit since the opening of the Lijiang River scenic area. The advantage of this tour method is that it is safe and it is not affected by inclement weather. Old people and children can take a tour; at the same time, it also has its relative disadvantages: Fun experience is not high, you can't dock the camera to splash water on the way.
Take a cruise to visit the current leg of the Lijiang River: Lijiang River in Guilin City Tour, Li River Panorama Tour (Mopanshan or Zhujiang to Yangshuo Section), Xingping Cruise Elite Tour.
First, Guilin city Oujiang water travel (also known as Guilin urban top ten famous mountain water swim) Recommended degree: ★ ★ ★
How much money: Retail price 88 yuan / person. Children's Price Note: Children no taller than 1.1 meters (millimeters) have no seats; Children 1.1-1.40 (m) need to buy children's tickets; Children 1.4 or more are the same price as adults.
How to get there: The boat ride is located at the Longboating Pier in the south of Guilin. In fact, next to the Guilin Art Museum, it takes a boat ride to the Longjiangping Pier. Bus No. 11 and No. 99 wait until the Guilin Road Station on the Zhongshan South Road of the city and go 800 meters to the Long Shiping Road.
How to play: The cruise is divided into two levels. The lower deck is the passenger cabin. There are seats. The upper deck is open top and there is no seat. However, you can stand on the 360-degree panoramic view. The cruise ship runs from south to north, all the way through the Qijiang Bridge and the Liberation Bridge, and the left and right sides can see Nanxi Mountain, Tashan Mountain, Chuanshan, Elephant Trunk Hill, Qixing Mountain, Fubo Mountain, Laoshan Mountain, Diecai Mountain and so on. After returning to Diecai Mountain, the original route will return.
Note: There is no air-conditioning on the boat. When the weather is cold, you need to wear more clothes to get on the boat. When the weather is hot, bring fans and parasols. Otherwise, you will be sun-dried on the deck. This tour is more suitable for a short time, so it is not possible to visit the entire Lijiang River or the elite Lijiang River directly. You can take a photo tour directly in Guilin city. In addition, if you have a limited budget, you can take pictures of the city with the least amount of money. Minjiang, Elephant Trunk Hill, Chuanshan and other elite attractions, so say this project is also a good choice.

Second, the cruise boat panoramic tour of Lijiang Recommended: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
store price: ordinary boat 290 yuan / person Samsung boat 380 yuan / person luxury ship 380 yuan / person child price Description: height 1.19 (including) meters children free of votes without seats 1.2-1.49 (inclusive) children need to buy children's tickets; 1.5 (including) meters above the same price as adults.
How to order: Because the departure dock is 20 kilometers away from Guilin city (no bus arrives, a taxi needs to be around 100 yuan), so the cruise ticket will not be sold, and tourists who choose to take a cruise to tour the Lijiang River will generally Find the travel agency reported on a day trip with a shuttle boat on the Lijiang River. This is because the Li River Cruise Day Tour will include the cost of the city hotel to send guests to the cruise terminal.
How to get there: General boat (internal boat) Ship dock: Zhujiang dock; Samsung boat and luxury ship boarding dock: Mopanshan dock; Two docks in one direction to the southeast of Guilin, only one upstream and one downstream. About 30 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Guilin, along the National First Class Highway (Glamao Highway), the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. If you can go by yourself, you can take a bus to or near the Guilin Railway Station. There is no bus in the city. Ordinary boat disembarkation terminal: Yangshuo Water East Gate Pier, disembarkation is the end of West Street. Samsung ship and luxury ship disembarkation terminal: Yangshuo Longtoushan Pier. After disembarkation, walk along the riverside road and head for about 15 minutes. At the end of West Street, if you do not want to walk, you can take a battery car to the parking lot and change to a bus to Yangshuo County. Of course, you can also directly take a battery car to the hotel you booked. The cost of the battery car is RMB 15 per person.
How to play: The reason why the river is called the panoramic tour of the Lijiang River is because the range of the cruise ship covers all the famous scenic spots of the Lancang River scenic area, including lawn scenery, Yang Di scenery, Jiuma painting mountains, yellow cloth reflection, Xing Ping Jia Jing and other panoramic views. The whole journey time is 4 hours. Due to the long time of boat ride, there will be some aesthetic fatigue on the boat and it is easy to fall asleep. Friends who are easy to seasick and sleep by boat are not recommended to visit this project.
Note that:
1. Normal cruise ships do not land halfway, and there are many people on the ship. The best view of the 2nd floor of the cruise ship can be used to increase the price. The luxury ship and Samsung ship are 3 stories, the lower floor is a passenger compartment, and the second floor is half. In the seating compartment, half of the cafeteria is on the top floor and the sightseeing platform is on the top floor. Guests are welcome to enjoy the scenery.
2. The regular ferry ticket and the Samsung ship luxury boat are all inclusive of lunch on board, but the regular cruise lunch is a simple lunch, commonly known as the ten-year-invariable meal, it is recommended to bring their own lunch; luxury boat riders are mostly foreign tourists People, Chinese and English bilingual guides are on board, and the ticket includes a simple lunch on board.
3, the crew will have the staff recommended to buy impressions Liu Sanjie discs or other Guilin specialty, it is recommended not to buy, one to a bit expensive, and second, the quality is not necessarily guaranteed Oh.

Third, the Xingping Lijiang River Cruise (Presidential Tour) Recommended Degree: ★★★★
Retail Price: RMB 100/person Child Price Description: Children under 1.10 (including) meters are free of tickets without seats; 1.2-1.39 (included) meters of children's needs Children's tickets are purchased; children between 1.4 (inclusive) meters and adults have the same price.
How to go: Self-guided tourists can choose to take a direct shuttle bus from Guilin to Yangshuo to Yangshuo, and then take a shuttle bus from Yangshuo to Xingping in Yangshuo to Xingping Town. After the bus stop at Xingping Bus Station, we can walk 800 meters to get to Xingpu. Ping Pier, the dock there is a ticket window for cruise ships to buy tickets on board. In addition, some friends who want to save time can sign up with a travel agency in Guilin for a one-day tour of the Yangshuo Scenic Spot, including a round-trip fare, saving time and worry.
How to play: Why is it called the President's trip? It was because the Clintons chose the tour when they came to visit the Lijiang River. This voyage is also known as the Xingping Minjiang Essence Tour. It takes a cruise from Xingping Wharf to the downstream Xingping Fishing Village. Afterwards, you can go to the village to visit the village. You can see the primitive simplicity of the local villagers in the village, and experience the fairyland of Xiaoqiaoliushui people. . Xingping Fishing Village is an ancient village full of poetic charm. It has always been favored by celebrities and has a history of nearly 500 years. In the village, there are 48 well-preserved traditional houses, surrounded by the Lijiang River in front of the village, and the Qifeng Village is a must-have place. As more and more tourists visit the village, the Murakami villagers will also sell some handicrafts and specialty products in the village. It is recommended that visitors can taste the local cereals, the crafts should not be bought, and they are wholesale in the urban areas and in the towns. Some local handicrafts can be bought and bought. After visiting the fishing village, you can take a boat back to Xingping Pier. The whole tour time is about 2 hours. After the Xingping pier, you can walk to the ancient town of Xingping.
Note: The cruises on this excursion are quite old and there are no air conditioners on the boat. In addition, the sights on this leg can not see the reflection of yellow cloth, Jiuma Painting Mountain and the background scenery of 20 yuan. If you care more about this, it is recommended Do not select this item. The point of this project is that it is cheap and it is not affected by bad weather. It can be visited under normal circumstances.

Wanjiang game two: take a bamboo trip to visit the Lijiang River

1. Yangti-Jiuma painting section or Yangdi-Xingping section Recommended degree: ★★★★
How much money: Yangdi-Jiuma Painting Mountain, scenic retail price RMB118/person; Yangdi-Xingping dock, The retail price of the scenic spot is 190 yuan/person; the price of children shows that due to accidents involving the falling of the bamboo poles of the Lancang River in recent years, the state has stipulated that children under 7 years of age (below 1.2 meters) and senior citizens over the age of 70 may start on May 1, 2015. It is not possible to take a bamboo raft to visit the Lijiang River; this special group of people is only allowed to transfer to the Lijiang River on a boat tour at Xingping Pier. Qualified senior citizens and children do not have half-price tickets or discount tickets, which are the same as adults. Since a bamboo basket can only take 4 people, both the elderly and children need to occupy the seat, so the cost is the same.
How to go: Self-guided tourists in Guilin city can use bus tickets from the bus station to reach Yang Di Pier, five times a day. Guests who want to travel with the group can sign up for a day trip with this bamboo raft item through a local travel agency, including a round-trip fare.
How to play: The timetable for the ride of the Yangdi Wharf in Minjiang River is as follows: 07:00 - 10:30 in the morning and 12:00 - 18:00 in the afternoon. It takes about 10 kilometers and takes about 1 hour. One and four seats, bamboo rafts are motorized bamboo rafts with motors. Recommended Yangti-Jiuma section, this one-way scenery is not repeated, after the nine horses, you can also take a free battery car ride to Xingping, with bamboo slips on the way through the Xingping Pier, which is 20 yuan on the back of the The scenery, the most classic scenery of the Jiuma-Xingping section, was also seen. The Yangti-Xingping section is a direct boat ride from Yangdi pier to Xingping pier. After disembarking at Xingping pier, it is within walking distance to the ancient town of Xingping. The ancient town is open to the public for free. The town does not require tickets and it is not yet developed. The small town, retaining ancient buildings, is a very beautiful place. About 1 hour can be stroll around, Xingping Bus Station has direct passenger bus to Yangshuo South Station. If you are interested, you can stay here for one night and recommend staying at Laozhaishan Hotel. This is a very prestigious hotel. Laozhaishan in Xingping is well protected under the care of Mr. Lin Kezhi from Japan. Very warm and hospitable. Stay here early to get up early to climb the mountains to see the sunrise. About ten kilometers from Yangshuo here, if you want to go to Yangshuo, you can go to the end of the ancient town of Xingping station to Yangshuo bus ride, a lot of cars, the price of about 8 yuan / person.
Note: The quality of the work is uneven, requiring explanation and slowing down. Some trade unions require tips ranging from 10-20 yuan. The trade unions are happy to explain the scenery along the coast and can also slow down the speed at specific locations. Photographed; this segment was changed to Yangti-Jiuma Painting Mountain-Yangdi in August 2016. It took a bamboo raft on Yangdi Pier to Jiuma Painting Mountain and then took a bamboo raft and returned to Yangdi Pier again. After the ancient town of Xingping. When self-service tourists buy tickets, if the number of people does not meet enough of 4 individuals, they will generally be required to fill in the free seat fee. Generally, it is better not to accept the proposal and it is better to set it online. The Yangti-Xingping section may have closed the route for some reason. Before going to the major cities, it is advisable to consult local travel agencies to check if they can travel.

2. Xingping-Jiuma Painting Mountain-Xingping Recommended Degree:
How much money: Xingping-Jiuma Painting Mountain-Xingping, the retail price of the scenic area is RMB 130/person Child Price Description: Due to frequent occurrence in recent years The accident of tourists falling into the water on the Lancang River, from May 1st, 2015, the state stipulates that children under 7 years of age (below 1.2 meters) and seniors over 70 years old cannot take a bamboo raft to visit the Lijiang River; this special group of people can only transfer to Xingping Pier. Cruise to visit the Lijiang River. Qualified senior citizens and children do not have half-price tickets or discount tickets, which are the same as adults. Since a bamboo basket can only take 4 people, both the elderly and children need to occupy the seat, so the cost is the same.
How to get there: Self-guided tourists can choose to take a direct shuttle bus from Guilin to Yangshuo to Yangshuo, then take a shuttle bus from Yangshuo to Xingping in Yangshuo to Xingping Town. After a 10-minute walk from Xingping Bus Station, you can reach Xingping. Piers and docks have a ticket window for cruise ships to buy tickets for boarding. In addition, some friends who want to save time can register with the travel agency in Guilin for a one-day tour of the Yangshuo attractions in Xingping Zhuji, including a round-trip fare, saving time and worry.
How to play: The timetable for the ride of Yangdi Pier in Minjiang River is as follows: 07:00 - 10:30 am and 12:00 - 18:00 in the afternoon. Some people may ask why it is not open after 10:30, because this time is a cruise on the Li River. In order to ensure safety, the bamboo raft will be sealed. The whole journey time is about 1 hour. One and four seats, bamboo rafts are motorized bamboo rafts with motors. Because the journey is a relatively slow time, you can take a lot of pictures while you are on the way. After returning to Jiuma Painting Mountain, because it is downstream, you should not do too much on the boat. After disembarking at Xingping pier, you can walk to the ancient town of Xingping or go to Yangshuo.
Note: Due to the fact that the current scenic spot is under the unified management of the government, only a fixed salary is paid for the completion of the construction, the quality of the completion is uneven, and it is required to explain and draw a bit slower. Some trade unions require tips ranging from 10 to 20 yuan. It is recommended that you give it before boarding. Handing over the cigarettes or giving tips, the trade unions are happy to explain the scenery on the coast and can also slow down the speed at a specific location to facilitate tourists taking pictures.

Third, Yangshuo Chinatown Pier - Welfare Town (Minjiang Diamond Waterway Rafting) Recommended: ★ ★ ★
How much money: Scenic outlet price of 128 yuan / person child price Description: Height 1.2 meters below the children free (each bamboo basket only carry one Free children under 1.2 meters), height 1.2--1.3 meters between the children to buy scenic tickets
how to go: by car: Yangshuo Bus Station - Yantao Road - Guanlian Road - Fuan Ferry; lived in hotels in Yangshuo County The scenic area provides vehicles to the hotel and is connected to Fu'an Wharf. The fare is RMB 5 per person.
How to play: Here is the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, a total length of 20 kilometers, this distance is commonly known as Yangshuo's water park. There are various ways to visit the Minjiang Diamond Waterway. You can not only take a cruise, but also choose bamboo rafting. Bamboo rafting is recommended here. It is suitable for summer water, and it takes about 2 hours. After going ashore, you can visit the ancient town. Unlike the visitors of Xingping, there are not many visitors to this place. Most of the houses in the town were built by the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The original taste of life is preserved. It is also the only Mazu culture in the country. Localities, prices are not high, the folk customs are simple, the day of the fair and the Mid-Autumn Festival are particularly lively, the town is best known for painting fans, like painting can go to see.
Note: When drifting bamboo rafts pass through the rapids, they must obey the command of the completion of the raft and pay attention to keeping their belongings.

The Lijiang River Plays Three: Walking Tour of Lijiang River

Recommended Degree: ★★★★
Route Recommendation: The most mature and beautiful hiking route (about 15 kilometers): Yang Di - Wangfu Mountain - Jiuma Painting Mountain - Cold Wind Ferry - Xingping Ancient Town with Langlang Forest Scenic Spot
How to play with Jiuma Painting Mountain, Eight Immortals Crossing, Yellow Cloth Beach Reflection, Goddess Peak, etc .: The route to the walk requires ferry crossing to the other side. Because of government reasons, there are two ferry crossings from Yangdi to Xingping. Tourists are forbidden to ferry. Therefore, it is not feasible to follow the conventional route of walking on the river and walking from Yangping to Yangbi or from Yangdi to Xingping. The newest route is to first take a bamboo pole from Xingping to Quanzhou Island. After starting the hike in Quanzhou, it is time to return to Xingping. It is best to find a place to live in Xingping one day in advance. The innkeeper will be very enthusiastic to arrange bamboo rafts and hiking trails for you. Of course, this is lazy.
Note 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥 啥.

Qijiang Gameplay 4: Air Tour of Lijiang River

Recommended Degree: ★★★★
How to Play: Helicopter Tour Lijiang Route: Xingping Fishing Village (25 minutes) Gongnong Bridge - Camels Cross River - Lancang River - Jiuma Painting Mountain - Xingping - Xianggongshan - Fishing Village - Gongnong Bridge, Flight Excursion Duration is about 25 minutes, so the local service is not cheap, of course. The cost is about 2600 yuan per child for adults, or about 2,300 yuan per child. The aircraft can take up to three tourists. If the number is insufficient, it will need to fill out the seat fee.
How to get there: Yangshuo Helicopter Flight is the place of Yangshuo Takata Air Navigation Base (next to the exit of Takada Expressway, Yangshuo County).
Note: The fresh play this year has opened up and you can see the majestic Lancang River in the air, showing you a few local tours. The advantage of the Lancang River is that it is possible to take a panoramic view of the Lancang River from a height, but it is a pity that the flight time is shorter, and the longer it is, the higher the cost is.

Wanjiang Gameplay Five: The Peak Overlooks the Lancang River

The three famous mountains on the edge of the Lijiang River are recommended: Xianggongshan, Cuiping Mountain and Laozhai Mountain.
Recommended Degree: ★★★★
How to play: Photographers should not miss the place where tickets are for 20 yuan. The light, shadows, clouds, sunrise, and Caixia are all striking here, between Huangpu Beach and Jiuma Painting Mountain, about 28 kilometers away from Yangshuo.
How to get there: Guilin takes the direction from Yangdi Pier and Yangshuo to the town of Grapevine, and then switches to a motorcycle or chartered car. Self-driving can be directly on the Baisha Expressway at the entrance of Yulong River. After the exit of the grape, after the road, turn left again into the mountain road of Mekongshan Village of Hebaoshan Village.
Cui Ping Shan] How to play: Tsui Ping Shan of Chai Ping of Zhouzhai Village Committee, also known as Wuzhi Mountain, is a place where Guilin people do not even know the beauty. It is located in the southwest direction of the grape town of Yangshuo County. Many famous photography works have been created. Hope, the vast peaks in the distance, the river turtles gathered in the river under the mountain, bypassing the idyllic village south into the Yulong River. This undeveloped area has now been built with hiking trails and observation decks.
How to get there: You need to take a car to Grape Town first, and then change your car to Cuiping Village. The mountain is in the village and you can reach the top of the mountain in about 30 minutes.
【Laozhai Mountain】
How to play: This is a mountain with stories. When you climb the top of the mountain, you can see the best scenery in Xingping. It is also a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset. It is also a place for photographers to miss. No tickets, At the top of the hill, you can see the famous Xingping sunset and see the distant mountains and rivers. The mountains are steep, with some tombs scattered on the mountainside. When approaching the peaks, they need iron ladders to help. This place is where the U-shaped bends of the Lijiang River are located. Many photographic works of the Minjiang River are located here. The beautiful twists and turns of the Minjiang River reflect the green peaks on both sides of the bank. The phoenix-tailed oscillating bamboo on the banks of the river is drawing a beautiful landscape picture.
How to get there: You can take a battery car in the ancient town and talk to the master when you come to Yushutan station. There are several typical signboards on the uphill terrace, where a large amount of English or Japanese is written. Afterwards, follow the arrow to go to the top of the mountain. The pavilion on the top of the hill is the best scenic spot to observe in the direction of Xingping.

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