The latest Hong Kong Michelin Guide released, the 17 cheap food list!

One hundred and sixty thousand Hong Kong drift are here.Often mention Michelin cuisine, in addition to delicious, there is a word: expensive!
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Fortunately, Michelin is the compassionate circle of the poor and others, in the guide opened up an ultra-popular parity tire "recommended" list (also known as Bieden recommended)!

To put it simply is - the poor benevolence!


Last year, Hong Kong had 63 restaurants on the list, "Recommended by Tire Men", of which 4 were newly listed restaurants.

This year, October 30 list freshly baked, Hong Kong has 73 list, the new restaurant list is explosive growth, 17!


Tired of eating good luck Tim Chen Kan Kee Kau Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong also what cheap and tasty cuisine worthy of a Michelin new grass? Then look to the circle sister on the right!

(Causeway Bay)2017 Hong Kong's hottest noodles


2017 Hong Kong Ramen Who is the hottest? Non- stop !


One Star in the Tokyo Michelin for three years in a row , the only ramen noodle in the world to have Michelin-starred, and a stunning record of 5 hours queuing in Japan!


In May this year, Hong Kong stationed in Hong Kong, the scene was like this:



Opened in the dolphin king, Jin Tian Jia, Sanda noodles, Matsumata family and other Japanese ramen shop get together Lantern Street, Limited supply of 400 bowls daily, while stocks last, very proud!


Mainly soy sauce and salted ramen . The soup is made with dried fish, fresh chicken and boil for 9 hours. With truffle sauce and truffle oil, it is clear and delicious with a price of HK $ 98.

Take a star Michelin is the bowl of soy sauce ramen


Address: Shop No. 2, Ground Floor, V Point, 18 Teng Lung Street, Causeway Bay


Samsen Thai surfaceFive-star chef, one star price

Thai shop to create the Thai street appearance, super feel:


The main Thai-style ship's surface (signboard is the yo-yo of the cow) , the seasoning is by no means soft, the spicy spicy, the sour of the acid, the absolute Thai flavor:


Chef Adam Cliff is even more talented. He was the first Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in the world and the top-rated Nahm in Asia, arguably one of the most highly rated Thai chef and food critic in the world!


Chef so a little foul!

After Adam Adam Cliff fought in Hong Kong, Chachawan , a Thai restaurant opened in Sheung Wan , tastes "very hot" and is often very popular with long queues.

However, the sister circle that the chef's second restaurant Thai is even more recommended, after all, 200 Hong Kong dollars per capita price is half Chachawan!

Address: G / F, 68 Shui Kiu Street, Wan Chai, MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit A3


Poly Xing homeBusiness is good to the afternoon market

Poly-hing home early in the small famous, Alan Tam, Chen Baixiang, Xu Guanwen and many other stars have been patronized.

However, a few days earlier, the list tire recommended, the business is Cengcuo rise, so happy to Juxing posted a "manned temporary suspension of the lunch market," the notice.


Ju Xing home-style Cantonese side dishes, but the characteristic is that into the boiled fish, boiled beef and other Sichuan , Hong Kong people meet the spicy, business incredibly good, every night to do enough four, packed.


Just look at the color circle sister will call


The former governor of Hing Hing used to be a famous abalone specialty shop in Hong Kong. Chefs from mid-to-high-end Cantonese-style "Tao Yuen Restaurant" started their own business and attracted many chefs in the industry.

Not too tasteless circle girl to go on a map

According to Master Wu himself, more than 90% of Juxing's guest chefs are star chefs, including Chen En- de, the executive chef of Longjingxuan, Timmy Gui-pei, the owner of good luck dessert shop, and so on .


Address: Prince Edward Portland Street Shop 418, MTR Prince Edward Station Exit D

To remember small dishes kingPopular Sham Shui Po comeback

In addition to Sham Shui Po Ming no one I do not know, there is a nobody knows, is to remember the appetizer Wang.


Sham Shui Po to remember side dishes king

(Source: Apple Daily)


Remembering for 27 years in Sham Shui Po, Michelin was recommended in 2009. His chef, Jonathan, traveled to the royal kitchen of current Philippine President Marcus.


Yung Ge love to study new dishes, such as the original garlic (98 Hong Kong dollars), the ribs into the washing machine stir meat, increase flexibility, a launch has caused a boom. There are crispy pork roast (78 Hong Kong dollars) and salad bone (86 Hong Kong dollars), sold through the streets know.



Crispy pork baked in an electric oven, fat and pork phase, a total of five layers


However, Sham Shui Po recorded the completion of last year. Many people expressed regret that they all rushed to remember the final taste.


Yung remember Wang Xindian shop

Who knows this year to remember rushed out of rivers and lakes, the prince reopened, and just opened soon recommended by the tire people , Miss Sham Shui Po shopmate must go to try!


Address: Prince Edward Road West, No. 123 ground floor shop, Prince Edward MTR Station C2 exit

Mevin Kee noodles home60 years old shop in Hong Kong

Mai Wen Kee in Hong Kong has 60 years of history , but in order to maintain the level of the boss insisted that this alone will not open a branch! Although the shop is small on a dozen card bit, but sold an average of a thousand bowl noodles!




Mai Kee Kee's most famous is the shrimp wonton noodles (34 Hong Kong dollars), plus a dish of pretty rape (22 Hong Kong dollars), is the classic eat this old shop.



Has patronized the wheat dictator decades old diners, appraises wheat Wen to record several decades standard , the facial quality bombshell, elsewhere simply can not eat. There are still living in the vicinity of diners after moving Yuen Long, still regularly come back to patronize!


Address: MTR Jordan Station C2 exit, about 2 minutes walk


Reliable (Wan Chai)Porridge shop for the first time nominated Michelin

Want to drink porridge in Hong Kong, to rely on reliable standard right! Reliable is the first congee shop recommended by tire people , the evaluation of diners are also "food as its name, only reliable!"


In fact, reliable living in 2011-2017 has been awarded seven Michelin Michelin recommended restaurants, and even the big gourmet Chua Lam also patronized before.



Reliable in Hong Kong's first fresh fish soup porridge at the end, signs Sambo: Heart + liver + porridge + crispy 鲩 fish skin, the whole package only 100 Hong Kong dollars out!


However, the circle sister to remind everyone that the recommendation of tire people are designated shops , such as reliable is the recommended headquarters in Wan Chai, we do not go to other branches yo!


Address: 7 Wan Chai Ke Street, Ground Floor, MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A3

Taste 囍 claypot dishesTaste dessert kingLan Kwai Fong alcoholic drinks favorite

The weather is cold, hot pot claypot most suitable!


(Source: Hong Kong Economic Times)


The new entree to try the clam claypot main charcoal claypot rice cooker, cooker pot has golden rice at the end of rice , sign is the claypot claypot (68 Hong Kong dollars) and eel claypot (75 Hong Kong dollars).



Taste the peak of a night market can sell more than 200 pot, from time to time 4,50 people line up in the shop patronize. And it is said that Taste is another famous, the same tire recommended by people, "kun Kee pottery side dishes," chef from the stove store.


In addition to claypot, the next sister shop tasted dim sum Emperor also tire list recommended, the main homemade nostalgia dim sum, that is called steam, the price of the People First, has attracted many Lan Kwai Fong alcoholic drinks to join.


(Source: Hong Kong Economic Times)


Address: 25 North West Street, North Ground, Kennedy Town MTR Station Exit B, walk about 3 minutes


Please sitService best, desktop mom flavor

Please sit down is a Taiwanese restaurant opened by two Taiwanese moms offering the best Taiwanese cuisine and the warm hospitality of a Taiwanese restaurant.


Please sit down to sell the best beef noodles , peak 1 day can sell 300 bowls! A bowl of beef noodles price of 68 Hong Kong dollars, is the highest price of the whole shop!


Beef noodle soup is right taste, face a small amount of sauerkraut, onion tablets, the entrance then distributed slightly pepper flavor, more than the average braised more spicy, heavy taste, but the soup will not be greasy


Please take the ace of the two is the "table quiche" , first fried eggs, covered with Taiwan's cake crust, fry until just cooked fillings and then quickly rolled well, cut into pieces lump their own seasoning soy sauce in Taiwan Well , the price is also very good, 25-29 Hong Kong dollars.


After the list, the boss stressed that the restaurant service will not change, the price will not change, adhere to the authentic taste of Taiwan, never taste bad , like Hong Kong, Taiwan authentic snacks do not miss out!


Address: Shop 2-3, G / F, Wah Fai House, 1-6 Ying Wah Terrace, Sai Ying Pun, Western District

8 other tire people recommendedDelicious regardless of high school


If you love drink soup, you can go to "Guangdong to Lashio, " sign the apricot juice white lung soup (238 Hong Kong dollars, it should be a large pot).

Or to "trustworthy" , the same main apricot white lung soup, but the afternoon tea profile was 40 Hong Kong dollars succeed!



If you love lo mei, go to "tide paradise" , its predecessor was Michelin recommended the tide-style food brother "A Hong snacks", the main Chaozhou cold fight!



If you love claypot, go to "kun Kee pot dishes" , signature claypot claypot (75 Hong Kong dollars), but also strong boil pot (208 Hong Kong dollars)!



If you love the old shop, go to the 23-year-old "Ying Kee House" to eat sirloin noodles (39 Hong Kong dollars).

Or nearly 60-year history of "Yixin Food Museum," the main old-fashioned Cantonese, signature Pipa duck, West lemon fried chicken.



If the Hong Kong style savory stalls, go to "enhance the art kitchen" to taste pepper pork belly.



If you love Teochew cuisine, go to "Teochew Teochew Restaurant" to eat celery (128 / strips).



The addresses of these shops are here:


These Michelin cheap recommendation is simply the circle of soul redemption! Which of the 17 foods you've ever been on the list, what are you looking forward to?

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