The main island leads the way to Shunde and eats private foods that are not found in the navigation!

As the saying goes, "food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng" means Shunde people will cook. In the casual local food stall of an alley, the kind that Shunde locals open, suffering, salt and pepper, steaming, stir-fry and raw porridge are not bad.

In the background, the island host received a lot of culinary reminders from readers to remind me to write Macao cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and Shunde cuisine. Among them, there are many people who want to see Shunde. Many readers of the National Day holiday have sent Shunde food. The @-Rachel-friend from Shunde has sent photographs and large sections of texts from time to time. Introduced to "tempt" the islander...▼

The Roche shrimp in Fengcheng Restaurant was delicious enough to allow her to eat two of the shrimp lovers. ▼

Looking at these, the islander only wants to say that you successfully caught my attention:) The

islanders are quite familiar with Shunde, and they also eat and drink and drink for a few days in Shunde during the National Day holiday. To introduce Shunde cuisine is actually a big topic. After all, Shunde is one of the six food capitals in the world. There are too many delicious foods. There are only two cities in China, and the other is Chengdu.

As the saying goes, "food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng," means Shunde people will cook. Just a local food stall in the alley, the kind that Shunde locals open, suffering, salt and pepper, steaming, stir-fry, raw porridge ... ... taste will not be bad. ▼

These local food stalls are open for more than ten years. They do business in the neighborhood, and they all know each other in the street. They hear the plain Shunde dialect. Eating late at night here not only cures the hungry in the night, but also has a strong effect. Strong human touch cures your tired heart.

Shunde chefs will cook, mainly in the details of cooking. In fact, Shunde cuisine is mainly home cooking. At first glance, it looks unpretentious, but it pays attention to the heat and how it can better preserve the umami taste of the ingredients. For example, for a steamed fish, it is necessary to first clean the water for a few days to get a taste of the earth, and then to kill it, to ensure the freshness of the body. Then the steaming time should be good, to ensure tender and smooth, and finally released fresh ginger onion silk, topped with soy sauce and oil, the taste is not unfounded, but also sweet and refreshing is a qualified Shunde steamed fish. ▼

The multiple development of ingredients is also a feature. Shunde people love to eat fish, after all, is a water town, the river is much more. How can that fish eat? Only steamed, suffering, is not enough, a fish to eat to meet the basic appetite.

In view of the large food map of Shunde, the islander picked five stores in Daliang for convenient short-distance visits and punches. There are Shunde fish and private kitchens, and Shunde must eat double skin milk.

Fat Food Shop: Specializing in Shunde Fish Health

Shunde people love to eat fish. The first one to recommend is of course Shunde's most famous fish. The gluttonous food store is located in a residential area in Daliang, and the surroundings are very quiet. It is only lively here. If a taxi driver encounters Shunde people, they will know how to go if they say that they are fat.

The plump storefront is very simple, with only a "fish" on the glass door, not even a signboard. But in fact it was because of the typhoon that had occurred some time ago. The sign was scraped and it was not installed. ▼

There is no menu for fattening, and there are no extra dishes. One fish to eat, the fish body made fish, fish bone steamed or salt and pepper sauce, fish head fish tail porridge, as well as fish skin salad, fish intestine omelette, ask if you are not convinced.

The traditional Shunde fish is very pompous. There are a total of 16 ingredients, including shredded lemon leaves, onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, peanuts, sour taro, fried fragrant silk, sesame seeds, salt, sugar, etc. For you to eat raw fish, you don't need to eat it all. Add whatever you like to your taste. ▼

Shunde fish used to be home fish, such as grass carp, carp. In practice, we pay attention to the "phase of the product" and why Shunde's fish is crystal clear because of the "bleeding" step. Bloodletting is to cut a knife at the tail of live fish, and then put the fish back into the water, so that it will slowly flow through the blood, the fish will become transparent, and the smell will disappear. If the bloodletting is not good enough, the fish will have a marked redness. ▼

Followed by the test of the knife, Shunde fish students must cut very thin and thin, so that the taste is good, selling is also good. ▼

The fish was first caught in a bowl, and the ingredients were added. The islander personally liked lemon leaves, carrots, fried squid, and sour taro, and then dipped in a little peanut oil. Wow, the moment the oil drips, the whole bowl of fish begins to smell, a sweet fragrance, non, often, tempting, people! ▼

Then mix the fish with the ingredients and you can eat it, with aromas and colors. ▼

The entrance doesn't have a greasy feel or taste, and the taste is still very rich. The ingredients and peanut oil make the fish's sweetness and umami smell come out. Pandan leaves and carrots can be greasy. The sour buns are also very sweet. . Ah, want to go back and have another meal! ▼

The fish bones can be steamed with oyster sauce, and they can also be salted and salted. The islanders eat salt and peppers this time, and the taste is also very good. It is suitable for brackish and tender fish. It will be better to eat hot. ▼

Fish head fish tail porridge, porridge boiled soft and smooth, sweet taste, is to pay attention to some broken bones. The weight of a pot of porridge is not small, and two people who have already eaten fish are unable to finish eating porridge. Crime of sin. ▼

The standard package here is fish + fish skin + fish head porridge + fish bones, four pounds of fish, 99 yuan. There are also more than 100, the difference is that the fish is bigger. The rest of the Xiaochao, such as seasonal vegetables, fried rice, and the like, can be further added. My two friends and I, in addition to fish, had a little more time for a vegetable, and when it wasn't enough to eat it at the end, each person also had more than fifty pieces, and the cost-effectiveness was so high that people were stunned.

Address: No. 3, Lane 5, Lianyuan 2nd Rd., North Dali District,
Reservation No.: 0757-22262190, 13425799748
Business Hour: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00
Per Capita Consumption: 50 yuan

Jinbang inscription private kitchen

Those who have lived in Shunde for a long time will know that in addition to Shuangpi Dai, Daliang Collapsing, Chencun Powder, Lunjiao, and other snacks, Shunde's cuisine is dominated by homemade dishes or private kitchens. This is a dinner. It can't be eaten at any time of the day. It can't eat so much. To eat a private dish, at least four people must go together, otherwise there is no way to order more than two dishes and it is not easy to eat.

The gold medal title is a private dish that the islander has been to several times and feels good. It is located in the Golden List of Daliang Old District. The Golden List is an old blue-and-white brick building with a criss-crossing narrow alleyway. It is easy for younger locals to get lost. Two red lanterns are hung on the door of the gold plaque. ▼

The Jinbang title was transformed by the old house and is said to be the home of the last champion in Guangdong. After entering the gate, you will see the inner hall, typical of the Pearl River Delta old house architectural style of the last century. ▼

When you go inside, there is no better day. From the house you can walk to a half-open "backyard". The environment is more original, brick and cement. In the photo below is the kitchen, and the next one is all hanging. ▼

On the wall, in addition to the signature menu, there are some celebrity profiles from Shunde, such as Bruce Lee. ▼

The front yard has a shed and is built in the mountains. It is very ecological. There is no air conditioning in the semi-open space and more mosquitoes in the summer. There are also air-conditioned rooms and halls. ▼

The island host this time went to the gold medal inscription, and there were only three companions in total, and they couldn't reserve a place (the small table couldn't stay). So they had to get there early and go at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. At that time, the people had not yet risen. But after an hour of continuous filling, one can see that many people are attracted.

Because there were only three people, we couldn't order too many dishes. We ordered a five-cup pigeon, a coconut-immersed chicken, and shrimp paste with fried beans. Five cups of chicken and five cups of pigeons are the signature dishes of his family. Five cups are red wine, sugar, water, soy sauce, and his home-made sauce. Each cup is a boiled sauce. The overall taste is sweet, with a bit of salty, very game. And the pigeons in his family are really big, one can hold a dish. ▼

The pigeon's meat is full, the meat is tender and firm, and the skin is very smooth. ▼

The island host strongly recommends his family's coconut dip chicken! Do not look at us only ordered three dishes, in fact, just a coconut immersed chicken enough for three people to eat full. The boss Lin Biao also emphasized that when she placed an order, a real amount was very large. They use a whole three-yellow chicken and a coconut in one pot. The coconut meat is also scraped and boiled. ▼

Look at this weight, eyes full of meat. ▼

Three yellow chicken skin is soft and brittle, and the meat is tender and tender. The coconut meat is sweet and crisp, and the taste is very refreshing. ▼

And the point is, this soup is really good! The soup was cooked with fresh, original coconut milk, and a touch of pale white, fresh coconut, drank the first bite, so people couldn't help blinking! The taste is very sweet, and the owner of the island even drank three bowls. ▼

If there are four or five people to eat together, you can order more dishes, and try out the signature Laohuo soup of his family. The most popular person is the keelbrow bean soup, Lin Biao improves the formula, and cooks the rice wine. Heling, the stench of savory taste, the soup is also very tasty and sweet.

Lin Hao looks more than 60 years old, full of spirit and strong momentum. From time to time in the restaurant we can hear her urging the clerk. By the way, the gold medal title can now be paid in Wechat, which is very convenient. Attaching a map to everyone, in fact, if you don't go around inside the gold list and go directly to the big road outside, it's still quite easy to find. However, parking is not very convenient and it may take a while. ▼

Address: No. 14, Shangjie,
Daliangjinbang Reservation: 0757-22287388, 13336422209
Business hours: 09:00-22:00
Per capita consumption: 70 yuan

Private kitchen

There are many private kitchens in Shunde, of which the most famous ones are probably Pork Po and Pengfang. First come to popular science and use the word “𠮩𠹌”. The meaning in Cantonese is similar to “刁钻” and “挑取剔”. It can be pronounced Cantonese in Cantonese. ▼

When we talked about Shunde, locals would say “Oh~” and his family has been open for about ten years. In recent years, because of the increasing number of online propaganda, they are now getting full every day and they have to wait in long queues. . The islanders went more during the National Day. More than five in the afternoon, they had to take the number. You did not misunderstand, No. 100... But the turnover rate was very high, waiting for almost an hour. Come to us. ▼

There is no menu here. Look at the ingredients on the water counter at the entrance. It's very lively and crowded. Many people will eat seafood here. ▼

Here's the example of people who eat geese and squid chicken. Line chicken is a pheasant, which is relatively large, but the meat is delicious. What is worth trying is the old fire soup of his family. They are all littered with honeycombed coal and are rarely found in urban areas. His family's soup is full of fire, and it has a strong flavor. Many people like to drink it.

The weight of his family's food is also quite large. We and a group of three people ordered a steamed sea bream, a Hakka tofu and a simmered oyster sauce. Said to eat in Shunde, to test the restaurant is good or bad, just a steamed fish will know. The eel's fish is still steaming very well, very tender, but it is a bit of a loss compared to the past, probably because too many people in the National Day. ▼

Tofu is their own home-grown, very slippery, and the islander's years of chopsticks work in front of it, "the old horse blundered." The taste is also very simple, light and delicate tofu. A refreshing dish. ▼

There is also a sea of ​​fresh oysters. This is a practice that islanders generally dare not try because of fear of smell, but his family does not do it at all. It is similar to steamed fish, and it is sprinkled with ginger onion after cooking. . Soy sauce should be placed in addition to avoid eating too much of the fresh oysters on the plate and affecting the flavor. What's a little bit special is that they also add a bit of mustard to the soy sauce dish and eat fresh quail with mustard. It tastes good. ▼

Affected by the tourism industry, there are local specialty products such as cow milk, walnut crisps, abalone crisps, chilli sauce and so on, which are sold by their own homes.

There are too many people to eat at this time, and you must make a reservation before you want to go. However, the islander felt a little pity. He had really good taste before. I don't know if it was too many guests in the past few years. When I went for a vacation, the quality of the dishes dropped a bit. I hope it will be better afterwards.

Address: No. 11, Xiangxing South Road, Daliang (Behind the Food City)
Reservation Telephone: 0757-22610717
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00
Per Capita Consumption: RMB 110

Golden List Dairy

After dinner, it's time to introduce Shunde's most famous snack, Double Skin Milk. Minxin and Renxin Island were not introduced. In the past few years, these two stores have become the same as attractions. In contrast, the islanders prefer to go to the two local dairy shops run by Xiao Ben. The first one is Jinbang Dairy. ▼

The Jinbang Dairy Store has been running for many years. His family has run the gold bullion milk for five generations and has always insisted on making small homes. The location is not hard to find. On Jiazi Road, opposite is a Christian church. Take the bus to Jinxiu Road and get off at a crossroads. ▼

The decoration of the store is like a house in the eighties. It was very simple. It was about eight tables. It was not big. The corridor can be seen inside the kitchen is doing double skin milk. There have been media interviews with the shop, and the boss still said bluntly: "Don't write us too well. Too many people come to us to do endless things and do dead people (in Cantonese, meaning exhausted)."

His family's production has been for so many years All of them are the oldest of three, with double skin milk, turtle cream and fresh milk. The milk used is local water brew, very delicate and smooth, with rich milky notes. Fear of sweet friends may feel a bit too sweet to eat, but it is natural that after eating it, you will not feel thirsty or have a feeling of wanting to drink water. Milk skin is also very obvious, a bit savory. Full of childhood flavor. ▼

Now that more people have eaten double skin milk in his home, we have only a dozen bowls left at about 3 pm. Fresh milk and turtle paste are sold out. The next batch must wait at least four times. Hours later. Many friends often go to eat closed doors. For so many years, his family's prices still maintain that level, 8 bowls of double skin milk, milk, a 6-piece, is the kind of glass armor.

Address: Daliangjiazi Road (opposite the Christian Church)
Opening hours: 06:30-22:00
Per capita consumption: 10 yuan

Joy of Dairy

The second home that the islander likes to visit is the joyfulness. The joyfulness is also in Jinbang Street. It is just next door to the Jinbang inscription, so you can go with it. The gold list has a title called "milk street" because there were many small family homes selling milk. ▼

However, today, it is still very strong and well-known. The anniversary was started in the 1980s and it has been more than 30 years since now. It has been insisting on hand-making and using buffalo milk. ▼

Although it is remembered to be in a small alley, it really deserves the phrase “The wine is not afraid of the deep alley”, and pure milk can invite countless people to taste. A small store with a size of about ten square feet is full of people both inside and outside. ▼

When the islander went, the double skin milk was sold out. He had to wait for half an hour to have a second batch and then ordered two bowls of water milk. Milk is boiled, and after it comes up, it smells like a milky smell. The store will tell us to wait and drink again, because milk will make a skin. Did you see the wrinkled skin on the surface? ▼

The island mainly calls Shunde water milk crazy! The taste is very sweet and fresh. The island owner himself is a person who does not like to drink pure milk. He will vomit when he drinks, but the water milk is not the same. The boiled milk is not sweet and very sweet. He finishes his mouth. Leave a milky fragrance and have a long aftertaste. Give you a look at this skin milk ~▼

It is also worthwhile to buy home milk with joyful memories. Shunde milk has many benefits. Its taste is a bit salty, but it is mixed with white porridge and it is very chewy. It also reduces the risk of fire. If your stomach is not very good, you can try a rice milk, spread a few slices of milk when the rice is just cooked, mix well when you eat, milk flavor blowing, very appetizing.

There is a bunk in the junction outside Jin Bang Street that is also dedicated to selling milk and 39 bottles. Milk and double skin milk can only be eaten in the alley's main store. Although the small family workshops are recorded in joy, they are now advancing with the times. WeChat and Alipay can all be used. It is very convenient. ▼

Address: Da Liang Jin Bang Shang Jie No. 19 (Jin Bang inscription next door)
Business Hours: 07:00-19:00
Per Capita Consumption: 10 yuan

This Shunde food introduction is the first to come here. In fact, there are many things that are not mentioned. Shunde has many restaurants opened by local people. It is a local farmer's dish with fresh ingredients. The taste of earthen recipes has a special flavor.
If it weren't for the locals who were familiar with the road, you might not find these stores. Therefore, the islander has always told friends that Shunde is suitable for long stays. Only in this way can Shunde's food be thoroughly eaten. Next time, take everyone to explore these hidden local flavors. New week, happy to start

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