There is a people called Bao Blue Sky, Kaifeng official said Bao Zheng

Memory, Kaifeng has been linked with the Bao Qingtian, a few years of his youth, the streets will play one night at night, "Bao Qingtian" TV series, melon melody titles, the first sentence is: "Kaifeng have a Bao Qingtian ...

Undoubtedly, though it is a Taiwanese TV series, the theme of justice for the Incarnation Incubator is equally popular in mainland China, and Tsering Jun can watch as long as one hundred episodes of TV series in a single breath. Standing at the gate of Kaifeng House at this time, recalling the awe-inspiring, solemn heart of those who took place in Kaifeng City, arises spontaneously!

The well-known virtues

"Just", the world's most touching virtue! Dragon, tiger, dog three trowels, for thousands of years on the people trust the justice of the doubt. Although Kaifeng is the Eight Dynasties, the ancient capital, how many emperors will be the same as ever before, only Bao Gong's two sleeves breeze, a bright moon, from time to time reflect the hearts of ordinary people.

Kaifeng House story has long been fermented into an altar of mellow wine, Taiwanese entertainer Jin Chaoqun has "Bao Qing Tian" This drama 700 sets, the world Chinese have never seen "Bao Qingtian"? Kaifeng has the best in the world "justice", a household name!

Not long ago, in a temple in Xiangcheng, Henan Province, it was astonished to see the Bao Gong who had worshiped with God, Buddha, celestial being and Sheng. On the Central Plains, the awe-inspiring, God of justice, "the male dark paint God does not anger self-Granville, loved by the people!

If the Statue of Liberty represents the freedom and democracy of the United States, the image of Baogong represents the fairness and justice of the Chinese people. If Kaifeng needs a spokesman, it must be a pack of adults! It represents the positive energy of China's golden age!

Yan Luo Bao old

Through the Kaifeng gatehouse, bustling crowd found the piece of damaged "Kaifeng House title monument." The monument records the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Jianlong to Chongning four years, 146 years, the Kaifeng government office of the 183 chief executive directory. At the 93rd office, the name of the executive was worn away, and the vanishing name was Bao Zheng. This is the historical evidence that people love to wear bags. People found the name of Bao Gong in the monument will kindly touch, long time sketches on the draw a smooth groove.

The inscription reads: Kou Zhun, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Wang Anshi, Yan Shu and Cai Jing, all of whom have their own names in the history of China. However, together with Bao Gong, they also seem bleak. Steles, their names are clearly visible, only the name of Bao Zheng disappeared, we can see the package adults in the eyes of the people heavier weight.

Kaifeng Yin as frequently as the lantern replacement, the term is very short, an average of 8 months. In fact, Bao Zheng in office only a year or more. As Bao Zheng in Kaifeng House law enforcement is strict and bold, eunuchs Qi Qi also had to converge, hear the name of Bao Zheng will be afraid, Kaifeng House widely circulated the words: "The joint is less, with Yan Luo Bao Old ", with the metaphor of Bao Ren Allegro iron selfless.

World model

Pure heart for the cure, Straight Road is the body of seeking.
Show dry eventually Cheng Dong, stainless steel hook.
Hedgehouses thrush, grass make rabbit fox worry.
History of a learned, not to those who shame.
Bao Zheng "Book Duanzhou County vegetarian wall"

Kaifeng are in Liang, Beijing in Song, Yu Yu Ming ......, gradually declining, Kaifeng House architecture also because of Kaifeng raging and buried underground. In 2001, Kaifeng House was newly built in accordance with the principle of "creating a French style" and "creating an antique as a past and building an excellent product" in the Song Dynasty. The highest pavilion in the palace was named after the poem "Qing Xinyou".

Aboard Qingxin floor, overlooking Kaifeng House, not far from the blue waves, willow shore, there are three lake, it is Baogong Lake. According to legend, the crescent on the head of the crescent is the eye of the eye, but also according to the demon mirror, to know demons and ghosts, but also to see the black corrupt officials. Before the death of the package will crescent mirror hanging in the lobby of Kaifeng House, and later dropped to the ground, has become a piece of water, Kaifeng called Bagong Lake, to pin the thought of this adult!

Across the lake, Bao Gong Ancestral Temple can be seen, which contains thought-provoking, only a handful of thirty-seven words of Bao Zheng Family Instructions: "future generations Shi Shihuan, there are stolen people, may not be placed in this home; death, Shall not be buried in the great tomb, not from my blog, not my children. The next word under the cloud saying: "Yang 珙 publication of stone, erected in the hall east wall to Chao later generations." And fourteen words. 珙 who, Xiao Su son also.

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