To Qianling Mausoleum be a tomb raider

Speaking of the emperor buried the tomb, had to mention is Wu Zetian and Tang Gaozong Li Zhi's burial tombs. Qianling magnificent momentum, unearthed precious funerary goods more than a thousand pieces. Want a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the history and culture of the Tang Dynasty, that is where to go to the land! What is the real emperor buried in the end? This Raiders take you to explore the tomb.

About Qianling

Wu Zetian for their own after a hundred years later, the life was two well-known days phase home Yuan Tian Gang and Li Chunfeng, a south to the north, looking for cemetery Longxue. After the search to return, the results of the two people looking for feng shui treasure is where this mausoleum.
Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Wu Zetian buried in Liangshan under the "mountain for the mausoleum" is a major feature of the Tang emperor. Qianling mausoleum, in the outer city cemetery, the distribution of 17 funeral tombs, which 17 buried in the tomb was really developed to dig out the tomb of Yongtai Princess, Zhang Huai Prince Tomb, Prince Edward Tombs, these tombs are built There are underground palace, at the same time unearthed, including a large number of exquisite Tang Dynasty murals, Tang San Cai and pottery figurines and other cultural relics. Although the mausoleum of the dry mausoleum in order to protect, has not been developed, is imitated, but buried with the tomb we can enter each of the tomb inside the watch.

Scenic map

Dry mausoleum will play

The sacred monument

Merit is non-descendants that no word on the word in the end it? The answer is yes, save the integrity of the Jin Dynasty is written with Jurchen words, next to the Chinese translation of "Lang Jun line" to save more complete. Jurchen text has long been abandoned, so this monument has become a study of Jurchen and Jurchen history and culture of precious information.

No word monument

Sixty-one fanous image

After the death of Emperor Gaozong, the whole country mourning, 61 countries and regions sent a special envoy or leader personally attended the burial ceremony. After the funeral, Wu Zetian craftsmen with a portrait of the way, carved to participate in the funeral of those envoys or leaders, standing on both sides of Suzaku door.

Yongtai Princess Tomb

The tomb is one of the tombs of the Qianling, which is buried in the Tang Zhongzong Li Xian and Wei's daughter. Do not look here is just a funeral tomb, in fact, great worth seeing, you can go down to the underground palace, really into the tomb of Yongtai Princess! To know the monks in the tomb of Yongtai, but the most famous, from the tomb to the tomb, along the way you can enjoy the rich and colorful murals of the Tang Dynasty, the court honor guard, celestial figure, maiden figure. Especially the tomb placed in a stone coffin, engraved with 15 pictures of the ladies figure map. These characters are different gestures, from these figures, you can see the aristocratic women living conditions of the Tang Dynasty. If you are interested in the murals, here must have to go!

Wing Tai Princess tomb gate

Yongtai Princess Cemetery

Zhang Huai's tomb

Zhang Huai Taizi Yin, Tang Gaozong and Wu Zetian's second son. This is the tomb of Prince Zhang Huai and Prince Edward. It is composed of long slope-shaped tombs, patio, four holes, houses, brick corridors and front and rear tombs. The structure is similar to that of Yongtai Princess, only slightly smaller. Here you can also see frescoes, pottery figurines, three figurines, living utensils and other funerary goods more than 600 pieces. Modeling the most vivid and vivid to the number of figurines and warriors and figurines, showing the Tang Dynasty pottery figurines superb level.

The gate of Prince Zhang Huai

Zhanghuai prince cemetery palace

Prince Yide Tombs

Yide Prince Li Chongrun is the eldest son of Tang Zhongzong. There were also many frescoes on the tombs and the walls of the caves, showing the status of the ladies' attendants at that time, providing new information for studying the social system of the Tang Dynasty and the living habits of the nobles.

Prince Yide tomb gate

Prince Edward Cemetery

Simple relationship, Zhang Huai is the son of Tang Gaozong, Yongtai princess and Prince Yi is the son of Tang Zhongzong, Tang Zhongzong is the son of Tang Gaozong.   

How to go to dry mausoleum

Traffic by car route : take Fuyin high-speed, about one and a half hours to arrive, tolls 25 yuan, 50 yuan back and forth.

Bus route : in Xi'an West Bus Terminal to sit dry county bus, start at 7 o'clock in the morning, about 1 and a half hours to reach the dry county, every half an hour to send a trip, 25.5 yuan / person. Get off after the need to change the bus - dry county 2 Road, [high-speed station] on the car [Qianling station] get off, about 40 minutes to reach, want to save time on the taxi to about 15 yuan. Back and forth, then the car is still relatively time-consuming, it is recommended to participate in day trips convenience.

Ticket prices and opening hours : peak season (March - December) Price: 122 yuan / person; off-season time (December - the following year in February) Price: 82 yuan / person. (The main mausoleum and three funerary graves a ticket system, each into a spot punch once, please save the paper ticket; each point of the door can be explained, Qianling is 100 yuan, the other three attractions of the 50 yuan ; Battery cars also have, Qianling and three buried pit far away, it is recommended to take the car car 30 yuan / person).
Opening hours : 8: 30-18: 00

To dry mausoleum can also play with here

Qianling about the tour takes 2.5 hours, not far from this there is a very famous Buddhist holy sites - Famen Temple, you can go to the morning Famen Temple, afternoon to the Qianling, the two spots finished just one day.

Concluding remarks

Only to be immersive in the history of the majestic, both emperors of a couple of love and hate as if in front of the flash. Want to learn more about more and more detailed understanding of history and culture, then come to Xi'an, we not only have a beautiful scenery of rivers and mountains, more of these monuments worth learning and viewing.

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