To Lijiang and Dali as the center traveled to Yunnan

Yunnan free travel throughout the Cheats, for your trip to Yunnan to save time and effort, the trip back to the scenery.
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Public Transport and Distribution of Yunnan Province


Aircraft: Kunming, Yunnan, Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong between the direct flights, of which more routes in Kunming, ticket prices are relatively low, choose more flexible. If the budget is limited, you can choose to fly from Kunming to another location. If time is limited, want to play more attractions, you can choose to fly directly.

Bus: Bus is divided into two kinds of passenger bus and tourist bus. Passenger bus is relatively cheap, insured low, the route is not in accordance with the scenic line planning, the passenger station from the scenic area there is always a distance, need to transfer to other modes of transport. Tourist bus higher coverage, the line specifically designed for tourists, you can chartered, fight directly to the scenic area, but must be confirmed before the operation of its operating qualifications.

Train: train and passenger bus, like non-tourism, the need for additional transport vehicles, not many flights. But if the distance is far away, the train sleeper is much more comfortable than the local night bus.

Traveled to 3 big destinations to open Yunnan trip!

Yunnan is a multi-entry, more export provinces, and even from neighboring countries, entry, fun Southeast Asia. So where did you play it? It is better to set a small target, but also the most classic line to Lijiang, Dali, Kunming for the dots, the surrounding scenery clean sweep, along the way to play, each station is different scenery.

To Lijiang as the center traveled Lugu Lake, Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-La


Naxi ancient culture city - Lijiang


Lijiang around will experience

  1. traveled through the ancient city streets: in the streets to find all kinds of Lijiang snacks to fill the stomach. After going to the Lion Rock, boarded the high point of the Lion Rock - Wan Gu Lou, overlooking the entire city of Lijiang, luck enough to the north to overlooking the Yulong Snow Mountain. Under the Lion Rock Road to the wood, close to enjoy the ancient city of this imitation of the Forbidden City Naxi palace-style building. Evening back to the ancient city, in the Quartet Street feel the ancient city of nightlife, you can also go to the bar pastime.
  2. in the river town of daze: Lijiang from the bustling downtown to the beam River in a daze, in the quiet coffee room for an afternoon, the most comfortable.
  3. eat the best wax ribs: Xiangshan market in the home "Yu Jie wax ribs" is famous, greasy ground, low bench, dressed in national costumes diners, all features are that the store mainly for the local people The Taxi 7 dollars can be, from the ancient city about 5 minutes by car.
  4. Take a reflection of the Yulong Snow Mountain: the weather is good, then come out from the park can take 3 Road 6 bus to Cheonggyecheon reservoir. Lijiang is here one of the water source of the reservoir, there is a trail in the middle of the reservoir, the whole reservoir is divided into two halves, there are two archway archway, there are many willows. When the weather is clear, you can see the entire Yulong Snow Mountain reflected on the water.

Lijiang → Yulong Snow Mountain


Yulong Snow Mountain has always been the eyes of the Naxi people in the mountains, Naxi people firmly believe that their protection of God, "three" is the embodiment of Yulong Snow Mountain. Yulong Snow Mountain from Lijiang more than 30 kilometers, not only magnificent and cordial, one day will be able to back and forth, you can also stay at the foot of the snow-capped mountains.

Travel line: Yulong Snow Mountain Tourism regular bus every day there are one to two classes in the north gate of the ancient city can be directly on the train starting, one-way ticket 35 yuan / person, round-trip ticket 60 yuan / person, about 1 hour

Some of the 3-8 road (blue van) The so - called snow - capped mountains of the "bus" seems to be cheaper, in fact, on the way to pull guests to the foot of the snow - capped mountains horse riding, the cost is very expensive.

By car: about 40 minutes by car, autumn and winter season parking spaces will be more intense.


It is worth noting that the Yulong Snow Mountain in order to control the number of scenic spots, to the glacier park is a large number of cable tickets are limited sales, if you do not want to empty, or to the scenic area in the queue on the waste of time, it is best to book a large cableway in advance. Recommended one-time booking area tickets (into the mountain ticket) + green ticket + large cable tickets, to facilitate the stay more time to play.

Yulong Snow Mountain will experience

  1. Looking at the snow-capped mountains in the sea, look at a "Yunnan impression."
  2. Take the highest cableway in Asia and go to the Iceberg Park.
  3. From the Blue Moon Valley walk to Yunshan Ping, into the "Yulong third country" legend.

Lijiang → Tiger Leaping Gorge


Tiger Leaping Gorge is located in the Yunnan Yulong Naxi Autonomous County (formerly Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County) Longpan Township northeast, on the tiger jump (for all), in the tiger jump (for young adults), under the tiger jump three (for professional tourism ), Tiger Leaping Gorge to "insurance" name of the world, the main peak elevation of up to 5,596 meters, the West Coast peaks above the river more than 3,000 meters, more than the height of the United States Hell Canyon also more than 600 meters, visitors into the valley, See the river one by one; head cliffs, feet into the rapids, frightened. As the rock collapse of the fault, resulting in countless stone beam down, the formation of reefs in the river, dog staggered, dangerous beach, waterfalls.

Travel line: it is recommended to take the trip to Shangri-La tourist bus, halfway off, on foot tiger jump, every day 8:00, 13:00 can go.

Passenger bus: Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge 1 train a day, time is 8:30, fare 17 yuan.

By car: 1 and a half hours by car, suitable for 1 day from Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Shangri-La will experience

  1. Morning to see Pudacao fog mist around: in the morning by Shangri-La Bus Terminal first bus, 8:00 departure time to Puda measures. When you reach the lake, the mist is just rising.
  2. In the evening in the Songzanlinsi keep a sunset: Afternoon, you can return to Shangri-La, spend a dollar to take the bus, to see a Songzhu Lin Temple sunset. Here is known as the small Potala, Yunnan is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple.
  3. In the Napa Sea to see endless grassland: Napahai, has also become the Iraqi grassland. During the rainy season, here is the glittering flower lake, to the dry season in October, the lake continued to retreat, give way to the grassland. Along the road ring ride Napahai, including from the ancient city to the Napa Sea back and forth the whole journey up to no more than 40 km. Around 9 o'clock in the morning, around 4,5 pm back to the ancient city, this time enough to play very fun. Fare 30 yuan.


Local traffic & tickets

Taxi started 7 yuan, the county does not generally play the table, where the basic are as long as the starting price, out of the city, then about 15 yuan. Kameyama Park and Moonlight Square are in the ancient city, you can walk past. Scenic tickets: pass 258 yuan / person (including 138 yuan ticket fee and 120 yuan scenic tourist fare), Bita sea cruise tickets 50 yuan / person;

  1. Shangri-La passenger station every day there are four classes to Pudacuo bus, starting time were 8: 00,8: 30,9: 30,10: 00, return time were 14: 00,14: 30,15: 00 and 16:30, fare one way 15 yuan / person, 30 minutes by car. Scenic tickets: 115 yuan.
  2. In the Shangri-La Long Road on the road by 3 bus (fare 1 yuan) or bus (2 yuan) can be directly to Songzan Lin Temple, 45 minutes by car, the parking lot on the opposite side of the temple. Scenic ticket: 60 yuan.
  3. The ancient city parking lot to the Napahai Yila grassland line bus, every day 8: 00-18: 00 the whole point of departure, the fare 10 yuan / person.

Lijiang → Lugu Lake


Lugu Lake in addition to suitable for patting, but also suitable for charter round lap, the morning can get up early in the island of Lugu Lake to enjoy the sunrise. The lake began to start from the Nise Village, Mosuo one of the oldest village of small water to feel the original ecology of the Mosuo style, to Luyuan cliff condescending to enjoy the source of Lugu Lake, to the lovers to see the willow Yiyi ... Finally to Goddess Bay look away the goddess mountain, waiting for the most beautiful sunset Lugu Lake. Lugu Lake, the other half of the few attractions, after watching the sunset according to their own situation to choose to continue to return to the lake, or the original road to return to Riga Island.

Travel ** bus: recommended in the ancient city of Lijiang River Plaza, Yu River Plaza, Lijiang, Lijiang, take the tourist bus bound for Lugu Lake, can reach the big water village and Riga Island, but also through the Lining eighteen bend and Lugu Lake viewing platform and docked The Round-trip fare 160 yuan / person, one-way 100 yuan / person, 8:00 am departure, about 7 hours by car. Passenger bus: Lijiang Express bus station every day there are two buses sent to Lugu Lake Dagui Village, respectively, 8:00 and 8:30, about 9 hours by car, the fare 100 yuan / person; Lijiang Bus Terminal every day there are two buses Sent to Lugu Lake big drop village, respectively, 8:30 and 9:00, 7-8 hours by car, the fare of about 106 yuan / person. From the big drop to the village to the island to be chartered, the cost of 50 yuan. Good luck, then you can get enough people to ride, 10 yuan / person. Chartered: ** if directly from Lijiang chartered to Lugu Lake, need to confirm the vehicle operating qualification. According to different models, the general off-season for the 350-550 yuan, the season for the 550-800 yuan.

Carpool: the same as the car, you need to confirm the good vehicle operating qualifications, the general price of 120-200 range.


Lijiang to Lugu Lake now the new road has been opened, the bus takes about four hours, the car takes about three and a half hours. Take the new road after the fare will be cheaper accordingly. But the new road once the rain may have the possibility of landslides, it may still be the old road.

Lijiang → Dali

Travel line: 8:00 every day, in the north gate of the ancient city of Lijiang, can take the tourist line to Dali, one-way 69 yuan / person, from 129 yuan / person, full high-speed direct access to Dali romantic hotel parking.

15:00 every day, the same location, travel routes can go to the double gallery, one-way 59 yuan / person, from 109 yuan / person, full high-speed, direct access to double Gallery area.

Train: 2 hours or so, the fastest K9612 / K9609, 8:25 in the morning starting from Lijiang, is expected to 1 hour 51 minutes to Dali. Need to transfer their own public transport to Dali area, double gallery area.

By car: about 4 hours by car, the whole high-speed up to.

Dali → Lijiang

Travel line: 12:00 every day in the Dali romantic hotel departure to the north gate of Lijiang ancient city, one-way fare 69 yuan / person.

18:30 every day from the double gallery to the ancient city of Lijiang north gate, one-way fare of 59 yuan / person.

Passenger bus: 7:30 am to the next 6:30 pm have a car, 15 minutes / class in the morning, after 1 pm 30 minutes / class, the fare is CMB 56 yuan, 74 yuan bus. Fast passenger transport every day there are 4 classes, 8:30 am, 10: 00, 1: 30, 4:30 pm, the fare is 80 yuan. Need to transfer their own public transport to the scenic area.

Train: the fastest is K9619, about two hours.

Artistic Youth Placement - Dali


If Lijiang is a fragmented youth concentration camp, then Dali must be full of bearish everything, only plans to clean the Sen Department of men and women. Dali is ideal for travel, it is better to say that it is more suitable for vacation - do not drive the trip, do not fly, just slow down the time, free to enjoy lazy. Regardless of playing a few days, how to play, do not need to plan in advance, all look at the mood. Many people come to Yunnan, is to vacation. Cangshan Erhai edge of the Dali, the rule of the body was emptied. In the surrounding walk, there are many surprises, will let the holiday in addition to sleep, there are more memorable experience.

During the day to visit the ancient city of Dali attractions, first to the Chongsheng Temple three towers turn, visit the three towers about 2 hours. Then went to Tianlong eight film and television city, here is Jin Yong fans to the attractions. Night falls, must go to the pedestrian street, not only countless food, as well as hippies from around the world in the street performances or selling handicrafts.

Read the endless romantic life - Erhai Lake


Erhai Lake will experience

  1. Central line Erhai Lake: Erhai too beautiful, it is intoxicated. Proposed clockwise ring, because the Central West Road and East Road, non-motor vehicle are designed for clockwise, and clockwise by the side of Erhai Lake, and Erhai closer. Along the way you can also enjoy the butterfly spring, hi ancient city, double Gallery and other places.

Circle Erhai Lake route:


① ride: riding a circle Erhai, about 2 days. The advantage is that you can fully appreciate the beauty of Erhai Lake, the disadvantage is the need for physical strength, but also need to have good weather at any time. Most of the local inn has a bicycle rental service, free of -40 per month, need a deposit.

② carpool tour: carpool save time and effort, you can stay in the favorite place longer, suitable for those who come to Dali play traveler. Temporary looking for people to fight is not easy to group, but also easy to arrange differences in the itinerary.

③ cycling plus driving. A commercial car, ride a bike, as well as local drivers do tour guides. Take a car, in the interesting section of the ride off, you can also choose to add experience to the project by boat to the sea, is the recent way of emerging Erhai Lake.

④ driving: driving around the sea takes about 3 hours, you can rent a car in the local car to go for a ride.

  1. Cangshan Floating Day: to Dali do not see Cangshan can be described as a regret. First go in the most literary and art of the nuns silence through the Temple, the realization of Zen, Zen tea empty. Go to experience tea tea, and finally in the Mo tea room tea tea, drink a cup of their own hand picked the production of alpine tea.
  2. live a sea view room: Erhai along the way there are hydrophilic inn, recommended accommodation: double Gallery, Golden Shuttle Island, Haidong Town, Taoyuan Village, only village.

Dali → Shaxi

Tea Horse Road town, Jianchuan Shaxi, round a lot of people dream trip, there is no Lijiang's hustle and bustle of the city, a simple and quiet, Shaxi really small, but small and delicate.

Passenger bus: in the Shimonoseki bus station to buy a car ticket to Jianchuan, get off at Jianchuan Bus Terminal, where the minibus / read "rural passenger" green minivan into the town of Shaxi, 13 yuan / person, the next Car to pay, you can let the driver to remind you to get off, the whole process about 50-60 minutes.

Chartered: two and a half hours by car. Chartered price in 280 a day a car.

Dali → Tengchong


Tengchong is located in the western Yunnan border, west and Myanmar adjacent to the history of the ancient Southwest Silk Road was the hub. Forest clouds, green mountains and rivers everywhere, beautiful scenery and charming, where there are China's most densely populated and geothermal hot springs, wonderful landscape.

Passenger bus: Dali city bus terminal has a direct bus, ride the station: prosperous sub-station.

Day shift

Departure time: 10: 00,13: 00

Through the Manhai Bridge, five together. Running mileage of 363 km, running time 7 hours (for reference only) Tickets: 118-123 yuan or so.

Night shift - sleeper:

Departure time: 20:00

Through Baoshan, Po drift, Manhai Bridge, Longjiang Bridge. Running mileage of 363 km, running time 7 hours (for reference only) Tickets: 110-135 yuan or so.


From the Dali to Tengchong only car, no train, direct Tengchong less vehicles, but also from Dali to Baoshan, and then from Baoshan to Tengchong, so the car more frequent, time limit is not so strict.

Dali ⇆ Kunming

[Dali → Kunming] ** bus: ** Dali has a number of bus terminals to Kunming bus. Models, different times, the price is also different 111 - 137 yuan about 4 - 5 hours

Shimonoseki Passenger North Station, by location: Shimonoseki Yuhua Road, every day 9: 00-17: 00 every hour.

Shimonoseki Express Bus Terminal, by car: Ring Road and Longxi Road intersection (Nanjian Road No. 1), 07: 30-19: 00 every 15-30 minutes.

Shimonoseki Shing Road Express Bus Terminal, by location: Xingsheng Road No. 41 (small garden), every day about half an hour.

Kunming → Dali: bus: most of the bus takes 7 hours by car, you can also take the bus to the west of Kunming bus to Dali, full high-speed, about 4-5 hours, the fare 100-150 yuan.

Kunming ⇆ Dali train: 5 times per day, the fastest trip to noon departure of 5 hours, the fare of 100 yuan, the other should be 7,8 hours, fares about 60 yuan. Kunming to Dali, then the train ride 8 bus to the ancient city.

Aircraft: Kunming and Dali between the flight as long as 50 minutes, the gap between the ticket price gap between the larger. But from Kunming to Changshui airport to 1 hour, Dali Airport to Dali ancient city to 1 hour, plus the waiting time, about 4 hours, transfer, waiting time more than flight time, and less flights, Not recommended ride.

Between the two places by car: about 3 hours by car. Some people are directly from the recently opened to the Dali high-speed (Dali's front exit Feng Yi where the insertion of Dali high-speed), to the Dali high-speed can go to Eryuan Dali geothermal hot springs and then began to play around the river.

To Kunming for the fun around the circle


The beauty of the city is relatively light, do not like people just hurry, like the people will find it everywhere flowers, everywhere is King. Early morning ride to the Western Hills, in the Western Hills overlooking the Dianchi Lake; then take the high-altitude cableway to reach the sea ridge park, people gulls play.

Kunming around the experience

In the Western Hills overlooking the Dianchi Lake, and then take the high-altitude cableway to the sea ridge park fed red mouth gulls.

Tickets: tickets free of charge, scenic spots within the separate charges: Dragon 40 yuan, Huating Temple Taihua Temple tickets 20 yuan, Nie ear tomb 1 yuan, Longmen cableway one way 25 yuan, from 50 yuan.

Local traffic:

Yunnan National Village near the high-altitude cable car directly to the Western Hills Gate, one-way fare of 35 yuan / person.

from the Liangjiahe take the 6 bus every 8 minutes, daily 6: 30-19: 00.

Chrysanthemum Village 5 Road bus ride 51 bus direct access to the scenic entrance, every 30 minutes, 7: 00-17: 30 daily.

by the city center art theater ride tourist bus directly to the Western Hills, every 30 minutes, daily 8: 00-16: 30.

In the Golden Mabi chicken Square, walk to Nanping Street, eat bridge bridge garden noodle.

Transportation: You can take the 3-way, 4-way bus in the Jinma Square under the station car.

Reading the home of Ashima - Stone Lin's male, odd, dangerous, quiet landscape.

Tickets: adult package (including two-way green bus / one-way cable / one-way view car / gantry tickets) 68 yuan.


Train: Kunming Railway Station - Shilin Railway Station, the fare of 15 yuan, and then take the bus 2 yuan to reach the stone forest area.

Bus: Eastern Bus Terminal to Shilin Bus Terminal from 8 am, one day more than 30 buses, fare 12 yuan.

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