To Zhouzhuang, you must do these six things

"There are heaven, under the Suzhou and Hangzhou, the middle of a Zhouzhuang." Qiao Li in the painter Chen Yifei's Zhouzhuang, Jiangnan six ancient town development in the earliest and most famous water, but also the population of the "best in the world water". What is the correct way to open Jiangnan Water Village? Tell you, the answer lies in the following Raiders Oh!
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One, Zhouzhuang not miss the first experience

1, to "Zhouzhuang ten King" walk back

Since ancient times, Zhouzhuang can be described as a blend of humanities, has a long history of creating a lot of scenic spots, the old had "Zhouzhuang eight." With the changes in the years, some traces are still some of the annihilation of the history of the dust, and the glow of a new life. Today, Zhouzhuang Fang, Cheng Xu Tao, the God of Wealth home (Shen Wan three home), double bridge, Shen hall, Zhang hall, Fu'an Bridge, fans, Zhouzhuang Museum, Quanfu Temple , is "Zhouzhuang ten King". See the Zhouzhuang Museum, in the clam River fishing museum appreciate the Millennium water; walk in the Fu'an Bridge, tour hall, visit the Shen Hall; walk in the double bridge, see the small bridge water Jiangnan picture; to Shen thirty thousand home look The hundreds of years passed down the legendary opera and legend, these are to Zhouzhuang must punch the land and to do.

2, live one night town inn, see Zhouzhuang toward the evening

Zhouzhuang ten king distribution map

Some people say that the beauty of Zhouzhuang in the morning and evening. Daily sun rises, the whole town from the sleeping wake up, every night falls, the whole town has a brightly lit, whether it is early morning or evening, are beautiful as a dream. If there is time, it is better to choose a inn, where there are large houses, wooden doors and windows, water and home, quiet and quiet. In the morning and evening in the morning and evening, in this town the most beautiful time, free to fly, quiet taste.

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Yiwen boutique chain Inn (Zhouzhuang Nande and shop)
Address: Zhouzhuang town on the 21st Street 21

4, boating through the town

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Cruise is the only means of transport in Zhouzhuang. Take the characteristics of the boat, rafting through the waterways on the river, watching the head of the hats, wearing a blue cloth's sister standing in the stern, slowly swaying the boat's oars, listening to her singing Wu Nong soft language Jiangnan Minor, the two sides of the green walls Daiwa retain the ancient town of the vicissitudes of the Millennium, there is a moment, you can feel the water of the unique tranquility, everything, are like back to nature dream.

Zhou Zong by @ fat pig pig pig

The town of water upstream operation time: 8: 00 ~ 16: 00
cruise price: 50 yuan / person
on the boat Location: love crossing the town terminal, South Lake cruise ship terminal

5, drink a cup of lady tea, listen to a Suzhou Pingtan

Jubin floor by the network

Jiangnan town is not unusual, but Zhouzhuang is known as the "best town in the world", can be described as "the ancient town of the town." Bridges people, see the scenery, the tour is the state of mind. If leisure, you might find a teahouse book market, such as the ancient town quite well known poly Binlou old teahouse, brew a cup of tea, decorated with plates of refreshments, listen to a file Wu Nong soft language, time and tempting. If you are not interested in Pingtan, you can also go to that famous San Mao restaurant , called a bowl of lady tea, sitting in the water, read the traces of the traces of years, or do nothing, with tea and beauty Precipitation mood, will feel the years quiet.

San Mao teahouse by network

Jubin Building : Zhouzhuang Zhenfeng Cultural Street (Zhongjie Street) No. 107,
San Mao Restaurant : 111 Zhongzhuang Zhongjie Street (near Puqing Bridge)

6, taste the taste of the original Zhouzhuang taste

Three thousand hoof by @ Yue said

Zhou Zhuang's beauty, but also the United States in food. Crisp and not greasy meat, four times the delicacies of aquatic products, such as known as "clams Jiang Sanzhen" bass, white clams, whitebait, and countless cakes cooked food. Come to Zhouzhuang, we must taste the natural taste of Zhouzhuang Aboriginal people, the big food and drink, drink the mouthful of fragrant self-brewed drinks in the specialty store to see the traditional food production, see how ordinary people in daily work Interpretation of life. Tasted seen authentic taste, I believe you will love more Zhouzhuang.

Shen Li Restaurant by @ Mr. Blue with the line in mind

Shenye Restaurant Address: No. 96-103 South Street, Zhouzhuang Town (Fu'an Bridge, Shen Hall)
Recommended food : black and three hoof, steamed white silk, lady food, Sanwei round, silver fish scrambled eggs
Business Hours : 10: 30-19 : 30
Zhouzhuang other food recommended : three thousand banquet, three thousand cakes, green group, support waist cakes, dumplings sugar, steamed spoon fish, white clams, Malan head

Second, Zhouzhuang practical tips

Address : Zhouzhuang is located between Shanghai and Suzhou, the specific address for the city of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Zhouzhuang Town Quanfu Road (with Wujiang, Wuxian, Shanghai Qingpu County junction)
Transportation :
① aircraft: 45 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport; The international airport 90 minutes; from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport 100 minutes
② high-speed rail: Shanghai-Nanjing railway, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway through Kunshan
③ high-speed: along the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed, Su Jiahang high speed can be quickly arrived
④ Metro: Huaqiao station Road interchange swim up to 7 Zhouzhuang
tickets: day ticket 100 yuan pass (valid on the day); night tickets 80 yuan (16: 00-21: 00)
opening hours : 08:00 - 21:00

1, Zhouzhuang tickets include: Zhang Hall, Shen Hall, the ancient stage, Yifei home, South Lake Moon Park, fans, Shen Wansan former residence, Ye Chuqie former residence, Shen Wan three water tomb, Culture Street, Cheng Xu Tao, clams Jiang Yujiao fishing museum, Tianfu Museum, Zhouzhuang Museum 14 attractions, Quanfu Temple tickets now need to be charged separately; night can continue to play (night tour Zhouzhuang only open the hall and Shen Hall, other attractions closed at 4:30 pm) The
※ August 20, 2016, in addition to the ancient stage, Yifei home, eat tea, other attractions will be the ticket
2, stay Zhouzhuang tourists, please take the day to the ticket office next to the camera point for free Photo, the ticket will be extended for 3 days (free access to the ticket gate).

Sitting in Zhouzhuang leisurely boat, looked up to catch the misty stone bridge scene, the men and women on the bridge softly whispering. Some people say that everyone has a heart on the dream of Jiangnan, and the name of the dream, called "Zhouzhuang".

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