Uncovering the Secret Chamber of the Qin Emperor's Mausoleum

In order to prevent their tombs from being harassed by robbers, ancient people set up various defense agencies in the tombs in an attempt to stop the entry of robbers. When the gravediggers quietly broke into the underground palace, they do not know that they are faced with a treasure trove of worthlessness. Is it a pitfall to guard against?
qin shi huang tomb trap

As early as 2,000 years ago, people began to set up some active defense facilities in the tombs, which not only served the purpose of shooting robbers, but also killed 100 people and scared people who had attempted to commit tombs.

Since the advent of the Spring and Autumn Period, the opportunity to control shooting has been a more dexterous mechanical device. The principle of launching with the bow is the same, but shoots farther than the bow and has a strong lethality. It overcomes the weakness of the bow that cannot be sustained when the bow is pulled.

The killing power of Tokiwa was strong, and Nguyen used this device when building his own mausoleum to shoot anyone who tried to enter the tomb. Sima Qian wrote "Historical Records of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty", which reads: "The first emperor took his place at the beginning of the emperor's reign and used to administer the Shushan Mountain. Together with the whole world, the heavens sent more than 700,000 people. He wore three temples, and he made copper and made his temples. Gong Guanbai The official stranger is full of miracles.

What exactly is the case of the bow mounted in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang? There is no definite conclusion yet. However, as far as the bow of the Qinqin pit was unearthed, the bow stem and arm are both longer, and the material may be Nanshan's “Shu” (Mountain mulberry), which is a good performance. According to scholars' estimation, the range of this kind of bow is greater than 800 meters and the tension is more than 700 kg. It's difficult to pull people's arm muscles so hard. Only using "arrogance" can be effective, that is, using a foot pedal machine to launch. If you connect the skeletons with arrowheads one by one, you can achieve the purpose of unmanned operation and self-confidence by bursting or bursting through the machine. This "mechanism" is actually "darkness." Because the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum contains a large number of rare treasures, in order to prevent theft, this triggering weapon was placed in the tomb doors, passageways, and other places. Once the tombs enter the grave, they will encounter a smashing bow trigger. , and then was violently shot. This practice was inherited by the later Han Tomb Mausoleum, and it was developed to install turbines in the eaves to shoot robbers. The so-called turbine is to install several tools like modern pulleys on the inner wall of the concrete. The pulleys are equipped with poison arrows on one side of the pulley and the ropes are connected by the pulleys. Once the tomb thief enters the underground palace to open up, the rope will trigger a bow and arrow fire through the turbine to shoot the target.

In view of the limitations of the bow archery launch, ancient tombs have invented a series of anti-theft tomb concealers such as chain flaps and iron hanging stones.

Chain flaps, that is, traps set in the tomb road, knife-cone tools with a length of about 10 cm are distributed under the pit. The upper layer of the pit is covered with several blocks of wood. The middle of the board has a shaft and is affixed with a small object of the same weight. It is a scale-like scale with cover on the board. If the tomb climber steps on the board and one end of the board flips over, the person will fall into the cone in the pit. The sharp sharp blade will penetrate the tombstone's chest and internal organs, and the possibility of climbing out is almost zero.

After everything was done, it was disguised and outsiders were unaware of fraud. If robbers enter the door and step on the slats, the external force forces the taut rope to be detached somewhere. As if the hoe is suddenly relaxed, the vacant boulder will fall rapidly, and the robbers who do not dodge will shoot. Into patties. Due to the thin, long strips of the sampan, only the stepping down can lead to the falling of the rock, while the adjacent sampans are safe and still quietly waiting for the next group of graves to enter. Once the rogues stepped on their feet, the hanging stones connected to them fell one after another, and they once again gave a fatal blow to the guts. In this way, until the three-layer hanging stone falls to the ground, it kills several people.


In the Republic of China, a farmer in the vicinity of Qingzhou, Shandong Province, discovered a large skeleton at Yunmen Mountain in the vicinity of Putian. The axis of the tomb was found in the tomb. There was a pit under the plate and a sharp edge in the pit. At that time, there was a lot of water in the pit. When the water was drained, it was found that two skeletons fell back and forth among the razors. There were tools such as shovels, hammers, and ropes, which were obviously carried by the tombs. However, this tomb was robbed and there were few leftovers in the tomb. Cleanup personnel found that there were two wooden ladders connected under the chain flap. The wooden ladder had been decayed, but the shape could still be seen. This was undoubtedly the method of cracking that the later robbers came up with. As long as the wooden ladder is placed in the tomb, and the tomb plunderers enter along the ladder, all the flaps, traps, and razors will work hard and will not help.

From this point of view, it is truly amazing that the wisdom of the robbers and the anti-grave robbers is contested.

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