Visit Beijing Wudaoying hutong

wudaoying hutong visit x

Yonghe Temple Street from the east,

West only Andingmen Street,

South and arrow factory alley connected,

There are two branch roads north Andingmen East Avenue.

632 meters in length and 6 meters in width.

Ming Dynasty is worship Square,

Takenori military camp called defenders camp.

Qing Dynasty is a yellow flag, said five camps,

Back of the Republic of China said that renamed the Five Daoying alley.


Wudaoying alley in many city of Beijing in four hundred ninety-eight alley

Can be regarded as a very special place,

Not too much noise,

Commercialization is not particularly serious,

Both small fresh literary atmosphere,

There is also full of human taste children's living atmosphere.



Five battalions only five or six hundred meters long, no crowds,

Not over-developed, overly commercialized,

If you do not like riding a horse,

The pervading Nanluoguxiang,

May wish to minority and literary Wudaoying alley turn,

Feel Beijing's life,

Leisurely and lazy,

Into the time seems to have slowed down.

May be in the afternoon go!

Most shops open after eleven o'clock

Some wayward shop two or three o'clock to open the door is also normal.

You can find a favorite shop to sit down,

Basking in the autumn sun,

With a fragrant handmade coffee,

Read a book, listen to favorite music,

Or talk to the owner,

Taste the owner of possession of good tea,

Occasionally, the old Beijing alley life outside the window will attract your attention.


This alley is like a hodgepodge,

Commercial, literary, life ...

But everywhere exudes a strong sense of Beijing,

Ancient, elegant, atmospheric.

Interesting shop,

Interesting people,

Make this alley full of life.

Can see the morning go out to buy bean curd aunt,

In the afternoon when the sun is right, you can see the beautiful mushrooms cool here to take pictures,

Evening young artists pacing to live live.

Alley, the foreigner pedal bicycle free shuttle which,

Kids playing in the roadside play,

Quietly, you can hear the sizzling sounds of Beijing ...


Five battalions during the day, quietly brewing the atmosphere of life;

Nightfall of the five camps, brightly lit meet bustling lively.

Here, the atmosphere of commerce and old Beijing's life do not affect each other,

Blending together, each into a landscape.

Here, no dazzling neon lights,

No loud noisy,

No busy and crowded,

Only quiet time,

Not show no restlessness.

The pace can slow down here, not so hurriedly.

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