Walk through Shanghai's Wukang Road and return to the old Shanghai atmosphere of 1920

Wukang Road can be said to be the place with the largest number of historical buildings in Shanghai. The architecture of every household is very characteristic.

Wukang Road is located in the former French Concession, Wukang Road. It was previously known as "Fuk Kaisen Road" (named after American missionaries) in the concession era and was built in the 33rd year of Guangxu (1907).

At the end of the movie "Lust, Caution," Wang Jiazhi of Mr. Yi put on a rickshaw and said, "Fuk Kai Sen Road!", Fuk Kai Sen Road is now Wukang Road.

Unlike Huaihai Road, which has a commercial atmosphere in the same French concession, and Hengshan Road, which is rich in nightlife, Wukang Road reveals 1920 Shanghai's unique elegance.

Walking on Wukang Road, you will find that almost every building here has a “historic building” sign, and the number of historic buildings in this area should be the highest in Shanghai. It's just that these so-called history are not far away. Most of the houses and apartments are still inhabited, and they follow the steps of modern cities.

There are no uniform buildings throughout the road, and each house has its own characteristics. Houses along the road do not have the magnificent style of a church. They are more like painting a small world and building a house of their own satisfaction. In the forecourt, they arrange small gardens of warmth and the beauty of Xiao Jiabiyu.

The best starting point for taking a walk on Wukang Road should be Huaihai Road, Xingguo Road, Wukang Road, Yuqing Road, and Tianping Road, which are the intersections of these five roads. The starting point will see the famous Haddock building - the Normandy Building (Wukang Building), opposite it is the former residence of Soong Ching Ling.

Wukang Building

The Normandy apartment, now renamed Wukang Building, is known as the most beautiful apartment building in Shanghai. Located in Huaihai Road, Yuqing Road, Tianping Road, Xingguo Road, and Wukang Road, the intersection of several most French-style roads is the first foreign apartment building in Shanghai.

Looking far from the Wukang Building, it is like a giant ship slowly into the beach, its triangular shape building blocks at an irregular intersection. The apartment is 9-storey high. The arches on the ground floor are like the Colosseum. The fencing balcony is known as the Romeo balcony and the red brick. All these elements form the cause of this building's enchantment.

It used to be home to several cultural celebrities, such as famous film performers Qin Yi, Zhao Dan, Wu Yin, Wang Renmei, Sun Daolin and Wang Wenjuan. In addition to the old occupants, this apartment now has some young white-collar workers or people who have a special liking for the old Shanghai plot. In addition, this is a sacred place for young artists.

Address : 1850, Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District

Old House Art Center

Pass the Wukang Tower and walk north along Wukang Road. Near the intersection of Taian Road, you will see the "Old House Art Center."

This building was built in the 1930s, and it was the place where many people in the education and publishing industry met. Later, in 1932, Cai Yuanpei and Wu Zhihui founded the Shanghai International Library (the first international library in China, and later moved to Beijing in 1937).

There are only two floors open, and there will be exhibitions of photography exhibitions on a regular basis. On the first floor there is a display of old Shanghai house models. The wall of the second floor hangs photographs of some of the old houses in Xuhui District.

Address : Xukang District Wukang Road 393 A

Wu Kangting

Leaving the old house art center and moving on will lead you to Wukang Court. When you walk here, you will notice that there are obviously more pedestrians on the road. Wukang Court is mainly composed of two buildings. In front of the red brick houses are the residences of diplomats during the period of the Republic of China. Behind the white buildings are the office buildings of the former Shanghai Instrument Bureau, which houses galleries, restaurants, lounges, shops, and flower shops. Usually there are not many people here. In the spring and autumn of the weekend and good weather, each restaurant in Wukang Ting is hard to find.

The Hippo living guide recommends Azul Tapas & Lounge, a Mediterranean restaurant in Wukang Ting.

Address : 374-376 Wukang Road, Xuhui District

Former Residence of Bajin

Go ahead and walk to Hunan Road and you will come to the former residence of Ba Jin. This building was built in 1923 and consists of a main building, two small auxiliary buildings and a garden. It used to be the Soviet commercial representative office. Bajin stayed in 1955 and lived for 40 years.

In front of the western building, a magnolia tree was planted, which is said to be Bajin’s favorite flower. It was also the magnolia tree that he planted with his own hands. The interior restores the original appearance of Ba Jin’s daily life.

Address : No. 113, Wukang Road, Xuhui District

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