Walking side of the city 丨 the first time to Ruili how to play (eat and play to buy the whole Raiders)

New to a place, not with the group, no guide to lead, no friends to accompany, how can I play it? The answer is: good Raiders. Good Raiders in hand, travel all over the world are worry. Today, I deliberately sorted out a Yunnan Ruili eat and play the whole Raiders, hope to wish to Ruili friends, friends on the road, or have arrived Ruili friends have some help.
yunnan ruili

Talk about Ruili this place

Ruili is located in the southwest of Yunnan, belonging to the Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, its east of the Mansi City, north of Longchuan, northwest, southwest, southeast and Myanmar landscape linked to the village, adjacent to the Myanmar state port city sister , Is a exotic border city, is also the only in accordance with the "territory of foreign customs" mode of special management of the border trade zone. In general, the whole Ruili is located near the Tropic of Cancer, where tropical, subtropical fruits, vegetation, subtropical style is very significant; at the same time, Ruili to Dai mainly, more Southeast Asian businessmen, the public gathered here, the border, national customs unique. To sum up, this is a place where you can see different landscapes.

Play Ruili look here

Ruili is China's southwest of the largest inland port, an important jewelry distribution center, one of the first batch of China's outstanding tourist city. Here to see what is worth a visit Ruili attractions, as well as the basic attractions of the various attractions to play it.

Wanding Bridge

Ruili Wanding Bridge by ant honeycomb users

Wanding Bridge is an anti-Japanese war victory Memorial Bridge.
During the Second World War, the Japanese blockade of all the sea in China, the Burma Road has become the international anti-fascist camp to aid China's strategic material only land channel, Burma Road Wanding bridge has become a transport aid materials Of the important points for the victory of the war played a crucial role. Today, the Wanding Bridge is a bridge between China and Myanmar, and a symbol of Sino-Burmese friendship. Here, there are many Burmese people, and even businessmen in Southeast Asian countries, where you can buy cosmetics in the United States, France, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, jewelry and handicrafts, Myanmar's small food, agricultural and sideline products, jewelry jade, Farming and other agricultural products, etc., the above commodity business to private small shops, like friends can buy here.
Tickets : free of charge
traffic : from Ruili 20km, in Ruili Bada hotel ride Wanding green car, 10 yuan / person
recommended tour time : 30min

【Moli Falls】

Mori Falls by the old donkey

Mori Falls is located in Mang City, Longchuan, Ruili three counties and cities of the combination of the Mori Valley, is the best preserved Ruili tropical rainforest, the most unique landscape of the place. If you come from the big city, must go to Morrie "wash the lungs", because it is said here is the highest of China's negative oxygen ions of a natural forest oxygen bar. Walking into Morrie, thousands of tropical and subtropical plants are exposed. In the wet of the forest upstream, about two kilometers walking, vaguely heard rumbling sound of water. Before the end of the sound to the end of the canyon, the sound is as big as thunder, eyes suddenly open, blue sky set off, waterfall suddenly. Waterfall up to 60 meters, near the foot of the waterfall, instant face, hair, clothes, full of dense small water droplets, mountaineering enthusiasm in this "long rain is not clear," the moment in the disappearance of wet.
Tickets : 45 yuan
Traffic : 15km from Ruili City, chartered or by car to the
proposed tour time : 2.5h


Ruili Mang order alone forest

Who said the unique tree, banyan tree, but an exception. Ficus moth tree trunk to the development of the surrounding, after the birth from the branches of numerous gas roots, gas roots down vertical growth, into the soil grow into dry, with the passage of time, the trunk, branches have no distinction, Lin Qijing will be formed. Ruili unique tree, grew up just entered the Ruili City, 320 State Road side, lush, tall and straight, as if standing specifically waiting for the distance visitors in general, Ruili people call it "welcoming Ficus." It is said that this big banyan tree has more than 70 gas roots, you are interested in the number of it!
Tickets : 20 yuan
Traffic : 13km away from Ruili, in the Ruili Bada hotel ride Wanding green car, 6 yuan / person
Recommended tour time : 30min

[Sister country]

Ruili sister to the country

The border trade zone is the first economic and trade and tourism-based economic development zone approved by the state in Yunnan Province. It is also the first border zone in China to implement the "special customs management" in China. State Gate is the end of the 320 National Road, but also sister to the port of the landmark building, the general tourists will take pictures here. The country is divided into three magnificent buildings, built by the border, the middle of the main door, the right for the goods channel, the left for the staff channel. In the sister of the country, you can directly see the other side of the streets of Myanmar's sister. There are a lot of jewelry, specialty shops and duty free shops, there are friends who need to buy a little more time to stay here.
Tickets : free of charge
traffic : urban taxi can be
recommended tour time : 20min, shopping time is longer  

[Ruili River]

Ruili River scenery by all laying good

Ruili River originated in the west side of Gaoligong Mountains, flows through Tengchong, Longchuan, Lianghe and other counties, via Wanding, Ruili flows into Myanmar, in the vicinity of Myi-Ni-Ni into the Irrawaddy River, Ruili Jiang, which is more than 20 kilometers of Sino- Border River is one of the important rivers in western Yunnan Province, is a subtropical long river. Ruili River water gentle, Qingping as a mirror, riverside fertile land million, Dai village surrounded by bamboo, picturesque scenery is very beautiful.
Tickets : Free admission
Transportation : Located in Ruili City, sister divisions taxi to the bridge to
suggestions Tour time : 1h  

[One village two countries]

Ruili a village two by chicken big sister is the dragon wife

Border line to a Dai village is divided into two countries, the Chinese side called the silver wells, Myanmar side of the known as the mans show, this is a Walled two countries. Unlike other borders, the borders here are simply ground, ditch, and green, and the people of the two countries are homologous and friendly. Here, you can see the people on the side of Myanmar and their living conditions. In addition, the scenic area of ​​the Sino-Myanmar border pillar 71, a Walled two wells, a Walled Sword, the urn can bring you a different border experience.
Tickets : 30 yuan
Traffic : about 9 km from the city of Ruili, from the passenger South Station ride to get the island bus, told the driver to a Walled two countries get off, the fare of about 5 yuan
Recommended tour time : 1.5h

Above the various attractions of Ruili, the basic time of the day can all be finished. However, in general, travel to the West of Yunnan friends rarely play alone Ruili, the basic are playing in the Tengchong 2-3 days, after the car to the Mans City, and then all the way to Ruili, the ring travel about 4 -5 days time. And for the time to dare to catch, or direct fly mang city airport friends, day trips is the most recommended play. Although Ruili furthest attractions are only about 20 kilometers away from Ruili City, but Ruili public transport is relatively underdeveloped, given the line caused some difficulties, day trips are not only convenient, the overall operator is also affordable.

How to reach Ruili?

1. National - Mans - Ruili

Mang is Dezhou state state resident, the current by the Mang to Ruili is a more traditional line. At present, there are Chengdu, Xi'an, Kunming, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin and other places can go straight to Mans City, there is no direct flight to the city need to Kunming transit arrived in Mansfield Airport, after the network can be chartered car service or bus (Mans City passenger Station South Station, the fare of 40 yuan, about 2 hours by car, trips more) to reach Ruili. In addition, from the Kunming West passenger station by car can be direct Ruili, fare 300 yuan, about 12 hours by car, trips according to the day ticket situation adjustment.  

2. National - Tengchong - Ruili

In recent years, Tengchong, Ruili tourism rapid rise, Teng - Rui ring line to become the most important tourist routes in western Yunnan, so from Tengchong to Ruili this route is also have to say. At present, the country can direct the city of Tengchong mainly Kunming, Changsha, Xi'an, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xianyang, etc., have not achieved direct flights to the city need to Kunming turn for the better. After arriving at Tengchong Airport, you can take a tour of Tengchong and tour Terry from Tengchong. Want to go directly to Ruili's friends, to Tengchong Tongda station take the bus, driving 5 hours, fare 70 yuan, 7: 00-12: 30 start.  

Teach you the hotel

As a new tourist city, Ruili hotel is of course more choice.

1. Economy
Comfortable Hotel: Wangfu Hotel, Ruili Langting Boutique Hotel, Ruili Fengwei Zhu Hotel (formerly Pullman Hotel), Ruili Wen Shang Hotel, Han Ting Hotel (Ruili Ruihong Road) ), Such as Home Inn (Ruili Renmin Road shop), Ruili River Hotel, the price of 100-200 yuan (network price). 
2. High-grade  
comfortable such hotel has Ruili King into the sea, King Cheng Hotel, Dragon Hotel, Ruichang Hotel, Yu Rui Hot Spring Hotel, the price of 350 +.

Characteristic experience type  If a friend wants to experience the Dai Township Inn, then you can go to the big shouting, shouting Sha Dai Village reception point, house prices are not high, to experience the main type of accommodation.  

Ruili food collection

Said that did not eat Thai Burmese snacks, did not eat Ruili's supper, did not eat ethnic dishes, you are white to Ruili, people say it is true Oh

【Dai Gourmet】

Ruili is a low latitude subtropical monsoon climate, hot weather created the local Dai people like hot and sour eating habits. The most representative of the Dai food is sprinkle. Caesar is divided into bitter and lemon sprinkle, the main ingredient and side dishes by the fine rice noodles plus cattle dry bar, beef and other ingredients, dipped in water by the end of the beef to add mashed chives, burmew, millet spicy, salt and other condiments to make. Among them, sour lemon sprinkle added fresh lemon juice, is the summer Jieshi Jiapin, bitter is added to the bitter grievances, is the cold lacquer fire top grade. In addition, the grilled vegetables, citronella roasted fish roast chicken, bamboo shoots boiled chicken, boiled fish and other representatives of the Dai family dishes.
Where to eat : Ruili old city of the "banyan tree village", "gold mango", wide pull Zhaizi "Guang Mao Dai taste."

Dai Si Sui write

[Jingpo food]

To Ruili, must eat Jingpo food, because the Jingpo is Dehong state unique ethnic minorities, where you can eat the authentic Jingpo flavor. Jingpo favorite pepper, cooking techniques to burn, bake, cook, Chung, mainly, do not like oil fried. No matter what way to cook, peppers are necessities. King tea is the most representative of the green leaves package burning, Chung food, cold, "ghost chicken", hand pilaf, etc., these food in Ruili Jingpo restaurant can eat.
Where to eat : Ruizhang Road Buddhist Temple near the Jingpo restaurant

Jingpo ghost chickens

Thai and Burmese snacks

Thai Burmese snacks are not only inexpensive, but also a large embodiment of Ruili exotic. Here, the most representative of the Thai Burmese snacks are Burmese tea, rejection Baba, oil, Thai chicken rice, bubble Ruda and so on. Thai Burmese drinks and snacks, mostly sweet, the main raw material is milk and condensed milk, sweet but not greasy, mellow taste, cheap and delicious. Here, give my friends focus on recommending Burma Baba Baba. (Banana, apple, pineapple, etc.), fried after pouring condensed milk made of its crisp skin, fresh sandwich, thick, and so on. Incense condensed milk, definitely worth your try.
Where to eat : Ruijiang Road, "Alan early"

Myanmar Biba Baba


Night falls, Ruili also began to lively up, supper is a major feature of Ruili, fried crabs are Ruili supper "first card." Ruili's crabs from Myanmar's unique kind of freshwater crab, big head, fleshy plump, compared with the coastal crab is no less. Among them, with lemon juice, minced garlic, millet spicy, pepper leaves, cinnamon leaves and other seasoning fried hot and sour crab is the most refreshing. If you like light, you can also choose to steamed crabs.
Where to eat : Nanmao Lake side of the "Xin Dai crab", head on the road on the "yellow master fried crab"

Fried crabs

【Fresh Fruit & Juice】

Came to the rich tropical, subtropical fruit place, did not try the fruit, the juice always feel the way the lack of something. In Ruili, the streets will see the colorful tropical, subtropical fruit, crystal clear, Jiaoren mouth-watering. Here you can buy fresh fruit, you can also go to the cold store a fresh fruit juice to make a pleasant stay.
Where to eat : Ruili "feel cold drinks", of course, many cold stores are eating authentic fresh fruit juice

Ruili cold drink (passion fruit juice, papaya cold, butter juice, bubble Ruda)

South Lake Lake all kinds of food are, do not want to tossing friends can go here directly to Ruili cuisine.

Specialty snack home

To a place, not a little local specialty back, the total feeling did not come with little difference. Buy specialty, summed up is the place to buy the product, that is, in the local to buy inexpensive, regional full of things. In the Ruili, recommended two kinds of specialty, one is "high-end atmosphere on the grade, the value does not fall rather than" the emerald; Second, "unique flavor, variety, all ages," the Southeast Asian snacks and specialty products.

【Ruili Emerald】

More than 95% of the world's emerald is produced in Myanmar, most of Myanmar's emerald sold to China. Near the city of Ruili in Myanmar, occupy the geographical position of the initiative. Data show that in 2013, in the country's four major jewelry market, Ruili's sales accounted for at least 50% or more. Near the water tower first, due to the origin of jade near, but also the southwest of the largest inland port, where the price of jade, high-end goods, everywhere full of "Jianlou" atmosphere!
Sister Jade City is close to the sister of the mouth of the jewelry city, it is Ruili jewelry industry, an old brand, and here the biggest feature is the morning market. Ruili morning market about five or six on the morning began, the time has continued until noon to one or two points. Here you can buy a good jade wool and finished products, 兼营 wholesale and retail. If you do not Amoy in the sister to the favorite baby, then you can also continue to treasure in Ruili Jewelery Street, Jade Jade. Jewelry Street, the most striking is the middle of the pedestrian street, dozens of stores through the jewelry walking street things, these pavement to retail-based, the main high-grade jade, casually into a shop will bring you a surprise. So, if you want to buy jade, to Ruili on the right, here will be able to meet your requirements.

Ruili Emerald Market

Cross-border snacks

To Yunnan, you will find a lot of Thai and Burmese supermarket, which a lot of snacks, you have never eaten seen, these snacks are mostly Southeast Asian food. However, the type of these snacks is only Ruili sister to the mouth of the cattle and a hair. Ruili sister told the port brought together from Southeast Asian countries, the characteristics of food, not only a wide range, and affordable, is the best choice for the purchase of hand. In addition, here the tropical, subtropical fruit, Dai flavor beef bar is also a good choice with the hand.


Attachment: Ruili National Festival

Minority labels: hardworking and brave, singing and dancing. After the development of tourism, Dehong of various national carnival activities are gradually being familiar with the outside world. However, there is a big gap between viewing the information and participating personally. Although any kind of carnival are inseparable from the song and dance, food and other content, but the festival is not every day, and the content is very different. Carefully read the following festivals, plan your time to Dehong Sahuan it!

Nangong Long Song Festival - Lunar New Year fifteen before and after the
head Nuo longitudinal song festival is the most traditional festival Jingpo, tens of thousands of people stepping on the same drum dance, large scale, shocking strong, is the western region of China Carnival, the "dance of heaven", "million people carnival dance" reputation. As long as there is a venue, as long as you are willing to join, you are part of the carnival song. Head Nuo longitudinal song festival in the fifteenth day of the year, carnival for four days.

Songkran Festival - Dai calendar in December (before and after April 15)
Songkran Festival also called Dai calendar New Year, generally lasted a week. During the Songkran Festival, the activities are very rich, mainly song and dance performances, bath Buddha (wash away the dust on the Buddha), lost packets of teaser (unmarried young men and women who seek love, happy cultivation of good times), race dragon boat, Bamboo production of firecrackers), put the lights and other activities. Many people think that Xishuangbanna's splashing water festival is grand, no, Dehongzhou Songkran Festival is very grand, after all, where the country lived 40% of the Dai ... ...

Driving - Dai calendar in December (before and after April 17)
17 before and after) swing is usually considered part of the Songkran Festival, time in the Dai calendar in December. Dai "pendulum" of the length of time, generally according to the surrounding influence of the larger Zang room (temples) depends on the number of rotation take the taste of Zuozhuang. Routine is a Zang room to catch a pendulum. Such as the Mang City, the larger Zang room in the wind, Jianshan, Guang mother, Mang Xing, Zang phase, Zang Mao, Zang shouted seven, so Mang City put 7 days, and Ruili, Yingjiang, Longchuan , Liang River, then swing 3 to 5 days. The contents of the rush are mainly rituals, singing Dai opera, song and dance performances, food and food and various recreational activities.

Sino-Burma Day - October 2 - 10 Day 5
The theme of "Peace, Development, Auspiciousness and Common Hobbies" is held in Ruili City from October 2 to October 5 each year. In the Burmese language is the meaning of the brothers, during the Burma Carnival Carnival, the beautiful side of the city mountain laughter, singing and dancing, tens of thousands of different colors of the people happy to celebrate the wave of friendship. The performance of the Chinese and Burmese cattle car selection contest, Miss Ruili Jiang national dress selection, Nankou River Miao Taobao competition, border trade and other activities.

Border Town Ruili, a city, three kinds of customs - the national Ruili, the border of Ruili, subtropical Ruili welcome you!