Where does Qingdao seafood go?

In Qingdao, seafood almost goes through the memory of everyone’s life. It is rich in oysters, scallops, crabs, squid, yellow croaker, spring and summer is the best season to eat seafood, and autumn is the most fertile season for crabs. Most of Qingdao's famous dishes are related to seafood. In addition to frying, the most common way to eat Qingdao seafood is steamed or boiled.
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Seafood is a representative of Qingdao cuisine, which is rich in oysters, scallops, crabs, bà fish and yellow croaker. It is fresh and plump and reasonably priced. Seafood is available throughout the year, and it is tasted in spring and summer. The best season , while autumn and winter is the most fertile season for crabs and oysters .

Most of Qingdao's famous dishes are related to seafood. The most common way of eating Qingdao seafood is steamed or boiled . Most seafood restaurants can taste. Among them, Maidao Food Street , Yunxiao Road Food Street, and Weichai Garden are popular gatherings of seafood restaurants. The local seafood market and processing shops around the railway station, Zhongshan Road and Yingkou Road are most popular with the locals. This article will go from the food street to the seafood market and provide travelers with the best place to sample Qingdao seafood.

Featured seafood inventory

There are many kinds and varieties of seafood in Qingdao, including seafood and seafood. Big seafood refers to excellent seafood, such as sea cucumbers, abalone, crabs, scallops, conch, octopus, yellow croaker. Small seafood refers to the unusually low-priced seafood and the shellfish that grow on the beach, such as squid, prawn, scorpion, oyster, and oyster.

Photo: Qingdao specialty seafood inventory. By Ma cellular strategy group editorial department

Eat seafood in Qingdao, but also pay attention to seasonal season. Scallops and squids are the most fertile in the spring, and the streets of summer can always smell the smell of grilled squid. Autumn is the best season to eat crabs and oysters. Winter must not miss the sea cucumbers, abalones and conch, while wolfberry is representative of Qingdao seafood. You can eat it all the year round.

Seafood Street Recommended

Photo: Qingdao Seafood Street distribution. By Ma cellular strategy editorial department

Freshness is the first guarantee of good seafood taste, but also an important measure of the quality of seafood restaurants. There are many seafood stalls densely distributed around the Weichai Garden ; the Yunxiao Road Food Street and the Maidao Road Food Street are long-lasting seafood restaurants in Qingdao, and most restaurants have live seafood.

Firewood Court Food Street

Photo: Picardy Yard. By Wind Talk Warrior

The Firewood Yard is a block made up of several old streets. It was once the most lively commercial center of Qingdao in the 20s and 90s of the last century and is now the most popular food gathering place for travelers.

There are no expensive seafood, but there are many seafood stalls and specialties at relatively affordable prices. Sea urchins, starfish and grilled squid are common street food here.

Firewood House

·The earliest food street in Qingdao is almost a must for every visitor to Qingdao. The small street brings together seafood, snacks, barbecues and other foods.

Recommended restaurant

Weichai Institute Log Cabin Seafood

There is a storefront opposite the log cabin where the entrance of the Firewood House is located. It is usually convenient to buy anything in the chalet, and the fried bananas here look lovely and golden. Presumably, the taste is also very delicious.

Weichai hospital seafood stall

Yunyi Road Food Street

Photo: Yunyi Road Food Street. By Caroline

The Yunyi Road food street is composed of two food courts, Qijiang Road and Yunxiao Road. No matter the day and night, the food street around Ganjiang Road is always crowded with people.

In addition to classic seafood dishes and “seafood steamers” that have become popular in Qingdao in recent years, various seafoods are placed in large pots and simmered with steam to retain the moisture and flavor of seafood to the maximum extent. A variety of Western restaurants caters to travellers of all tastes.

Qijiang Road - Yunxiao Road Food Street

It consists of two streets, Qijiang Road and Yunxiao Road. Qingdao is one of the most popular seafood food streets in Qingdao. It offers everything from Qingdao specialty seafood, fashionable hotpots to homemade dishes.

Recommended restaurant

Langang Seafood Kitchen (Yunlan Road Branch)

The seafood kitchen is located on Yunyi Road, a food street. Although it is far from the city center, the food tastes good and the quantity is adequate. If you want to eat seafood, it's best to go early and pick some fresh ones. The price is expensive and the service is average.

Fish Wharf Seafood Restaurant (Yunnan Road 2)

Maidao Seafood Street

Damaidao Road is one of the most important seafood restaurants in Qingdao because it is close to the fishing village and has ample supply of fresh seafood and is a major transportation hub for traveling to and from Laoshan District. Although today's Maidao Food Street is no longer in its prime, but when it comes to seafood, Maidao Road is still on the list.

Maidao Seafood Food Street

Maidao Seafood Food Street is an authentic seafood food street. It is about 700 meters in length. It is close to the fishing village and has ample supply of fresh seafood. It brings together about 60 seafood restaurants.

Recommended restaurant

Boat Song Fish Dumpling (Maidao Road)

Is one of many stores, but the level of food is stable, so the popularity has only increased. Dumplings are rich in variety, fillings are varied, such as cuttlefish, yellow croaker, clams, three fresh, leeks, squid, abalone, etc., fresh and full, the taste is also very Q; eat prudence is not accustomed to mutton stuffing, a bit awkward. You can also order small dishes, flavored eggplant is also a regular dish, but slightly greasy. If you like dessert, you can order some cheese yams, delicate and smooth. Warm service, fast service.

Laomao Seafood Restaurant

There are many varieties of live seafood, but the prices are more expensive, and it is better to calculate the price by two pounds before ordering seafood to avoid problems. It is recommended to use squid dumplings made of pumpkin noodles. You can also order skewers to eat, taste good. However, the store environment and service are general.

Seafood Market Inventory

Figure: Qingdao seafood market distribution. By Ma cellular strategy editorial department

There are many large seafood markets in Qingdao, and there are many beer houses that can be processed in the surrounding areas. Buying fresh, seasonal seafood from the market and processing and tasting in nearby restaurants is a time to experience the liveliness of local people. best choice.

Yingkou Road Market is one of the most prosperous seafood markets due to its proximity to Beer Street. It is the latest to 10:00 pm; Tuandao Farmer’s Market in the old city is the cheapest seafood ; Nanshan Market has the most complete seafood and seasonal seafood. The Xiaogang seafood market is famous for giving enough seafood.

Yingkou Road Market: Long business hours

Yingkou Road Market is the most lively seafood market in Qingdao . It can usually be open until 7 pm, which is 2-3 hours longer than other market markets. It will continue until around 10:00 in the summer. After 4pm, Taidong Ba Road, Taitung Liu Road, and Changping Road, near the market, will spontaneously form a "maroon seafood market."

There are more than 100 beer houses spread around the streets of the market. After the seafood is purchased, they can be processed in the store. The prices are relatively cheaper than those near beer streets and trestles. In addition, the roads around the market are relatively narrow and congested. Self-driving travelers are advised to park in advance and walk.

Yingkou Road Market

Seafood processing shop recommended

Old local beer house

Glamorous beer house

0532 Beer House (Seafood Café)

Nanshan Market: Variety

Nanshan Market is the largest seafood market in Qingdao . Apart from the common local seafood, you can also see rare overseas seafood such as lobster, bread crab and geoduck. However, the price of seafood in Nanshan Market is different. When buying, you have to shop around and you have to bargain with the owner of the stall. There are also many seafood processing shops around the market.

Nanshan Seafood Market

You can buy seafood you want to eat in the seafood market first, and then get processed in a nearby restaurant. Another thing to note is that there are inaccuracies in shopping malls, and there are credibility issues among individual businesses.

Seafood processing shop recommended

Zhenyu Beer House (Seafood Processing Shop)

People and beer house

Main seafood processing, barbecue cooking, clearly marked price.

Shin Shin Beer House (Taitung Qi Road Branch)

Tandoori morning market: low prices

The Tuandao Market is a sacred place for seafood purchases in the old part of western Qingdao. Every morning, locals with large bags and small packages can always see seafood. The old Qingdao atmosphere is worth a closer look. It is recommended that travelers come before noon to feel the lively atmosphere of the market.

The seafood stalls are located on the first floor. After the open sea season, local sea food caught by the sea is affordable. L shrimp, clams, fish, etc. are 2-5 yuan cheaper than other markets.

Seafood processing shop recommended

Bearded beer house

Old Qingdao Beer House

What old beer house

Xiaogang seafood market: weight

The Xiaogang seafood market in the northwestern end of Dabao Island is close to the pier. Apart from the fresh goods, the weight of the merchants is always sufficient . After the checkout, the stall owner will usually give a few more seafood. Crabs and live prawn are the most popular seafood in the Xiaogang seafood market. The best time to purchase is usually from 3 to 5 pm, but more than two in the afternoon every day. Some people have already waited here for "prepping."

Seafood processing shop recommended

Fat lady beer house

Jack Captain Seafood Dacao (Tianjin Road Branch)

· Beer house close to the seafood market, large and delicious, pure beer. · Very popular, the food stall is to eat a lively, recommended oil prawn, oil scallops and fish.


For experienced seafood lovers, in addition to the seafood market recommended in the article, there are many piers in Qingdao where you can enjoy the “first fresh” of returning from the sea, such as Shakoukou in Laoshan District and Xiaogang Ferry in the Old City. Travelers go to buy from 9am to 10am.

In addition, for those who are eating seafood for the first time or who rarely eat seafood, it is advisable to eat less to prevent an allergic reaction. For seafood, it is recommended to use vinegar and ginger.

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