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Lama Temple Metro Station to the north direction, walk along the Lama Temple Street 40 meters, turn left, continue along the Lama Temple Street 80 meters, walk along the Wudao Yingdui 170 meters, reach the end Recommended: eel
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Japanese-style small eel rice in the hall

Eel rice, is the whole eel is roasted, smells very fragrant, eel meat is very soft and tender, delicious, super delicious, pouring sauce is also very delicious, and eel rice is very good combination. Tour house roll, which is fried shrimp tempura, salmon and crab sticks, expected more abundant, but also very full. Rich multi-level taste bud experience. The appearance of the general, but the taste is delicious, very fresh. The price is high. Do not miss friends who like sweet mouth seafood.

The ride inside the train also has its advantages, unique shape, taste and diverse, fresh ingredients, taste good, the store's new style are very hard, taste and chewing levels are in place. No particular highlight the taste of a food, gives a very complete experience. Delicious and delicious.

Environment: small and tidy, quite sentimental, suitable for young men and women art services: patient enthusiasm, caring thoughtful traffic: Metro Line 2/5 Yonghegong Station, Lama Temple Metro Station to the north direction, walk along the Lama Temple Street 40 meters, Turn left, continue along the Lama Temple Street, walk 80 meters along the Wudaoying alley 170 meters to reach the end of the recommendation: eel rice, travel house roll, train rolls, salmon, mango prawn roll

Store Information


Address: Wudaoying Hutong 27 (near Yonghe Gong)

Time: 12: 00 - 22:00

Price: 79 yuan

Contact: +8615601383087

Tang shui jing

Girls will eat super cute whale cake

Fresh and comfortable style of shop, where the price of desserts are not high, the menu is mostly double skin milk, pudding, cake, coffee, tea and drinks at reasonable prices. You can also tease meow stars cheese whale cakes, good shape Meng, the taste is not bad, I really like it. Marble whale cake is highly recommended, whale is also decorated above the cake, cheese moderate taste, but too tired. Pudding has a variety of tastes, taste very Q bomb,

Twin skin milk is delicious, very rich in milk, milk layer is very thick layer above. Sweet almond tofu placed above sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, filled in a small transparent glass container, taste elegant and thought-provoking.

Environment: the store is small but very attentive, a variety of cute decorated girl heart overflow shed service: very warm service is also very good traffic: subway line two and line five Lama Temple Station, Wudaogang alley youth hostels diagonally across : marble Whale cake, Matcha pudding, Shuangpi Nai, almond tofu

Store Information

Sugar whale

Address: Yonghegong Street Wudaoying alley 47

Time: 12: 00 - 22:00

Price: 26 yuan

Contact: +86-010-84084879

Sixixiaopang xin yuan

Deep courtyard of the small fresh pot

The sun quietly covered the entire courtyard, the air is beating the gentle spring. A jellyfish-themed painting on gray-concrete wall covered the entire wall, making the entire Chinese courtyard quite exotic. The house is neatly placed with simple wooden tables and chairs, the entire dining area is not too fancy decoration, but placed in the wall with a lovely cup, but as long as the open windows, the breeze, the sun is the best Decoration.

The hotpot here is a little fresh because the soup in the hotpot is pure bone soup, and is Sichuan hotpot that absolutely uses clean disposable non-genetically modified oil. The courtyard of the beef and mutton from halal beef and mutton, Melaleuca abdomen over from Sichuan over, crisp meat is shop handmade pure pork, oil to the broth not only delicate, but also eat will not be fatty, and here's Vegetables are also seasonal fresh vegetables, seemingly very small amount, in fact, a large amount of vegetables, absolutely make the taste buds to maximize the natural taste.

Even as a drink of rock sugar lemonade, honey, lemon juice is all the owner personally produced, whether it is sugar candy or honey flavor are carefully controlled materials, through a full week of brewing, brewing Into a more sweet and delicious lemon juice, the intentions, so that Sisi chubby heart hospital diners feel more warmth.

Consumer tips Recommended: Hand-cut fresh lamb fillet, to the oil broth, tripe, homemade 24K shrimp slippery synthesis: hidden in the courtyard, a small fresh environment is very unique, waiters hospitality Enthusiastic traffic: Take the Line 2 Lama Temple, Road battalion alley on the 29th

Store Information

Sisi chubby heart hospital

Address: Wudaoying Hutong 29 (near the Lama Temple)

Time: 10:30 - 22:30

Price: 89 yuan

Contact: 010-64078890

Dou Dou

Five cheeses fragrant cheese cheese

Tucked around the Wudaoying alley 80, the western section of the alley. There are not many types of desserts in the store, because it leaves only the highly recognized desserts in the pocket, and never goes away. And to undertake the birthday cake and wedding cake, try to meet all the needs of guests. On the first floor is a photo wall that records the exquisite, privately-made cake and the sweet moments of a picnic.

Special recommendation shop signature yogurt cheese cake, the bottom with Oreos biscuits, plus fresh fruit as decoration, rich yogurt taste, delicious and healthy. Tiramisu use top Muscatine cheese, with coffee liqueur, sponge cake instead of finger biscuits, but also fit the taste of the people. Matcha black sesame cheese bottom of whole wheat black sesame digestive biscuits, the middle is black sesame cheese, top matcha cheese, innovative mix, stunning taste buds.

Strawberry cloth rolls, sponge cake wrapped tower cream sent to the whole strawberry, sweet and sour. French baked bud, pure French practice, after the point is baked caramel, the taste is more crisp. Matcha jasmine milk, mainly milk with Matcha powder and jasmine sauce, fresh and elegant. There are also creative handmade sugar cookies, as well as fresh handmade milk tea, milk shakes, yogurt, flower tea and other drinks.

Tips: Recommended: yogurt cheese, tiramisu, matcha black sesame cheese, handmade sugar cookies, private custom cake. Environment: Japanese style wooden decoration, there are a lot of flowers and books small decoration. Services: Professional passionate patient service, detailed introduction for each product, customers can also customize. Traffic: Subway Andingmen Station Exit B, walk to Wu Dao Ying alley. Comprehensive: a fresh and warm dessert shop.

Store Information

Go around

Address: Andingmen Wudaoying alley 80 (near Andingmen)

Time: 11: 00-22: 00

Price: 38 yuan

Contact: +86-010-64553917

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