Wuzhen for the first time? Super practical tour guide

Just went to Wuzhen, so give everyone a hot super practical technology stickers. Wuzhen tour, basically will catch the surrounding Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou various.
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Wuzhen is generally alone to Wuzhen extremely complex, in order to Wuzhen Theater Festival, would like to see the long-term Internet host place, and so on.

First talk about Wuzhen

Wuzhen, Tang Dynasty town , dating back 1,300 years of history, the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through the town, the remains of the Ming and Qing Dynasties buildings are well preserved, rich intangible cultural heritage, rich cultural heritage, the writer Mao Dun's hometown , known as "China's last pillow people . "

To distinguish between "East Gate and West Gate"

Figure: Wuzhen.

Dongzha = original water town style + former residence of Mao Dun , one hundred beds , three hundred wine workshop .
West Gate = 12 islands surrounded by clear water +79 ancient stone bridge Through the staggered water Lane + the atmosphere and elegant three-inch Golden Lotus Hall, Utapao, Showa College, Yida wire number, Ukraine General Temple, dye workshop more than 30 Attractions.

Wonderful aspect

Mu Xin Art Museum

Figure: Mu Xin Art Museum.

Mu Xin Art Museum is a private non-enterprise unit registered in Tongxiang Civil Affairs Bureau, dedicated to commemoration and exhibition of the painstaking and aesthetic legacy of painter, writer and poet Mu Xin (1927-2011) . Mu Xin Art Museum need a separate ticket admission, the fare is 15 yuan .

Printing and Dyeing workshop

Figure: printing and dyeing workshop.

Ample time to experience the printing, scraping the fabric of these processes . Experience the price is about 30 yuan .

Xizha Street

Figure: West Gate Street.

A variety of street fun shop with quality .

囍 celebrate Church

Figure: 囍 celebrate Church.

囍 堂 Church is located in Xizha Old Street, is a specialized show wedding marriages of southern civil marriage, wedding ceremonies large wedding festive hall , from the upper and lower levels 4 to 4 into the eight ancient hall, the museum has a costume experience, snapshot Shooting, paper-cutting and other interactive experience project , the real taste of the old people to marry the "Little Dengke" taste.

Zhao Ming College

Figure: Zhao Ming College.

Prince Xiao Zhaoming of the Southern Dynasties Xiao Tong with the teacher Chen about building a library in Wuzhen, because of. Courtyard in the "Six Dynasties legacy" Shihfong is in Ming Dynasty in memory of this story. It is strongly recommended to take a good afternoon, read the book. Quiet taste of the library, a lot of books.

Internet dinner restaurant

Figure: Internet dinner restaurant.

Because of a national dinner , the fame here.

Water theater

Figure: Water Theater.

Water Theater is a charming amphitheater , more than 2,300 log-paved wood auditorium fan-shaped, layer by layer, lush trees spaced in and around the channel. Condescending, nearly 7000 square meters crescent lakes in the panoramic view of the main stage . Ming and Qing dynasties behind the scenes of the old buildings, horse head wall, Avalokitesvara, towering Bailian ancient tower and cornices Wenchang Pavilion outline the jumping skyline.

Wuzhen flower floor

Figure: Wuhua flower floor.

In fact, travel is to look like to experience, not elaborate.

Tickets are expensive

East grid

Ticket price: 120 yuan / person.
Guided tour fee: 120 yuan / group (one trip to explain).
Cruise charges: (limited to 8 people per boat, including children and infants)
① single charter: 4-8 people, 240 / boat / one way.
② spell package boat: 30 / person / one way; children under 1.5 meters, 15 / person / one way. Tour guide machine: 20 yuan / Taiwan.

West gate

Tickets: 150 yuan / person.
Guide to explain fees: 200 yuan / group.
Voice guide machine fee: 30 yuan / Taiwan.
Single charter: 420 yuan / boat / one way.
Pallets ship: 60 yuan / person / one way.
Tour bus: 10 yuan / person.

Want to play

Coupon: 200 yuan / person.

Wu Village + Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center sightseeing package related charges

Tour Package: 100 yuan / person.
Xizha scenic spot tickets + sightseeing package: 230 yuan / person.
Things gate scenic tour tickets + sightseeing package: 280 yuan / person.

Comfortable and cheap "so live"

Proposed 15 days in advance or 1 month , the official website in Wuzhen book Youth Hostel, Wisteria Youth Hostel or Water Lane . I did not live in Wuzhen Xizha inside, so the two environment did not compare what the write, youth hostels for a small budget backpackers who live, what other hotels inside the hotel are a bit expensive, about 500 or more.

Arrived Wuzhen "in three steps"

Figure: Wuzhen.

The first step: From your train station across the country, moving cars, high-speed rail to Tongxiang station .
The second step: Tongxiang station take K282 to Wuzhen bus station after leaving the station, bring 5 change , coin banknotes can be, time is about 1 hour .
The third step: Wuzhen bus station in fact after the town of East Gate West gate is very close, the schedule is not tight, you can take a break in Wuzhen bus station, high German navigation walk to the East Gate or West Gate , about 1 Km distance. I do not want to walk past, you can Wuzhen bus ride roadside car Puff , 10 a person or bus 353 Road, two money a person.

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