Wuzhen, gentle and pretty Jiangnan ancient town, how to play?

Speaking of the biggest problem facing Wuzhen, that is how to choose between the east gate and the west gate how to arrange. So we come from the play, eat, stay in three aspects of Wuzhen Dongzha and Xizha analysis, and then based on the analysis of the results to recommend the best itinerary.

First, the East Gate West gate which is more fun?

In comparison, both sides of the ancient buildings, old shops are many, but the East Gate area smaller, more humanistic things, while the landscape of the West Gate is the perfect combination of cultural landscape and the natural landscape and Goodbye. The East Gate is more suitable for slowly walking in the daytime slowly to buy some memorabilia and the like, the West Gate is out sooner or later can play, but also suitable for touring and decent and suitable for taking pictures. Proposed to go to the East Gate like the humanities and history, like the scenery of the small fresh to the West Gate, of course, if enough time, then both have to go on the best.
Including Xizha Scenic Opening Hours: 9: 00-22: 00, Attractions Opening Hours: 8: 00-17: 00/17: 30, tickets 120 yuan / person. Dongzha scenic area Opening hours: 7: 00-17: 30/18: 00, tickets 100 yuan / person. If you buy the two zone coupons, then 150 yuan / person.

① Dongzha and West Gate of the coupon is valid for only one day, but if living in the West Gate, then the words with the card within the Xizha scenic area card before check-out is repeated access to the West gate.
Wuzhen tickets to buy online if there is no student ticket Oh, you can go to the ticket window to buy.

West gate

As can be seen from the figure and the East Gate compared to the more scattered attractions of the West Gate, because Xizha scenic area is composed of 12 islands, each island has some attractions.
Night view of the West Gate: If you go to the West Gate, you must not miss the night view of the West Gate. When the night falls, the calm river shines with the lights of the riverside buildings, dazzling, beautiful as the picture of the landscape. Compared with the tranquility and tranquility of Jiangnan Water Town during the day, it is another kind of beauty. There is also a bar in the west gate that is suitable for night cats' clubbing, which is a good place to relax and relax.

Yichang Metallurgical Square (the best in the world): Yichang Metallurgical Square was first built in the Ming Dynasty. It was the first metallurgical workshop in the west of Zhejiang Province. All the columns of the Metallurgical Workshop were made of stone. Therefore, People become stone feet house. Yichang Ye Square Patio in the big iron pan is the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years founder Shen ironsmith descendants of 12 blacksmith spent 2 months cast out.

Figure BY @ Xiaoli

Lingshui Habitat: Lingshui Habitat Wuzhen is the largest of a garden, is a Ming Dynasty Chongzhen Tang Jinshi called a private garden built here. Garden stone walls, lotus ponds, cherry trees, etc. combined with the garden full of Jiangnan charm. Mr. Mao Dun's cemetery and memorial as well as the famous revolutionary Wang Hui Wu, Kong Youjing, Shen Zemin memorial are here.

Vegetation qualities dye house: here you can see that in addition to blue grass blue cloth as raw material, the open can see the unique extraction of raw materials with grilled vegetable color process. If you like cloth, you can buy souvenirs here.

Zhao Ming College: Southern Liang Dynasty Zhao Ming prince Xiao Tong had studied in Wuzhen Hall, Zhaoming Academy is where Xiao Tong was studying. College courtyard in the towering trees, dark shade, the building now has a library and electronic reading room and so on. Is love to study, love history can not miss the place.

The dragon-shaped field is in the vicinity of the farming experience zone in Xizha, named for its shape like a Wolong. There are different crops and plants throughout the year, so it's great for taking photos or for watching sunsets and sunsets. Do not miss out on farming here.

Figure BY @ Zhong Ming

Hall Hall: also known as Zhu Hall. Zhu is the founder of Zhaoqing Church Silver Building, the most famous jewelry line in the old Jiangnan area. Zhaoqing Hall name is the name of Zhu Hall hall. The whole house is exceptionally delicate carved beams, one of the most unique place is this house has a look around the two living rooms, it will be the hall hall. Zhu Hall there are still Zhaoqing Tong silver floor jewelry production at the show.

Figure BY @ hyacinths

Bailian Pagoda Temple: Bailian Pagoda Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, is the hearts of local people in the pagoda of the West Tower, is the tallest building in Wuzhen. Now you can board the third floor of the pagoda. Tower Hill can be seen both on the Grand Canal can see the small bridge in Wuzhen water, very pleasing. At night you can also watch the night lights outside the tower.

Xizha Bridge: Xizha total of more than 70 bridges, each of the bridge's architectural style and style are not the same, everywhere is a whole new look, how to look will not be tired.

East grid

Self-cultivation concept: Self-cultivation concept is located in the most scenic Dongzha Guanqian Street. Is built during the Northern Song Dynasty, an ancient road view, dating back more than a thousand years of history, and Xuanmiao concept of Suzhou, Puyuan Xiang Yun concept and known as the "three southern road concept." There is a large stone pagoda square in front of the Taoist Temple. Old Wuzhen people often meet temple fairs here and watch the place of social drama. They are the entertainment center of the old Wuzhen people.

Mao Dun's former residence / determined to school: the same is located in front of the former Maogun Matilda is a typical Qing dynasty dwelling houses. The main body of this house is a two-story building, when Mao Dun was born in this small building. There are three bungalows in the garden behind the building, which was personally redesigned by Mao Tun during the Republic of China. The middle room is the bedroom, the west room for the study and reception room. Westinghouse's large bookcase or Mao Dun personally designed. Here you can cherish the memory of this great writer, you can also take a look at the authentic Qing Dynasty Jiangnan dwelling architectural features and patterns.

Determined to study hall next to the former residence of Mao Dun. The predecessor was the well-known watershed institute in Jiahu District. Later, the watershed institute was reconstructed here after it was destroyed by the war, and was renamed as the Provocative College. Later, during the reform in the late Qing Dynasty, the trend was changed to school. It is the place where Mao Dun studied with other Shen children. Now determined that the school after renovation has been opened as Mao Dun Memorial Hall, the museum displays a lot of old objects used by Mao Dun, manuscripts, photos and so on. The former residence and memorial hall of Mao Dun is a must for literary lovers.

Yu Liu Liang Coin Museum: The former residence of Mao Dun to go east is the Yu Luliang coin Museum. The museum displays the famous coin collector Mr. Yu Luliang spent forty years collecting all kinds of collections of materials, all ages, all regions and countries of the coin. Suitable for tourists who like history or are interested in currency collections.

Jiangnan wood carving hall: Jiangnan woodcarving hall, also known as the hundred flowers hall, is the old town of Wuzhen Xujia luxury mansion, now because of various types of wooden house and its exquisite and become a woodcarving exhibition hall. In addition to the exquisite wood carvings in the exhibition hall, there are various exquisite woodcarving exhibits on display. For those who love woodcarving, they must take a look.

Figure BY @ mozhijie

Harvest rain read: "Rain Harvest Reading" taken from "Le Gong farming in the Long Mu Xi, I love my House; chat proud to Qin book Xi, to be days." Here is Huang Lei and Rene Liu starring in the TV series "Where ever" filming, the exhibition also maintained the film and television drama when the tune of literature and art. Literary youth Huang Lei and tea fans can have a look.

Figure BY @ Happy Baby Kiki

Traditional Workshop Area: The traditional workshop area near Renhui Bridge includes Huayuan Tairan Square, Gongsheng Square and other old-time handicraft workshops. Here you can take a look at the craftsmanship of the production process or buy some souvenirs and so on.

Jiangnan Hundred Beds Museum: Hundred Beds Museum East Gate in the east, which by the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the modern variety of ancient beds. Whether it is expensive 胄 rich businessmen own dressing room luxury carved bed or ordinary civilians ordinary wooden bed everything. If you like to see antique furniture, do not miss it.

Fengyuan Shuangqiao / Fortuna Bay: Fung Yuen Shuangqiao and Fortuna Bay East Gate in the most scenic area. Fengyuan Shuangqiao unlike other stone or wooden bridge that there is only one wide or narrow bridge deck, but a bridge with about two separate bridge. Legends go double bridge to follow the male left female right customs, men and women walking in Shuangqiao is perhaps on the left or right encountered their own fate, it is called every source Shuangqiao. Standing on the bridge can be seen along the God of Wealth Bay East Gate of the landscape.

Figure BY @ Park 尐 兲

Xiangshan Church: Xiangshan Church was founded in Guangxu years, was a Chinese medicine shop. Although here is no longer a drug seized drugs, but the store's cupboard, counter, or the original look. Here visitors can really see the layout of the old pharmacy exactly what it looks like.

Second, itinerary recommended

If you do not stay in Wuzhen one day stay: If you only stay in Wuzhen and want to ease the formation of arrangements, then suggested discarding the East Gate, only tour the West Gate. Because although the development of the East Gate earlier, but compared with the West Gate grid regardless of the number of attractions, as well as quality and supporting services will be slightly less. If you are willing to arrange the schedule more compact, then buy a coupon, first visit the West Gate, after lunch in the West Gate to East Gate.
If you stay in the Wuzhen one day outside the area: living outside the town, then recommended a day tour Wuzhen. Because living outside can not be repeated by card into the area, if you want to visit Wuzhen two days, then we must separately buy tickets for the East Gate and the West Gate, can not buy coupons. Itinerary is also recommended to give up the East Gate or tour the first tour of the East Gate gate again.
If stay in Wuzhen within two days living in the scenic area: If it is two days stay, then it is recommended to live in the West Gate, because there is a scenic area within the card is not limited access to the area before check-out. Itinerary can be handled in the visitor service center in Xizha good check-in, luggage delivery and pass after the ride from the West Gate gate between the free shuttle bus between the East Gate, East Gate shopping in the evening after a day's visit to the West Gazette night view, and then up the next morning to swim in the west gate.

Third, how to reach Wuzhen

Aircraft: fly to Xiaoshan International Airport by plane, bus directly to Wuzhen at the airport. The bus starts at 10 am, about every hour, and the last bus starts at 6 pm. The whole process is about an hour and a half.
Train / HSR: get off at Tongxiang Railway Station, get off at the bus station from the train station by bus k282 get off at Wuzhen Station Transfer k353 bus at Wuzhen Middle School Station can get off the east gate entrance Nearby, or take k282 road in Wuzhen new station transfer k337 road to Wuzhen Lao Zhongxue stop. If it is night, then you can take the night bus k282 road in the egg market station transfer k353 Road Wuzhen Middle School Station to get off. About two and a half hours or so.
Long-distance bus: From Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and other neighboring cities also arrived Wuzhen green bus can sit. After arriving in Wuzhen bus station you can take the bus to the east gate or the west gate. Take the k353 bus then get off at the Wuzhen Middle School Station or take the k337 road to get off at Wuzhen Lao Zhongxiao to reach the west gate nearby. Or you can take the k350 Road or 350 bus to Wuzhen East Gate get off. At night, you can take bus k231 night bus at Fengxian Sinchon stop, but take a short walk after getting off the bus.
Zijia Lake Expressway, S13 Shenjiahu Expressway, G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway (exit from Shanghai to Tongxiang and exit from Hangzhou to Tudian) . East Gate West gate has paid parking. Dongzha parking lot in Wuzhen night, the area is relatively small, not allowed to stop at night. There are four parking spaces in Xishang, respectively at the west gate of East Gate, South Gate and North Gate (North Gate is the exit, East and South Gate for the entrance) and Wuzhen Middle School staff quarters west side. However, parking lots to the west of the staff quarters are only open during the Golden Week.

Fourth, what food Wuzhen

Dongzha cuisine

East gate area is relatively small, where you can eat is relatively less, in addition to eating home cooking in the B & B can also eat in the restaurant or stall. If you want to eat in the restaurant, then there is a scenic area called Fengyuan old restaurant, is the tourist fixed-point restaurant here.
Fengyuan Restaurant is a built in the late Qing Dynasty Water Pavilion Restaurant, just west of Fortuna Bay in Dongchuan. This shop is mainly engaged in the traditional dishes, such as pepper and white water fish, braised lamb, steamed taro taro sauce, chop pepper force 鲞, cattle Baiye steamed snail, every source Dingcai cake and so on.

If you want to eat special snacks, then you can taste a variety of East Street stalls also have snack shop pastry shop. Inside the snacks and the types of pastries are also fairly rich, such as all kinds of steamed spots, duck sauce, lotus leaf steamed meat and so on. You can eat while watching the scenery.

Western food

As the West Gate is much larger in area than the East Gate, the West Gate will have more space to accommodate more food. Only Wuzhen officially recommended restaurants have these marked on the map.

Some of the 20 restaurants are affiliated with various hotels in Xizha, and some are independently run. Most of the Chinese restaurants are good at making local Jiangnan specialties such as honey steamed and hot side, tongan duck pot, Dried steamed chicken wine, fried river shrimp and so on. Price range, you can choose according to their taste preferences, or according to their place of the nearest choice of a.
In addition to these well-known restaurants, most of Wuzhen's specialty pastries and snacks are also concentrated in Xizha. Such as good at all kinds of pastries Kam Kee bakery, Zala la frying fried shop inside the small shredded radish cake, specializing in all kinds of powder round Shen Kee powder shop and so on. Specific locations are also marked in the figure below (small pockmarked radish cake shops near the shop more concentrated).

Although the development of the East Gate earlier than the West Gate, but the area is relatively small, attractions are also less able to provide food and beverage services than the site a lot less. Due to the more attractions in Xizha, there are more places for catering services and more choices.

Wuzhen where to live

East Gate place to stay mainly in locally owned bed and breakfast mainly belong to the self-employed, is not subject to unified management of scenic spots, the price will be cheaper than some of Xishan. If the reservation in advance, then the landlord can bring people to the area, you can not buy tickets for the scenic area, but all the attractions inside the gate are to enter the ticket, which means do not buy tickets by the landlord to the East Gate inside Can not visit the various attractions within the East Gate.
Xizha accommodation includes a variety of bed and breakfasts, pavilions, CYTS, economy hotels and resorts, due to the unified management of the area so the price is more expensive, and sometimes there will be cases can not be booked in advance. But relatively speaking, all aspects under the unified management of scenic spots will be more secure. And Xichang scenic area within the card can be a few times access Xishan scenic area.
It is noteworthy that the West Gate Visitor Center will provide the line should be the luggage storage and delivery services, that is, tourists can store the luggage first in the visitor center, if living in the West Gate, then the visitor service center will be responsible for the delivery of luggage to the room. However, the visitor service center in Dongchong only provides luggage storage service. In general, live in East Gate, then it will be more affordable, if you live in West, then the service will be able to enjoy more comprehensive look at the night view of the West Gate will be more convenient.
East Gate West also have a place to stay outside, and the price will be cheaper than living in the scenic area. However, Wuzhen as a famous tourist area usually tourists will be a lot, if you want to avoid the peak traffic photographed or play, we must grasp the early morning and evening time. However, if living outside the area there is no way to advance into the area, if you live in the area, then you can always go out to play.

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