Wuzhen how to play? 12 things to do

Go Wuzhen, you must do 12 things to do
figure from the east gate of fengyuan restaurant look out_b024d3

In Wuzhen, to do 12 things

From the east gate of Fengyuan Restaurant look out

Slow stained Square small get

Figure: Dye workshop small get.

Appreciate the scattered house

Figure: scattered house.

Walk in the bright wooden old house

Figure: shiny wooden old house.

Sit back high pole boat

Figure: Wuzhen high pole boat.

10:30 am and 14:30 pm each have a show.

Hongyuan Tai dye workshop to learn craft

Figure: dye cloth Square.

Crowded inside, looked up, but it is a vast sky, the vast is always the heart.

Go to the public life bad Square drink wine

Figure: living bad Square.

As soon as it goes in, you can smell the sweet, rich bouquet, and many people buy a bowl of sweet stuffed wine. When I left to buy rice wine, sweet and thick, delicious.

Go to the old temple to find a good marriage

Figure: Temple of the old temple.

Go to the old temple on the road covered with a wishing card. So many people in this world hope to find the sweetheart of this life, and TA have spent this life, how much can do so? Serve a column of fragrance, seeking a signed on the set for a lifetime marriage.

Looked at the dragon ridge under the sunset field

Figure: Xizha dragon field.

Whether it is the West Gate or East Gate, the human head is always moving save. The temperature is high, always felt sweating, combined with the noisy noise in the air, people stagnation. Came to dragon field, suddenly felt open. Is the country some of the way, people's faces are smiling, watching the old people rest, children running, hear the laughter from time to time on the swing, spacious fields, people feel comfortable.

Slowly swim in the sunset under the west gate

Figure: sunset west gate.

Experience back to the "leaders" enjoy the restaurant

Figure: Wuzhen Internet Conference banquet restaurant.

Wuzhen Internet Conference banquet heads of state's restaurant - light tea. Use blue and white porcelain fusion dishes, do not have some flavor.

Immersed in the evening of the White Lotus Tower

Figure: Bailian tower in the evening.

Bailian Tower daily 8 am to 5:30 pm open to tourists Dengta.

Itinerary advice

Tour route

Figure: tour itinerary.

Route experience

Like everyone's line, we have chosen to play East Gate and West Gate two times a day.
However, we went to the East Gate is relatively failed .
10 am into the East Gate - however, all the tours, can not walk away. Afternoon afternoon chose tea at the hotel, things like the general, the children have fun, we are happy. We were wise in the evening, and at half past 4 in the west gate, there were countless orders of magnitude better than the east gate. The next day at 6:00 went to the East Gate, this really good quiet. However, our ticket lapsed ah.

So, if give me a chance, I will hope you.
1  live in Wuzhen one day in advance, it is best in the West Gate or Dongzha scenic (so, the coupon has become effective on the 2nd).
2.  Wuzhen sunrise to see East Gate, Wuzhen sunset to see the West Gate, Wuzhen night bubble in the bar in the West Gate.
3.  Wuzhen Wu Village during the day, feel quiet and high B-style farming and folklore; or choose a Linhe cafe, watching clouds fall.
These are the places where I am dissatisfied with this trip and want to improve. Go next, must do, as an oath!

Food in Wuzhen

Wuzhen restaurants

Lunch selection of the East Gate Fengyuan restaurant. Fengyuan Shuangqiaoshan is the symbol of the East Gate, and Fengyuan hotel is on its side, combined with the high pole boat opposite the restaurant. If time is right, you can watch a performance. The location is good here.

Figure: Fengyuan restaurant.

When seated, only the second floor of our table, open the window, the package is really cool feeling.

Wuzhen signs - braised lamb
price: 80 +.
Taste: very tasty, very crisp, fragrant da.

Figure: Wuzhen lamb.

Oil tofu stuffed vegetables meat
prices: more than 10 bars.
Taste: taste lighter, but also fragrant.

Figure: oil tofu stuffing meat.

Taste taste stinky tofu
: thin stinky tofu, chewy enough, the smell is full.

Figure: heavy taste stinky tofu.

Wuzhen snacks

Wuzhen snacks in particular, more than the East Gate is maltose, asarone Crisp. There are lovely buns, sesame seed, rice dumplings, nuts and so cut cake cakes and so on.

Figure: Maltose.

Xizha snacks feel even more enriched. Dumplings, candy, biscuits, Wu Ma wonton friends, there is this onion croutons friends ~ has been a long team Yo. However, the chefs are fast-moving, and soon it will be your turn ~ Onion braised 3 a, get a hand even a little hot! Scallions in the cake, fragrant you look.

Figure: onion braised.

Rice wine bought in Wuzhen is "Mi long" brand, 700ml bottle, 35 yuan. Iced more delicious! Recommend recommended! Do not buy the wrong slightly!

Places in Wuzhen

Comprehensive requirements we chose Wuzhen Mingli hotel . Mingli hotel rooms are high, basically wooden furniture, very warm feeling. Outside the window is the water village, farmhouse atmosphere. The layout of the room is simple and yet style, detail is also thoughtful.

Figure: Wuzhen Mingli Hotel.

Wuzhen five-star hotel prices are very low prices (629 a night with two breakfasts), and we went to the early, gave us an upgrade to the room. Hotel service is good, always keep a smile, always say hello to us smile. Afternoon tea is relatively simple, but the main enjoyment is a quiet atmosphere. Hotel breakfast choice not too much, but more sophisticated, very good.

Travel Tips

1. Live in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are 2 hours drive or 2 hours away from the motor car.
2. The hotel is scheduled a week in advance, there is a great chance to get the lowest price.
3. Develop a good travel routes and plans to observe the weather conditions, the weather forecast within 3 days is more accurate, in order to determine whether it is OK.
4. If the weather really is not suitable for the hotel will be canceled, set a week's.
In this case, travel must be good weather; the same time, your hotel cost is definitely cost-effective Yo ~ ~

Tickets and important tips

Wuzhen tickets

Joint ticket 150 yuan, 100 yuan separately East Gate, alone 120 yuan West gate. Tickets effective on the 1st, access to brush two-dimensional code. Or suggest that you buy a ticket, if only half a day, it must choose the West gate.

Bailian tower tour tips

Figure: Bailian tower tour tips.

High pole boat and climbing performance time

K350 late bus time

Figure: K350 night bus time.

East Gate & West Gate free shuttle timetable

Figure: West Gate → East Gate free shuttle timetable.

Figure: East Gate → West gate free shuttle timetable.

If you have a car, please be sure to open the gate from the East Gate Yo Yo. As long as 5 yuan within 12 hours, there are 1 parking lot and 2 2, great. If you do not drive, it does not matter, free bus and K350 can take you to arrive. The time given here is for reference only, I also found online. We eventually did not go to NanGuan, looked at the photos, I feel that there is always a lack of planning, it is better to go next time, leaving the white, perhaps more perfect.

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