Wuzhen Xishan Scenic

If you have not been to the west gate of Wuzhen, or only once came in hastily did not appreciate her. That's just the time to come. Ancient Lane Dye Square River, every house, every turn, every bridge in the ancient town seems to be the same, I would like to bring you to find a different taste of the West Gate!
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To Wuzhen, should be selected East Gate or West Gate?

Speaking of Wuzhen to play, the first problem is that the East Gate and West Gate how to choose? In fact, on both sides of the ancient buildings, cultural attractions are Tingduo, but the two are compared, there are still differences.

Figure: Wuzhen. by the internet

East Gate | lively and popular

Dongzha in the development time earlier, the scenic area will be smaller, but more wins in the humanities and more things. The general travel team is a large choice of East Gate day tour, together with aboriginal people still living in the scenic area, it will appear more noisy and marketplace. Scenic open only during the day, suitable for strolling the cultural history, buy local products and souvenirs.

Figure: East grid. by @nana

Attractions Address: Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing Wuzhen
ticket price: 120 yuan
7: 00-18: 00 (May - September)
7: 00-17: 30 (October - April)
play Time: 3 hours

West gate | less beautiful beauty

The perfect combination of natural landscape and cultural architecture of the West Gate, will be more suitable for the love of plain scenery of the national fresh; with fewer beauty, it is also more attractive to most photographers and foreign tourists. Due to the business hours to 22:00 intimate setting, enjoy the tranquility of the rest of the occipital water during the day, the night can also enjoy the beauty of the Xiasha another Xia lights streamer, night cruise ship and bar Street is the West Gate Evening highlights.

Figure: Xizang dawn. by the internet

Attractions Address : Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
Tickets Price : 150 yuan
Business Hours : 9: 00-22: 00
Play time : 7 hours

Although the development of the East Gate earlier, but compared with the system management of the West Gate, both from the point of view of quality of service or ancillary services, should be preferred Xishan. If you play time is very comfortable, it is certainly the best tour of the grid is the best. If you only give Wuzhen a day time, want to have fun at ease not irritable, it is recommended to travel only west gate.

Wuzhen Xizha accommodation, which one for you?

Xizha accommodation includes a variety of pavilions, B & B, CYTS and resorts, unified management by the area. If you have a West card area accommodation card, in addition to multiple access outside the scenic Xizha (Visitor Center pass), but also enjoy the more quiet when there is no tourist attractions in the morning and night, when to play and When it's time to play it is no longer a problem.

Wuzhen line Museum

Charm ultimate water mansion
Price: ¥ 1190 yuan / room from the
Wuzhen Pavilion "Jin Tang, Sheng Ting, Hengyi," Hall III, from a century-old water mansion converted from. Ming and Qing style furniture, hard mountain gardens, exposure, you can enjoy the richness of the southern courtyard of the rich garden charm and "hidden in the city," the momentum.

Figure: Jin Tang line Museum. by the internet

Vacation hotel

Pillow Resort - Surrounded by private gardens of the water
Price:   ¥ 900 / room from the
pillow water hotel is the most scenic area of ​​the hotel, located in the middle of the scenic Red Ladies Street. Surrounded by water, quiet, room antique, thick Jiangnan flavor, and some rooms push the window to see the river.

Figure: Pillow Resort. by the internet

Wuzhen Bed and Breakfast

Pillow experience of real people
Price:   ¥ 440 yuan / room from
the city along the river meandering and cloth, converted from a hundred years of historic dwellings. Rooms or waterfront or along the street, pushing the window can Lanxiu color, go out into the stretches of the streets. 490 bed and breakfast by the unified management of scenic areas, in the ancient brick shingles to enjoy the ease of the water village.

Figure: Wuzhen Bed and Breakfast. by the internet


Wisteria Youth Hostel - Accommodation for Students and Backpackers Preferred
Price:   ¥ 60 yuan / bed
Budget hotel for backpackers and students, located in the western end of Wuzhen Xizha Scenic Area, backed by the Water Theater, adjacent to the largest wire. Bed for dormitory bunk beds, divided into male dormitory and female dormitory.

Figure: Wisteria Youth Hostel. by the internet

outside the area of ​​accommodation will be cheaper than the scenic spot, but play will be affected by the opening hours. If you live in the area, in addition to being able to go out to play at any time, but also to avoid the peak flow of people, grasp the early morning and evening time, take pictures and see the night will indeed be a lot easier.

These attractions must not be missed

Natural wood dyeing plant

Xishan one of the most famous attractions, often appear in television drama inside. Whether you are a photo shooter or a Selfie, here is a point where you have to punch a card.

Figure: herb dyeing workshop. by

Attractions Address : Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang Township, Wuzhen Xinda Square on the 18th
Tickets : Tickets included in the scenic Xizha
Opening hours : 8: 00-17: 30 season; off-season 8: 00-17: 00

Wuzhen West Gate bookstore

Listen to the best place to drink tea, where not many tourists, you see almost all the local old man. Every afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00, drink a cup of tea, listen to a Suzhou comment, talk about a period of Xizang past, you can enjoy a long tradition of long tradition.

Figure: Wuzhen West Gate bookstore. @ Mr. Lin roaming Wonderland

Attractions Address : 538 Xizha Street
Ticket prices : included in the scenic ticket gate Xizha
Opening hours : 08: 00-17: 30   

Swing boat night tour West City River

Take the time to take a hand-cranked ship is the most enjoyable way to travel the West Gate overnight, choose the longest travel time, experience the most complete line of travel. This is the streets can not be fully stroll the kind of day and night, Ambilight beauty.

Figure: rocking ship night tour west gate. by @ Yang

Ticket Office : Tourist Service Center (Andu Square) Terminal, Ruyi Bridge Terminal, Wujiang Jun Temple Terminal, Wangjinli Ferry Terminal
Ticket Price : 60 RMB
Hours of Operation : 7: 30-21: 30

Wuzhen old post office

The Old Post Office is one of the most visited sites and was opened during the Guangxu period but is still open for business as usual. Suitable for the love of ancient buildings photography coffee, love the taste of the retro flavor of the youth, but also for every place will be sent a postcard small fresh.   

Figure: Wuzhen old post office. by

Attractions Address : Xizha Street 500
Ticket prices : included in the scenic ticket gate Xizha
Opening hours : 08: 00-17: 30

Yi Da Si number

There are more than a hundred years of history, the benefits of wire, the old exclusive production of the emperor Wu Gui expensive. After visiting the entire production process, you will know how to convert silkworm cocoon into a spare silk thread. How two women workers use a large flower-bed machine to work together and hand-brushed.

Figure: benefits big wire number. by @ lost の McDull

Attractions Address : 03-10 Silk Street
Ticket prices : included in the scenic ticket gate Xizha
Opening hours : 08: 00-17: 00

If you want to get a taste of all the classic attractions of the West Gate do not go back, it is recommended that you try this specifically for the small fresh customized gameplay. You will find every house, every bridge, and even every ancient alley, are not purposeless to stroll; water Pavilion banquet, listen to play on the field of books, rocking boat night, nor is it arbitrary mix.

If you only free exercise of the West Gate, unless done a detailed Raiders, the general tourists are generally purposeless wandering, and even some people just eat along the street all the way past, missed a lot of hidden in the deep Lane features Attractions. This time to choose a niche custom travel is very necessary.

These foods must not be missed

Set the cake

Lotus shape, the outer layer is thin and uniform rice and glutinous rice flour, bean paste filling, fragrant waxy, sweet and not greasy.

Figure: Ding Sheng cake. by the internet

Aunts cake

Traditional cakes, slightly larger than the chess piece, the oil is not greasy, both fragrant and waxy sweet with salty.

Figure: aunts cake. by the internet

Three Zhenzhai sauce duck

Follow the ancestral old craft, with the old cream sauce chicken sauce, bright red color, soft meat crisp.

Figure: Sanzhenzhai sauce duck. by the internet

Three white wine

Local people's homemade wine, white rice, flour, white water and other natural raw materials by hand.

Figure: three white wine. by the internet

Braised lamb

Only the year's "Hua Yang sheep" as raw material, with a pot stove burning cauldron, is the local winter will eat tonic.

Figure: braised lamb by the network

Smoked beans tea

To the main smoked beans, supplemented by sweet-scented osmanthus, fried sesame, orange peel, radish, Su child, fried cypress, aroma fragrance.

Figure: smoked beans by the network

Xizha Travel Notes

West Gate tickets discount

West gate ticket 150 yuan / person, the same day and can only enter and exit once.
1) student card and the elderly ticket price concessions 20 yuan.
2) disability card, military officer in service, journalists card, veteran retirement card free admission.

West gate shopping reminder

1) scenic spots inside the product price is relatively high, you can go before the appropriate with some essential items, such as water and paper towels.
2) Wuzhen specialty hand with ceremony such as Chrysanthemum, really cake, three white wine, it is recommended to buy outside the area, the price is relatively affordable.
3) Be careful not to buy those things that are sold exclusively to tourists. For example, plum is dyed, there is no tobacco in tree tobacco, and the components of fake silk are only petrochemical fibers.

Xizha play tips

1) When sitting on a rocking boat, pay attention to the balance of the number of people. Do not walk out of the cabin. Do not extend your cabin when taking pictures to prevent water falling.
2) when people cross the bridge, pay attention to care of young children, do not push, do not bow to play mobile phones or photography, to maintain a safe distance.
3) pay attention to sunscreen summer, you can bring sunshade or sunscreen; mosquitoes more, it is recommended to use mosquito repellent products.
4) Spring and autumn temperature difference between morning and evening, it is recommended to add a thin coat at night to prevent the cold.

Figure: West City River. by @Olivia

Hangzhou to Wuzhen Xichang traffic program

Wuzhen Jiaxing Tongxiang is a water town, about 80 km from the Hangzhou area. Because there is no airport and train station, the car is the most convenient way to get there.

Passenger bus

Hangzhou Hubin Bus Terminal to Wuzhen Terminal, took 1.5-2 hours, trips in about 20 minutes trip, the fare of 30 yuan. Arrived in Wuzhen Terminal, and then take the bus K350 Road can directly reach the scenic Xizha, took about 20 minutes, 2 yuan fare, please prepare a change in advance.

High-speed rail

From Hangzhou East Railway Station or City Station can take a direct high-speed rail Tongxiang station, took less than 30 minutes. Trips in 0.5-1 hours trip, fares due to different seat levels at 21.5 yuan and above. After arriving Tongxiang Station, take bus K282 to Wuzhen, and then turn to K350 bus to reach Xizha Scenic Area, which takes about 2 hours and costs a total of 7 yuan.

Tourist bus

From Hangzhou East Railway Station, City Station Bus Terminal or any point of Hangzhou door, but also has a green bus directly to the West tourist attractions, a single trip in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, the fare at 30-50 yuan.

You can also buy a free exercise of travel packages (tickets + chartered), chartered more humane point is that the optional round-the-clock back and forth the other day or from the next day, depending on whether you choose to stay in the West, the chartered price of roughly 118 Yuan / person or so.

Figure: Tianlongtian see Bailian by Jin Chen is not a genius


Xizha is the essence of Wuzhen, from the warm lights along the river to the streets of cafes, bars, everything has been renovated and carefully designed. There is no downtown market atmosphere, more full of fresh temperament literary feelings, is ideal for you to stop and stroll slowly, and then lost in the ancient buildings built by the water and bridges in the Yangtze River.

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