Xi'an Lishan workthrough - you can understand the history of Xi'an by this mountain.

Since ancient times, Xi'an is the royal garden of the land. If you want to really understand the history and culture of Xi'an, you must go there.
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About Lishan


Lishan is located in the south of Lintong County, Xi'an, is a branch of the Qinling Mountains. Lishan's historical and cultural heritage is quite deep, Nu Wa was here, "refining the stone to fill the sky"; Zhou You Wang "flames opera princes"; Qin Shi Huang at the foot of Lishan left the terracotta warriors and armies; the famous "Xi'an Incident" also occurred in Here. It can be said that Lishan is the historical witness of Xi'an and even the Chinese nation. It can be said that Lishan is a witness to the history of Xi'an, visit Lishan, from here more understand Xi'an.

Lishan and Huaqing pool a few years ago merged into a scenic spot, the implementation of a vote system, visit Huaqing pool, check a ticket, and then visit Lishan, but also need to check out the check again, so tickets must be saved, Otherwise have to re-buy the ticket again.

What is the route to visit Lishan?

Tour Lishan, you can choose to take the cable or do not take the cableway two lines.


If you do not ride the cableway

Zhaoyang Door → Bing Jian Ting → Bing Jian Yuan → beacon towers

Zhaoyang Door


Zhaoyang Door built in the Tang Dynasty, the history is called Zhaoyang door. Zhaoyang door is the east gate of Lishan, but also do not take the ropeway tour Lishan starting point.

Bing Jian Ting


It is said that when the Xi'an Incident, Chiang Kai-shek flew from the five rooms of Huaqing Pool, it was hidden in this neighborhood. Later, in December 1986 to commemorate the "Xi'an Incident" on the eve of the 50th anniversary, in order to ease cross-strait relations, the United States, the United States, the United States, Eventually named "Bing Jian Ting".

Bing Jian Yuan


Bing Jian Yuan is to commemorate the "Xi'an Incident" built, showing some of the weapons associated with the Xi'an Incident, there were mountain guns, jeeps, armored vehicles and so on. Bingjian garden there are on the theme of the Xi'an Incident relief, reproduction of that period of history.

Beacon towers


Beacon towers are the top of the mountain, and here is the history of the famous "flames opera princes" event whereabouts, standing here, you can see the whole picture of the mountain Huaqing pool, but also do not have a flavor.

If you take the cableway

Cableway → even tree tree → old hall → Ming Sheng Gong

Connected to the tree


It is said that the Lishan on this tree, is two thousand years of acacia tree, according to legend is the year Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei two people planted, "in the day willing to be a winged bird, in the land is willing to even branch" Bai Juyi described Tang Xuanzong and Yang Gui's poem did not expect to become a reality.

Laomu Dian


Legend of Nu Wa is in Lishan "refining stone fill days", and it is said that Nu Wa was buried near Lishan. This area has been the tradition of sacrifice Nu Wa, and the Nu Wa Zun known as "Lishan mother", in the Lishan built the old hall of the memorial.

Ming Sheng Gong


Ming Sheng Gong is said to be a Taiwan compatriot compatriots donated. There are three palace palace, fairy temple, spiritual temple and other common palace of Taoism. It is worth mentioning that the construction of the Ming Palace is very particular about the construction of wood, the use of wood is the Northeast pine, the gods with the Jiangxi lobular camphor wood, shrine for the table is used in South Africa imported mahogany. For small friends interested in Taoism or wood, be sure to take a look.

How to reach Lishan?

Bus: In the Xi'an Railway Station East Plaza, the liberation of the hotel take the door 30 Road (that is, "Tour 5") to Xi'an to Terracotta Warriors or Lishan green car.

Chartered or self-driving:

Take the West Expressway, travel about 24 km. After Baqiao toll station, road and bridge costs 10 yuan / vehicle.

Xi'an "tour 5" is already out of the name of the hard to find, out of the name of the easy fooled. The train station there are many buses are fake "tour 5", when riding must be clear.


The real "tour 5" bus is this photo. If their own "eyes" did not grasp the words, or chartered or by car more secure. Or to participate in a local day trip, but also the perfect solution to traffic problems.

Lishan can also visit with these attractions

As Huaqing pool and Lishan is the implementation of a vote system, so tour Huaqing pool and Lishan to be arranged together. If you are in the morning to visit Huaqing pool and Lishan, and do not intend to watch Huaqing pool inside the Everlasting Regret show, you can spend about 3 hours to visit Huaqing pool, then visit Lishan. If you intend to see the Everlasting Regret, then I suggest you against it, the first two hours to visit Lishan, down the mountain to continue to visit Huaqing pool, just at night can watch the performance of Everlasting Regret.

In fact, the most appropriate arrangement is the morning tour of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, about 3 hours, noon in the terracotta warriors and horses around the lunch, and then arrived in Huaqing pool and Lishan, and then according to their own situation decided to visit Huaqing pool or first visit Lishan.

Concluding remarks

Lishan witnessed the history of Xi'an, it can be said that here a grass and trees have a history of precipitation. With this Raiders starting it, Lishan charm, have to personally experience to know.

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